At the insistant behest of Syco Collectibles, we bring you a veritable four-hit brutality of statue updates. Some of these polystone mofos slipped through the cracks in recent months, but it's as fine an opportunity as any to whip through some of what's coming from the international licenser in 2013.


Queen Sindel 10" Statue
As the old saying goes, it's better to rise from the grave and reign in a merged Outworld/Earthrealm nightmare, than serve in Heaven. Edenia's dead-again/live-again scream queen bursts forth in a floating pose fans will recognise from recent official artworks. In the style of the most recent game, Sindel is part of the standard 10" line, but hovers at a grand total height of 15.5" atop the crumbling hand of her own monument.

Shipping First Quarter, 2013, Sindel is limited to 250 pieces. For an added flair of drama, the statue comes with interchangeable alternate arms [pictured top] and is, according to Syco, exclusive and "beautiful." [Pre-Order]

Smoke 18" Premium Statue
For the first time ever, fans at home can own their very own flowing pompadour of the one and only Smoke! Perched atop a hand-painted polystone head, Smoke's impressive hair comes with an anatomically correct body, recreating the design introduced alongside the hair, in the 2011 reboot. Smoke's hair caps the Premium scale statue at a stance-relevant 17.5". According to Syco's website, the stone base is "beautifully" hand sculpted and painted, and limited to 250 pieces. Smoke is scheduled to ship January. [Pre-Order]

Scorpion 18" Premium Statue
Mortal Kombat's most famous and legitimate ninja is back in merchandising action, this time fully realized as an ominous, chain wielding Premium format statue. At 22" (with base), the new Scorpion is a soul bent on revenge that won't be lost for long. Like Sindel; Scorpion boasts a variant set of arms, switching out chain and spear for the twin (removeable) swords made famous by the latest game.

Appropriately hideous by beauty's omission; all versions of the Premium Scorpion come with a gnarly battle-damaged head that exposes the spectre's true face -- a human skull! The skull is exposed in a small section of the head. Each version includes light-up LED eyes for an extra touch of hell-ninja spookiness. Ever popular, Scorpion is imited to 275 pieces shipping February. [Pre-Order]

Sub-Zero Fatality 18" Premium Statue
With spine on maximum recline, Scorpion suffers the indignity of Sub-Zero's trademark Spine Rip Fatality in this impressive Premium format statue! If they didn't have problems already, they're probably going to have some now, as Sub-Zero dangles the ninja's decpitated head and spinal chord all over your favourite shelf, or display area.

A Syco exclusive version delivers a graphically striking and potentially lethal spikey gold 3.5" base, with LED light-up eyes in both character heads. Alternate arm options let you switch between Sub-Zero's iced-up arm, or a cloth-wielding version that adds to the drama of the versus statue. The Fatality statue is scheduled for the First Quarter of 2013. [Pre-Order]

Additional information and images can be found on the Syco Collectbiles website. The site offers flexible pay options and all pre-order information. Throughout December, Syco are offering a $25 discount for their Shao Kahn 1:2 Scale bust. Superb!

Discuss the entire Syco Collectibles line-up, along with many more merchandising options, on the Media & Merchandise forum. Syco assure us there are new developments in the production of the MKO selected Motaro statue! Stay tuned to Mortal Kombat Online for updates!