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Kommunity: Seasons Beatings from the Superzeros
The Superzeros Battle Santa Claus in the Ultimate Street Scramble!

Permit us the opportunity to squeeze a couple more drops of yuletide out of the last days of the 2012 holiday. The Superzeros were at it again this December, taking it to one of the original Mortal Kombat background characters - Santa Claus!

Mortal Kombat Online celebrated its fourteenth anniversary this Christmas! Don't forget to join in on the celebration on the forums. There's also still time to get your entry in for Kreate-a-Kharacter Kontest VII! Count down a few hours by creating a prize-winning entry!

Find more gramatically challenged dancing in the street check out The Superzeros on YouTube and Facebook. Catch more MKO on Facebook and @MK_Online. Happy New Year! See you in 2013!

Happy Holidays from Mortal Kombat Online! Celebrating 14 Years!
Seasons Greetings and Holiday Wishes from Mortal Kombat Online!

Shinnok's Amulet Christmas Ornament by fuzzdorkSeasons greetings! As is tradition, Mortal Kombat Online would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, wherever you are!

Tradition is always on our minds at this time of year, not just for festive preference, but for the ominous milestone of our creation! This year, we hope the entire kommunity will join us in celebrating the 14th Anniversary of Mortal Kombat Online!

Fourteen years has given MKO an intimate and somewhat unique perspective of the Mortal Kombat landscape, which itself observed fitting milestones during the passing Chinese Year of the Dragon. In 2012 we saw both the 20th Anniversary of the first Mortal Kombat, and the 10th Anniversary of Deadly Alliance -- the origin points of two distinct eras in the history of the series (particularly important to MKO's history).

The continued establishment of the 2011 reboot has been just as important, inducting new fans and new traditions. The Komplete Edition released at the beginning of the year gave the game new legs (particularly on Vita), spurred on by the support of the tournament community who fought across the world. 2012 was Mortal Kombat's first time being a part of Major League Gaming, and saw the game into a second consecutive Evo World Championship.

For the time being, news in the traditional sense now seems to be the domain of the extended universe spawned by the Mortal Kombat license. 2012 continued to be a merchandising reneissance, while the announcement and filming of Mortal Kombat: Legacy Series 2 has given us something new to watch out for in the coming year.

As NetherRealm Studios shift their focus to new projects, so too has Mortal Kombat Online. While we remain fiercely dedicated to the web's best, most informed and reliable coverage of Mortal Kombat, we have allowed the portals to reopen to the DC Universe once more. In 2008, we revealed the exclusive first-look at Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe; now we're along for the ride again to support NetherRealm's development of Injustice: Gods Among Us.

All in all it's been a massive year on Mortal Kombat Online -- something we'll no doubt talk about more, at some point between now and the next ten years. We expect 2013 to be just as big, and hope everyone will join us on the site and forums to discover what lies ahead!

On a personal note, I'm honored to have been a part of Mortal Kombat Online in 2012. As an MK fan from the start, I first joined the site in its earliest days, sometime around '98 or '99. I can't tell you a whole lot about my earliest experiences, but like many other fans, I made my MK home. Into the Online years, I became a part of the staff during a short stint as an editor in 2010-2011, before taking the reins as Webmaster at the beginning of 2012. I have taken this responsibility very seriously, with a sense of tremendous value for the long history that MKO has accumulated. I'm very grateful to everyone who has contributed throughout my custodianship, and would also like to acknowledge the many people who have come before me.

Merry Christmas, Mortal Kombat Online. Best wishes to you and your families during the holiday season! Hope to see you in the new year. Sincerely, (Webmaster).

NRA Finger Mortal Kombat in Gun Violence Press Conference
The National Rifle Association Accues Video Games of Responsibility for Mass Shooting.

Just one week after the United States was rocked by tragic events in Newton, Connecticut; the National Rifle Association (NRA) has held a press conference to respond to renewed calls for gun control and legislative culpability.

Defending a right to bear arms, the NRA have sought alternate explanations for gun violence in America, deferring links of responsibility from the availability of weapons, to the gestation of motive through the depiction of violence in media.

Speaking on behalf of the gun lobby; Wayne LaPierre (NRA Executive Vice President) attributed the broad 'corruption' of youth to a "callous, corrupt and corrupting shadow industry" in video games. Among the titles singled out as a "vicious" influence in entertainment medias - Mortal Kombat [via The Washington Post].

And here’s another dirty little truth that the media try their best to conceal. There exists in this country, sadly, a callous, corrupt and corrupting shadow industry that sells and stows violence against its own people. Through vicious, violent video games with names like “Bullet Storm,” “Grand Theft Auto,” “Mortal [K]ombat,” and “Splatterhouse.”

And here’s one, it’s called “Kindergarten Killers.” It’s been online for 10 years. How come my research staff can find it, and all of yours couldn’t? Or didn’t want anyone to know you had found it? Add another hurricane, add another natural disaster. I mean we have blood-soaked films out there, like “American Psycho,” “Natural Born Killers.” They’re aired like propaganda loops on Splatterdays and every single day.

- Wayne LaPierre (Washington Post Transcript, December 2012)

The search for motive behind the loss of twenty-eight innocent lives has been the subject of extensive scrutiny. At the source of the accusation is Sandy Hook school shooter, Adam Lanza. Twenty years old; the gunman is part of a reported sixty-eight percent of gamers who are eighteen years of age, or older. According to a 2012 report on industry demographics published by the ESA; the average gamer is thirty-years old, and has been playing video games for twelve years.

Four guns were reportedly connected to the tragedy by police [via CNN]; with three weapons alleged on the shooters person at the time of the crime. The relationship between the gunmans hobbies, interests and material possessions remains speculative.

Whilst vilifying a normalized culture of violence in entertainment, the NRA propose a solution of introducing more guns to control guns. LaPierre suggests the installation of armed guards into elementary schools across America to defend children from guns, prioritizing child safety.

Mortal Kombat is no stranger to public concern about violence. The franchise was vital to the establishment of the self-regulatory Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) in 1994. The ESA report found ninety-eight percent of parents feel the ESRB is a useful tool for regulating their children's gaming, with ninety percent present for purchases.

For the first time in the series' history, 2011 saw Mortal Kombat refused classification by Australian federal censors on grounds of realistic violence and a lack of adult rating [full story]. Since 1996, the country has also had strict gun control laws under the National Agreement on Firearms, introduced after a massacre claimed thirty-five lives that same year. There have been no crimes of this type since. Australia will officially introduce an R18+ rating for video games in 2013.

Thats a Wrap! Legacy Second Series Concludes Filming
Mortal Kombat Legacy Wraps Filming! Series 2 Coming Q2 2013!

The fast and furious world of digital distribution means Mortal Kombat: Legacy has made light work of shooting a second series! It was only a month ago we reported a confirmed start to filming -- now it's all wrapped up!

Left to Right: (Top) Ian Anthony Dale, Garrett Warren, Brian Tee, Casper Van Dien
(Bottom) Kevin Tancharoen, Lance Sloane

Kevin Tancharoen (@KTANCH) has once again let fans in on the fun, sharing a happy snap from the wrap part. The shot [above] includes series producer Lance Sloane, with the stars who'll appear as Scorpion, Liu Kang and Johnny Cage.

The new series of Legacy will make its digital debut in the Second Quarter, 2013 via Machinima. Fans will get an early preview February 17 when the series reveals a sneak peak during the Streamy Awards. Mortal Kombat Online will be following the show as it develops.

Take a look back over some of the other photos that have come from the series, as well as all the major updates, via our Legacy Series 2 Kompendium. Discuss and theorize with the rest of the MKOmmunity on the Media & Merchandise -- we'd like to hear your thoughts!

