A damp and gloomy day in Boston, Massachusetts at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, the location of PAX East 2011. [Full Story]

Samuel Adams Brick Red, a deep reddish ale with a caramel smooth flavor only available on tap in the Boston area.

The Samuel Adams Brewery.

Samuel Adams Maple Wood Porter, a dark, sweet experimental ale only available at the Boston brewery.

In case you're wondering why I'm talking about beer so much, it's to preface what you're about to see. Hopefully it explains my embarrassing performance in what I've dubbed "The Footage of Shame"TonyTheTiger 2011).

But before delving into that little debacle, allow me to put PAX East in perspective. The Mortal Kombat area of the show floor was constantly busy and the kiosks were perpetually full with a nearly 30 minute wait.

And while no photograph or video recording could do it justice, the 3D effect, The Playstation 3 exclusive feature demonstrated at the event, is flawless. While wearing the glasses, there are no shadows or double image problems which should relieve fears that the 3D would be headache inducing or otherwise visually uncomfortable.

In fact, the 3D is effective in its subtlety. It is fully possible for a person to watch the 3D mode without glasses and not miss any of the action or suffer eye strain. I honestly did not even notice the 3D mode was on screen until I put on the glasses and saw the effect firsthand.

PAX East itself was a massive event and it took some time to get acclimated to the airport-esque venue. Aside from the main convention hall, the hallways were filled with individual rooms, each door acting as a passageway into another subset of gaming culture. My favorite by far was the classic arcade room housing real arcade machines set to Free Play. There were even big projectors attached to the Dragon's Lair and Space Ace machines so everybody could watch the action.

Words alone cannot demonstrate the size of the event. Pictures tell it best.

And without further ado, TonyTheTiger's "Footage of Shame"! Brian LeBaron, designer of Mortal Kombat, (insert self-depreciating remark here) took time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for the community. As you'll see from the video, Brian LeBaron is a class act and navigated my less than spectacular, slightly over rehearsed, and possibly beer induced interview with style and grace.

Once again, I want to thank Brian LeBaron for taking time (the most precious resource of all at an event like PAX East) to talk to us. I also want to thank the entire WB Games staff on hand for making the Mortal Kombat booth one of the most efficiently run at the entire convention.

P.S.: Turns out riding that giant Pikachu like Falcor is frowned upon.