The folks over at Midway have released two pieces of concept art from the upcoming Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe! These two concept pieces show stages that will be seen within the game. The first stage is the Hell stage, which is presumably meant to refer to the Netherrealm (or possibly the Hell of the DC Universe). The stage layout with its towers, chains, and expanses of lava are much more in line with the Netherrealm, however. The other stage shown is the Metropolis stage, which is of course best known as Superman's home city. The setting is one of devastation; an obvious cataclysm has befallen the city, with damaged and fallen buildings, smashed and burning vehicles, and the iconic globe of the Daily Planet fallen to the street. For those worried about a possible lack of blood, the street area presumably used for the fighting arena is soaked with blood.

Our thanks to the folks at Midway for releasing these two pieces of concept art!