At the beginning of the summer, Mortal Kombat Online was proud to announce its affiliation with Syco Collectibles - a specialty manufacturer in licensed and proprietary collectible products who has recently acquired the Mortal Kombat licence for both Mortal Kombat 2011 and 'Klassic' Mortal Kombat's to manufacture highly-detailed and faithful Characters from our beloved franchise. You can check out the fourth feature right here and our second 'Character Spotlight' (featuring Skarlet, Shao Kahn, Ermac, and Liu Kang) right here.

With Part V of our Exclusive Syco Collectibles Feature on its way, this week we are happy to give you our third 'Character Spotlight' featuring teaser images of the 18" statues of 'The traitor of the Realm', Rain, and the 'Netherealm Specter', Scorpion:

Rain was revealed by Syco Collectibles after reaching the '700 Likes' mark on their Facebook. The 'Forgotten Prince' is featured in his well known and iconic Victory Pose and he will come surrounded by a whirlpool of water and waves sculpted with clear resin! He is one of a selected number of characters who will be featured in/with special and unique base designs. Our 'Rain Clues' have now been answered ("…he won't be thirsty"). Expect new updated pictures of his sculpture in the near future.

The 18" Scorpion sculpture was revealed by Syco Collectibles after reaching the '800 Likes' mark on their Facebook. The 'Undead Ninja' wants you to get over here as he is featured with his iconic deadly spear (made out of real chains) and flawless detail.

UPDATE: Syco Collectibles have now revealed their stunning paint master of Scorpion's 18" Premium Format Statue! Not only does he feature his iconic spear, he comes complete with an alternate (half) skull head, LED eyes, and detachable swords which can also be placed in his hands. Our MKO 20% Discount Links for both Rain and Scorpion will be available soon.

If you are one of the lucky who pre-ordered the 10" Raiden statue and the 1:2 Scorpion Bust, you should know that both products will be finished and released between the 30th and 31st of December and begin shipment on January 2nd.

We are also happy to announce another great opportunity for MK fans everywhere: Syco Collectibles want to know YOUR personal thoughts and ideas for Noob Saibot's statue and pose!

While there is still a good amount of characters currently in development (Shao Kahn, Sonya Blade, Rain, Mileena, and Scorpion), Noob Saibot fans should be happy to know that he has been chosen as one of their new upcoming statues for 2012. Production on the evil 'Wraith' will begin within the early months of next year along side the much anticipated Motaro and another soon to be revealed fan-favorite (who could he be? Speculate here!).

You are encouraged to propose and share ideas about how you would like Syco Collectibles to sculpt and pose Noob Saibot in here. Syco Collectibles will take into account all of the proposed ideas and the most popular suggestions will be taken into consideration for his final design. Start with your input and suggestions today, as it is likely that you will determinate Noob Saibot's pose.

Syco Collectibles is happy to give everyone the opportunity to voice their ideas and thoughts for their statues' poses and costumes, so, expect more threads featuring other characters in the future. Check out Skarlet's Thread right here and make sure to voice your suggestions and ideas for her statue.

Check out or New Poll concerning Sektor and Cyrax and don't forget to visit their Official Facebook and help them get '1000 Likes' for a teaser of their upcoming 18" Sonya Blade statue!

Make sure to visit IGN for a chance to win a Syco Collectible's 10" Scorpion Statue through their Free Sh1t Sweeps contest. Check out their video featuring Syco Collectibles for more information:

MK Online Member Discount : As we've mentioned in our previous features; we have managed to procure a fantastic opportunity for the MK Online community! Syco Collectibles are to be offering us and yourselves a generous and staggering 20% lifetime discount on all their Mortal Kombat Collectibles current and future. Below are the updated links for each currently available product for pre-order at the exclusive 20% Discount: