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MKX Character Dialogues - Raiden vs Ferra/Torr
Raiden's glowy bits are on the menu in character intro with Ferra/Torr!

You can bet there'll be a whole lot of fighting words to go around when Mortal Kombat X ships in the coming year [full story]! It's all thanks to an extensive pre-fight intro system that sees kombatants taunt, warn and threaten their opponents with personalized dialogues. The latest intro from NetherRealm Studios pits godly veteran Raiden against impetuous newcomers Ferra/Torr. Check it out below:

Raiden: Leave now, Ferra.
Ferra: Rip out his glowy parts.
Raiden: I foresee a different result.

Thundergod Raiden addresses the sadistic brains behind debuting tandem - Ferra/Torr - with an interesting note of familiarity. He certainly doesn't seem intimidated - commanding the pair to leave the fight before they come to blows. There also isn't a lot of hostility present in Raiden's order, which only comes after he almost inadvertently teleports into the fray. Is it pity, dismissal, or something more involved that motivates this response?

With a story spanning 25 years - it's difficult to say when, or how, Raiden would make the acquaintance of this brutal new pairing. Popular reference gives Ferra/Torr a certain post-apocalyptic flavour that could explain the protector god's interest, but that assumes something terrible for the fate of Earthrealm.

Raiden's still making cute little quips about his visions of the future. The feelings of the individual toward the time twisting story of Mortal Kombat (2011) will determine how appreciated it is. It remains to be seen how much of the timeline of previous games will play out in the new reality of Mortal Kombat X - if at all.

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Little touches in the sequence demonstrate the quality of in-engine renderings. Raiden's electric energy crackles with a threatening chaos more severe than ever before. The use of depth in establishing the fighter's arrival is delivered with a level of subtlety that shows progress over previous generations. The child-like Ferra, with her mismatched punk personality, seems destined to be a memorable new addition to the series.

This is the third release of character intros. Catch up with: Cassie Cage v Kotal Kahn and Scorpion v Quan Chi!

Raiden vs Ferra/Torr was previously featured in an image/text combo on the official Facebook. We'll assume that means you still have time to request an intro dialogue between two reveal characters! To do so, simply tweet your battle using the hashtag #MKXfightintro. Be sure to include @MK_Online in your tweet so we can share it!

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TeeFury Mario Kombat Shirt Fuses Franchise Rivals
Bitter rivals Mario & Wario get hot and cold in MK mash-up tee!

Missed out on the Sub-Zero Flawless Holiday sweater? No worries! You can still grab yourself (or a loved one) a frosty new look just in time for the giving season! Iconic gaming rivals collide in TeeFury's Mario Kombat - a playful mash-up of Smash Bros. & Mortal Kombat!

Click To Enlarge: It's-a me! Sub-Zerio! Awahwahwahwah!

[Pictured above]: Nintendo mascot Mario takes on the icey role of Sub-Zero, while his caustic counterpart Wario suffers as his yellow nemesis: Scorpion. The wacky war wear is the perfect gift for a fan of both series!

Editor's Note: We're reasonably sure this isn't indication that it's Mario who's under the mask and cowl in Mortal Kombat X. Reasonably sure... [Related Article: E3 2014: Gamespot Full Match Videos & Demo Stream]

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Kommunity: The NetherKast - Episode 5
The NetherKast discusses the phenomenon of guest fighters in Mortal Kombat.

The NetherKast is a kommunity initiative giving a voice to discussion within the fanbase. The audio series is a fan roundtable discussing multiple facets of Mortal Kombat - new and old. The kast is completely free and can be listened to via YouTube below:

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01:45:25 - Klassic Kombatant
Retrospective: Frost
02:11:14 - Forum Questions
See Also: NetherKast Ep. 4
The NetherKast is hosted by MKO User blackcyborg with regular co-hosts: TemperaryUserName, RazorsEdge701 & Shadaloo and guest fan .

In the fifth episode; The NetherKrew are taking the challenge of guest characters! From the all-out crossover battle of Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe, to the controversial guest appearances of Kratos and Freddy Kreuger in Mortal Kombat (2011) - they share their memories and opinions. Also in this episode - a retrospective look back at Deadly Alliance cryomancer: Frost!

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DC Comics February Solicitations: Mortal Kombat X #2-#3
Kotal Kahn acquires the Kamidogu and Cassie Cage goes underground in February!

DC Comics' digital-first Mortal Kombat X series hasn't even begun publication yet - but it's already been bumped to a twice-monthly publishing schedule, starting February!

Solicitations for DC's Beyond The New 52 block reveals print versions of the 2015 series will begin the increased schedule with issues #2 & #3. This follows the strategy of NetherRealm game tie-in Injustice: Gods Among us -- an alternate DC Universe series that instantly established new benchmarks for digital-first publications!

