At the beginning of the summer, Mortal Kombat Online was proud to announce it's affiliation with Syco Collectibles - a specialty manufacturer in licensed and proprietary collectible products who has recently acquired the Mortal Kombat licence for both Mortal Kombat 2011 and 'Klassic' Mortal Kombat's to manufacture highly-detailed and faithful Characters from our beloved franchise. You can check out the fourth feature right here and our previous 'Character Spotlight' right here.

UPDATE: Shao Kahn 1:2 Bust!

Four new teaser images of the mighty Emperor of Outworld, Shao Kahn, have been unveiled! Syco Collectibles delivered their promise to reveal the bust of Shao Kahn once they gathered a total of '600 likes' through their Official Facebook Page:

The outstanding collectible features the tyrant in his Alternate Costume complete with a removable helmet! This special treat allows a closer look to the rare sighting of Kahn's true face. Shao Kahn made his first unmasked appearance in 1993 during the Mortal Kombat II Official Comic Book and 12 years later during the final battle of the action-adventure game Shaolin Monks in 2005.

The 'Conqueror of Realms' will retail for $225.00 and he will feature glowing red LED eyes. The bust will be available for purchase in Q2 2012. Expect a pre-order link with our 20% Exclusive Discount soon!

Hurry and tell your friends to 'like' affiliation with Syco Collectibles as they have promised to reveal Rain once they reach '700 likes'. Anticipate a teaser of Sonya Blade at '1000 likes'!

With Part V of our Exclusive Syco Collectibles Feature on its way, this week we are happy to give you our second 'Character Spotlight' featuring the impressive 18" paint master of Shao Kahn's enslaved enforcer, Ermac - who is the second of their 18" Premium Format MK statues and is available to Pre-Order right now.

Ermac is featured wearing his iconic MK(2011) primary costume in a pose that honors his official render. The impressive attention to detail, color, and the high quality reproduction of the intricate designs in his costume all around, make this collectible one of Syco's most memorable creations and an absolute must for MK fans everywhere. Ermac comes complete with "Glow in the Dark" Eyes and stands an impressive 19.5" tall. In other words: Flawless Victory!

Make sure to check out what GameInformer had to say about this incredible statue coinciding with an IGN Editorial Feature on the Mortal Kombat range as a whole (even mentioning Mortal Kombat Online!).

The popular 'Fusion of Souls' will retail for $249.99 - But MK Online members can nab an exclusive 20% Discount!

We are also excited to announce their newly revised and updated 10" Statue of the Shaolin Monk, Liu Kang! Syco Collectibles listened and took into consideration the feedback and messages from their fans. They have re-sculpted and re-sized the facial expression, hair and head of Earth's Champion in order to please the majority of their followers:

As part of our Syco Collectibles Spotlight, we are happy to show you their most recent Production Blog. This time it features Sub-Zero's 18" Premium Format Statue which was shipped to everyone who ordered him yesterday! His statue has sold out and its currently on "Wish List" status. You can view all of their images and read the complete blog by clicking on the following link:

Production Blog - 18" Sub-Zero:

We will have another batch of exclusive First-Look Previews very soon, so, keep your eyes open for our Part V Syco Collectibles Feature. We are happy to confirm that two special statues of MK's first lady, Sonya Blade, are well on the works. You can expect to learn more information concerning Sonya in the near future.

Also in the works is Rain's 18" Premium Format Statue. For now, we can only reveal two hints about what you can expect from the ambitious 'traitor of the realms':

1) He will be sculpted in an iconic pose.

2) He won't be thirsty.

Share your guesses and your thoughts here!

We are also happy to announce a great opportunity for MK fans everywhere: Syco Collectibles want to know YOUR personal thoughts and ideas for Skarlet's statue and pose!

In this thread, fans will be able to propose and share ideas about how they would like Syco Collectibles to sculpt and pose the red-hair female ninja. Syco Collectibles will take into account all of the proposed ideas and the most popular suggestions will be taken into consideration for her final design. So, start voicing and sharing your ideas today as is likely that you will determinate Skarlet's pose.

Syco Collectibles is happy to give everyone the opportunity to voice their ideas and thoughts for their statues' poses and costumes, so, expect more 'Character Spotlight Threads' featuring other characters in the future.

Don't forget to visit their Official Facebook and help them get 600 likes for another Special Teaser of their upcoming Shao Kahn bust!

MK Online Member Discount : As we've mentioned in our previous features; we have managed to procure a fantastic opportunity for the MK Online community! Syco Collectibles are to be offering us and yourselves a generous and staggering 20% lifetime discount on all their Mortal Kombat Collectibles current and future. Below are the updated links for each currently available product for pre-order at the exclusive 20% Discount: