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IGN Spotlight Injustice 2 Supergirl Gameplay Trailer
Supergirl is her own hero in new Injustice 2 Gameplay Trailer!

Supergirl is one of the exciting new additions coming to Injustice 2 in 2017, and after months of relative quiet from the developer, IGN have a new NetherRealm trailer showcasing her special moves!

Supergirl differentiates from her famous cousin Superman with a nimble style of Kryptonian power. She glides effortlessly across the battlefield, inflicting freeze breath combos at close quarters -- and super-fast heat vision bursts from afar! A character with great potential for versatile management of the opponent!

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Honest Trailers: Mortal Kombat & Annihilation
Honest Trailers skewers Mortal Kombat's big screen entries

In 1995; Mortal Kombat was a surprise box office hit that reset expectations for movies based on a video game. Despite it success, it was far from perfect, as Honest Trailers points out in a two-for-one takedown that pairs it with the much maligned 1997 sequel: Annihilation! Watch below:

Rife with cheesy lines and inexplicable action, both movies have been poked and parodied for years. Honest Trailers services the usual soft targets, with critiques even the most diehard tragics can agree with -- especially where Annihilation is concerned.

Warner Brothers is working toward a return to the big screen for Mortal Kombat. James Wan will produce, with a first-time feature director recently attached. If that's too far away, you can always catch the trailer for a Mortal Kombat movie coming from Ghana!

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Speculation: Is Sub-Zero the Kombat Hero for Injustice 2?
Is Sub-Zero the Hero for Injustice 2? Ed Boon prompts speculation!

For the past few months, promotion for Injustice 2 has been curiously limited for a NetherRealm Studios fighting game. We expect to hear much more in the new year, but Creative Director Ed Boon may be dangling at least one cryptic clue to ponder over the holidays.

The tweet references lyrics from a 1973 educational song: My Hero Zero. Part of the Schoolhouse Rock! series, it was written and performed by Bob Dorough. The song in question sings the praises of the digit 0, as well as the powers of 10.

It wouldn't be the first time a song hinted at something from an upcoming game, but poor Uncle Ed can't tweet many things without eliciting a blizzard of requests, assumptions, and theories. Indeed, the reference could be something as simple as the weather -- which dipped to a reported low of 1° in Chicago, on December 15th. Close to zero, in some areas.

Then again, there is at least some basis for reading into Boon's message. The Creative Director was quick to acknowledge the likelihood of guest fighters in Injustice 2, making a recent polling of fans one of the more substantial talking points of the last few months.

Sub-Zero emerged as an overwhelming fan favourite, also deemed the most obvious choice in MK Online's earlier wish list ranking of Top 10 Guest Kombatants.

When Scorpion crossed over as a downloadable guest in Gods Among Us, he received a DC Universe makeover from celebrated artist and publisher Jim Lee. It wouldn't be unreasonable to expect something similar for the next Mortal Kombat guest, which may go further to answering the musical question: "How can Zero be a hero?"

In an arcade ending from Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe [pictured above]; Sub-Zero left the Lin Kuei to become a Batman-inspired vigilante.

This caped version of the ice warrior featured on MK Online's Top 10 Klassic Skins we would've liked to see in Mortal Kombat X. A return in Injustice 2, however, would arguably be an even better way to bridge the gap to the maligned 2008 crossover! Yeah, Super-Hero Sub-Zero is a wonderful thing.

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Ghana Movie Releases Mortal Kombat Trailer
Mortal Kombat goes Ghana in bootleg movie trailer

Warner Brothers has been working toward a theatrical return for Mortal Kombat for quite some time, recently adding a director to the long anticipated project. Their ponderous pace will likely see them beaten to the punch by a production company in Ghana, whose film trailer is already taking the world by storm!

The Kumawood Productions trailer anchors the story to Edenian Princess Kitana, whose life is turned upside down when the warriors of Outworld invade. Like the plot of the games, she trains with Mileena, believing herself to be the daughter of powerful warlord: Shao Kahn! Mortal Kombat inevitably ensues.

