The official Mortal Kombat website has been changed revealing a teaser of what's to come for the site.

After providing your Date of Birth, You are requested to choose your fighter. Scorpion is the only one available right now and shows two renders. One is a Shadow Fatality featuring a characters silhouette experiencing a Fatality and the other is a Revealed Fatality showing Scorpion performing one of his Fatalities.

We will monitor the site as we anticipate more happening with it in the very near future so check back!

To see the overhauled official site for yourself please click here.

Update #1: The site has just now reverted back to it's original state. Accidental leak or perhaps they're just teasing us. More information when it becomes available.

Update #2: A Countdown now exists on the website. The timer ends at Midnight PST on Sunday the 10th October. What this timer indicates isn't entirely clear but it could be the date for the full site Launch or at the very least the date new content is released!