Kountdown: 10 Must-Have Mortal Kombat Holiday Items
Ten Last-Minute Mortal Kombat Gift Ideas for the Holidays!

With Christmas just one week away, chances are you may find yourself in desperate need of some last minute gift ideas for the kombatant you love. Fortunately for you, Mortal Kombat Online has got you covered in the eleventh hour!

It's fair to say the resurgence of Mortal Kombat since the WB purchase and 2011 reboot has resulted in some of the very best MK merchandise we've ever seen! MK has gone one step further than returning to the merchandising domains it once dominated -- conquering new territory, whilst matching the old!

Following is but a glimpse into the entirety of what's out there. These are the best of the best - the must-have items that found their way into circulation in the last year or two. You can find plenty more ideas for the fan who has everything in the Media & Merchandise forums, but be warned - their levels of awesome may be slightly lower than the following ten.

#1 Life-Size Sub-Zero Bust
Available from Sideshow Collectibles (Est. $619.99)
Topping the list of the merchandising revolution is the unprecedented release of high-end statue collectibles! We've seen a lot of great statues in the last couple of years, but by far the coolest gift an MK fan could hope for is the life-size Sub-Zero bust from Pop Culture Shock Collectibles [pictured]!

PCS teamed-up with MKO earlier in the year to give away one of these bad boys in an exclusive contest! We had the privilege of offering one of the limited edition glowing eyes versions, which may or may not be an even cooler gift (if you can find one). Other versions featured a disturbingly realistic death gaze [read more], which is nothing to sneeze at, particularly if you've got a younger sister in line for a good scaring.

In twenty years, MK never really got as far as a full line of top shelf statues before the 2011 reboot -- which makes this merch an overdue tribute for any fanboy (or man's) shelf! Produced in limited numbers, owning high-end collectibles like this will typically involve big bucks and being part of the pre-order cycle, but hey -- you're worth it! If you can't find Sub-Zero, PCS are offering Kitana and UMK3 Klassic statues for pre-order now.

#2 1:2 Scale Shao Kahn Bust
Available from Syco Collectibles (Est. $199.99)
Despite being a dominant presence throughout Mortal Kombat's most iconic era, there's never been a great trade for merchandise based on the Emperor of Outworld. Fortunately, this has been one of the biggest changes of the reboot-era! Shao Kahn is finally available in multiple mediums, and there aren't many better than the 1:2 Scale Shao Kahn Bust from Syco Collectibles.

Just owning a bust of Shao Kahn would be thrilling enough, but in one of their best outings, Syco have pulled out the stops to make sure this is the ultimate, all-in-one Shao Kahn collectible!

In something of a renegade move, the international licenser ditched Kahn's most visible helmet from the latest game -- vastly improving with a new design that harkens back to more tasteful times. The helmet alone is worthy of display -- and if that happens to strike your fancy, you can do as you please with the removeable visage! Beneath the iconic skull motif is the unmasked face of Kahn -- chiseled monster mug first seen in the comics of the nineties (and later featured in Shaolin Monks).

The Kahn bust is part of a Syco silly season special, offering $25 discount throughout December. Syco also have coming wares based on Sindel, Smoke and Cyrax [read more].

#3 Costume Replica Masks
Available from Hidden Assassins (From Est. £42.99)
There's a lot of great stuff on the list catering to fans of particular characters, but for some serious general appeal there are replica costumes masks from Ninja Assassins!

Most of the masks on offer do refer to a particular character by either colour, or design. That said, with a range of dozens of "ninja" masks, you're bound to find something you like. Pick up just about any of the masks on offer and you're probably going to get a gleeful reaction from anyone and everyone, either way.

Designs range from specific 2011 masks like Scorpion's boney face-hugger or the pointy black Noob Saibot [pictured], to unique sculpts popularized by the movies and older games. Look long enough, you'll even find some generic masks that don't refer to anything in particular.

#4 Shao Kahn Action Figure & Playset
Available from Toys 'R' Us (Est. $37.99)
We've already mentioned the reneissance of Shao Kahn merchandise, so this one should probably come as no shock. The only thing cooler than grappling with a Shao Kahn action figure is having a full Arena Playset to plonk him down in -- which are the options available!

Kolosseum throne and shackles [pictured above] come courtesy of Jazwares, who're also selling Deluxe Shao Kahn figures separately. The deluxe figure ensures Kahn towers with a suitable height difference to the rest of the standard 6" line, an intimidating 7.5". The Kahn Arena playset is part of the 3.75" line, accomodating chained imprisonment of other toys in that scale.

Jazwares have been making Mortal Kombat action figures since 2005, but this is the first time the Emperor has been made to dominate the rest of the toy chest! If this isn't enough Shao Kahn for you, there's also a wickedly fun 2.75" super deformed figure -- giving Outworld's ruler the chibi touch -- perfect for the office, or desk!

#5 Songs Inspired by the Warriors
Available from iTunes (Est. $9.99)
In 2011, the WaterTower Music album Songs Inspired by the Warriors got a lot of people excited about the coming MK revival and its merchandising boom!

Headlined by acts like Skrillex -- Songs Inspired by the Warriors returned the series to the realm of infectious techno beats. The Reptile theme found its way deep into the pop vernacular through official game trailers, treading ground originally pioneered by The Immortals in 1994.

Mortal Kombat's history with music has been an important one, with songs like Techno Syndrome playing as vital a role as the games in cementing the brand in the minds of pop culture pundits globally. When MKO interviewed Legacy star Darren Shahlavi, he touched on the music phenomenon, "I was very familiar with MK, mainly the movie and the soundtrack. I loved it. I trained to the music all the time."

Songs Inspired by the Warriors may not be an obvious choice this high on the list, but as quickly as it came, it managed to go. It's been a while since we've talked about the album and that's precisely why it's a great gift for an MK fan. Anyone who was with the series in its earliest days knows of the collectible value of the original Mortal Kombat album -- an obscurity Songs is sure to share in the future.

#6 Wacky Wobbler Bobble Heads
Available from Amazon (From Est. $9.99)
Bringing the whimsy in a big way -- Funko Wacky Wobbler Bobble Heads go that one step further than Jazware's super-deformed line and we love them for it!

Wacky Wobblers come in three flavors: Scorpion, Shao Kahn and Raiden. For those willing to go the extra mile, the big-head hilarity can continue after dark with a limited edition glow in the dark Raiden!

As you can no doubt tell, the Wacky Wobbler line-up is yet another fine place to catch-up on that much needed Shao Kahn merchandise. It's also a nice chance to pick something up with the sense of humor the series has always been known for. Developing a new relationship? Present your mortal pal with a Scorpion or Raiden doll for lasting Friendship!

#7 Original Rusty Shackles Artwork
Available from Rusty Shackles (Est. $20)
For the fan who has everything, there's the gift of original artwork! It's been a long time since Mortal Kombat graced the four-colour medium of comic books, but thanks to Rusty Shackles and a 1UP games-as-comics article, you can get yourself a taste!

Based on the now classic Frank Miller cover from Daredevil #181 -- the Shackles print taps into the type of martial arts trappings that inspired MK in the first place! Recasting Marvel Comics characters with Kitana, Mileena and Liu Kang, it's a truly inspired piece and a great gift!

Make sure you check out our feature article for a closer look at the piece.

#8 Blu-Ray and DVD Movies
Available from Amazon (From Est. $7.99)
If you've been following the latest news, you know all about the coming second series of Mortal Kombat: Legacy! The live-action anthology tells the tale of the early adventures of MK's icons, venturing into the tournament the series is famed for when Series 2 debuts, 2013.