African pop culture group OMGVoice brought the trailer to prominence by sharing it via Facebook. The story was picked up by Kotaku, who aptly describe it as "somewhere between a Sweded flick and a YouTube web series". Series co-creator John Tobias shared his enjoyment of the global reach of MK via Twitter.

The finished product may not rival Hollywood's future installment, but it seemingly expands the scope of its Ghana production company, who are best known for improvised low budget movies.

They take their name from the Kumawood micro-industry of filmmaking, identified by the Asante Twi dialect.used primarily in the Ashanti region of Ghana. Typically made on shoestring budgets, they don't often feature the dynamic camera work of sweeping drone shots found in the trailer. The use of the Mortal Kombat license is more than likely breaking international copyright, but unlikely to draw litigation.

The quaint production brings to life versions of Jax, Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Liu Kang, Raiden and many more iconic fighters from the series. References to the games are so heavy, the fighting can be seen mapping to a two-dimensional plane on digital recreations of game backdrops. There are even sound effects from the original trilogy! Shades of 1997's theatrically released Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, or even Threshold's early entry into web series production: Mortal Kombat: Federation of Martial Arts.

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Mortal Kombat X Mobile - Freddy Krueger Challenge
Freddy's home! 2011 guest fighter enters Mortal Kombat X Mobile!

He wears a dirty brown hat, he's horribly burned, he has razors on his right hand. America's favourite bastard son of a hundred maniacs is back! Freddy Krueger has the brains, but you've got the Mortal Kombat X Mobile free-to-play challenge! Don't sleep - play with power to unlock him now!

Unlocking Freddy means dragging him into the real world through five tiers of challenges! Each tier consists of 12 battles, with the exception of the final 15-fight challenge! Tier 1 is a daydream round of all Bronze Kards, Tier 2 a mix of Bronze & Silver, and Tier 3 an escalation to Silver Kards only. Only Spec Ops characters can enter Tier 4, before Tier 5 demands Kung Lao channel his martial mastery to become a dream warrior!

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In Konversation: Brian Chard - Sound Designer & Writer
Former MK Developer on his career, the creative provess, and departing.

Way back in July, we learned resident Sound Designer Brian Chard would be parting ways with NetherRealm Studios.

For more than a decade, Chard has helped shape the worlds of Mortal Kombat through sound and spoken word. Since MK: Deception, he's been responsible for directing some of fandoms most combed moments. From Konquest Mode dialogues, to profound Mortal Kombat X Story Mode and Fight Intros -- Chard has helped give once silent arcade kombatants a voice.

Some months ago, Mortal Kombat Online contacted Mr. Chard to discuss Mortal Kombat X, his career at Midway and NetherRealm, and his recent departure from the developer. We're now pleased to present the complete conversation, which illuminates the development process, and Chard's candid thoughts on a variety of topics.

[MK Online]: We always start the same way. In your own words: Who are you and what is your connection to Mortal Kombat?
[Brian Chard]: I'm Brian Chard, and I worked almost 14 years at Midway/Netherrealm. My title changed several times over the years, but basically I was a sound designer. The first MK I worked on was [Shaolin Monks]; my last was MKX. I wrote; cast/directed actors, recorded/implemented VO; and created the odd sound effect or musical bit.

How did you originally come to join the Mortal Kombat development team?
I was actually hired to write and design the commentary for NFL Blitz Pro. Midway's audio dept. was a Central Group; ie, we weren't members of any one team, but worked on all projects. Having said that, each team kinda had its go-to senior audio guy, with Dan Forden being the MK Guy. I helped him out on MKD. Given my writing background, he suggested to John Vogel and co. that I help write/edit the mission/NPC dialog. I also recorded a lot of the VO. Those two aspects of the sound design sort of became my job going forward.

How aware of Mortal Kombat were you before joining?
I'd only played MK a couple of times before working at Midway. I liked it, but I wasn't much of a fighting game player. I didn't even know MK was made by Midway. or that Midway was here in Chicago. [smiles]

How would you compare working under Midway and Warner Brothers?
Becoming part of WB was definitely a boost when it happened. Anxiety over losing our jobs was gone; MK9 was underway and looking/feeling good; we soon moved into fancy new offices... But there's a dark side to working for a big corporation. Midway didn't feel like one; WB definitely did, eventually.

