As mentioned in a previous story, the folks over at Midway have released MKast #2, the second in their series of podcasts about the upcoming Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe! Once again hosted by Hans Lo and Hector Sanchez, the podcast covers topics such as upcoming character releases, what can be expected out of the E3 and Comic-Con builds, and a couple more gameplay tidbits. Among the things revealed are:

  • Like in MKast #1, the gun was jumped on characters due to be released by another site. In this case, it was revealed that the characters due to be announced on GameSpot are Captain Marvel and Liu Kang.
  • Despite what had been announced earlier, the E3 build will have SIX characters (at least), and the lineup includes Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Superman, Batman, the Flash, and one other mystery character.
  • The four characters that would be announced at Comic-Con would have a huge impact for fans on both the MK side and the DC side.
  • Characters will have character specific moves in freefall kombat, and have their own fighting styles in close kombat (ie, Catwoman will scratch while Scorpion delivers brutal punches, etc.).

As before, we are making the MKast available to download via the following link.

Our thanks to forum member for the heads-up about this new MKast release!