Sure. The new series, just like the first one, will be available free to watch on YouTube thanks to Machinima. That's cool, but the diehard fans will want to own the disc and be better off for it! Not only does it ensure a legitimate hardcopy archive that can be watched in its entirety at any time -- it's also a great way to delve deeper into the making of the series with extra features [on top of MKO's original coverage, of course].

With Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa returning to the role of Shang Tsung in Legacy [read more] -- this is also the perfect time to grab the original movies! Anyone who hasn't seen them will get an overdue chance to view MK in a whole new way, while classic fans can enjoy a nostalgiac hit with the bonus The Journey Begins animated feature [on Blu-Ray].

#9 The Komplete Edition
Available from Amazon (Est. $29.99)
Believe it or not, there are still lost souls out there who haven't bought the latest game! The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to lure new opponents into the arena by gifting them the Komplete Edition for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or PlayStation Vita!

The beauty of the Komplete Edition means getting the entire 2011 reboot experience in a single package! The game contains every piece of downloadable content released after the original game, including Kenshi, Rain, Skarlet and Freddy Krueger -- as well as bonus costumes, gameplay patches and more. Fans buying either of the Sony platforms can also look forward to exclusive guest character - Kratos (God of War).

#10 Klassic Game Releases
Available from Amazon (From Est. $6+)
In 2012, Mortal Kombat celebrated its twentieth anniversary! Throughout that time, the series has seen a lot of highs and a few lows -- all of which are worth investigating if you've found yourself enamored by the wiles of MK and its fantastic universe!

November marked the 10th anniversary of Deadly Alliance -- a recent milestone quite different from the current era, but no less important. Finding a klassic release like that (for PlayStation 2, Xbox or GameCube) is a valuable experience for any fan! Go even deeper into history with the Arcade Kollection -- a conveniently recent package that contains the original Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat II and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC!

Got more ideas for the holidays? Give us the gift of your holiday wishes on the Media & Merchandise forums! Receive a little something all year round by following us @MK_Online or on Facebook. We're making a list and checking it twice for the Kreate-a-Kharacter Kontest VII where we'll give two lucky winners presents in the new year!

Green Lantern gets Charged in Injustice Character Banner
In Brightest Day, in Blackest Night -- New Green Lantern Character Banner!

In brightest day, in blackest night, no injustice shall escape his sight! He's the Green Lantern and he's all charged up for Injustice: Gods Among Us in the latest character banner from the official facebook!

Fans got their first confirmation of Green Lantern back in October, courtesy of official Injustice box art. With a veritable army of ringslingers to choose from, fans will be glad to know Hal Jordan will represent the Green Lantern Corps when the game hits home consoles, April.

The will powered hero makes his NetherRealm Studios fighting game return, having appeared previously in 2008's Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe. The developer once again embellishes the classic Silver Age design, adding a few new details to fit the Injustice brief.

Injustice: Gods Among Us tells the tale of heroes divided in a world where tragedy has inspired a bold New Regime. Batman and Superman collide, with the rest of the cast caught in the middle! The backstory begins January with the first issue of a new tie-in comic series from DC Comics [full story]. Whose side will Wonder Woman choose? Vote in the MKO poll [right] and discuss your theories on the forum!

Syco 4-in-1 Update: Sindel, Smoke, Scorpion & Sub-Zero
On the 4th day of Christmas my true love gave to me, four alliterated kombatants...

At the insistant behest of Syco Collectibles, we bring you a veritable four-hit brutality of statue updates. Some of these polystone mofos slipped through the cracks in recent months, but it's as fine an opportunity as any to whip through some of what's coming from the international licenser in 2013.


Queen Sindel 10" Statue
As the old saying goes, it's better to rise from the grave and reign in a merged Outworld/Earthrealm nightmare, than serve in Heaven. Edenia's dead-again/live-again scream queen bursts forth in a floating pose fans will recognise from recent official artworks. In the style of the most recent game, Sindel is part of the standard 10" line, but hovers at a grand total height of 15.5" atop the crumbling hand of her own monument.

Shipping First Quarter, 2013, Sindel is limited to 250 pieces. For an added flair of drama, the statue comes with interchangeable alternate arms [pictured top] and is, according to Syco, exclusive and "beautiful." [Pre-Order]

Smoke 18" Premium Statue
For the first time ever, fans at home can own their very own flowing pompadour of the one and only Smoke! Perched atop a hand-painted polystone head, Smoke's impressive hair comes with an anatomically correct body, recreating the design introduced alongside the hair, in the 2011 reboot. Smoke's hair caps the Premium scale statue at a stance-relevant 17.5". According to Syco's website, the stone base is "beautifully" hand sculpted and painted, and limited to 250 pieces. Smoke is scheduled to ship January. [Pre-Order]

Scorpion 18" Premium Statue
Mortal Kombat's most famous and legitimate ninja is back in merchandising action, this time fully realized as an ominous, chain wielding Premium format statue. At 22" (with base), the new Scorpion is a soul bent on revenge that won't be lost for long. Like Sindel; Scorpion boasts a variant set of arms, switching out chain and spear for the twin (removeable) swords made famous by the latest game.

Appropriately hideous by beauty's omission; all versions of the Premium Scorpion come with a gnarly battle-damaged head that exposes the spectre's true face -- a human skull! The skull is exposed in a small section of the head. Each version includes light-up LED eyes for an extra touch of hell-ninja spookiness. Ever popular, Scorpion is imited to 275 pieces shipping February. [Pre-Order]

Sub-Zero Fatality 18" Premium Statue
With spine on maximum recline, Scorpion suffers the indignity of Sub-Zero's trademark Spine Rip Fatality in this impressive Premium format statue! If they didn't have problems already, they're probably going to have some now, as Sub-Zero dangles the ninja's decpitated head and spinal chord all over your favourite shelf, or display area.

A Syco exclusive version delivers a graphically striking and potentially lethal spikey gold 3.5" base, with LED light-up eyes in both character heads. Alternate arm options let you switch between Sub-Zero's iced-up arm, or a cloth-wielding version that adds to the drama of the versus statue. The Fatality statue is scheduled for the First Quarter of 2013. [Pre-Order]

Additional information and images can be found on the Syco Collectbiles website. The site offers flexible pay options and all pre-order information. Throughout December, Syco are offering a $25 discount for their Shao Kahn 1:2 Scale bust. Superb!

Discuss the entire Syco Collectibles line-up, along with many more merchandising options, on the Media & Merchandise forum. Syco assure us there are new developments in the production of the MKO selected Motaro statue! Stay tuned to Mortal Kombat Online for updates!

Pop Culture Shock Announce Kitana Statue Pre-Orders
Pop Culture Shock Launch 2 Versions of Princess Kitana for Pre-Order December 20!

Fans of the fans will have something to hark about this holiday season as Pop Culture Shock Collectibles announce official pre-ordering for their 1:4 Scale Princess Kitana!

Dynamically posed in polystone for an attack with her trademark fighting fans; Kitana stands at a truly statuesque 20", atop a base inspired by the Wasteland stage of the most recent game.

Standard editions feature the masked princess as she appears in the game, while Sideshow Collectibles will offer a limited edition variant with interchangeable unmasked head [pictured top] and bloody fans.

Pre-orders will be available through Sideshow Collectibles and Diamond Distributors beginning December 20. The Edenian Princess will be limited to only 350 pieces, with the Sideshow exclusive an even greater rarity at just 150!

Kitana is the latest in the high-end collectible series inspired by Mortal Kombat and its designs from present and retro past. She joins a line-up featuring contemporary and klassic versions of Scorpion, along with UMK3-inspired sculpts of Reptile and Sub-Zero. Sub-Zero is the first in an impressive series of life-size busts coming in 2013. Pop Culture Shock Collectibles have more exciting items coming next year, including 1:4 Scale Shao Kahn, Kang v Kahn Diorama and much more.

