It started with a simple, cryptic promise from Creative Director Ed Boon (@noobde), escalated with a live countdown, and concluded with our first look at the Gotham City bruiser - Killer Croc!

Batman's musclebound nemesis appears flanked by a couple of The Dark Knight's less physical foes: The Riddler and Penguin.

This could be perceived as yet another Batman inspired inclusion into the game, but given the composition, we're unable to confirm the playable inclusion of Croc with absolute certainty. This does, however, address a previous teaser from Boon, suggesting the presence of The Penguin somewhere in the game.

Why so much Gotham in a game set in an entire version of the DC Universe? With The Joker at the centre of catalyst events, and Batman emerging to resist Superman's tyrannic New Regime -- it only stands to reason that The Dark Knight would recruit the likes of Catwoman, Nightwing, Harley Quinn and in need of muscle, perhaps even Bane, Solomon Grundy or Lex Luthor!

Update: According to Boon, we'll find out whether or not Killer Croc appears playable in material coming tomorrow:

Killer Croc is Waylon Jones -- a powerful brute with a condition that renders his skin to be like the scaley leather hide of a reptile. Created in 1983, he represesnts a newer breed of Bat-foe, more physically intimidating than some of Batman's best known opponents. In the past, Croc has held a bitter rivalry with Bane -- another of Batman's powerhouse opponents, who held the distinction of brutalizing the aspiring mobster during the famous Knightfall storyline.

Knightfall is clearly on our minds after yesterday's screenshot reveal, which recreated the famous climx that saw Bane break Batman's back! Bane will get his first full gameplay preview Friday when the results of Injustice Battle Arena turn fan votes into executed victory! Discuss all this and more on the DC Universe Injustice forum!