What earth elements would you like to see affect gameplay
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What earth elements would you like to see affect gameplay
01/13/2008 01:15 PM EST
It can be any weather element or earth element.furious another great idea i have is the beginning of the round show the exterior of the stage like far camera views and enclosing when it says round 1. For example like scorpions hell dungeon ( my stage concept) it shows a well from the top, and the camera zooms down into a dark corridor and theres the stage.glasses
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RE: What earth elements would you like to see affect gameplay
01/13/2008 01:50 PM EST
The following two threads detail my thoughts on this subject.
Weather and its effects
Environmental hazards
Project MKK: Coming soon...

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RE: What earth elements would you like to see affect gameplay
01/13/2008 02:10 PM EST
fuck it Edit: I wanted to add something, but the link wasn't working.
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RE: What earth elements would you like to see affect gameplay
01/13/2008 02:32 PM EST
tgrant Wrote:
The following two threads detail my thoughts on this subject.
Weather and its effects
Environmental hazards

*Bang* Right on point right there.


I'm huge on elementals, both character specific and arenas. I wanna see all of them. There's so much that can be done with elementals.


1. Rock
2. Sand//Dust
3. Clay//Mud
4. Metal(purified rock)
5. Diamond(concentrated rock)


1. Water
2. Mist//Dew
3. Ice
4. Vapor(almost the same as mist/dew but you can't see it)
5. Blood//Sweat//Tears (manipulation)


1. Centrifugal Forces
2. Storms(tornado's, hurricanes, ect)
3. Gravity Defiance(fly. "skywalk", hover)
4. Super speed
5. Sound(sonic emissions)


1. Flames
2. Lava
3. Lightning
4. Combustion(implosive explosive)
5. Heat in general, like melting things or heat waves

And then you mix and match...

But there's also elements like:

1. Magic // Sorcery (arguably different and the same..."Illusion")
2. Spiritual//Chi/Tai - which kinda ties into....
3. Nature
4. Cosmic
5. Mechanics
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RE: What earth elements would you like to see affect gameplay
01/13/2008 02:39 PM EST
Thanks guys. If we really want to up the tempo a little, then this thread also relates to this.
The Temple of the Elements - Stage concept
And since Pred mentioned gravity defiance, super speed and cosmic, I suppose I'll link these two as well.
Aerial Kombat
Time Manipulation
Project MKK: Coming soon...

Currently working on: MKD & MKA - The One Ring Theory
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RE: What earth elements would you like to see affect gameplay
01/13/2008 08:52 PM EST
well, first of all, some levels need environmental fatalitys.

and also maybe rain and shit'd be nice

but the main thing I was thinking was some way of getting from point a to point b without hitting someone off a ledge or something. Like for example: in a hell level the ground can just break at some point and knock them both to a different part of the level. also maybe in some desert level there can be a sandstorm or something that comes every once in a while and tosses both playes into a different part of the level.

I also think a badass thing to have would be a portal level where you hit them into the portal and they get transported to somewhere. I think that'd be badass. It'd also be cool if they did an endless arena of some sort like dead or alive
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RE: What earth elements would you like to see affect gameplay
01/14/2008 06:38 AM EST
*Summons quoting powers, turns off T.V., and neglects wife and kids*




From WEATHER and its effects in MKD, tgrant Wrote:

Influences of the Weather

Acid Rain: Normal rain is harmless when just falling around you. With acid rain, you can have it eat away at trees or corrode other materials and buildings. In effect, for a stage like the Living Forest, trees would fall down in an attempt to crush you because the acid rain has destroyed part of them. Imagine other building structures suddenly and the debris hitting and damaging you.

I disagree with the first sentence. First, I know this is a dated idea, and alot of things technologically have changed. But considering rain as an environmental hazard, it effects a couple things.

a. Visual - To show this in MK, people could miss their marks more often. With projectiles mainly, and especially if we are able to run//fly and throw things at each other(that later).

What if, in a 3D environment, you threw the spear at someone, and when you did, it seemed like the game glitches, and the spear went right through the opponent? If they ever got that intuitive about it, they should explain it to us(lol). You're opponent wouldn't have had to have moved out of the way, because in real life, when you take a strike at something you can't really see and you miss, there is no counter reaction to your action.
There's only the thought, "That was too Close for comfort."

The point behind this idea is to challenge the players tolerance of the element rain. All by itself, just rain.

Now for this idea, I'd implement a ratio. Something like 7:1, so you'd connect most of the times, but the time you do
"miss due to an environmental hazard", it could cost you the match.

b. Body temperature - To show//feel this in a game, someone like Sub-Zero could get stronger. His attacks could be complimented a small maybe 1-3 %. Like an enviormental bonus. Note, temperature usually drops a little bit when it rains. Usually. It can add all sorts of "fun" elements to the arena itself like, humidity, sleet ect...but I'll just stay the course for now.

In the event something like this ever did hit MK, I'd like to see moves that were "normal", input on the controller the same, but perform and look a little differently depending on weather heat or cold is a factor.

On the other hand, someone like Scorpion in a rainy situation might loose out a little bit whenever he used a fire attack in a cold situation. His HellFire move might not stick around as long, forcing the player into different strategies. Especially if they're that asshat who wants to stun you the whole fight.

The rest there, I love and agree with.

Actually, now that I think about it, acid rain should be something we encounter only in a featured arena...or part of an arena. Like an extension to the Living Forrest where we could "end up" during a fight.