Discuss the entire Pop Culture Shock MK line and more on the Media & Merchandise forums. Get more info at and by liking PCS on Facebook. Join the extended MKOmmunity by liking Mortal Kombat Online.

Brian Tee Hypes Liu Kangs Return to Battle in Legacy
Brian Tee Hypes New Highs for Liu Kang and an Encounter with Shang Tsung!

With the arrival of the tournament in Mortal Kombat: Legacy Series 2, one of the biggest new additions to the live-action adaptation will be Shaolin fighting monk and traditional series icon: Liu Kang!

The responsibility of fighting for the fate of the world will rest on the shoulders of Brian Tee (The Wolverine, Crash) -- a name revealed to us earlier this month in a major casting announcement by Warner Brothers [full story]. Tee is promising big things for his take on the famed role, and sent us a red carpet interview with Asians On Film where he discusses exactly that!

Revealed to us in a recent photo shared by the director (Kevin Tancharoen), we've known to expect something different from this version of Liu Kang. Changes to the familiar icons of the games have been a staple of Tancharoen's work -- but something that won't change is Liu Kang's opposition to arch-nemesis Shang Tsung!

Tee (@brian_tee) tweeted about his on-screen encounter with Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa -- the Shang Tsung actor who is returning to the role he made famous in the 1995 feature film!

The rivalry between Liu Kang and Shang Tsung has been a defining element throughout the history of the games. Liu Kang's victory in the tournament of the first game was a seminal moment and driving inspiration for the '95 movie. Ten years later Tsung succeeded in murdering his nemesis, but their battles would transcend death (and time) with the infamous invention of Zombie Liu Kang, before a series reboot in 2011.

The exact roles and relationships that will play out in the Legacy version of the tournament remain to be seen. As will the appearance of certain characters. Tancharoen (@KTANCH) sent out our first look at Tagawa back in the role, sporting what may or may not be a bald look for the character.

For casting information and regular updates on the series check out our Legacy Series 2 Kompendium. Discuss all the news and rumors on the Media & Merchandise forum and receive additional updates via @MK_Online.

Legacy: First-Look as Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Begins Filming
Shang Tsung Returns! Legacy Welcomes Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Back to MK!

He's one of the most beloved members of the 1995 feature film cast -- and he's back in action! Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa officially returns to the role of Shang Tsung as filming continues on the second series of Mortal Kombat: Legacy.

Thanks to the director (@KTANCH), we haven't had to wait long for our first glimpse of the "sinister of minister", back in black for the MK tournament of the new series. Tancharoen's caption says it all -- "It has begun..."

Like many of the other Legacy stars [read more]; Tagawa himself is maintaining a strong Twitter presence (@CHTagawa), offering tidbits and enticements for fans of both eras of cinema's Shang Tsung.

Fans can also gain greater access to Tagawa's exploits and teachings via the Shang's Army social network site. The #ShangsArmy hashtag is also a live conduit for twitter followers.

Yesterday, we featured Tancharoen's fan pleasing reveal of the new wardrobe Kitana will wear in the second series. You can follow these updates and more in our Legacy 2 Kompendium and discuss it all on the Media & Merchandise forum. Follow us @MK_Online and likes us on Facebook.

Legacy: First-Look Second Series Kitana Costume
Kitana will step out in style when Samantha Jo reprises her role in Legacy 2!

Earlier we featured some of the photos shared by members of the cast. Now, fresh from the director, the first official look at Kitana's wardrobe for the second series of Mortal Kombat: Legacy!

Samanthan Jo (née Tjhia) returns to the role from the first series, having featured in episodes #4 and #5. The costume is a departure from the most iconic look of the games, but makes a tasteful compromise of iconic elements and practical attire.

Mortal Kombat: Legacy launches online with Machinima in the Second Quarter of 2013. Follow all the second series progress via our on-going Legacy 2 Kompendium. Discuss all these stories and more in the Media & Merchandise forum.

Legacy: Photo Media Updates from Second Series Cast
The Cast & Crew of Legacy Fuel Speculation with Photos from the Set!

As with the first series; few sources have been as valuable to the promotion of Mortal Kombat: Legacy as the cast and crew themselves! We've seen a slew of photographic previews and sneak peeks since the November shoot began -- here are a few of the most recent!

Michelle Lee (@MeeshsTweets) tweeted out a casual shot of she and Sam Tjhia [above] -- respective mirrored arch-rivals Mileena and Kitana in the show. Garrett Warren (@Gwarren333) offered a more brutal peek behind the scenes, bruising it up with Casper Van Dien -- a duo who worked together previously on the sci-fi classic, Starship Troopers.

Van Dien (@CasperVanDien) provided his own perspective from the set [thumbnails above]; photographed alongside director Kevin Tancharoen, Garrett Warren and Eric Jacobus (Stryker).

The question of Dan Southworth's identity in the series persists, helped along by photos shared by the actor himself (@Dan_Southworth). We can even be entirely certain both of the above images are from Legacy, but at least one of them seems to support the popular theory he might be playing the blind swordsaint, Kenshi.

Then there's this widely circulated photo of John Wusah [right], posted to Facebook.

"Guess which clan I'm apart of? Hint: (ice cold)"

With Harry Shum Jr already confirmed to be appearing as Kuai Liang; the vague hint has led to wide speculation [Wusah] will take over the role of Bi-Han -- better known as the elder Sub-Zero.

Kevin Ohtsji filled the Lin Kuei assassin's silks in the first series, locked in the character's traditional bloodfued with Scorpion (Ian Anthony Dale). Bi-Han's death in the game's fiction is what allows Kuai Liang to assume the mantle.

Discussion and speculation is welcomed on the Media & Merchandise forums, where individual topics will keep you up-to-date and deep in fan speculation. Mortal Kombat Online is keeping you up to date with regular updates to our Legacy 2 Cast & Crew Kompendium.

Receive direct updates and additional links by following the extended MKOmmunity @MK_Online, and by liking us on Facebook. Know something we don't? Help us out by sending in a newslead!

Komplete: Mortal Kombat Legacy Series 2 Series Info
Kompendium Updating all the Casting News & Info from Legacy Series 2!

With so many updates coming from the set of the new Mortal Kombat: Legacy live-action series, you'd be forgiven for falling a bit behind! That's why we're taking stock of what we know (and some of what we don't) in a follow-up to our Legacy Kompendium from last year's original series!

With the 2013 series just two weeks into filming, it's staggering how much we do already know! It's clear WB are all too happy to feed anticipation Legacy fans have built for this second series -- giving us significantly more info than we had this time last year!

Director Kevin Tancharoen announced the series back in July through Machinima, revealing not only key plot details -- but also a massive list of characters we can expect to participate in the tournament-centric second series!

Some of the biggest stories to come next were the surprise exits from the show -- major players from the first series revealing their departure for various reasons. Those exits leave a lot of questions unanswered based on the long list of announced returning characters, but opened the doors to some surprise new additions!

The return of Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa to the role of Shang Tsung is without a doubt the biggest bombshell to hit the live-action series since the original 1995 film that featured him! The same Warner Brothers press release that announced the return gave us some other seasoned names joining the cast, but much of the roster remains unknown. Mortal Kombat Online is once again working hard to verify each fact and will continue to update the following list as confirmations are made.