Issue #2 art by DEXTER SOY
Issue #3 art by IGOR VITORINO
Covers by IVAN REIS
#2 on sale FEBRUARY 11
#3 on sale FEBRUARY 25
40 pg, FC, $3.99 US • DIGITAL FIRST
Now shipping twice monthly! In issue #2, Scorpion and his newest companion set off in deadly pursuit of Raiden! Meanwhile, as the daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade, Cassie Cage thinks she’s seen it all. But when she finds herself in an illegal MMA deathmatch, Cassie must decide if she’s ready for her first taste of Mortal Kombat!
Then, in issue #3, as the civil war in Outworld rages on, Kotal Kahn suffers an unimaginable loss and enlists the power of the Kamidogu to avenge his fallen ally. But will blood magic make Kotal powerful enough to take down Outworld’s champion? Enter: Goro!

Written by TOM TAYLOR
On sale FEBRUARY 4 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T • DIGITAL FIRST
The new Deadman tracks down The Spectre but makes a shocking discovery. Meanwhile, Trigon launches an attack on Superman, and not even the power of Wonder Woman is enough to help. Plus, the identity of Superman’s secret protector is revealed. DC Comics February 2015 solicitations

Written by TOM TAYLOR
On sale FEBRUARY 18 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T • DIGITAL FIRST
A world-shattering magical battle is under way, involving some of the most powerful beings in the universe. Batman, Constantine and the Birds of Prey launch a full out assault on Swamp Thing and his allies. And Batman has a final good-bye with the last person he’d expect

As teased during New York Comic Con: MKX newcomers Cassie Cage and Kotal Kahn look set to share the spotlight with veteran legends, like: Scorpion and Goro!

Likewise, writer Shawn Kittelsen's promise to utilize MK's extensive back canon will clearly come to the fore quickly. Solicitations name check The Kamidogu - cosmic items of power introduced during 2004's Mortal Kombat: Deception. Could this foreshadow the presence of kamidogu gatherer Shujinko, or his hidden master: The Dragon King?

At 40 pages each issue - MKX promises a whole lot of action ahead of the April 2015 release of the game! Fans eager to get ahead of the print run can look forward to co-published digital chapters starting January. For more info, check out the original announcement and January solicitations.

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TheYeTee Sub-Zero Ugly Holiday Sweatshirt
Discontinued Popup Tee Puts Sub-Zero in a Kristmas Mood

Blink and you missed it! Sadly, we were looking in the wrong direction earlier this month when TheYeTee launched their limited Flawless Holiday sweater! The ugly retro design by Steven Anderson was part of The YeTee's Sweaterfest 3.5 - too good to ignore, even if it's no longer available!

Click To Enlarge: Retro Seasons Beatings from Sub-Zero!

The collision of ugly, winter wonderland sweater motifs, and classic 2D Sub-Zero sprites is an ironic joy to behold. You might not be able to purchase it for these holidays, but you can certainly appreciate the work behind it.

Mortal Kombat Online will be keeping its eyes peeled for any second run. Be sure to help us out! Register to discuss new products in the Media & Merchandise forum or tip us off by submitting a lead! Happy holidays!

Update Dec. 7: Hark! You've got a second chance to order the Sub-Zero Winter Sweater via TeePublic! As seen during The Game Awards!

MKX Character Dialogues - Scorpion vs Quan Chi
Scorpion faces Quan Chi in pre-match character dialogue scene.

Mortal Kombat X is set to ramp up inter-character rivalries with each combination featuring a different pre-match exchange. Developer NetherRealm Studios previously released Cassie Cage vs Kotal Kahn - now we gain a glimpse of what's to come from Scorpion vs Quan Chi! Watch the dialogue below:

Scorpion: You betrayed me, Quan Chi.
Quan Chi: Your rage betrayed you.
Scorpion: ENOUGH!

As in the timeline of the original games: it seems Scorpion is destined to learn of Quan Chi's manipulation of his undead revenge quest. The ninja spectre famously learned a similar truth in one of Mortal Kombat 4's memorable plot-twists [watch now], but it remains to be seen if his latest revelation is attached to the death of his family and clan - or some new indiscretion. Scorpion remained in Quan Chi's service at the close of Mortal Kombat (2011)'s reboot story mode.

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Whether or not the oni head Quan Chi carries has any role to play: another factor for speculation - (and not the only one). We learned from reliable sources in October that the head is almost certainly that of Deadly Alliance sub-boss: Moloch. In that 2002 sequel, Moloch was instrumental in protecting Quan Chi from a vengeful Scorpion [with Drahmin].

Otherwise, no great revelations appear to come from this particular dialogue. Quan Chi is cold and sinister, Scorpion eventually resorts to shouting. Quan Chi will play a major role in Mortal Kombat X, as learned from his October Reveal Trailer.

Is there a particular interaction you'd like to see from the characters revealed so far? Use the Twitter hashtag #MKXfightintro for a chance to see it next!

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2015 Guinness World Records Names Top 50 Games - Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat Finishes 45th on Guinness World Records Top 50 Game Series

The Guinness World Records 2015: Gamer's Edition has been unleashed upon the world - coinciding with the original publication's 60th anniversary! In it - the eighth volume of the video game specific annual - Guinness has named the Top 50 Record-Breaking Games as voted by readers!

The Independent reports, "More than 5,000 fans of the book from 140 countries across the world took to an online poll to vote for their favourite games..."

The finished list features an aggregate tally of franchises based on votes polled for individual games. The final result: Call of Duty is the #1 game for 2015!

