The upcoming Mortal Kombat movie sequel is set to introduce some of the major players from Outworld into the film canon, but we won't have to wait until official trailers to get a small taste of things to come! The film's producer has shared the first look at Jade, and glimpses of iconic weaponry from the production. Take a look:

Todd Garner has been sharing copious photographs from the production, and although most have been limited to abstract pieces of set and props, his output in January has given us some vivid previews of iconic items belonging to key characters.

Eagle-eyed fans will have spotted Kitana's fan in the first film, and now we can see the edge of its bladed protuberances poking out from decorative blue folds. There's also Shao Kahn's war hammer, what looks like an LED projected portal, and even Tati Gabrielle in close up! The You actress joined the cast as Jade after rumors started swirling last May.

Garner's photos, shared to X (formerly Twitter), also give us a nice look at a clapboard with the Mortal Kombat II movie logo. It shows the golden movie version of the dragon slithering between the columns of a Roman two.

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The MK sequel, with working title "Mortal Kombat II", is filming in Australia for an as yet unconfirmed release date with returning director Simon McQuoid. It looks as if at least one of the locations in the film will include a sweaty rainforest environment, perhaps the Kuatan Jungle or newcomer Johnny Cage's next movie?

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