As drama surrounding the United States Presidential election overshadows much of the discourse online; fans around the world found a welcome distraction in the release of the MK11 Ultimate Mileena Reveal trailer. The gameplay unveiling attracted worldwide attention, pushing Mileena into top trending topics.

Die hard fans made their enthusiasm felt on Twitter, pushing Mileena into the Top 30 Worldwide trending topics in the hours following the trailer's release. These are the subjects automatically sourced from the platform's global userbase, adding distinction beyond those tailored "for you" or in the What's Happening list.

Mileena hovered in the mid-twenties as tens of thousands of reactions were registered. It's not the first time Mileena gained this attention: Rambo and Mileena made the Top 10 trends after the midnight release of the Kombat Pack 2 Reveal trailer!

Ed Boon discussed fan reactions to the return during New York Comic-Con. There's certainly no denying the democratic appeal Mileena has captured. She may be exaggerating the numbers, but there have certain been tens of thousands of souls crying out for her return!

Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate and Kombat Pack 2 will be released November 17th, with players who purchase on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One eligible for a free upgrade to next generation consoles! Check out more Mileena in hi-res screenshots and her official bio! Find more discussion on the Mortal Kombat 11 forum and help your favourite topics trend by sharing @MK_Online!