Gaming site IGN has released an exciting new video featuring the up until now only slightly mentioned Challenge Tower. Narrated by Senior Product Mike Burkhead and Lead Software Engineer Jay Biondo, this in depth video shows off the massive game mode that is the Challenge Tower.

The Challenge Tower is a 300 mission tower where players will complete a variety of challenges both new and old. Classic MK mini-games such as Test Your Might and Test Your Sight return, along with new games Test Your Strength and Test Your Luck. Test Your Luck is described as a slot machine, where slots determine your opponent and a various number of handicaps. Handicaps seem to be very large in number, ranging from flaming floors, jump disabling and first hit kills. In addition, a number of vanity modes seem to be present as well such as Zombie Mode, Headless Mode and Armless Mode. We also get our first look at the retro ninja costumes in action as Scorpion takes on Sub-Zero. Both are currently exclusive DLC via Gamespot and Amazon, respectively [full story].

Specific challenges such as "Orange You Glad I Came" are described. This particular challenge, a favorite of some team members, featuring a tag battle with Sub-Zero and Scorpion vs. a boss character in which the boss changes colors from orange to blue, only taking damage from the character that corresponds to those colors. Another features a "shooting gallery" type set up where characters use their projectiles to knock back a stream of zombies, featured in the video were Johnny Cage and Stryker but the team revealed that up to 6 characters may be used. The final challenge titled "End Game" offers up a "great reward" that was not revealed in the video and should keep players busy for many hours working towards this ultimate goal.

Check out the video embedded above or on IGN by clicking here.