Mortal Kombat: Legacy Cast & Crew (Series 2):
... Shang Tsung
... Johnny Cage
... Kung Lao
... Liu Kang
... Scorpion
... Kuai Liang
... Kitana
... Mileena
... Stryker
... Kenshi
... Sub-Zero
... Raiden
... Ermac
... To Be Advised
... To Be Advised
... Jackson "Jax" Briggs
... Sonya Blade
... Kano
... Sub-Zero
... Quan Chi
... Baraka

... Director/Writer
... Writer
... Writer
... Producer
... Line Producer
... Line Producer
... Stunt Coordinator
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
Casper Van Dien
Mark Dacascos
Brian Tee
Ian Anthony Dale
Harry Shum Jr
Samantha Jo
Michelle Lee
Eric Jacobus
Dan Southworth
Eric Steinberg
David Lee McInnis
Kim Do Nguyen
Garrett Warren
Trent Dickens
To Be Advised
To Be Advised
To Be Advised

Kevin Tancharoen
Josh Baizer
Marshall Johnson
Lance Sloane
Hayden Roush
Marina Stabile
Larnell Stovall

Mortal Kombat: Legacy is currently slated for an undetermined digital release sometime in the Second Quarter of next year. The director will present an exclusive sneak peak during the Streamy Awards, taking place February 17. As with Series 1, Legacy will be looking to break YouTube broadcast records once again, showing free to the web via Machinima.

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Wonder Woman in the Middle in Injustice #3
The Amazon Princess will be between Batman and Superman in Injustice #3!

Wonder Woman will be in the middle of warring factions when Injustice: Gods Among Us #3 hits shelves March 2013, from DC Comics!

The story of the game spills over into the comic book series, which promises the history behind a "New Regime" that will threaten to dominate this particular vision of the DC Universe. Written by Tom Taylor with art by Jheremy Raapack, it's a story that promises heroes divided in the tradition of Kingdom Come, with the Batman/Superman rivalry fans always love.

The solicitation is the first from the series to allude to significant plot details, supporting speculation from earlier in the year about Wonder Woman's allegiance. The Amazon Warrior appeared literally between opposing groups in some of the first promotional banners for the game [pictured below].

The third issue arrives March 27, just ahead of the April home release of Injustice: Gods Among Us on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii U! The first issue arrives January - remember to pre-order with your local comic shop now! Discuss all things Gods Among Us on the DC Universe Injustice forum!

Wonder Woman/Solomon Grundy Injustice Action Figure Preview
Wonder Woman and Solomon Grundy Get Action Figure Injustice in New 2-Pack!

As reported last week; DC Collectibles will be trotting out action figures based on the upcoming 2013 fighter, Injustice: Gods Among Us. Coming in rival two-packs, we now have the first look at Wonder Woman & Solomon Grundy [via Experience the Wonder].

Retailing $29.99, the two-figure Series 1 pack will be released April 2013 opposite a Green Arrow & Deathstroke double. All figures are inspired by content from the games, fully articulate in the 3.75" scale. Batman gets the solo treatment courtesy the DC Unlimited line in 2013 Q1, slightly larger [full story].

Injustice: Gods Among Us lets you play with all the digital figures the same month, April 2013. For PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii U, the superhero struggle is the latest smackdown from NetherRealm Studios. Discuss all the relevant news in the DC Universe Injustice forum.

Flashback: ADI Behind-the-Scenes of Goro Animatronics
A Look Back at the Revolutionary Animatronics Used to create the 1995 film version of Goro!

If you've ever found yourself wondering what goes on in the head of a Shokan Prince -- Amalgamated Dynamics Inc are all too happy to answer your question!

ADI were the studio responsible for creating practical and animatronic effects for the 1995 Mortal Kombat feature film. More specifically, their work brought one of Mortal Kombat's most iconic characters to life -- the towering, four-armed prince of pain known as Goro!

Not surprisingly, the character presented a series of challenges and technical opportunities during the 1994 production. What resulted was a truly memorable on-screen character. One that, according to the studio, earned the kudos of the likes of Peter Jackson (The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings), who described the creature as, "[a] seminal achievement in animatronics." These feats are in-part on display in the following video, which offers a feature glimpse of the machinery behind the highly emotive creature [below].

Even in the expert hands of an Academy Award winning studio, a creature as complex and demanding as Goro required the exhaustive use of many techniques. Earlier in the year, we spotlit another video from the studio, one that showed off the wide variety of efforts that went in to creating the boss villain [read more].

Goro will be one of the many challenges faced by Kevin Tancharoen and his crew as current film projects move ever toward the tournament mythology that made Mortal Kombat famous. The director broached the subject back in February, asking fans for their opinions of computer generated versus prosthetic effects.

Given what was achieved in the mid-nineties, there's certainly a lot of arguments to go "real" nearly two decades later. A reported budget in the area of $40-50 million puts the coming film ahead of '95s modest production, but is still subject to direction.

Mortal Kombat: Legacy is currently filming its second series. Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Mark Dacascos and Brian Tee head-up a cast that includes Casper Van Dien -- star of Starship Troopers; another of the films ADI contributed effects to!

Discuss the future of Goro and much more on the Media & Merchandise forums. Get live updates and additional content by following @MK_Online and liking us on Facebook. Thanks to gorostilllives for suggesting the video.

Updated: Director Shares Photos from New Legacy Series
Kevin Tancharoen tweets out new pics from the set of Mortal Kombat: Legacy!

Mortal Kombat: Legacy production is well underway and if you were with us for the first series, you might know to expect a few teasers along the way! Like much of the cast, series director Kevin Tancharoen is no stranger to social media and he's using it to give us a little taste of things to come!

Two new pics show-off pretty meaty appetizers from the upcoming second series. One; a variation on the classic dragon logo, as emblazened on a tattered flag banner. The other; quite possibly the first look at Brian Tee -- the actor cast as Liu Kang!

Could this be the first glimpse of the tournament itself? Hooded and morose, is this confirmation of more urban origins for the series' classic, shaolin monk protagonist? Let the speculation fly!

Update: Thanks to another tweet, we've also got our glimpse of one of Mortal Kombat's most famous weapons -- Kung Lao's hat [above]!

Mortal Kombat: Legacy is filming in Los Angeles with an expected digital release for the 2013 Second Quarter. You can keep up with the flood of news and discussion on the Media & Merchandise forums, and by following @MK_Online.

Michael Jai White Confirms Movie Role Return - No Legacy
Legacy Star Not Returning to Series 2 - Will Return as Jax in Feature Film!

In the latest Mortal Kombat: Legacy casting twist, Michael Jai White has confirmed he will not be returning to the digitally released series -- but will reprise his role for the upcoming feature film!

White made an immediate impact headlining the series as man of action, Jackson "Jax" Briggs. Along with Legacy co-stars; Jeri Ryan, Ian Anthony Dale and Matt Mullins -- he was an early adopter for the series, appearing in Kevin Tancharoen's buzz building showreel: Rebirth. He featured prominently in the record breaking first two episodes, battling Darren Shahlavi's Kano.

Updates regarding the feature release have been scarce, but a budget of $40-50 million was recently revealed by producer, Lance Sloan. Jax was confirmed for a role in script teasers posted in June, with a showdown against Kabal an apparent feature.

The second series of Legacy has undergone significant casting shake-ups, shedding several featured actors from the first run, in exchange for some surprising familiar names. Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa was part of a major announcement yesterday from Warner Brothers; returning to the role he made famous two decades ago in the first feature film - Shang Tsung. Mark Dacascos (Kung Lao) and Casper Van Dien (Johnny Cage) added further name recognition. Filming began November 28, for a Second Quarter 2013 release.

Special thanks to MKOmmunity user Sweetre15 not only for forwarding the tweet, but also coaxing it out of the star! News from the series is coming fast and thick. Stay up-to-date and discuss all the buzz in the Media & Merchandise forum!

