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Netherrealm Studios Releases Scorpion Gameplay Trailer!

Netherrealm Studios has released a new HD gameplay trailer featuring a montage showcase of fan-favorite fighter, Scorpion! The video shows off a wide array of the ninja spectre's trademark moves, weaved effortlessly into combo attacks by Mortal Kombat's new fighting engine. Amongst the bone breaking blows dealt are transitions into Tag Team attacks, X-Ray specials, and the first glimpse of Scorpion's Hellfire Backflip Kick, introduced originally in Deadly Alliance.

Scorpion's entrance in the video also features chilling new dialogue, revelling in his infernal origins with a stern warning to any of the unlucky combatants appearing later in the clip. It is unclear if this is simply part of a match entrance, or perhaps a glimpse into the much touted story mode, about which we know very little.

Find the video embedded above, or watch it on

Thanks to forum member MKshizz for word on this story!

Jax and The Subway Confirmed on GameTrailers TV!
Awwww Yeah!

GameTrailers TV with Geoff Keighley has confirmed Jax as well as The Subway for the upcoming Mortal Kombat! The show premiered early Friday morning and featured the usual gameplay montage present with press events, only this one featured several minutes of gameplay with Jax.

Jax is a grapple heavy character who seems to have a large amount of grabs and throws. Classic moves featured included his ground pound and a version of the gotcha grab. His X-Ray move was also showcased in which he performs a double backbreaker. Jax's win pose is most impressive as he reveals an American flag and cloaks himself in it. Appearance wise, he seems to be sporting an attire combination from MK2 and MK3, with metal arms with a machine gun strapped to his back as we saw in MK:DA. He looks much more rugged and less sleek, as he was in his debut back in MK2. Though a fatality was not shown, Ed Boon revealed that Jax had a combination of his MK2 fatalities as one, ripping off the arms of his opponent and clapping his hands to decapitate them.

The Subway is a returning stage from Mortal Kombat 3. It looks much the same as it did in its 3D appearances, but the stage fatality has been updated to feature two trains instead of one. The victim is held in front of an oncoming train as the upper body is pounded before being thrown across the arena to be hit by another oncoming train, completing the stage fatality.

Other details include less certainty about the final number of characters. Ed revealed it remains "in the 20s" but the old number of 26 may no longer be up to date, as there may end up being less or more than originally planned (he also noted the character list was, in fact, not finalized as previously reported). Once again however, he hinted at the strong presence of DLC. Ed also took the time to answer a few commonly asked questions. Tag Team fatalities are a possibility, but only if time allows for them. Mini-games were also mentioned but he did not comment on specifics.Steve Beran was also interviewed about concept design for the characters, in which a large number of concepts for Scorpion's ninja suit were shown. Finally, the classic Spine Rip fatality by Sub-Zero was also shown.

If you missed the show, it is now online at GTTV's website. Click here to watch it!

Netherrealm Studios Release Part 1 of Second MKast!

Despite a processing issue on Youtube, Netherrealm Studios have released part one of the second installment of the MKast onto their official Facebook Page with the Youtube version expected to follow suit shortly once the technical issues get corrected.

This particular MKast has been split into four parts. Partly due to the time restrictions on video uploading. Hector Sanchez and Hans Lo are joined this time by a few of the game designers John Edwards, Paulo Garcia and Brian LeBaron.

Discussed in this episode is the progess made from the E3 Build to the PAX Build. Talk about character balancing and balance hooks is also present. This segment is also laced with some gameplay moments showcasing some of the Tag Team combos you can create.

To view the new MKast for yourself please click here.

Update #1: Youtube have seemingly rectifyed their technical issues and the MKast is now available to watch over on the official Mortal Kombat Channel.

Mortal Kombat 2011 at the Electronic Games Show in Mexico!

Mortal Kombat had landed in Latin America with a playable build for the first time at the Game Planet booth inside the Electronic Games Show.

During the course of today's events, One of the games Producers, Hector Sanchez; Will be at hand to give the press and the public a Presentation Demo of the upcoming game along with a Tournament-style playthrough. You'll also be able to have signings with Hector right on the stage!

Whilst there hasn't been any media or coverage from the event just yet, We do anticipate something to come from the show considering the nature of the event. More on this as it becomes available.

Meanwhile you can check out Mortal Kombat's translated schedule at the show right here.

Update #1: A few pictures taken during the show are below. One of Hector Sanchez sporting one of the aforementioned Netherrealm Studio's T-shirts and a shot of the public Tournament in action with Johnny Cage versus himself.

Update #2: EGS has posted a video of Hector playing as Scorpion versus a player using Kung Lao on their official Facebook page.

Update #3: mingzang3009 on Youtube has posted a demonstration video from EGS 2010 that features Hector explaining things about the game while the likes of Kitana, Reptile, Nightwolf and Cyrax do battle in tag team mode in the background. Thanks to forum member TioShard for this update!

Update #4: mingzang3009 has uploaded another video. This time the battle is between Nightwolf and Cyrax.

Update #5: mingzang3009 has again posted another video. The camera flows from two different fights featuring Kung Lao, Sub-Zero and Kitana.

Gametrailers to air Mortal Kombat 2011 Exclusive next week!

