Ex-Midway LA Studio employee Matthew Doyle has posted some concept art from MK: Shaolin Monks 2 (which he has noted as being canceled). Nicknamed the Spiral Shaft, it seems that there were several puzzles involved in this never-released-level, including a "Lever Challenge" which would raise the bars blocking the door at the end of the level. Check it out:
To see all of Matthew Doyle's level designs, most of which consist of other games, go here. A big thanks go out to for this News Lead!

Update: So
from FDMK contacted Matt Doyle and got some more information on the canceled MKSM2, which was to be titled “Fire & Ice”. From his interview with the man himself

Matthew Doyle: It was canceled within a few weeks of my arriving at Midway. I don't have anything else to show you unfortunately. Half the studio was laid off, and new management was brought in. Then we started work on TNA Wrestling.

A prototype level was built, but that was it. A few design docs were worked on, and a few characters were made in 3D - Scorpion and Subzero. The game was codenamed Fire & Ice - as those two characters were to be the main characters. I was really looking forward to doing level design and construction for it. It was a shame it was canceled.