The world can be tough when you're different, but in the new era of Mortal Kombat 1 its a struggle that could cost you your life! Those are the stakes for Reptile and Havik, whose persecuted outsider status is described in greater detail in official bios. Take a closer look at their story and official render art:

They come from different realms, of Outworld and Seido, but their experiences breaking from the norms of society has made them each rebels in the eyes of their contemporaries. Reptile's ability to assume a human disguise is a unique skill for a Zaterran in the new game, while Havik is creating chaos anew for the realm of order as seen in the official Banished trailer.

Reptile (Zaterran Slave)
Reptile is Zaterran, one of the reptiloid race which lives on Outworld's fringes.

Like other reptiles, Zaterrans can camouflage themselves. But Reptile possesses a unique mutation: one which allows him to shift shape to appear human.

Bullied mercilessly by Zaterrans for this ability, Reptile left home to make his future elsewhere.

Havik (Rebellious Anarchist)
A citizen of the realm of Seido, Havik is sworn to take down its oppressive regime and free his people. There, order is prize above all else. Lawbreaking is met with strict punishment. Its citizens live in strictly regulated castes.

As a member of Seido's lowest caste, Havik had neither rights nor privileges. He seethed with anger at the injustice. When he is brutally punished for a minor crime, Havik finally decides to act. He sets out to destroy Seidos regime and replace it with an anarchist utopia.

Once he breaks Seido's social order, Havik will free its citizens. Together, they will live in blessed anarchy.

The new bio firmly entrenches the Cleric of Chaos in the life of Seido's brutalist order, leaving questions over the fate of the Chaosrealm in the reality reshaped by Fire God Liu Kang.

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