Gametrailers is set to release their next episode of Gametrailers TV this coming Thursday with an exclusive look at the upcoming Mortal Kombat!

Several tweets have circulated recently in regards to the upcoming Gametrailers episode from series creator Ed Boon and the host of Gametrailers TV, Geoff Keighley over on Twitter. The exchanged tweets would suggest we will be recieving not only one new Character Reveal but they will also be unveiling a new Arena too.

Be sure to catch the exclusive upcoming episode over at Gametrailers TV on Thursday the 28th October at 1.10am PDT when it airs right here.

Netherealm Studios Shirts Now Available
Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon posted on his Twitter account that Netherealm Studios T-shirts are now available for purchase.
To see the original Twitter post, click here. No word as of yet where they can be purchased.
NRS Releases Scorpion Vignette!

Netherrealm Studios has released a video bio featuring the iconic Scorpion as he appears in the upcoming Mortal Kombat. The ninja spectre's canon storyline seems to remain the same, though new information in the way of Quan Chi being the individual responsible for bringing the hellspawn back to the world of the living has been added. Scorpion's history with Sub-Zero is well known, and assuming things remain unchanged, he has been deceived by Quan Chi into believing a lie.

The video pieces together gameplay, renders and comic-themed artwork to make around a one minute, high-quality presentation. It begins by telling the story of Scorpion through his life, dead, resurrection and ends with him killing Sub-Zero. Be sure to check it out on our official Youtube page as well.

What would you do with Scorpions Spear? MK Community Video!

The MKCommunity manager has just uploaded a video asking "What would you do with Scorpion's Spear?" in a Pop Quiz style.

Several of the members from Netherrealm Studio's discuss what they'd do if they had the deadly weapon Scorpion wields some providing comical answers. The short video is also laced with some brief gameplay moments too.

To view the video for youself then please click here.

Offical Mortal Kombat 2011 Website Launches!

The official website for Mortal Kombat has just been revealed!

After being prompted to choose your character from the selection - Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Mileena, Shao Kahn and Raiden, You are taken to their individual pages which showcase a Render and a small Biography of your chosen warrior! Whilst nothing entirely new is present yet. You can see what appears to be Scorpion's Lair from MK3 as Scorpions background image along with The Bell Tower art and a 6th characters silhouette who has yet to be unlocked.

User interactivity is also something which holds an emphasis with the new site in the form of Kombat Chat. The rules regarding this are as follows:

User interactivity is also something which holds an emphasis with the new site in the form of Kombat Chat which seems to be bound to yet another Countdown which is expected to time out at somepoint during the 1st of November! The rules regarding this are as follows:

"The more you talk about your favorite character on his or her discussion board, the more power they accumulate. If your character gains more power than any other character at the end of each countdown, you will unlock a piece of exclusive content about that character."

Seeing as the site has just launched a lot of functionality is disabled in regards to being able to Register for exclusive content and the Forums have not yet been integrated. We assume this will come into effect very soon!

Update #1: Several of the MK characters now have their own "official Twitters". They are Scorpion, Raiden, Mileena, Johnny Cage, Shao Kahn and Sub-Zero.

To view the site for yourself please click here.

Official Mortal Kombat Website Countdown Ends!

The official website for Mortal Kombat has had a countdown present for past couple of weeks, originally set to expire on October 10th. The countdown officially came to an end starting October 12th. As of this moment, there is not much in the way of new content. Wallpaper sized versions of previously seen artwork is now available however, they have been added below for your convenience.

The site currently links to the official Facebook page for Mortal Kombat, where you can find these images along with a short excerpt about Scorpion. It is designed in such a way that more characters can be added and renders or art can be added into each character's category.

It is very likely the site has more to post, as recent comments via Twitter confirm there are server issues preventing prompt release of the true new content. We will follow this story throughout the day and update as new information becomes available, so be sure to check back for more content.

Capcom Exec in Favor of Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat!

EventHubs recently conducted an interview with Christian Svensson, Capcom's vice president of strategic planning and business development. In closing, the interview mentions the very popular subject of what franchise the Street Fighter series should next cross over with. His response:

EventHubs: If all licensing and financial hurdles were cleared out of the way, who would you most like to do a crossover Vs. fighting game with?

Svensson: There are other hurdles beyond licensing and financial in these sorts of things but I’d probably pick Mortal Kombat. Having been a VP at Midway as well, the franchise still holds a special place in my heart.

With the long time support of series co-creator Ed Boon there are multiple people of interest on each side that support this project. As he noted however, there are several hurdles that would have to be cleared before such a project could come to fruition.

To read the remainder of the interview, click here.

Thanks to forum member DarzieP for the lead on this story!

Mortal Kombat Environment Bio #01 - The Pit!

The MKCommunity manager has posted the first in a presumable series of biographies featuring the various stages and arenas in the upcoming Mortal Kombat. The first featured is the iconic Pit!

The stage is shown through it's various incarnations, from its debut in the first Mortal Kombat through it's current incarnation in the upcoming game. The stage is given lore details, such as explaining how spikes were first placed on the ground below by Shang Tsung's instructions and even why Reptile was assigned to the Pit's bottom in Mortal Kombat I. We will continue to watch Youtube for more videos of ths nature.

Thanks to forum member MKKitana for the word on this story!

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