An early start for the Mortal Kombat red band trailer created a worldwide sensation as reactions to the violent preview launched "Mortal Kombat" to the top of Twitter's global trends. The trailer made international headlines and sparked tens of thousands of tweets as people had their say.

US political scandal topped the list, with Mortal Kombat contending with various sporting codes for the Top 5 spots. Pictured at the 5th highest subject [above]; MK reached at least 4th in the Twitter algorithm's most discussed topics. This is distinct from the tailored "Trends For You" recommended to users based on preference.

Mortal Kombat has topped the pops with other early morning domestic promotions. Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate found similar success with the Kombat Pack 2 Reveal and Mileena DLC trailer. Johnny Cage broke into the charts with a midnight MK11 trailer reveal back in 2019.

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Reactions were mixed to positive, with many won over by the much-touted R rated violence and fatalities. Deviations from the source material remain an unavoidable topic at the film's core, but the spectacle of seeing characters in live-action, recreating iconic attacks, has cooled some tempers.

It wouldn't be social media without a pervasive meme, and pop culture commentary site Jezebel got everybody laughing with a confused hit piece criticizing the movie for omitting Chun-Li -- a popular character from the Street Fighter franchise. The article has since updated with this understanding and was allegedly not a joke.

The Mortal Kombat trailer confirmed the presence of iconic characters like Goro and Reptile, but one fighter from the original game is likely to remain absent, with all signs pointing toward Johnny Cage's omission from the feature.

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