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Jim Lee Draws Mortal Kombat's Kitana

By day he's the President, Publisher, and Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics, but by night -- or art live stream -- Jim Lee is the highly talented artist behind iconic comic book runs of Batman, Superman, X-Men and more. He recently turned his hand to one of MK's best known assassins. Take a look!

DC FanDome Panel Revisits Injustice With Ed Boon & More

Over the weekend Geoff Keighley entered the DC FanDome to host a virtual panel revisiting the world of Injustice. The all-star creator lineup included NetherRealm Studios' Ed Boon & Dominic Cianciolo, and DC Publisher Jim Lee, to look back on the genesis of the fighting franchise and its ever expanding legacy. Catch up on the archived stream right here:

Hi-Res Injustice Raiden & Black Lightning Artwork

Injustice 2 continues to grow thanks to Fighter Pack 2 and the latest addition of not one - but two new characters! You've already seen them in action in the exciting introduction trailer -- now take a closer look at Raiden and Black Lightning by clicking to enlarge these high quality images supplied by Warner Brothers and NetherRealm Studios!

MKX DLC: Blanche Brutality Koming Soon & Boon Wishlist

Kingpin of Kombat Ed Boon has revealed one of the extra features coming to Mortal Kombat X via the next update patch! The news comes via Twitter, where the Creative Director also dropped some thoughts about what he'd like to see, and what we still might see:

Injustice DLC: Jim Lee Scorpion Design Spotlight

It was a fortnight ago Mortal Kombat Online was among the first sources to reveal Jim Lee's concept art for Scorpion! The Facebook first post proved popular with the extended MKOmmunity, even as controversy over guest characters continued in the build to Evo 2013.

The Mortal Kombat icon made the leap to Injustice: Gods Among Us in a June announcement [see trailer]. It garnered mixed response as the third of four character additions via the DLC Season Pass. The unique design by DC Comics' co-publisher and veteran artist, Lee, proved just as divisive as the inclusion itself. Examine the look further in the images below [click to enlarge].

Injustice: The MKOmmunity Reacts to Scorpion DLC

Scorpion has made the leap from the koliseum of Mortal Kombat to the superhero universe of Injustice: Gods Among Us! As the latest downloadable character; the iconic yellow ninja represents the franchise the Injustice game makers are best known for, bringing the silhouette featured in their company logo to life in-game.

As with any guest appearance in an established franchise, there will be a variety of reactions. Mortal Kombat fans experienced the gamut of emotions when Kratos and Freddy Krueger made their submission into the 2011 reboot title. The less said about that, the better.

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