What were some of your earliest MK experiences?
I made some (crappy) sound effects for Shaolin Monks very soon after I started at Midway. My first extended time on MK was on Deception. We didn't hire many real actors back then, so a lot of what I did involved taking whatever mission dialog Vogel and co. had written that day and grabbing someone out of the hallway to record it. I also remember copy-editing the Endings for MKD -- which was a challenge, because I didn't know the lore at all. You might ask why I would need to know Jade's relationship to Tanya in order to decide whether or not to use a comma, but it definitely came into play. [smiles]

There wasn't much communication as to the overall approach to the game or Konquest mode. It felt like it was being made up as we went along, and that we were seriously behind schedule. Those are my memories of it.

Armageddon and MK vs DC really changed the presentation style of the games. What kind of changes were happening in your work?
I wasn't part of any initial conversations about either MKA or MKDC's stories. I'm also not sure how MKDC's story mode evolved. I wasn't originally going to be working on MKDC. I didn't participate in its story writing or design. The biggest twist I remember was when Ed decided he wanted real time transitions into/out of the fights in story mode for MKDC. That involved taking scenes that were already recorded, and in some cases finished, and chopping off the last line for the transition. That worked okay most of the time, but not every time. Some scrambling for alt takes or rerecords resulted.

Do you have any thoughts about MK vs DC and that time?
I've loved DC all my life, as have most of the team, so I was just happy to work in that universe. I was also glad we weren't using people from the hallways as voice actors anymore. [smiles] There's a misconception that MKDC was a failure. It sold well, despite some fans' feelings toward it. I wasn't aware of any financial decisions driving its creation.

The Warner Brothers era brought a lot of established voice actors into NetherRealm's games. What was that like?
It was a huge leap forward in quality, obviously. From MKD to MKA we started moving away from using employees as voice actors. For MKDC we took larger step by hiring a Hollywood casting agency and auditioning Hollywood talent. Injustice was the first game for which WB suggested specific actors to use. Which was fine with us. Many of our choices were on their lists. Working with the best voice actors in the business was a dream. I fully support them in their current strike. A victory for the only organized labor in our industry is a victory for all of us.

A lot of talent reprise roles from other media in Injustice, but Mortal Kombat was somewhat a blank slate. How did NetherRealm go about casting voice talent for Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat X?
The casting was primarily done by Dominic Cianciolo (Cinematics Director) and me. MK9 had begun prior to our being acquired by WB, but we'd already decided to cast in Hollywood, probably with some prodding at the higher level by WB. We hired a casting agent, who recorded and sent us auditions. For MKX we largely drew upon the pool of actors we'd worked with/learned of during MK9 and Injustice. There were no auditions, but with specific actors already in mind, plus game footage on YouTube, and audio on various VA websites, it didn't seem as necessary.

Do you have any favourite voices in MK and MKX? Anyone you think worked exceptionally well, or some that didn't quite work?
Perfomance-wise, there are certainly ones that were stronger than others. [T]he fact that we kept so many actors the same across multiple titles should tell you our overall opinion of them. To me, Patrick Seitz is Scorpion, Richard Epcar is Raiden, et al, just as much as Tara Strong is Harley Quinn. Not that those who were replaced were necessarily bad: MKX called for a more mature sounding Sonya and Johnny than in MK9, for instance. And we couldn't get a hold of our MKDC/MK9 Sub-Zero actor! But when Steve Blum is your backup, you're gonna be okay. [smiles]

The worst dud I remember was a guy who had to have been stoned at the session. I had to give him line reads a word at a time, and he still couldn't get 'em right... [smiles] Voice-wise, if you dislike the processing for a certain character, it's likely my fault. [smiles]

Interactive character intros were a very popular part of MKX. How did they come about?
I'm not sure who originally conceived the Intros. They started as the next step in the evolution of Injustice's Clashes, which were received really well. I oversaw the writing, which was done in-house. I wrote probably 60ish percent of the Intros and rewrote others' work as needed.