Ever seen the many interpretations where the Cloud just follows the person around, raining on them no matter where they go(actually that should be a special move for Rain, eh?)?
Well, literal-ize that, contracting the source = The Rain Forrest.
We should always encounter acid rain specifically, in a specific part of the arena no matter what is going on in the other parts of the arena. Maybe the color would be slightly different as a small indicator or something...idk

That would be dope a hell to fight your way into the Living Forrest and end up fighting underneath this Acid Rain Cloud. This feature could even be triggered by time too. To wear, the players have been fighting for 2min(or something) and the Forrest it'self "gets sick of you" being there, so it's brings on the elemental hazard against your will.

The point there though, is to create a sense of urgency in the fight. Like you said, but at this point in the match, things start to fall on you or hit you, and damage your life. Let alone the acid rain itself, which I believe should, at a very small percentage, hurt you too. 1-3% per sec, with 1min left to fight or something.

See, with some of the writing and screenplay I've been exposed to in the last 5 years, I don't see why "people" have to be the only ones with personality. A stage like the Living Forrest is a perfect setting for human characteristics.

Since it's always gonna be an "evil" or "dangerous" place to visit from now on, why not give it:

a. Hatred - toward man. Besides that, wouldn't it make sense why Reptile can inhabit that place? Cuz he's not a man per say?

b. Loathing - Somebody hurt the forrest right? Well, the forrest won't distinguish....it will simply generalize, and "kill it kill it kill it" before it gets hurt any further.

c. Despair & Anguish - There should be some parts of the forrest where it supports "lost souls" or "only certain types of demons" to an extent. Remember the first MK movie? Scorpion was just....in the Living Forrest for no apparent reason. I wonder why he could be there....?

d. Violence//Aggression - We already know what this is about. Things fall on you, swing at you, try to choke, and trip you.....try to eat you. And whatever else.

Other bad human qualities that the Living Forrest could exhibit:

e. Envy / Jealousy(GREEN face of envy) - Alot of our characters have control over spirits and elements already. What if there was just one tree that gave you the vibe like it hated you because of one of your speacial moves?

f.Lust - a tree who likes to "eat women". wink but literally though. Reacts to you just because you are a female in that arena.

g. Loneliness - This is the tree that doesn't care that you are there, but doesn't want you near it at all.

h. Intelligent - One tree triggers the rest of them or something. A-I imagination here.


From WEATHER and its effects in MKD, tgrant Wrote:
Wind: So much can be done with the wind in stages. You can have strong gusts blowing against you slowing down your forward movement, or having it from behind pushing you towards your opponent. Now that MK is in 3D, we can have wind blowing from the side so in effect making you sidestep. This could result in attacks missing or you being thrown off balance at times.

Also, as in my Temple of the Elements stage, the wind can affect projectiles. If projectiles are used whilst you are being pushed away from each other, they will rebound and hit the sender. Projectiles are sped up if the wind is blowing the opponents towards each other.

And where are the tornadoes?

I like all of this, so I'll just add to it.

In the first paragraph there, you talk about wind gusts blowing against you and so on. I'd like to see, in a 3D environment, arenas "purposely" direct it's wind attack on which ever player.

You see, wind in the past has nothing but annoyed me in how they display it. So again, let's add personality to it....

Say you're in a building fighting, and outside that building, you can see things blowing around violently. Doesn't have to be a storm going on, but all sorts of debris("dubree") is flying around outside. Your fight begins normally, but then, a door or part of the room you're in opens up and attempts to blow you out the other side of the room, or into some sort of arena hazard.
Making it seem like the arena has something against your character, and doing so in such a manner that it seems like it's got intentions to hurt you. Like it's telling you, on a random occasion, where ever it wants you to go....

I think it should never be ever-present when it comes to wind. Cuz it just gets annoying having to fight against some invisible force like that in a game. I think it should depend on if you are standing in front of the path that a door can open.

Like, how funny would it be, if it seemed like the room didn't like anyone fighting in it? And in the midst of a pretty steady brawl, a door opens up to blow you both into some hazard, or out of the other side of the room?

NOW, add a run feature to the game.....Haha! You, and the guy you're fighting against are both running for your life, only to get right back in-to fighting with each other. See now, that shit sounds dope all on it's own.

But apply that to just one player who happened to be standing in the wrong spot, at the wrong time, and that door//wall opened up. Imagine trying to dodge your opponents projectile that, even though it was meant to hit you, it had been radically taken by the wind. The projectile could hit you, or it could just fly around you and out of the way.

This feature should happen at random. I say that, because it heightens the sense of awareness in an arena like this. For instance, this might be an arena where ground tech///ground fighting might be your best bet. Then again, if your character has the ability to fly........But if you like to jump alot, and you wanna play in this arena, you must be ready to literally get blown away.

Too, I think that if you are payind enough attention to what's going on outside, you should be able to tell if the wind will blow harder on whatever side of the arena. You might see a dead body stuck in a votex, or just fly in the opposite direction of an arena deathtrap. That might be a good place to fight for a while until the wind outside changes directions again.

An idea that effectively produces countless strategies.


I like your bit about how wind should effect projectiles. But I'd stress a ratio here. 11:3. Means ever so often, one or two will get blown back in your face....so get good with your hand to hand fighting.

Also, I think it would be pretty neat to see that action happen while side stepping. A fireball closeup, wisping away in the wind?


From WEATHER and its effects in MKD, tgrant Wrote:

Fog/Mist: These weather forms could build up and fade every so often to obstruct the vision of both players. You�d essentially be fighting unawares. You could see shadowy images through the haze however. On some stages they can even hide death traps and you might walk into one or get knocked into one unawares.

Hail: Imagine huge hail balls falling and damaging you, and eve damage your surroundings and the ground in front of you. You could even have meteorite showers for more damage.

