We're just one month away from the official release of Mortal Kombat! The 2021 cinematic reboot is coming soon to theatres where possible -- and a new poster featuring the cast is hyping the release. Take a look:

Sub-Zero (Joe Taslim) and Scorpion (Hiroyuki Sanada) loom large as two of the series' biggest icons, with new character for the movie Cole Young (Lewis Tan) getting pride of place slightly larger than the rest of the cast.

We've been seeing more from the movie as its arrival draws nearer. Along with the record setting red band trailer there've been four new TV spots, a dramatic banner advertisement, and character posters aplenty!

The theatrical release will be buoyed by reports of Los Angeles theatres returning to restricted trade, but only regions who haven't been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic are expected to be "only in cinemas". Producer Todd Garner addressed concerns over European screenings earlier this month, noting: "... [WB] are aware of the problem and looking for a solution."

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Mortal Kombat is officially released theatrically on April 16th, with same day streaming on HBO Max available in the United States. Download the MKO App via App Store or Google Play to join the calendar countdown and discuss more stories on the Media & Merchandise forum!