They were awesome! Was there a conceited effort to cram more throwback and character references into MKX intros?
No, that was all my doing. After writing hundreds of them I looked for inspiration anywhere I could find it. I thought the fans would like the references. Some stuff I just threw in to mess with them. [smiles]

Do you have any particular favourite character intros or dialogues?
I'm pretty proud of most of them. They weren't all winners but the quality was pretty high, as evidenced by how many views the compilations have on YouTube. In general Johnny's and Cassie's were the most fun to write. I know it's not been that long ago, but I'm already starting to forget individual intros...

What brought about the timeline reboot in 2011? Do you think it was a good thing for Mortal Kombat?
I was not at all excited about doing a reboot. I remember coming back from the holidays a day later than the others on the newly christened story team, full of energy and ideas, only to be told: "We're doing a retelling of MK1-3." It had already been decided. But Ed was right in choosing to do it. It was exactly what we needed to do at that time.

Any regrets about things that were lost or changed during MK2011?
No. It was a pretty rude awakening to find out how angry some fans were about the changes, though. I honestly hadn't expected it. People probably want me to say I regret us killing all those characters at the end... I do regret the way that scene turned out. For technical reasons it was the very last scene to be completed, and we didn't have the time to do it the way it needed to be done. What else...

Cyber Sub was an idea Ed sparked to early on, so that was a done deal. It was also Ed's direction that the story be told from Raiden's perspective. And that we keep certain specific plot points the same as in the original games, but change others. What was changed was up to us, but he wanted some changes. You can blame me for the rewriting of Mileena's origin. I'm pretty sure that was my idea.

How did you feel about working on Injustice?
I loved it. It was better than working on MKDC because we could focus on the DC characters, and we could pretty much do with them as we pleased.

You could feel that everyone in the building was into Injustice. Story-wise, to have DC and WB get behind such a departure as Evil Dictator Superman was exciting. And then to have the lore enhanced by such a high quality comic... Tom Taylor's brilliant.

Is there a storytelling method you prefer, or you think works best?
I think an open world might be how to dive deepest into the lore. I would've liked to have been allowed to write the story we wanted to write, and then figure out story mode's gameplay around it. Story Mode hasn't evolved past what it is now because it's first and foremost a training mode. Some fans don't get that, but it's the answer to most questions about why things are the way they are. The format's limitations re: storytelling have become clear over the last couple of games.

The individual stories and rivalries characters used to have are fading in that environment. Is that a concern in development, or is focus in other areas?
This is tough to answer, because everyone's expectations of what should be highlighted are different. I remember Dominic sharing something Joss Whedon had said about how tough it was to write an Avengers story with, what was it, six or so heroes? And we have at least double that. We have 12-16 chapters, each with different protagonists who have to be the stars of their chapters, yet the chapters have to make sense together. And we have to fight in every background and against all the characters a roughly equal amount of times... And there are other rules. These rules conspire to keep exploration of any one plotline minimal.

In Mortal Kombat X there were living designs for characters never resurrected. A heavily promoted character like Goro who had no story involvement. Were there plans to address details like these?
Goro was in early drafts of the story, and on early roster lists. We were told he had to be dropped because of technical concerns. Then once the story was done we were told he'd be Day One DLC, and were asked if there were any way we could work him into the story...

The Old Liu Kang and Old Kung Lao models were a complete surprise to many of us. Had we known about them early on we might've been able to work them into the story. Or maybe persuaded the Powers that Be not to reveal those skins pre-launch. The MKX comic was another example of this kind of miscommunication. There seemed to be little communication from us to Shawn K. re: the game's story, even though it had been written before the comic. If there was communication, it wasn't from the story team... It's amazing there weren't more inconsistencies between the game and the comic.

Do you think we'll get to see Mortal Kombat explored through different game genres again soon?
Yes, I do. But I have no knowledge of anything specific.

Social media has become a monster for wild speculation, misinformation, and fan backlash. What kind of impact does it have at NetherRealm Studios? Can it really elevate a character or subject to notice? Or, as you've mentioned recently, do you think it can have the opposite effect?
It has too much of an impact in my opinion. Ed pays too much attention to the vocal minority who clog his Twitter feed. As you know, I Tweeted that fans shouldn't expect many NPCs in Injustice 2 because of all the complaining about fightable NPCs in MKX, and Ed's reaction to these complaints. On the other hand, I saw a lot of Tweets asking for Fujin as DLC and that didn't happen, so go figure... Most of the team ignores online comments, or at least they say they do. I read some occasionally because it's often the only feedback we get on what we've created. I try to remember that the opinions expressed only represent a tiny portion of our audience.