To fog and mist as an environmental hazard, I just wanna say that it should agree. BUT, it shouldn't last long in real time. I'd rather see it used as a training mechanism in a training mode, or as something specific characters have control over.

For instance, Smoke could bring it on, Fujin could get rid of it. Special Move for Smoke(back, up, punch button), "Taunt-Defense-Effect" for Fujin(back, forward, taunt button).


For Hail and Meteors, imagine literally and effectively parrying debris. You could use it against your opponent, or simply escape the incoming damage. If it was a big piece of a building or a huge piece of ice, a defense mechanism could be to "use the force of the object to your advantage", and roll off of it. Tactic, tactic, tactic.

If things like this damage your surroundings, I want to see the characters interact accordingly. Like if there is a crater created by something that fell there, don't make the damn hole disapear. I want us to have to deal with the crater. Let us then have to run//fight in and out of the crater after that happens.

(Hey, it's a fighting game, what else are they supposed to use the space on the disc for? Create more strategy opportunities I say.)


From WEATHER and its effects in MKD, tgrant Wrote:
Lightning: We all know what this is capable of. So we should see it happening. Lightning can strike objects and destroy them, causing flying debris that damages you. Or it can destroy any platforms your on or even destroy barriers that you couldn�t break through before to allow you to knock the opponent to another level. Or if you�re in it�s path, strike you and cause severe damage.

Thunder: Where there is lightning, there must be thunder. And thunder in itself can be fun. Imagine it�s monstrous sound triggering avalanches or triggering buildings to suddenly give way.

Likey. So I'll just add again. Couple key points:

a. Exploit real life occasions. For instance, Don't get caught, up under a tree. It will hurt you. Don't be up at the top of an-y-thing. It will hurt you.
If you're in a city area, and these elements are happening during your fight, watch out for electrical wires, and puddles of water. Because......IT WiiiiLL Hurt You. lol

b. I remember thunder as a kid, and even though I was intrigued by that and lightning, it always scared the shit out of me. Still does if it is loud enough. SO....I wanna see the characters exhibit some kind of fright on screen. That's MK humor at it's best. Maybe they just "shoulder jump" out of fright or something. idk.

But give me a sign that my character is aware of his//her surroundings for a brief second. How about in the opening of a round, before the fight even begins? Like, in the midst of their stance prep, a big boom happens and they jump, interrupting them or something. *shrugs*

Other than that goofy thing there, you got it dawg.


From WEATHER and its effects in MKD, tgrant Wrote:
Sun: Extreme heat could cause your characters to sweat and tire them out a little. We could see slower movement from fighters maybe.

Sleet: Sleet can be used in some arenas to provide a slippery surface. It�d make moving around harder and you�d be prone to tripping up if you moved too fast. Dashing attacks would see you slammed face first into the ground and any attempts to run would be stupid.

Snow Blizzards would be nice to see along wirh snow drifts maybe. Blizzards would hinder movement in all directions and the build up of snow could mean death trap and danger markers are hidden. Also, Blood would look really nice on the snow.

No objection there either. Although, getting tired out should happen anyway. Hell, real fights only last a few seconds(approx 30sec). Fighting for more than a couple minutes with a (saaay) Grandmaster Sub-Zero, and we should start to notice fatigue whether he was beat up badly or not. More less.

I will say though, about sleet and snow, that if they are there, that I would want them to act the same as the fog idea. As elements you have to learn to deal with. Add some real purpose to Taunting in a fighting game besides the typical, small power rejuvenation.


Let me tell you something before I go over this post. The way you write your stuff about environments (specifically) are really vivid. It's an excellent read, and it's not hard on the eyes the way you construct the post, but damnit TG, at times you're hard to contribute to. You write your arena ideas as "absolute". But dongetmewrong, I love the challenge thoughtongue. There's always a fresh point of view....Just wanted to say that before I started. Trigger was after I read your starter post in this thread. Whew!


From Stages and Environmental Hazards, tgrant Wrote:
Jades Desert: It would�ve been cool to fight on the sands here. Environmental hazards here could include a sandstorm which can obstruct vision or damage both players. Or maybe even whisk them off balance. In deserts sand dunes rise and falling and it�d be cool to see the sands rise or fall with you on them. This could put you at a height advantage or disadvantage against the opponent. It can allow you to avoid attacks but you probably wouldn�t be able to attack them with all attacks. And finally, for a death trap, you can have quicksand there to suck the opponent down into the ground. Let's throw some mirages in that are really deathtraps also!

Fantastic idea to start. Fighting//Playing in the sand is something people want to do in real life. I'm not feeling the sandstorm as you have it though.

I think things like cactus, or desert inhabitants would be a more strategic way to go about this one. Let alone how tough it would be to fight in the sand in the first place.

I get the vibe like this is an arena that you'd have to have your aerial game together. Cuz on the ground, would//should be slow and next to impossible to move around on. Then, insert cactus, snakes//lizards, little rats and shit, and bugs(wasp, bumble bees, and like roaches, specifically).

NOW, once you're in the air, add something, on a rare occasion, like a sandstorm. Of course, I am firm on "if you're gonna fight in the air, you have to be able to fly." Otherwise, fighting in the air should be extremely short spent. None of that shit like we saw in MkA where, you're just up there for no apparent reason other than for the sake of it.

To go on though, from an arena like this, I'd be intrested to see what it felt//looked like to fight up and down the dunes. Landslides could become a hazard here as well. You could have a fall down it the center of a dune to begin with. This, where most of the aforementioned hazards would be, and then, make your way up a dune or something(run,fly,jump).

If your opponent ran from you up a dune, the risk is the sand-slide. If you both can fly, "what comes up, must come down. No telling what//where you're gonna come back down to. And then jumping your way up a dune should be triggered by some sort of infestation of the environmental hazards.

