Netherrealm Studios has released part two of the second episode of the MKast. Hector Sanchez and Hans Lo continue to talk with team members John Edwards, Paulo Garcia, and Brian LeBaron about various functions within the game. The team reveals they do infact visit several of the major Mortal Kombat fansites and read the feedback within during their spare time. They then proceed to answer a few questions asked via Twitter.

Among the subjects discussed are the dynamics of the super meter, revealing that what we've seen in gameplay demos is not a final representation of how fast or slow the meter will build. Several characters we have seen thus far use weaponry in their fighting styles, such as Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Kitana and Nightwolf, but the weapon styles familiar in last generations Mortal Kombat games will not be present. Characters will only use weapons if it fits their personality and to give them an unique feel. Control consistency was also stressed as important, for example all characters will share the same button combinations for iconic Mortal Kombat moves such as the uppercut and the sweep. During the conversation we see a few cuts of gameplay from the game itself, including a portion of Kitana's X-ray attack.