Do you think the creation of perceived problems is owed to the way the games are promoted through teases and non-traditional channels?
I know roster/background reveals pre-launch are essential to give marketing something to work with. I sometimes wish, though (and I'll bet they wish too) that Ed would play a smaller role in reveals and teases. Sometimes he says/Tweets just the right thing at just the right time; other times he gives too much away or says things that are just inaccurate. That definitely creates problems. For the fans' part, they can say anything they want without fear of their identity being revealed, so their worst nature sometimes comes out. We as a species need to evolve past that.

Switching gears: Mortal Kombat X is, at least for now, your last game in the series. What are some of the fond memories you'll take away from that game?
First and foremost, I really thought the game looked and played great. I loved that expectations for MKX were high and that it felt like we met or exceeded those expectations. For me personally, I felt like I was growing as a voice director and as a writer on MKX.

I was very pleased with the reception of the Kung Jin scene with Raiden in the story. I wrote that. I also loved the tea ceremony scene with Scorpion and Sub. Dominic [Cianciolo] wrote that.

The MKX VO sessions were fun, especially the ones later in the project, which weren't as time compressed. I was feeling comfortable with the talent and with my role. I loved that people were getting pissed during streams if the boys talked during the Intros -- that there was that level of interest in them.

What was the favourite game you worked on from the last decade and a half at NetherRealm?
Possibly Stranglehold, all things considered (which was Midway, I know). It was our first game using Unreal, which was exciting to learn. It gave sound designers a level of control over implementation that we hadn't enjoyed before, and wouldn't thereafter.

Also Injustice and MKX, because it felt like Netherrealm had cemented a reputation for quality. Which felt different than the Midway days.

Can you share your reasons for leaving? Were there any frustrations that contributed?
I could write a whole book on it. [smiles] There were many reasons, lots of long running problems that came to a head at once. But the final straw was a meeting in which it was made clear to me that the number one ability NRS and WB management valued in their employees, moreso than any track record or history they might have, was the ability to be yes-men. I realized then that I could no longer work there. Which was sad.

What's next for Brian Chard? Where can people find, follow and support your work?
I'm at Jackbox Games, where we're still flush from excitement at releasing The Jackbox Party Pack 3. Five really fun, funny games. Its reception has been great. Find out more at You can also follow me on Twitter @bcharred.

Mortal Kombat Online again thanks Mr. Chard for talking to us. You can find many more conversations with the makers of Mortal Kombat in our Interview Archive!

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Injustice 2 Bat-Family Poll Ranks Preferred Robins
Developer asks fans to choose preferred former Robin.

Way back in 1940, Dick Grayson was the comic book find of the year -- bursting onto the scene as Batman's crime fighting "Boy Wonder" - Robin! In the decades since, there have been several young heroes to adopt the sidekick mantle. In his latest poll, Injustice 2 Creative Director Ed Boon asked Twitter followers which of three Robins fans would like to see!

Second Robin Jason Todd (aka; Red Hood) scooped the poll with a dominant 57%. Dick Grayson in his matured persona of Nightwing claimed a quarter (25%) of the 19,591 votes. Son of the Bat and contemporary Robin - Damian Wayne rounded out voting with a respectable 18%.

Nightwing made a strong showing as one of the acrobatic playable heroes in Injustice: Gods Among Us. Dick Grayson first adopted the Nightwing persona in 1984. An alternate red version was used to represent Damian Wayne in maturity, in Injustice.

Damian Wayne is a concept extrapolated from 1987 graphic novel Son of the Demon. Resulting from a love tryst between Batman and Talia al Ghul; he became a part of the modern mythos in 2006 under writer Grant Morrison. Though raised to be a perfect assassin, Damian adopts the mantle of Robin some time later, even serving Dick Grayson's Batman during a period when Bruce Wayne was believed dead!