Remember the bugs in The Mummy//Scorpion King//Indiana Jones movies. A pile of those bad boys would get you up outta there quick for fear of getting eaten alive. Stay too long? Add a swarm of wasp, a building lake of snakes, and maybe even throw in some circling Vultures above. In case you think you can "still" just fly and get out of there. Making you have to jump up outta there.

These are triggers for a fight that last too long. And they also add the human, vindictive quality to the arena. "You spilled unwanted blood here, so guess what? We're gonna eat you now."

Uhm, quicksand seems like common sense in this arena too. I mean, the programmers would have to be fools not to implement one somewhere, somehow.

If they were going to do it, make it massive, with a big gaping, swirling hole in the middle. Like a black hole in the desert that was trying to consume all the sand or something...just so we could see it coming and panic when we get too close to it.(Ha!) Imagine trying to run away, or out of that thing eh?

--- Bonus the heat tollerant characters a %.

That's what my desert arena would look like.


From Stages and Environmental Hazards, tgrant Wrote:
Snow Stage (MK4): This arena was circular and enclosed and the outside edges were covered in snow. The hail effects I mentioned earlier would be great for here, or maybe even sleet. Sleet would cause a small icy layer to appear on the surface and cause you to slip, slide and maybe fall at times if you move too quickly. If hail isn�t falling, then maybe snow can. If it is blizzard like the increase of snow on the ground can hinder the movement of the players. And if the opponents were to be knocked against the walls, the snow that has built up along the walls can fall down on top of them maybe. It�ll take the character awhile to get out of it and maybe make them slow as they recover from the cold. In a proper snow environment an avalanche could be caused. Also, in cold areas like this, characters other than Sub-Zero and gods might not be affected by the temperatures. Others would be shaky and shivery and this could slow them down a little.

You ever been walking in snow, and slip? Yea, hide the icy spots under the snow. I don't like to just be slipping around so, have one leg slip if you walk onto the icy spot, and have different fall-down animations depending on how fast, and where in your run you are.

Like, If i just started running, I do the splits. If I ran full screen and slipped, I just...bust my ass(free juggle opportunity for my opponent). If I ran, and was trying to stop, I might try to maintain//re-gain my balance. Maybe I slip into a sitting position? Maybe I put my hands down, or just crouch down. Get creative and character specific with the mo-cap.

--Compliment Sub a couple ice %'s via special moves only.

Nothing else here.


From Stages and Environmental Hazards, tgrant Wrote:
The Wind Stage (MK4): Imagine the winds here building up and the thunder and lightning becoming even more violent. Tornadoes could build up and lightning could strike the mountains in the background destroying parts of them. The loosened rocks could be picked up by the tornadoes and launched into the arena your fighting in. unless you avoid them, you get crushed. If you do, flying debris might hurt you a little. The lightning can also strike the ground and maybe open up holes which would make you fall down to your death.

See above wind arena ideas.

-- Bonus Fujin.

Umm, wait a second. Adjust for this:

a. Any wind storms should stay in the background. I mean, you can have rain effect the fore-front, but debris is for another arena.

b. Take out the debris for this arena.

c. Oddly, I'd say ground tech should be the way to go in this arena. Fujin resides "over" the element. Doesn't say that this arena should have an "advantage". It's just too volatile to do effectively beneath the clouds.

Alright, there.


From Stages and Environmental Hazards, tgrant Wrote:
Subway: Imagine this place all nice and calm! And boring! Lets throw in an earthquake! Imagine the train coming off the track and the roof caving in and the pillars collapsing! It�d be a nice background effect! Imagine chunks of rock from the road above falling down and you have to avoid them. What if a car sudden drove down and crashed? The explosion would be one you�d need to avoid as well as the car itself. Instead of all that you could just have part of the roof cave in and act like a stair case to the street above.

Uumm...I'd say the stair case thing, and the car crash thing was the best thing about this one. They're excellent stand alone as a matter of fact. But I think if they did this arena one more time, it be overkill.

I think they did a very good job with this arena in MKA actually. Busting your dome on the ceiling set us about a rave every time. The effect is shocking.
(I know, it's an old idea)

I'd like to see the streets above happen with all of this going on instead. Put people in danger. Have them running around in terror, and when the street falls through, go into the train tunnel if we must go down there. Forget about the train because it's not there. And it's not coming.

Thing is though, is that trains are timed. Right? So, if you take too long in this tunnel you and your opponent could have a good possibility of a draw. Something rarely seen, more less forced in a fighting game. Say, we as players had to figure out that the time the train comes is 1min :73sec into a match in this arena.

If you take too long, you see a small light at the end of the tunnel. You and your opponent have an opportunity to get out of the way by running back onto the original Subway scenery(similar, but nowhere near the same as the original).

The problem is, depending on where you came into the tunnel, you might have to run towards the damn train to get out of the way. Or you could get lucky and have an opportunity to run away from the oncoming train, allowing yourself maybe, 2 more seconds of time.

This adrenaline rush of a feature is also dependent on whether you seen the train coming, and if you know when the train is coming. Because(Yes,Im gonna draw from the Matrix) if you try to get out of the tunnel too early, a cut screen could happen, making you come back to the same spot to continue fighting. And if you try too late, yes, the opportunity to get out of the way opens up for you two, but well....double fatality.

Now, imagine the victory pose around the time the train comes.....