Injustice: 2-Pack Toys Among Us Coming April 2013
DC Fighting Game Gets Action Figures - Deathstroke, Green Arrow, Solomon Grundy & More.

It looks like DC Entertianment are putting their full investment behind Injustice: Gods Among Us -- which means lots of cool stuff like a comic book tie-in and action figures!

Kotaku report DC Collectibles plan to spin Injustice out into its own toy line in April 2013, to coincide with the release of the game. Two packs will pair up Deathstroke & Green Arrow [pictured below] and Wonder Woman & Solomon Grundy for a recommended retail price of $29.99.

Batman was previously revealed to be part of the 6" DC Unlimited Second Wave [$19.99RRP; pictured top]. Injustice action figures are fully articulated 3.75" scale.

Injustice: Gods Among Us features unique takes on the icons of the DC Universe, with designs provided by NetherRealm Studios. The game hits PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii U in April 2013. Thanks to for forwarding the link. Follow all the action on the DC Universe Injustice forums!

DC Comics Injustice: Gods Among Us 2013 Solicitations
The NetherRealm Studios Game Gets a Comic in January & February 2013!

DC Comics solicitations for the beginning of 2013 hit the web in October, but in case you missed it -- here's another reminder to get out to the local comic shop and pre-order Injustice: Gods Among Us!

Written by Tom Taylor (Star Wars: Invasion, The Deep) with art and covers from Jheremy Raapack (Legends of The Dark Knight); the series promises to spill the beans on the upcoming video game storyline -- about which we know very little!

Forty pages a month should pack plenty of punch, providing a detailed prequel to the April 2013 game release. As is explicitly captured on the cover of February's issue #2: we'll be treated to another classic clash between Superman and Batman -- world's finest heroes who've held an on-again/off-again rivalry throughout decades of comics [The Dark Knight Returns, Kingdom Come, etc].

A tragic event is set to tear the superhero world in twain, making enemies of allies as this particular version of the DC Universe finds itself in the throes of a moral quandry. Minor spoilers were leaked to the net in August, confirming captained roles by DC's two leading men. The coming New Regime was forecast in a special July teaser trailer.

Australian writer, Taylor, isn't giving the game away just yet, but writes on his personal site of the excitement of tackling The Man of Steel and his beleaguered peers.

This series, which tells the events leading up to the WB Entertainment and NetherRealm studios game, Injustice: Gods Among Us, is one of the most exciting, terrifying, heartfelt, epic and nasty stories I’ve ever had the pleasure to write. While the exact details of Injustice are still sketchy, I can tell you that the game script that the NetherRealm people have put together is seriously good. It’s great to see a fighting game with such a rich story. You’re all in for a real treat.

Artist Jheremy Raapack is going to kill on this series and it’s great to be working with Jim Chadwick again too. Jim was my editor back when I was writing The Authority for Wildstorm and he’s one of the best. Thanks to Hank Kanalz and all the people out at Burbank for the opportunity.

Visit for additional information regarding the first two issues of the series [#1, #2], including store locations. The series is expected to launch via digital services, before the first issue hits stores January 30. Follow and discuss the comics and more on the DC Universe Injustice forum.

Warner Brothers Announce Legacy 2 Casting - Tagawa Returns!
Warner Brothers Release Legacy 2 Casting - Tagawa, Dacascos, Van Dien & More!

YOU will be NEXT!No, you didn't stumble back in time. Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa is the name that jumps out immediately in official Mortal Kombat: Legacy casting information, fresh from Warner Brothers!

The Japanese-born actor returns to the role he made famous in the 1995's Mortal Kombat feature film - replacing Johnson Phan as Shang Tsung! Tsung appeared only briefly in a string of Legacy cameos during the first series [Episodes 3, 4 & 8], but with a penchant for taking the forms of others, you've got to think this is one of the least jarring of the casting changes.

Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers) and Mark Dacascos (Double Dragon) add more nineties Hollywood nostalgia to the list, joining the series as Johnny Cage and Kung Lao, respectively. This will be the first time Kung Lao makes it to a live-action adaptation, one of the few Mortal Kombat II characters to remain untouched by film. His ancient ancestor was the primary focus of the short-lived Mortal Kombat: Conquest series.

Harry Shum (Kuai Liang) filming Legacy Series 2 with Kevin Tancharoen.

Recently cast Harry Shum Jr [full story] has officially been revealed as Kuai Liang - the Lin Kuei warrior who becomes Sub-Zero (MKII). Brian Tee (The Wolverine) joins as Liu Kang -- traditional hero of the Mortal Kombat tournament that the series promises to tackle.

Fans will get a first glimpse at Series 2 February 17, 2013, when Kevin Tancharoen presents a special first-look during the Streamy Awards. Tancharoen returns to direct and co-write, with Josh Baizer and Marshall Johnson. The series will then debut proper on Machinima, sometime in the 2013 Second Quarter.

The first season of "Mortal Kombat: Legacy" was one of the most-viewed web series of 2011 with more than 60 million views to date on Machinima. In the second season the saga continues as Liu Kang and Ermac join the ranks of fighters introduced in the first season of the web series including Kenshi, Kung Lao, Kuai Lang, Stryker, Kitana, Mileena, Johnny Cage, Scorpion and Sub Zero. This new season will uncover the rivalries and histories of these fierce warriors as Raiden and his recruits clash against the dark forces of Outworld. The epic battle for Earthrealm has finally begun!

"Fans are in for a real treat with the second season of Mortal Kombat: Legacy," said Tancharoen. "With added visual effects and storylines that dive deeper into our warriors as they make their way to the tournament, we’re taking this series to a whole new level. I'm really looking forward to showing fans the first clip during the Streamy Awards on February 17. "

“Machinima and our audience have been eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this series, and I’m thrilled to announce that Mortal Kombat: Legacy 2 will return to its original home on Machinima,” said Allen DeBevoise, Chairman, Co-Founder, and CEO of Machinima. “We have become a destination for episodic narrative series thanks in part to the first season of Mortal Kombat: Legacy, and we look forward to breaking new ground with this much anticipated new season.”

“Mortal Kombat: Legacy 2" comes from producer Lance Sloane ("H+: The Digital Series" / "Act of Valor") and Kevin Tancharoen (“Mortal Kombat: Legacy”) who also serves as the series’ director. Production services are provided by Bandito Brothers, and Hayden Roush and Marina Stabile serve as Line Producers. The series is written by Josh Baizer, Marshall Johnson and Kevin Tancharoen. “Mortal Kombat: Legacy 2" is produced by Warner Bros. Digital Distribution and distributed by Machinima, Inc.

As previously reported; Ian Anthony Dale returned to filming as the ninja from hell, Scorpion; while Dan Southworth (Power Rangers: Time Force) joins in an as yet unannounced role [full story]. Sadly; Jeri Ryan, Matt Mullins and Tahmoh Penikett have been confirmed as not returning to their first series roles [read more].

Mortal Kombat Online will be following progress on the series eagerly. Keep up-to-date with the latest news, rumors and conversation on the Media & Merchandise forum. Get more from MKO and the cast by following @MK_Online.

Limited Sideshow Exclusive Klassic Scorpion Statue - Sold Out!
Skull Head Klassic Scorpion Variant Sells Out in Days! Image Gallery Inset.

The press release went out less than a week ago, but Pop Culture Shock Collectibles' limited alternate version of their UMK3 Klassic Scorpion has already sold out!

The 18" statue only went online for pre-order sales November 29th, but the limited "skull head" has been snapped up quicker than you can say "Get Over Here!" In fact, we're told the statue sold out in a matter of hours!