Few characters were "believed" dead as long as Jason Todd...

The Flock: Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake & Damian Wayne have all been Robin.

While Dick Grayson was breaking out as leader of the Teen Titans, Jason Todd was introduced in 1983 to become the first replacement for the original Robin. He was tweaked with the line-wide reboot of 1985, becoming increasingly unpopular as the street rat turned sidekick with a snotty attitude.

In 1988, fans were given the opportunity to rid The Dark Knight of his bratty Robin in an interactive phone voting stunt. A slim 50.3% of fan votes condemned Todd to die in A Death in the Family -- enthusiastically killed by a crowbar wielding Joker.

In 2003; Jason Todd's return to life was teased in the twelve-issue epic Hush. This later inspired a confirmed return to life in 2005, placing a resurrected Todd under the identity obscuring helmet of a new Red Hood. As noted in another poll spotlight, Red Hood was itself a reference to a past Joker identity.

The return of Jason Todd may have been facilitated by some downright goofy shenanigans -- Superboy-Prime throwing a tantrum against the walls of reality -- but the gun-toting base elements of a violent bat-frenemy vigilante found a soft mark in young modern fans. The visceral angst of the character has been taken to non-readers through works like the animated version of Under the Hood, and the recent Batman: Arkham Knight video game.

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MKX Mobile Adds Shao Kahn Tower, Freddy Krueger
Shao Kahn's Tower Rises and Freddy Krueger Goes Mobile!

The latest 1.11 update to Mortal Kombat X Mobile is changing up the game with a major new mode, and the addition of a character who fulfills a long requested fan dream match!

Freddy Krueger was a surprise guest fighter in Mortal Kombat (2011) and is finally coming to MKX! You can relieve the nightmare and finally duke it out with classic slasher rival: Jason Voorhees! It's the guest character showdown fans wanted on consoles, but will only get if they pull the nightmare into their portable device through the upcoming Challenge, or pay-to-play early access! Every town has an Elm Street. You're all his children, now!

The update also introduces Shao Kahn's Tower! A 100 rung ladder that challenges your team and allows you to earn Talent Points that will improve your roster through the Talent Tree. With Talent Points you'll be able to increase the impact of your damage, wield a stronger defense, and generally kick even more butt.

Along with Freddy Krueger, fans can look forward to more new additions to the character kard: Bounty Hunter Erron Black and Spec Ops Scorpion are coming to the DIamond and Gold Tiers [pictured above[. Elder God Kenshi will also draw his sword against players in an upcoming challenge!

All this, plus: Daily free kard packs for the holidays, double XP Bonus Events, Klassic Character variations in the Faction Wars Store, and scintillating new equipment -- Blaze's Life Force and The Devastator!

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Kombat Kon 2016: Kosplay & Kreations Spotlight
A closer look at the kosplay and fan-art of Kombat Kon 2016!

The inaugural Kombat Kon proved an outstanding success, gathering fans of all walks to celebrate the long running Mortal Kombat franchise. The event was headlined by an all-star cast responsible for the original arcade games, but that wasn't the only representation of kreativity at the event!

As outlined in MK Online's special report: the event invited fans to dress as their favourite characters, and join art vendors in paying tribute to the iconic fighting game franchise! In this article, we cast the spotlight on the warriors who took part in the Kosplay Kontest, and showed off their unique kreations! [Click pics to enlarge].

Among the costumed fans was Jade Parrish -- daughter of John Parrish, who famously played Jax in Mortal Kombat II and 3! Her Kombat kredentials were minted in green, dressed as her namesake: Jade!

Fans brought a wide array of characters to life in the kosplay parade. A movie inspired Scorpion and Mortal Kombat X Kung Lao were among the stand-outs, seen battling in front of a brilliant Dan "Toasty" Forden cosplayer in our main article. There was also a Sub-Zero, Johnny Cage, Kitana, Liu Kang, Raiden, Jax.

When the kosplayers thinned out, there was no shortage of sights to behold. Adam W. Michaels was in attendance to sell some impressive works of tribute art, capturing impressions of characters from Mortal Kombat X, Mortal Kombat: Legacy and other series, too. He also modeled shirts featuring the MK logo, fighters and Shirai Ryu insignia.