(But in first and third person, and waaay faster. hahahaha! I should animate something for that...hm)


From Stages and Environmental Hazards, tgrant Wrote:
Other stages in MK can have hazards too. Water stages can have huge tidal waves appear and crash down on both fighters or maybe earthquakes can happen in other stages and cause boulders to roll down or have buildings collapse on you. Slight tremors can interrupt fighting a little also. There are many possibilities. The Wastelands could have you fighting amongst vines and thorns which damage you and rip clothing. And then you can have volcanic eruptions and you have to avoid magma and hot rocks being shot out of the volcano. And even geysers!

Wow, the Wastelands man? Yea, But first...

a. For a water type arenas, we couldn't have anything too dramatic. going on constantly. And actually, this arena should be the most calm, and peaceful. This arena should probably be the most "normal" out of any of them. It should be pretty, and colorful. Having the hazards here be "unspoken" is key.

You mentioned something a while ago about piranhas? This is where you use that kind of idea imO. "Don't step in the water". Thing is though, is that it shouldn't seem like anything will hurt you in this arena.
When in fact, there the deadly fish, there's the vines and flower-beds, and then, there's that ever-so-beautiful waterfall in the distant background.....

I wonder what's being that?

The way I'd set this arena up is to have look like Edenias most beautiful wildlife, festering in all it's glory. Full of majestic, and vibrant color. Along with luscious grass and seemingly harmless life.
Oh look there! It's a beautifully designed bridge. Carved of the finest wood on the planet. But alas! Why is there a bridge but for decoration only. Because the only water beneath it, you could merely skip and pass it over...*Ooo, Ohhhh, Ahhh*. *maybe a bit of water occasionally splashes up on the screen* ect...

Now fight on this shit and see if "bambi" off in the background, doesn't transform into "The Guardian of the Forrest" and comes to kick yur ass for spilling blood in his place. HA!

That's not the real highlight here though. The real highlight, is fatality time.

When the screen darkens this beautiful, fluffy arena "Dies". Reference the movie "Silent Hill" when the screen darkens.

I've voiced this idea before. Plants whither, animals resist but melt down in death and an ominous dark-gray-scale-ish screen takes over that beautiful, beautiful scenery. The waterfall runs dry, and the "beast" behind it (which strangely resembles a dragons silhouette by the eyes and head) appears.

Original Idea

"When the time comes to darken the screen in Mk8, it should seem like the son of death just walked in and, sucked most of the life and color from the arena.

Flowers should whither, things in the room should start melting away, fires should seem like they were choked out for lack of oxygen and everything. I would explode if I saw a dripping//spilled blood effect, or smoke-like effect turned translucent black, roll over the screen to accomplish, "Finish Him//Her" when a fatality is about to be performed....that's a next gen mortal kombat arena. That's the kind of shit I wanna see.


b. Again, for an Earth arena, I think it should be more passive hazards. Things that more effect the innate strategies about the gameplay. The arena itself should look magnificent. Like fighting in an early Earth tribes village or something. Beautifully sculptured statues and buildings...ect.

Threats here could be cliffs, potholes, landslides, and mud puddles. And if we take it new age, then you've got buildings, vehicles, metal, and mechanical things to worry about(guns, war zones, ect.)


c. For the Wastelands, this is the ultimate playground for elements like Sorcery, Magic, Spirits, and Earth.

This would be the "war zone" for MK. An Earth character should receive bonuses for fighting in this arena.

Since we don't have an Earth character officially yet. I think he should be able to move the earth itself. He//She should be able to maintain balance on the sides of earthy canvases, like in (and I know this might sound ridiculous, but they did an excellent job) Avatar: Last Airbender(Earth Video, MK is written all over that shit). He//she should be able to manipulate earth from solid to sand. Like Sandman. He//she should know his way around pruified//concentrates of earth ect..

Necromancy has a place in this arena too. Everything is dead. Someone like Shinnok, Quan Chi, and Shang Tsung should have field days out here.

As for hazards, "Night of the Living Dead". Dead people should come up from makeshift graves and all that. I also would expect weird creatures out here too. We should see ghost floating around, just much less than anywhere on NetherRealm. Ghost of a fallen soldier...ect.

=====================IN GENERAL=========================

The basic thing here is to balance the hazards of any given arena between subtle and apparent. And even then, a good chuck of them shouldn't have one hazard associated with them. Mortal Kombat is mainly a contest, so most of the places we fight, should be set up to have an even playing ground.

I'm saying, we know what it's like to see everything coming already so, mostly what I wanna see from future MKs' and it's arenas, are inventive ways to effect strategy.

1. Use the elements practically, and in a natural fashion that is loosely based on horror stories in real life.

2. Use science to explain the subtleties of an element, so that everything is tied to fact...but set in fantasy.

3. Use psychology on non-human entities in the game. Animals//Monsters//Plants can have character traits, and seem to behave like people.

4. Stop showing us the ghost behind the door that opens and shuts "by itself". Doesn't make any sense to do that if the game is supposed to have a suspense about it.

Things need to be virtue-like now. Coincidental, Ironic, Pathological, Submissive, Moral and demoralizing. All that passive shit makes the game relative to the time we're in.

These types of things will add character to MK.


I'll get to the other 3 threads later...

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RE: What earth elements would you like to see affect gameplay
01/14/2008 09:52 AM EST
Definitely lightning. It would be funny if someone got electrocuted in the middle of a fight, unless it's you, of course.
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RE: What earth elements would you like to see affect gameplay
01/15/2008 12:04 PM EST
*Cracks knuckles*


From NEW Stage Concept - The Temple of the Elements, tgrant Wrote:
The Temple of the Elements

The Temple itself is tiered. The bottom floor is the Water chamber. The second floor is the Wind Chamber. The third floor is the Mid Chamber. The fourth floor is the Earth chamber and finally, the fifth floor is the Fire chamber.

