The July announcement gave fans of Mortal Kombat: Legacy a list of characters to shoot for, but today we get our first look at the costumed line-up thanks to social networking director, Kevin Tancharoen (@KTANCH).

Left to right: (Top Row) Liu Kang (Brian Tee), Shang Tsung (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa), Raiden (David Lee McInnis), Johnny Cage (Casper Van Dien), Kenshi (Dan Southworth)
(Bottom Row): Mileena (Michelle Lee), Ermac (Kim Do Nguyen), Scorpion (Ian Anthony Dale), [Director Kevin Tancharoen], Kung Lao (Mark Dacascos), Stryker (Eric Jacobus), Sub-Zero (John Wusah?), Kitana (Samantha Jo).

In trademark style, Legacy differs significantly from the classic Mortal Kombat aesthetic and detail. The adapted designs make it slightly difficult to identify every character appearing for the Series 2 Shaolin Tournament-inspired plot with absolute certainty [discuss].

The biggest question marks hover over the white-garbed fighter to Shang Tsung's left, and the black warrior to Scorpion's right. While Noob Saibot would be an easy guess for the latter, the character was absent from the announcement character list, where Ermac was confirmed for a highly anticipated appearance. With the series plot yet to be revealed -- and "Kuai Liang" confirmed to appear -- Noob can't be ruled out, in spite of traditional tournament timelines.

The unknown fighter in white may reflect either of the original games white-garbed competitors. A hint of blue fabric and what might be a hat on his back suggest a version of Raiden that continues the portrayal by Ryan Robbins -- an unshaven mortal form of the lightning god, who was entrapped in a mental institute in the much-discussed Eighth Episode. Kano remains another unaccounted for stalwart, with first series' Darren Shahlavi seemingly indisposed during filming.

Update: Stunt and fight coordinator Larnell Stovall (@larnellstovall) has added another angle on the group. With red wrapping and hat more visible, our mystery black and white men appear to be much more credibly identified, as we speculated, as Ermac and Raiden (respectively). Thanks to C-Sword and FCSyndicate for forwarding additional info.

The aforementioned first series actor, Ryan Robbins, has also lamented his role as Raiden via Twitter [below]. In his own words, the Canadian actor was "super bummed" and "REALLY tried," but was unable to reprise the role due to prior commitments [more]. David Lee McInnis can now be confirmed as his replacement.

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