Throughout the month of August you voted - now the verdict is in! Super Power Beat Down realizes the ultimate martial arts fantasy battle in live-action when Scorpion takes on the legendary White Ranger!

Debating in favour of the ninja spectre is celebrity guest and voice of Stryker (Mortal Kombat 2011): Matthew Mercer. In the white corner with a hue of green is the man who made the White Ranger famous: Jason David Frank. Both have their thoughts, we have ours. Check out the video before scrolling down if you don't want to be spoiled!

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If you were worried Mortal Kombat wouldn't be well represented in a neutral domain -- you've got to at least love Mercer's enthusiasm! It's a tough ask to absorb fighting styles from the Deadly Alliance era as literally as presented, but anyone willing to tap MK's martial arts pedigree gets our vote!

If it's about martial arts you've got to give the opponent some credit. Seven styles or not, the Power Rangers know how to fight! Fans of the fatality are gonna make a lot of noise about White Ranger's non-lethal modus operandi, but before you can finish him, you've got to win the fight! And don't forget - the Mighty Morphin' formula is all about finishing the opponent, even if it's in a spark laden third act robot convenience.

Scorpion is obviously a highly skilled warrior with abilities far beyond the natural, but that's nothing the White Ranger hasn't seen before. With the ability to rise again from mortal injury, Scorpion has perhaps been known to be a little reckless in his fighting style. If the armored Ranger is built for defense and speed -- Scorpion is all hellfire and aggression! Knowing you can always rise again makes a guy a little sloppy, even when he isn't gripped by a perpetual lust for vengeance. Constantly shouting probably doesn't do a ninja any favours, either.

If you've seen the clip, you know this was one of SPBD's closest results! Against the highly motivated fans of JDF and the MMPR, 49% is an honorable defeat. If you know anything about Scorpion's history of near misses, you also know that next time the White Ranger might be heading for a charcoal change of look -- in Hell! [Shout out to Bi-Han!].

Did Scorpion lose with honor, or did the White Ranger just get lucky? Join us and share your thoughts on the forums! While you're at it, why not throw up some more pop culture icons you'd like to see in future Mortal Kombat Super Power Beat Downs!

This episode of Super Power Beat Down was directed by Aaron Schoenke. It features Alvin Hsing (White Ranger), Peter Jang (Scorpion), Akira Sato (Girl in Distress) and Jason David Frank. You can buy Sean Schoenke and Rather Red's featured sountrack Mighty Kombat on iTunes.

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