Sold exclusively through Sideshow Collectibles, the item will ship to the 200 lucky buyers in the Second Quarter of 2013. The statue also comes with alternate arms, recreating the second palette swap character stance [pictures].

Scorpion is part of Pop Culture Shock's Klassics line-up, depicting versions of the characters from yesteryear. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 has been the opening inspiration, with 18" palette swap figures coming in Sub-Zero and Smoke varieties, as well.

An even more limited Klassic Reptile is currently available exclusively through Pop Culture Shock Collectibles themselves. Featuring the unmasked reptilian guise made famous in fatalities -- Reptile is $330US and limited to a highly collectible 99 pieces [full story]!

Find more information and discussion about these products on the Media & Merchandise forum. You can find additional ordering details at and via their Facebook.

FIGHT: ScrewAttack Death Battle - Thor versus Raiden!
Gods of Thunder and Lightning Collide in this Fantasy Encounter - Thor v Raiden!

With the literal end of days looming according to 2012 Mayan Doomsday theorists, we thought we'd flashback to a ScrewAttack DEATH BATTLE feature that brought two godly apocalypse survivors into an all-out twilight battle!

Okay. So, technically, Raiden didn't look much like surviving Armageddon. Not if you saw the opening scenes from the latest Mortal Kombat, where a certain Emperor of Outworld was on the verge of ripping Earth's immortal protector a new one (and a few dozen more, to boot)!... Still, when it comes to mythological clashes, you can't let details get in the way of a good thematic story!

Not only are Raiden and Thor two thundergod peas in a pod -- they've also faced down their own certain destruction on multiple occasions! Raiden's had Armageddon and all those other oops-i-let-your-realm-die moments; while Marvel Comics' Thor has experienced the twilight of Ragnarok many times, and come out blonder than ever!

So, who wins this epic encounter?...

Obviously we're gonna have our biases, but as ScrewAttack quite rightly points out, Raiden might actually be at an inherent disadvantage!

Uber powerful God and all -- a certain logic tells us Raiden is a wielder of lightning and electricity, while Thor is better known for controlling it. At best, Raiden's primary attacks are probably gonna have a less than optimum effect; at worst, he may find himself at the mercy of Thor's will itself! Add to that Raiden's penchant for taking mortal form to do battle and you're starting to see where this might be going.

In our estimation, ScrewAttack may also be over estimating the hammer factor. Mjolnir provides a powerful influence over the physical battle, but let's not forget that Raiden's had his own hammer time (in MK4) -- not to mention packing some distanced punch with that massive staff of his [mind out of the gutter!].

Of course, one of the drawbacks for Raiden is the unlikelihood of his disarming Thor. A history of sinister measures and corruption means Raiden probably won't be worthy enough to wield Mjolnir himself, as some other virtuous crossover characters have over the years [ie; Wonder Woman]. He also probably lacks the grunt strength to put any significant distance between Thor and his weapon -- not that it would even do much. Donald Blake hasn't been a factor for quite some time.

You'd have to give Raiden props for fighting technique. Thor's viking warrior charge is a pretty unrefined way of doing battle, made vulnerable by his legendary bouts of arrogance. Speed and martial arts keep the Lord of lightning well and truly in the battle, and you can count on a cool head, because as the song says, we all know he's not afraid. Is that enough to save him from a Frog Thor animality? Watch the video to find out and weigh-in with your take on the forums!

Got a taste for more fantasy fighting action? IGN put their battle to the fan vote when they asked who would win in a fight between Ryu and Scorpion. Meanwhile; Mortal Kombat Online kept things closer to home, naming the first all-time Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion for the 20th Anniversary!

Kontest: Mortal Kombat Online Kreate-a-Kharacter Tournament VII!
Rare Kollectible Prizes Go Up For Grabs in MKOmmunity Kreation Kontest!

Bust out the arts and crafts -- it's time to get kreative for the holiday season! We're finishing the year big with our very own beloved tradition: the 7th Annual Mortal Kombat Online Kreate-a-Kharacter Kontest!

Twenty years of Mortal Kombat has inspired a lot of people to create a lot of great things! In the last decade and a half; Mortal Kombat Online has had the pleasure of hosting some of the Kommunity's finest contributions from around the world! From loving tributes, to fanciful reinventions, our Fan Submission forum & gallery has seen thousands of works based on the hit video game series. Now it's time to go off-script -- for you to kreate something completely new with a chance to win exciting highly collectibles prizes!

The name of the game is pretty self-explanatory, but there are some important ground rules to go over. Please ensure you have read kontest guidelines [below] and fully understood them before entering the kontest. Anyone found in violation of guideline rules will be immediately disqualified.

To be eligible to enter the kontest, you must ensure you have a registered user account and a functioning e-mail address that you can be contacted at. Kontest entry is as simple as copying the details below and sending your submission in an e-mail to the address in the link. Kontest entries must be received before the end of December, 2012! [Additional: Please remember to make the subject in your e-mail clear and relevant.]

Check out the 2011 Kreate-a-Kharacter Kontest entries for an example of how easy it is to enter! All of the entrants e-mailed their details in to win! Please ensure you do not reveal your kreation publicly on the forums. Like last year, we intend to keep the vote blind for as long as possible, to avoid favortism.

Kreate-a-Kharacter Entry Info:
Your MKO Username: (So we know it's you!)
Character Name: (Your character's handle and/or "real" name)
Gender: (Your character's gender)
Age: (Age of your character)
Height: (Height of your character)
Weight: (Weight of your character)
Origin: (Home realm of your character)
Alignment: (Moral/ethical stance of your character: Good/Neutral/Evil)

Character Appearance [1-2]: (A physical description of your character and their attire. This is a vital component of the creation of your character. You may attach a visual aid of your own creation to display your character. Drawings are recommended, but you may also submit other mediums, or designs created using license-free third-party generators [ie; Hero Generator] as long as they are in PNG or JPEG formats. A visual aid is not required for entry. You may submit an alternate costume for your character, if you wish.)

Bio: (Your character's story and connection to the Mortal Kombat universe. Be as original or referencial to series canon as you please. In many ways, this is the most important summary of your character. Exercise judgment about what we need to know and what can be explained in other categories. Be concisde, clear and creative.)

Character Ending: (Your character's arcade ending. Refer to the games themselves for examples of how to craft your character's ending. The content of your ending is completely up to you. You may wish to offer a surprise revelation, a possible outcome for defeating an opponent, a wish fulfillment, or more details that add to your character's relationships or bio.)

Fighting Style: (A description of your character's fighting style is important. Existing martial arts disciplines are a welcome short-hand, with relevant descriptions of style, approach, or detail useful. You can approach this from a character-driven perspective, or also attempt to envision in-game mechanic style for your character.)

Special Moves [2-7]: (What would a kombatant be without their trademark special attacks? Please ensure you submit a minimum of two special moves, and an absolute maximum of seven. Describe moves in creative and/or in-game terms.)

X-ray Attack: (In keeping with the current game, you may wish to create a brutal X-Ray attack. Please submit only one. Describe actions and/or in-game mechanic.)

Finishing Moves [2]: (A description of your characters finishing move. We recommend that you describe two fatalities for your character -- but you may choose to opt for alternate finishing moves, where appropriate. Specify the type of finishing move and describe them both in detail.)

Entrance Taunt: (A great way to embue a sense of attitude in your character. Describe actions and phrases, but remember -- keep it brief or we'll just skip to the fight!)

Victory Pose: (Your character's action or phrase when they win a fight.)

