Last week Mortal Kombat announced itself as a violent force to be reckoned with in the first red band trailer. The decidedly R rated preview quickly became a global trending phenomenon and has reportedly gone on to break viewing records, as well! Read on for details:

Warner Bros Prictures announced the accolade with a compilation video showing some of the fan reactions recorded to YouTube and social media. The highlights punctuate the trailer's most violent moments with over-the-top animated reactions recorded in multiple languages.

The exact metric for the record is somewhat unclear, with Deadline reporting a nebulous figure of 116 million views in the first week. Warner Brothers supplied the trailer to various hosting outlets, including Mortal Kombat Online.

At the time of this writing the official Warner Bros YouTube trailer has accumulated over 2.18 million views, while an IGN hosted YouTube trailer has reached 7.2 million, FilmSelect Trailer another 7 million, and HBO Max post over 560 thousand. The official Twitter account for the movie has also accrued 6.7 million views from a post retweeted more than 79 thousand times.

The record challenges other R rated franchise rivals who've found broad, mainstream support in recent years. Fellow New Line Cinema release IT currently has 61.7 million views for the official 2017 teaser, and HBO Max re-release Zack Snyder's Justice League has earned 19.5 million from its first week.

20th Century Fox has yielded 48.6 million views for its adaptation of Marvel Comics "Merc with a Mouth" in Deadpool 2, with 32.7 million for 20 6 Wolverine swansong Logan. Although all R rated films on release, the trailers were not necessarily red band and would not clash with the qualified record.

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