Exclusive pre-order bonuses have gained yet another merchant as the massive global warehouse retailer Wal-Mart has joined the fray! A few days ago we revealed a high definition render of Jade's classic costume [full story], which has been confirmed as bonus DLC material for purchasing the rereleases of the Mortal Kombat movies on Blu-ray. Wal-Mart's exclusive DLC costume is now confirmed to be the deadly vixen Mileena! It remains to be seen if Mileena will use a color palette swap of Jade's costume, but it is highly assumed to be the case given the male ninja costumes. We will continue to look out for any official images in regards to this story.

Wal-Mart joins Gamestop (Scorpion), Best Buy (Sub-Zero) and Amazon (Reptile) [full story]as retailers offering exclusive costumes for pre-ordering with their company. Logic suggests Mileena's sister Kitana will also receive the same treatment, though the retailer who will offer this promotion remains a mystery for now.

To place a pre-order with Wal-Mart for Mortal Kombat, click here. Ordering the official Prima strategy guide can be purchased as a combo with the game, and doing so will result in a 25% reduction of the guide's cost. Thanks to Twitter follower @kenps3 and forum member for alerting us to this story! If you would like to contribute news to MK Online, please use our newslead function or contact us on Twitter.