The super-sized, all-in-one Mortal Kombat XL experience is officially out now! 2015's best selling fighting game gets the komplete edition treatment, jamming in all-new extras including Kombat Pack 2 fighters, Stage Fatalities, and Apocalypse Skins!

Mortal Kombat XL contains all downloadable content released, including bonus characters: Tremor, Tanya, Bo' Rai Cho, Tri-Borg, Predator, Alien, Jason Voorhees and Leatherface!

Those who've already purchased the extensive range of downloadable content for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One can complete their XL experience with Kombat Pack 2 add-ons! Plus: The Pit arena and Medieval Skins are available as free bonuses!

All console players will also be privy to a brand new enhanced online experience using the modified GGPO system. Reviewing the beta preview, Mortal Kombat Online User TemperaryUsername says: "From the standpoint of a match, the upgraded netcode is near perfect. Combos are rarely affected by lag. Anti-airs can be performed on reaction. If I lost a match, it was because my opponent made better decisions than me. That's the way fighting games should work." Reacting to the initial improvements, redman noted: "It feels a LOT better. Unlike with the previous netcode when the match can feel delayed or "underwater", that doesn't happen with this. The inputs feel very solid, almost as good as offline."

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