Just when you thought The Predator was coming into view - the full Mortal Kombat X: Kombat Pack D:C stands revealed! Check out the new trailer with all four downloadable bonus characters and more details:

Each Kombat Pack character download will signify a new playable fighter and three additional costume skins for kombatants on the main roster.

The Ultimate Horror Pack [Pack: May 5th, Sale: May 12th]
Playable character: Jason Voorhees
Horror skins: Vampiress Mileena, Kraken Reptile & Pharoah Ermac.

The Klassic Pack #1
Playable character: Tanya
Klassic skins: Kano, Sonya Blade & Liu Kang

The Predator/Prey Pack
Playable character: Predator
Predator skins: Commando Johnny, Infrared Scorpion & Carl Weathers as Jax

The Klassic Pack #2
Playable character: Tremor
Klassic skins: Quan Chi, Jax & Kung Lao

Additional skins for playable characters finally lock in klassic kombatants Jax and Liu Kang for a Mortal Kombat X return. The inclusion of a Carl Weathers Jax skin caps off unlikely rumors that the Predator and Rocky star would be included as a downloadable extra opposite the alien hunter.

All downloadable characters in the pack represent cult fan favourites who've garnered support in the build to MKX. Jason & Predator have frequently factored into guest character requests, while Tremor has made the journey from obscure spin-off boss to download fighter through the intense support of fans. So evident is the fan influence that Tremor even boasts a fan design by MKOmmunity user fear-sas.

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