Mortal Kombat Online has espoused the importance of comics to Mortal Kombat for quite some time - all the while knowing there may just be something in the pipeline. The long wait finally ends with DC Comics announcing a brand new Mortal Kombat X series at this weekend's New York Comic Con!

Launching as a digital first series in January, 2015: Mortal Kombat X will follow the path established by previous NetherRealm Studios fighting game tie-in: Injustice: Gods Among Us.

DC Entertainment Creative Executive Shawn Kittelsen will take his experience working with DC games to the page as he scripts Mortal Kombat X. Artist Dexter Soy (DC Universe vs Masters of the Universe, Batman Beyond Universe) will have plenty of inspiration as the series tackles the entire catalogue of Mortal Kombat fighters!

Similar to Injustice; Mortal Kombat X will tell the story before the video game. Tied directly to the reboot plot of Mortal Kombat (2011), the series will integrate with MKX, establishing a foundation whilst featuring now klassic characters who may not find their way directly into the game. Superstar artist Ivan Reis (Green Lantern, Justice League) contributes covers.

Preview images already offer the first tantalizing tease at returning character elements from the past - the Red Dragon Clan represented by a warrior or minion(s)! [via Comic Book Resources] The Red Dragon were introduced in 2002's Deadly Alliance as counterpart precursor to the Black Dragon Clan. Members include: Mavado, Hsu Hao & demi-god founder Daegon. Also pictured in artwork: MKX versions of Scorpion, Raiden & Sub-Zero.

Update Oct. 13: NetherRealm Studios Creative Director Ed Boon notes the series won't simply be "Mortal Kombat X", but will publish with a special sub-title. With a cast expansive enough to include the Red Dragon, DC's "Universe" moniker may be in contention.

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