The Mid Chamber and the Temple Transport system

You begin the battle in the Mid Chamber. This room is barren and unimpressive! It�s only features are two openings where swirling wind vortexes can be seen. The openings are huge and appear to be harmless. After several seconds, no matter where you are the wind vortexes build up. They suck you inside them and transport you either up or down to the next floor. They are wind lifts.

The fact that this is tiered makes this a great idea to begin with. It also reeks of RpG which is also great because of where the idea is coming from. I think there's a thousand ways to come at this though.

a. Re-arrange the order of the floors(get to that in a minute). Basically, this part can be driven by the story in which the arenas are set.

b. This could also go the way of making these full scale levels instead of just one gigantic arena too. There's certainly enough potential.

c. This resembles the latter of the typical MK games too. so, there would have to be an equilibrium there that balanced out how your life bar is used up.

i.e. Enemies and obstacles easier to overcome, minimal "hazards", and less "replenishments" along the way. Some sort of balance like that, otherwise, it is true, we'd never see everything.


You could add a risk reward system in here. To where, after each section of this thing, you gain something that makes you stronger....and in turn, more apt to continue on to the next part.


As for the transportation system, mix it up a bit more than just teleportation. Use more practical methods sometimes like ropes, stairs or latter's. Get inventive with it, and try secret passage ways behind statues, rock climbing with a consequence of death, or make shift elevators....ect

Swirling vortexes are cool, don't get me wrong, I just think that there should be a refreshing//relieving "awe" about them when we do get to see them. Like, right when the player might get sick of the practical and secretive methods of transportation...godsend = a magnificent portal//vortex that takes us somewhere that looks completely fresh and new....I'd like that even if it were in the same section of this multi-tiered construction.

One question though. You said we'd begin "battle" in the middle. So, who exactly are we battling since this arena is inflicted by multiple elements?
Are there there even multiple bosses for this thing, or is it just one humongous boss battle?


From NEW Stage Concept - The Temple of the Elements, tgrant Wrote:
The Wind Chamber:

If you go down to the second floor, you end up in the Wind Chamber. The lift will spit you out at the bottom. Whilst this is done, the ceiling in the Mid Chamber collapses causing the next floor up to become the Earth chamber. The wind chamber features another wind lift opposite the one you came through. It will take you to the floor below.

Main Feature:

In this room, the direction of window changes. It will sometimes push opponents to wards each other or pull they away from each other. If projectiles are used whilst you are being pushed away from each other, they will rebound and hit the sender. Projectiles are sped up if the wind is blowing the opponents towards each other.

Down goes to wind? Wind fuels fire after it is birthed. So I'd imagine wind towards the top somewhere. Also, Earth deadens wind when it is on top of it. Miners don't experience wind gust, for example.

Another thing I see, is don't you think wind is more potent....more productive Outside? Another good reason to have it towards the top somewhere i think. I mean, wind is going to be destructive anywhere it's at in abundance, but movement, centrifugal force it best when it is unobstructed.


About the main feature, I think there could be something more trivial about this part of the tier. More strategic.

Maybe using wind, and your projectiles more effectively could some into play. Like using centrifugal force to figure out when to throw a projectile and hit your opponent depending on where they are on the screen. Your opponent should be a pro, and could only come to hand-to-hand battles more rare. Making this a more cat and mouse experience, coupled with target practice, or archery.

You could have to measure your chi vs how many times you can throw projectiles and everything. Very calculated playing experience with//against wind.


From NEW Stage Concept - The Temple of the Elements, tgrant Wrote:
Death traps:

At the back is another Wind Chamber, only this one is enclosed. Anyone knocked into it will have their body destroyed. A powerful wind skins the opponent and then the skeleton and flesh is ripped apart. After that happens, the winds will change and spit out the bones and flesh back into the arena. If you watch carefully, Fujins laughing face appears in the vortex.

The wall opposite hides a hidden chamber. If knocked through, the opponent ends up being brutally battered to death. Several blasts of wind propel the opponent into the air and smash their body against the walls shattering their bones. You also see their arms and legs twisted into new positions and hear the bones crack as this happens. They eventually hit the ceiling triggering a spike to rise from the ground below. The opponent falls, and lands impaled.

There's something missing here...the subsidiaries. Now, again realizing that these ideas are dated a little, I'm not going to lean into it too much. But let's look at some other consequences of wind abuse:

a. Wind can generate electricity. It's fact, so it makes sense. It's scientific, and all it takes is a big fan or two. Which in turn makes it deceitfully deadly. "Surprise! You thought you were going to get chopped up hu? Instead, you were turned in to kenetic energy whilst still alive."

Imagine the visual. Swirling around faster and faster until you turn into, essentially, "Raiden". Only you become a bolt of unrestricted electricity.

b. Sonic effects. Use a huge bell and *dong!* Make just the head explode. Then, the rest of the body.

c. Friction. Which is kind of a&b put together. There's a couple things I'm thinking of right now.

For one, you could use another element to help this one. Take sand (you know where I'm going yet?)

"Sand Blaster", nuff said.

For two, we could see what it is like to be Flash from the Justice League. Only don't have the resistance to heated motion like he does. The animation could have you move so fast, you turn into a glowing mold of jelly, and then you collapse into a gross puddle of twitching blob.


From NEW Stage Concept - The Temple of the Elements, tgrant Wrote:
The Water Chamber:

Chamber Layout and Deathtraps:

This room is deep! When you arrive, you�re on a cross-shaped bridge! You�re several feet up and below you, the chamber is filled with water � infested with electric eels and piranha. A dividing wall seperates both sets of fishes. The bridge is easily breakable and a good blow to the opponent will send them hurtling into the water where they are shocked to death by the eels or eaten to death by the piranha. However, going along one of the branches of the bridge will take you to an enclosed chamber. If the opponent is knocked into here, the chamber seals itself and hot water is poured from above onto the victim. They are scalded to death.

Chamber Layout and Deathtraps Part 2:

The other branch will take you to a hidden trigger. When knocked against the water god statue here, the water below rises so that it is level with the wind lifts and then the surface freezes. The bridge collapses. The arena is now slippery. There are 4 gaps in the ice, leading to the piranhas and eels. Stalagmites or stalactites (I forget which) occasionally fall from the ceiling. They slowly shatter the ice. If they break too much, you could end up trapped in this chamber. A small bed of the opposite icy spikes lines the outside edge of ice except for the parts leading to the wind lifts. Anyone knocked against the walls on these spikes is hurt and them impaled as the spikes fall from the ceiling. One of these beds, however, lies in under a hole higher up in the chamber. If you hit the wall directly underneath, a huge dragon head comes down to devour the opponent. You can see them struggling as the dragon pulls them inside the hole. After several seconds, their head comes flying back out landing at your feet with a look of agony on it.

I don't really know what to make of this one actually. I can't visualize it properly I guess. Reads like, a 4-way bridge with water everywhere around.
Maybe you can help here, but I'll go on anyway.

How about a water "based" arena? Like, in a sunken building, or some sort of huge structure that is still in tact under water?

That way, you could see things floating around you out all the windows, like a sunken ship or something. Challenge here though, is that you couldn't break any windows, for risk of killing yourself with your opponent.

An opportunity here, is maybe you could fight up a stair case within this structure, running over old chandeliers and kicking dead fish and such?
Seeing sea-life swimming around you outside the windows while you fight would be freaky don't you think? A huge whale chasing a school of fish, or a group of crazy looking sharks would be nuts on high def t.v.


Death traps sound cool already. But I add:

a. You could get kicked, and fall though a floor that is filled with water, jelly fish, and electric eels. A shark...some other volatile fish or whatever.

b. You could get kicked, and fall into a pool room in the building that has become filled with water.

In cut-scene fashion, and since you have no way to see(it's dark), you try to swim out the way you came. But in doing so, you awaken some deep sea monster//creature that violently eats you alive.
*remembers how snappy fish look when they eat and swim off quickly*

c. You could bump into some lever, tripping some kind of boobie trap that triggers an explosion, blasting you upwards, and a sequence of other fatal events. This trap you could see if you looked for all it's components.

There is the "trigger" to all this, a lever on ground level where you are fighting. There is a huge mallet in this arena, that is "just decoration" on a wall you can obviously see. There is a harpoon, sitting outward on a spiraling staircase above you. There is also a weighted net, and there is chandelier that is positioned directly above a stairwell in the center of the arena on the main floor where you were fighting (going "downstairs"), that is completely filled with water.

Anyway, the trap is a bit elaborate, you would get hit into the lever that unfastens the mallet on the adjacent wall.......

You try to run away but when the mallet hit the floor, being so heavy it performs that old cartoon trick, where the floor board you are standing on hurls you up into the air.

Now, on your way up, you hit a few things, breaking the guard on the spiraling stair case. When you break this, part of it falls precisely on the trigger of that outward sitting harpoon.

By this point, now you are falling down. What happens next is the harpoon shoots right past you, and breaks the line holding to the chandelier to the ceiling. It falls, and does so in a way that if the camera was in first person, you would see it coming. (you are looking at the ceiling, but falling down to the floor.)

The real problem for you starts, when you realize that the chandelier is falling in the staircase filled with water and a weighted fishnet was sprung up into the air with you when the mallet dropped.

The finale is when the fishnet catches you(because it's weighted), and after the harpoon broke the henge on the chandelier, the henge from the chandelier catches, and gets stuck on the fishnet.

You're going down in the water. And aaaalll the way down because the fishnet and the chandelier weigh more than you do. Damn....good luck with that.

You could drown or get eaten alive, pick your choose.

There's a million things to do in this kind of environment, but I'll stop there.


From NEW Stage Concept - The Temple of the Elements, tgrant Wrote:
The Earth Chamber

Chamber Layout and Hazards:

The usual wind lifts are opposite each other on either side of the room. To the side of each, is a single statue. On the far walls opposite these statues is the MK dragon symbol. The rest of the room is covered in dirt and rocks and boulders line the outside edge with two noticeable gaps marked with the MK dragon symbol on the walls. The dirt on the ground can be picked up and thrown in the enemies face. Some of the rocks and boulders can be thrown. Occasional tremors cause rocks to roll around and the earthen ceiling to release some rocks. Upon entering the room, a sandstorm is built up and it travels randomly around the room. Anyone sucked into is spun around and then blasted across the room into the far wall causing heavy damage. The storm dies down and grows again every so often.

Deathtraps and Hidden Chambers:

Anyone knocked against the walls opposite the statues will suffer projectile deaths. One statue spits out spikes, which impale the opponent. One of the spikes will catch the opponent in the mouth or forehead pinning them to the wall. The other statue fires boulders, which crush the opponents body. One large boulder hits the opponent in the head, crushing their skull and brain against the wall. You can see the impact and the brain as they fall to the ground.

The two gaps lead to more deaths. One sees the opponent fall through the wall into a hidden chamber. They fall and land on a sensitive ground, which triggers an earthquake. The earthquake becomes more violent and causes a huge boulder in one of the walls to be released. The boulder crashes down and rolls over the opponent, crushing them. As the earthquake continues, the ground opens up and they fall in. As this happens, the quake stops and the ground begins to close again. The opponents body is caught between the land and is crushed brutally. And you get to see this happening. I�m sure you can imagine how that would be! The ground opens again and the now disfigured body falls into the hot magma below.

