From the legendary game soundtracks by Dan Forden to the techno of albums inspired by the warriors: there's a strong tradition of music and Mortal Kombat! The newest movie trailer brought back an old favourite, but it also introduces us to sounds from a new source. Take a listen:

There are a few folks in music answering to the n ameVWLS, but this one brought ominous tones to one of the most watched red band trailers in YouTube history! Listen to their song Emergence below to be taken back to soundscape of that impactful first preview!

The Mortal Kombat trailer also featured an obligatory sting inspired by Techno Syndrome: the song first recoreded as part of Mortal Kombat: The Album, and used memorably in the 1995 feature film. A song we'll no doubt be hearing more of in the future.

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