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Mortal Kombat 11 Shock Omission From Evo 2020
NetherRealm's streak ends in surprise cut!

Today's annual announcement for the Summer Evo World Championship has stunned fans with the shock omission of Mortal Kombat 11! The nine game lineup features an eclectic mix of tournament fighting games, but the most recent NetherRealm Studios title wasn't among them. Read on:

Not even a year old; Mortal Kombat 11 was expected to join other current iterations of the major fighting game franchises for a second year of competition. Instead, the lineup will feature a string of returning contemporary titles, and 2000's Marvel vs Capcom 2, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary at the event.

There was much fanfare when the Mortal Kombat reboot first brought the series into Evo contention in 2011. The admission began a nine year streak for NetherRealm Studios, who replenished their presence with regular installments of the Injustice and Mortal Kombat franchises.

Award winning eSports competitor Sonic Fox took last year's crown, defeating recurring arch-rival Dragon as part of the MK11 Pro Kompetition. The title was his third Mortal Kombat Evo World Championship, having dominated Mortal Kombat X in previous years.

Fully understanding the omission of Mortal Kombat 11 will take time. Announced seventh in last year's schedule, MK11 attracted a respectable turnout of 1,567 registered players, ranking fifth ahead of Dragon Ball FighterZ (1,191), Soul Calibur VI (742), and BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle (640). A meagre 362 players separated the game from rival Street Fighter V, but all games were wildly outpaced by Nintendo's uniquely accessible genre-buster Super Smash Bros Ultimate, which hosted a staggering 3,492 competitors.

Mortal Kombat die hards won't be starved for a place to compete. A total prize purse of $100,000 will be on offer this March at the recently announced Final Kombat. The event will be a culmination of the MK11 Pro Kompetition, with a Saturday tournament offering registrants a chance to compete in the final 16 event on Sunday.

What do you think of Mortal Kombat's shock exit from the Evo World Championship? Take us for a ride in the comments with your reactions and speculation and find more discussion in the Mortal Kombat 11 forum!

Digital Foundry Examines Original Mortal Kombat Ports
In-depth with 16 versions of the arcade klassic!

The original arcade release of Mortal Kombat is fondly remembered by many fans, but a noteable section of its global success can also be attributed to home ports. Digital Foundry has gone in-depth with sixteen versions of the 1992 klassic to examine their quirks and differences. Watch:

The almost hour long documentary is a nostalgic look back at the original entry in the series, and its sometimes bumpy transition to the market's many home platforms. Much of the story will be familiar to fans, but Digital Foundry's exhaustive dedication to demonstrating and comparing the technical specifications of each version sets this apart from most retrospectives. Everything from sprites, gameplay, and music are vividly dissected across Sega, Nintendo, PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and even pirated platforms!

Digital Foundry also shared a nice photograph (via Twitter) of the Mortal Monday wine released to commemorate the 1993 home release. The wine makes a brief appearance during the video and is one of the rare PR curiosities from the period.

Interest in the original Mortal Kombat was recently piqued with news of Warner Bros UK submitting Mortal Kombat Kollection Online fpr rating by PEGI. Rather than a straight re-release of the original game as in Mortal Kombat: Arcade Kollection, the unconfirmed title is speculated to be the once-cancelled high definition remake that would've created sprites from newly photographed actors.

Surprised by soemthing you saw in the video? Which klassic version of Mortal Kombat do you consider the best? Share your favourite tidbits in the comments below and steep yourself in nostalgia in the 2D Kombat Klassics forum!

SNK Artist Draws Mortal Kombat X's Takeda
Mortal Kurio from Japan remixes MKX by SNK!

Takahashi Takeda was one of the exciting new generation of fighters introduced in Mortal Kombat X, and although he's sadly missing from the latest installment of the game, kommunity interest has propped up a commisioned piece by Japanese artist Eiji Shiroi that is sure to please!

Eiji Shiroi is the pseudonym of artist Jin Mera, whose artwork and character designs are best remembered from SNK fighting game series Samurai Shodown.

The Mortal Kombat commissioned piece was originally posted to her English Facebook in August 2017, but recently came to attention through re-circulation by Twitter user Mel Oliveira. Drawn at a live event in Nagoya, the artist herself described the request as "very unique".

Although not quite the phenomenon it is in the United States and Europe; Mortal Kombat has maintained a dedicated cult following in the fighting game stronghold of Japan. MK Online looked back upon the series' history in Japan in 2012, when location tests took the 2011 reboot to the region. The series continues to flirt with its Japanese rivals, proposing a Street Fighter guest character as recently as Mortal Kombat 11!

2012 also unearthed an unknown artist's work featuring Quan Chi in noted Akihabra store, Super Potato. You can find more western character comissions by Eiji Shiroi by checking her work out on Facebook.

What do you think of these Japanese renderings? Got Mortal Kombat fan art of your own? Submit your work to be featured in MK Online's Fan Kreations archive & forum! We'd love to see more from the most recent games!