The other gaps leads to another hidden chamber. The chamber is thin and the walls are spiked. You bounce back and forth against the spiked walls as you fall, getting cut and bruised and partially impaled. You finally land as the chamber opens up. A huge tail suddenly knocks you into the air. And then the head of a huge earth creature appears and grabs the opponents out of the air. It swings their body around violently and one swing snaps the body in half at the waist. A final swing sends the opponents lower body across the arena as the creature swallows the top half before returning into the ground.

First. No(heh). No wind lifts here. Open a wall, climb a mountain or something. Hell, fall through a floor or find a secret stairway protruding from the wall or made of rickety wood or something. But no wind lift.

Statues are good, and maybe engrave the wall with the dragon symbols. Maybe ever cover them up with loose rock and dirt. That way, if someone is knocked into the wall..."Surprise!" Dirt falls off the wall uncovering the dragon symbol in a couple of places in the arena.

Second, I'd say no picking up anything unless it contributes to ground tech. In other words, you get knocked down, kick a rock up or throw some dirt//sand or whatever. That seems logical to me. "Taunt button effect" or from the ground assaults.

I wouldn't have tremors unless it's an indication that this part of the game is getting ready to be over. Maybe letting you fall into the water arena or something. But not just for the sake of it being the Earth level//arena. They never look good, or serve any real purpose otherwise.....(*thinks*). Yea, no tremors.

I wouldn't do a sandstorm either(aheh). It's an idication that we're outside in the desert somewhere, with heavy winds around

I'd go....Start out underground, and climb up, lift up, elevate up. Use the era of the pyramids for mechanical motivations. We can have metal and wood workings as subsidiaries and death traps. Use lots of puzzles here. Tetris for inspiration in some spots.

Rocks fall on you, you get stoned to death, shot to death, smooched, smothered, stabbed to death, ect Tight squeezes ("rock and a hard place" themed).

Should be really dusty, grimmey and dirty in this place. Add water to get muddy in some spots, add fire to get lava and maybe even a diamond or two. Very Caveman//"Fire and Brimstone-ish".

So yea, agree with all your hazards and everything, that all says "Earth level//arena" to me.


From NEW Stage Concept - The Temple of the Elements, tgrant Wrote:
Fire Chamber:

Chamber Layout:

The top floor is the Fire Chamber. There is an enclosed fire chamber in the middle of one wall. The roof is open revealing the sky above. It is a violent fiery sky. The usual wind lifts are opposite each other and opposite the second chamber is another statue. The other walls are lined at the bottom with burning coals, which are ready to hurt anyone who steps on them. Two gaps in the ring of coal in contain are small pits filled with lava. Lava flows down the walls from a gap in the walls filling these pits. Anyone falling in suffers a painfully hot death.

Chamber Hazards:

From the sky, fireballs rain down onto the battle arena. Anyone they hurt is ignited temporarily and takes damage. If they miss, the fireballs creating small patches of fire on the ground that burn anyone who walks into them. A small light rain eventually falls putting them out. The ground is dried quickly as the floor is heated. Hot air is rising from it.


Being knocked into the chamber against the wall causes it to seal itself. A sudden surge of flames rises from the ground and continues to rage burning the opponent alive. A devil like face is revealed amongst the flames and the opponent is burnt until they are ash. Their screams fill the arena.

Hitting the statue triggers a huge fireball to drop from the sky. The opponent runs around screaming. As they do, a flame covered meteorite falls hitting their head seperating it from the body. The head lands still in flames across the arena. As the rest of the body falls to it�s knees another meteorite falls and this time seperates the torso from the legs. The opponents remains lie in three different places, still burning.

I completely agree with your fire arena//level. The way this thing looks in my mind though, with the lava and all, I might have placed this one second or third up from the bottom though. Directly above Earth. If not, I'd take the lava out of this one and add it to the Earth level somewhere near a "top half". Symbolizing a volcanic mountain, or "Fire on top of a rock".

==================IN GENERAL=====================

Mixing the elements together would probably help this kind of multi-tiered arena idea. I think if it were a good whole portion of the game you had to go through, it be better off though. Because it would need detail paid attention to it. But it'd be cool stand alone too.

These kinds of thought processes need to be careful not to carry MK away from itself too. But there's enough there logically, not to have to worry I think...


I like these, and wish I was around to reply in those threads. I'll likely do another one later...

Also, this thread and these gigantic posts are also on display in the Idea Thread Stickie at the top of this Forum.

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RE: What earth elements would you like to see affect gameplay
01/21/2008 12:14 PM EST
fighting in a thunderstorm would be so fresh. steapin in the water it splashes. if you throw a kick water will rise with the kick in the same direction. also if a fighter throws a projectile water,dust,snow,leaves, of what ever is on the ground will blow with it. i cant explain it but look at street fighter when ken and ryu when they throe the hidu-ken. stuff on the ground blows to the side and their clothes blow from the wind. that would look sweet in the new mk. just some ideas.
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RE: What earth elements would you like to see affect gameplay
01/21/2008 01:29 PM EST
I've been wonderin' if there should be an Earth-manipulating character (Terrapath? Gaiapath?). May not exactly be the focus of the thread (I acidentally misread it.But I still want an Earthmover. just so ll the noobs can shut up about wanting Tremor (Jackass) in.)

I'd see it kinda cool if dust had some effect on the fight (Conceal one fighter from another's view). Maybe have an Earthquake deathtrap (or fatality for my Earthmover brawler(-ette).). What about some risk on falling boulders (Wait, Golden Desert did that and a falling Buddha.).
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