Earlier today, the folks over at Midway issued a press release today announcing that Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe had achieved several milestones. The biggest of these milestones is the fact that the game has shipped over 1.8 million units since the game's release. In addition, the game set an internal record for most pre-sells of any Mortal Kombat title in the series history. Also, according to numbers from GameSpy Technology (which has provided online multiplayer for MK on Playstation titles since MK: Deception), 3.6 million online matches of MKvsDCU have been played on Playstation 3 since the game's release. However, no mention was made of how many matches had been played on Xbox Live.

Also, it was officially confirmed by Midway that work on the next Mortal Kombat game had begun. In a short statement, Ed Boon said, "We're already hard at work on our next version of Mortal Kombat, and look forward to being able to reveal more details in the future." Considering the release schedule of Mortal Kombat titles, it may be several months before anything concrete is seen from the next game. As we learn more, we'll be sure to report it here.

To read the press release in its entirety, click here.