Mortal Kombat X is mere months away, yet there is still so much we don't know! DC Comics' first chapter of the pre-release saga has given only sparse clues, but substantial answers may be on the way! Creative Director Ed Boon has shaken off the holiday funk to tease big things from an upcoming "video" - perhaps more than a trailer?

In his tweets, Boon refers to the New Year print reveal of Kung Lao: the latest klassic kombatant konfirmed for a return in April! If you were anticipating a mere animated introduction into the hat wearing Shaolin Monk, then you may be aiming low!

Update (Jan. 13, 2015): It looks like the video could be as early as tomorrow! Ed Boon tweeted out his hopes to get the video out, which will include recently revealed returning character Kung Lao and another unannounced fighter!

There's plenty of business on the MKX slate! In-store posters promoting pre-order incentives have begun to go up, begging the presence of a rumored Goro trailer. Several reveal characters are yet to be formally introduced, either through variation picture previews, or full character trailers.

There's also a massive question mark in place where the announced new live-action webseries is concerned. A live-action serial or preview might explain why we're talking about a "video" rather than "trailer". Legacy II was showing its hand around this time, 2013. It was also in 2013 when Injustice: Gods Among Us played its hand with a major story trailer.

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