The first glimpse of director Kevin Tancharoen's upcoming Mortal Kombat: Legacy Webseries has just been unveiled over at prominent gaming website, Machinima as a brief teaser trailer, showing off an ensuing fight between Darren Shahlavi as the ruthless Kano and Michael Jai White as Jax.

Featured during this short tease of what to expect is a vicious battle taking place in what appears to be a Power Plant or an industrial building with Jax and Kano trading blows with one another, guns and knives are wielded and added into the fight also. As the fight draws to a conclusion, a struggle over a Grenade Launcher results in a grenade being fired into the ground beneath which seemingly ends their conflict in a stalemate as both Jax and Kano attempt to evade the explosion by fleeing.

Machinima is set to host an advanced screening of the first episode on Tuesday, April 12th via their website [full Story]. The Mortal Kombat webseries is expected to release in under a fortnight, being distributed through various digital streaming channels on Thursday, April 19th which coincides with the games release also. For the full scoop on the new Webseries along with it's cast, you can view our comprehensive coverage right here.

You can catch this trailer embedded above or view it over on Machinima's Youtube Channel!

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