Rounding out the unique kreations was the Kombatpedia project championed by Myke Snow and Anthony. They had a mock example of the book, as well as various items supporting the fan fuelled cause. MK Online first reported on a petition for the book back in July, 2015. It has since gained the consideration of DK Publishing, but is allegedly yet to get the greenlight from NetherRealm Studios.

Finally, Galloping Ghost Arcade gym master supreme Doc Mack shows off his own kustom kreated fight stick [below]. Adorned in spikes, twin retractable blades, and the image of Kung Lao -- it's the ultimate arcade weapon!

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Neo Was Nearly The One For Mortal Kombat
What is Mortal Kombat? Neo was not on the guest list in 2011.

The search for the perfect guest character is an art of balancing license availability, and the will to create a suitable game version. NetherRealm Studios may seem indiscriminate in their ever expanding collection of crossover fighters, but as Ed Boon told Gameinformer in a recent interview, the vetting process sees many characters disqualified.

Cause & Effect: Neo was not on the Kombat guest list in 2011.

Boon reveals Keanu Reeves' hero Neo from Warner Brothers millennial franchise The Matrix was in consideration for Mortal Kombat (2011): "I remember they brought up Neo. So there were a whole bunch of ones that for business reasons or that creatively we didn’t think they’d fit."

The martial arts messiah may have lost his lustre by 2011, but could have been a fun inclusion with creative grace. Neo combines the kung fu movie action that inspired the original Mortal Kombat games with a unique, green hued sci-fi gloss that became its trademark. The characters powers theoretically only work within the simulated reality of The Matrix itself, but given no guest character can ever carry true consequence, accepting Neo in MK as just another simulation isn't so tough!

It was the near miss of downloadable characters in 2008's aborted Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe post-release support that encouraged NetherRealm to go deeper into DLC options.

When the developer was acquired from bankrupt Midway Games by Warner Brothers [full story], a world of inter-company characters was opened up to them. Speaking to GameInformer about Warner Bros' collaborative offerings, he elaborates, "... TV and movies and video games. Stuff like that. So that just kind of gave us access to some of these characters through whatever business deals they did." The studio would then be shown a list of "10, 15 characters" they could use.

In the past we've learned about the consideration or availability of a small roster of characters: Sweet Tooth, Marcus Fenix, The T-800 and Michael Meyers. As well as the characters who have made it into games: Kratos, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, The Predator, Carl Weathers, Alien and Leatherface.

With Neo added, we're getting very close to a full spread of a dozen crossover properties. Injustice 2 is the next game likely to feature misplaced characters, with Boon recently polling fan interest in a short list.

On the persisting choice of horror icons in Mortal Kombat, he notes: "We kind of realized that the horror characters tend to lend themselves to it." A reference to the graphic fatalities that often grab attention over the martial arts of the bulk of the game. The developer has noted an open mind toward creating a dedicated fighting game starring movie maniacs.

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John Tobias Schick Fighting Game Parody at TGA
Mortal Kombat Co-Creator Creates Schick Promo Video

As legendary co-creator of Mortal Kombat, it's no surprise John Tobias would get a name check at an event like The Game Awards of 2016. What we wouldn't have necessarily expected was his work on a fighting game parody sequence for event sponsor Schick! Watch the clip below to check it out:

The fighting game parody clip is by John Tobias and pits shaving technologies against one another in a very fun product tie-in. The battle references Schick's main advertising campaign. Load the behind the scenes of the creation of Hydrobot by clicking here.

Poor generic Lube Strip never stood a chance against Schick mascot Hydrobot. Stage interaction is key to his victory. He triggers the faucet, dousing his Schick hydrating gel reservoir to leave a lubrication slick similar to Sub-Zero's Ground Freeze. The friction reducing technology will cause plenty of irritation for the competition -- but not your face! Flawless victory!

The immortal John Tobias mingled with fans just last month at the very first Kombat Kon - read our special report! You can read the Mortal Kombat co-creator's thoughts about a range of creative topics in MK Online's two-part interview: Part 1 & Part 2.

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