During this third day of E3, GameTrailers has posted up a high quality, four minute plus interview with Ed Boon! Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe is played in the near background during the entire time Ed is speaking, and he takes us through several modes and aspects of the game as the gameplay follows his voice along.

Firstly, Ed discusses the new combo system in place within the game. As mentioned previously, dial-up combos have been removed in favor of user created combos. During his speech, the Flash performs a combo of 12 hits. Boon also reveals that the fighting is a lot more 2D orientated while having full 3D motion, yet the basic controls are more centered towards 2D such as ducking or jumping over projectiles rather than simply sidestepping them.

Klose Kombat is touched upon more, and Boon compares it to an "interactive throw", which would make sense since apparently the mode is activated by a button that was once the throw button in the previous engine. As the offensive player attempts to rack up the damage, the defensive player attempts to end the mode by beating the other player to the correct button. Test Your Might will be another test of offensive player versus defensive player in that the former attempts to increase the damage, and the latter attempts to decrease it.

Freefall Kombat is glimpsed briefly as well. Flash is able to perform his super move in the air, which seems character specific, as he hastily swings Scorpion around in an airplane throw and slams him hard into the ground of the tier of the arena below, which shows impact damage on hit.

During the Sub-Zero and Superman fight, Sub-Zero uses a special where he creates an ice block in the air and attempts to drop it down onto the opponent. Superman wins the round however, and we are treated to his brutality where he pounds the victim into the ground, though it does not kill them it still looks the same as a traditional Mortal Kombat fatality.

Finally, pro moves are mentioned in more detail. Not all characters will simply do a double of the same special in their pro move. For example, Boon states that Superman is able to splice his throw move into his wind inhale.

The game is set to be released this November.

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