's 2011 Winning Kreate-a-Kharacter 6 entry Kruor by

As in previous years, entries will be whittled down in an elimination tournament format [to be decided upon entry close]. A kontest winner will be selected by a panel of expert judges and the Mortal Kombat Online kommunity in January -- so don't delay!

Update (7/2): With questions left unanswered we finally end a lengthy delay -- ushering in the long awaited Kreate-a-Kharacter VII Finals tournament! This single elimination bracket pits the top two "kharacters" from each Round Robin group against one another in Mortal Kombat! To help reach the ultimate verdict we welcome three esteemed guest judges to the Championship end of the kontest! Together with MKO staff and community they will help us crown the greatest creation of the KAKVII contest!

    Kreate-a-Kharacter VII Finals Guest Judges
  • Pete Thompson (Atomhawk Design Lead Artist)

  • Pete is a founding member of Atomhawk Design and as Lead Concept Artist, he has all the skills needed to fully visualize any AAA production. He has now worked on more than 20 different projects, including playing a key part in the concept art of Mortal Kombat 2011; for which he created designs for environments and characters including Scorpion and Sub-Zero!

  • Mike Cruz (EGM/1UP Designer)

  • A designer at EGM and then 1UP, Mike Cruz not only contributed his graphic design talent, but was also able to inject his brand of humor into articles and podcasts. Even though his 1UP days are long past, Mike continues to podcast with his former at1UP cast members, Jade Kraus and Travis Williams, on their new show, The Duck of Death.

  • Emmanuel "CD Jr" Brito (Tournament Champion)

  • With the launch of Mortal Kombat (2011), CD Jr quickly established himself as one of the top players on the competitive tournament circuit. In 2012 he had a stellar season, claiming victory at MLG's Spring Fighter Arena & Winter Championship, and at Winter Brawl 6. CD Jr was the 2012 Evo World Champion Runner-Up, losing a controversial final bout to the defending champion.

Representing Mortal Kombat Online throughout the Round Robin stages were staff judges: (Webmaster), (Fan Submission Moderator), (Forum Administrator) & (Contributing Admin).

Update (7/12): Congratulations to
! In an exciting split decision finish, he defeated defending Champion with his namesake entry: Ekimaru! An exciting rivalry seems to be building between these two veteran competitor! Special thanks to everyone who got involved in KAKVII and continues to support Mortal Kombat Online. We'll be back sometime soon for the KAKVIII Kontest!

    Kontest Prizes:
  • Signed Copy of Mortal Kombat: Armageddon -- The 2006 game that introduced the Kreate-a-Kharacter engine to the series! This highly collectible item is a PlayStation 2 copy signed by the makers of Mortal Kombat! [1st Place]
  • Art of Atomhawk Book -- Thanks to the fine folks at Atomhawk, our winning creator will be inspired by the artists who contributed iconic art resources to the latest Mortal Kombat game! [1st Place]
  • Felipe Aguiar Original Art -- Our winner will have their character recreated by Mortal Kombat Online favourite artist, Felipe Aguiar! As
his incredible artwork has been an MKO community staple for years! [1st Place]
  • $25 J!NX T-Shirt Code -- Thanks to the folks at J!NX geek apparel, our runner-up will style and profile in their choice of a Mortal Kombat T-Shirt! [2nd Place]
    • Kontest Guidelines:
    • Only one character entry may be submitted by an individual.
    • Characters must be original creations. Submissions based on existing or known character concepts will be disqualified. [Note: Users may refer to in-fiction elements, such as species, realms, or organizations.]
    • Returning participants may resubmit characters from previous kontests, providing they are the original creators.
    • Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Anyone found copying or stealing other peoples works will be disqualified and face a ban from the site.
    • By entering the kontest, you acknowledge Mortal Kombat Online's indefinite right to recreate your character in digital and carbon mediums.
    • Users should observe all standard kommunity rules for Mortal Kombat Online. Violation of site rules will resut in disqualification at staff discretion.
    • Members or relatives of Mortal Kombat Online staff and admin are not eligible for kontest entry.
    • This contest is not affiliated with Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment or NetherRealm Studios. Mortal Kombat Online cannot be held liable for the similiarity between entries and future trademarks from the Mortal Kombat franchise.

    You're now armed with all the available information. Time to hit the drawing board and start brainstorming your character! Be inventive, be creative, tap into the key elements that make Mortal Kombat what it is, and aim to delight and inspire with your new hero or villain! You've got all of December to submit - lay off the eggnog and make it count!

    Feel free to get the juices flowing by visiting the Fan Submission arena, and by discussing the kontest on the forums. REMEMBER -- do not reveal the intimate details of your kreation! See you soon!

    Deathstroke Battles Batman in Gamestop Exclusive Trailer
    The Dark Knight and The Terminator go Head-to-Head in Gamespot Exclusive Trailer!

    The Deathstroke frenzy continues as Gamestop release an exclusive new trailer pitting The Terminator against one of the greatest combatants in the DC Universe - The Batman!

    The mercenary for hire brings his arsenal of weapons to Injustice: Gods Among Us -- the new DC Comics fighter from NetherRealm Studios. He's just the latest playable character to join the cast, which already includes; Green Arrow, Flash, Harley Quinn, Solomon Grundy and many more.

    Gamestop [not to be confused with Gamespot] had the first-look at the Deathstroke debut trailer, released Wednesday. If that wasn't enough, there are also hi-def screenshots freezing the action in our spotlight on the Teen Titans rogue turned all-around menace to the heroes of the Justice League! It was there we first mentioned Deathstroke's recent rivalries with The Dark Knight Detective, Catwoman, and several other characters [full story].

    Injustice: Gods Among Us comes to home consoles April 2013. Get in the conversation and keep up to date with the latest in the DC Universe Injustice forum! Receive updates on patrol by following @MK_Online and liking us on Facebook.

    Harry Shum Jr Joins Cast of Mortal Kombat Legacy
    Harry Shum Joins the Legacy 2 Cast; plus more on Matt Mullins exit as Cage!

    The live-action cast of Mortal Kombat: Legacy has added another actor to the second series: Harry Shum Jr confirming his presence on set in the latest news from twitter!

    We don't know who the actor is playing, but a certain Shirai Ryu ninja's catch phrase got a mention in the tweet, leaving his affiliations open to speculation. Ian Anthony Dale returned to the series as Scorpion on November 28 [full story], confirming a start to photography.

    Director Kevin Tancharoen first announced the second series of the YouTube serial in July, confirming a long list of characters in the process [full story]. The Mortal Kombat tournament itself is said to be a feature, meaning even if Shum filmed with the Scorpion actor, their affiliation may be inconsequential. Dan Southworth also joined the cast this week.

    In an interview with Shogun Gamer, departing cast member Matt Mullins elaborated on the circumstances of his exit as Johnny Cage. It seems the part has been recast, continuing an on-screen tradition for the fictional actor-cum-kombatant who was similarly recast for the 1997 feature sequel, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation.

    They requested footage from films that I worked on this last year which I gave them, and then they wanted me to actually read again for the second season. So I read and I auditioned for the same part as I did in season 1. Then they basically decided to go in another direction. - Matt Mullins on Cage recasting [via Shogun Gamer]

    Jeri Ryan (Sonya Blade), Tahmoh Penikett (Kurtis Stryker) and Jolene Tran (Mileena) have also been ruled out of returning for the second series. Sam Tjhia, who appeared as Kitana in Episodes 4 and 5, teased a possible return [via Twitter].

    With so much news coming from the Mortal Kombat: Legacy set, you'll want to be sure to stay tuned to the Media & Merchandise forum! Get portable updates by following @MK_Online. Got a newslead? Help us out by sending it in! Thanks to Sweetre15 for contributing additional sources.

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