Mortal Kombat makes the list at a respectable #45, beating out unranked global fighting game rivals like: Street Fighter, Tekken, Virtua Fighter and more.

#1 Call of Duty
#2 Super Mario Bros.
#3 Minecraft
#4 Grand Theft Auto
#5 Halo
#6 The Legend of Zelda
#8 Assassin's Creed
#9 Battlefield
#10 The Elder Scrolls

The collated list is notably light on fighting games, in general. The only other traditional combat series represented are Super Smash Bros. (#39), and World Wrestling Entertainment (#41), who have been an annual console presence since 2000's PlayStation exclusive: Smackdown!. Online arena fighter (MOBA) League of Legends finished #16, reflecting its intense worldwide popularity.

This isn't the first time Mortal Kombat has been toppled by Acclaim's powerhouse franchise shooter Call of Duty, in 2014. Back in October; MK took silver at the 2014 Hollywood Reporter KeyArt Awards - runner-up to Kevin Spacey starring Advanced Warfare.

Fans looking to give their favourite series a boost can currently vote for Scorpion & Sub-Zero in Official PlayStation Magazine UK's all-time greatest PlayStation icons poll!

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MKX Character Dialogues - Cassie Cage vs Kotal Kahn
Cassie Cage sasses blood god Kotal Kahn in pre-match MKX dialogue!

The complete roster of Mortal Kombat X characters is still a mystery - but when the game ships in 2015, we know each fighter will have plenty to say to his or her opponents! Unique pre-match dialogues have been of intense interest during convention previews, but typically muffled by the roar of the crowds. Following up on other examples; NetherRealm Studios used Instagram to offer a complete demo of character interaction between Cassie Cage & Kotal Kahn. Watch (and listen) below:

Cassie Cage: Nice mini-skirt.
Kotal Kahn: A joke at my expense?
Cassie Cage: Nah. It's yours for free.

Second generation kombatant Cassie Cage delivers mocking levity with a nonchalance befitting of the daughter of both Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade. As you might expect, incoming Outworld conqueror Kotal Kahn plays a natural straight man in the one-two exchange.

Clues to story-driven details have drawn particular interest where character interactions have been concerned. This one doesn't give too much away, particularly given presumptions about both character's expected demeanours. Cassie is a little less exaggerated in her comedic delivery than her father - an interesting subtlety.

Will this muted characterization define Cassie Cage throughout? Is Kotal Kahn's mini-skirt truly up to the demands of the fickle winds of fashion? Register to share your thoughts on the Mortal Kombat X forum! Enjoy klassic video content by subscribing to Mortal Kombat Online on YouTube!

Kommunity: Mortal Kombat Elevator Prank 2 - Raiden
Weary of his duties, Raiden turns on humanity in an elevator.

Because the original just left so many questions unanswered -- the world can rest easy knowing YouTube sensation Mortal Kombat Elevator Prank is back for a sequel. This time around, millions are flocking to fouseyTUBE to watch Raiden inconvenience elevator goers. Watch in awe below:

The three minute epic delves deep into the Mortal Kombat mythos to explore the inner most complexities of Raiden as a character. The god of thunder can be seen posing, squatting, losing his hat, laughing and contributing significantly to the local community.

If the ups and downs of Elevator Prank 2 left you wanting more, be sure to check out the original Mortal Kombat Elevator Prank with Sub-Zero.You might also enjoy Mortal Kombat: Legacy Ep. 6 - a live-action short depicting Raiden's reluctant stay in a mental institution.

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Kommunity: The NetherKast - Episode 4
The NetherKast kommunity podcast discuss secrets and unlockable content.

The NetherKast is an kommunity initiative giving a voice to discussion within the fanbase! The audio series is a fan roundtable discussing multiple facets of Mortal Kombat, new and old. The kast is completely free and can be listened to via YouTube:

Subscribe to The NetherKast on YouTube for live updates!

00:02:15 - Mortal Kombat
00:03:33 - Ermac/EGM April Fool
00:08:41 - Nimbus Terrafaux
00:12:31 - Mortal Kombat II
00:37:41 - Hydro (3rd Party)
00:41:01 - Mortal Kombat 3
00:58:45 - Mortal Kombat Trilogy
01:04:00 - Tremor
01:12:40 - Mortal Kombat 4
01:21:42 - Aqua (A. Hydroxybot)
01:27:24 - MK: Deadly Alliance
01:46:16 - MK: Deception
01:48:10 - MK: Shaolin Monks
02:15:25 - Mortal Kombat (2011)
02:28:11 - Klassic Kombatant
Retrospective: Mileena
See Also: NetherKast Ep. 3
The NetherKast is hosted by MKO User blackcyborg with regular co-hosts: TemperaryUserName, RazorsEdge701 & Shadaloo.

In the fourth episode, current events are on hold for an expanded overview of Mortal Kombat's long and storied history with secret and unlockable content! The krew share their perspective on the past, delving into secrets, rumors and magazine fodder.

See Also: Mortal Kombat Online feature discussions about Top 10 Hidden & Unlockable Characters and the history of Fools, Fakes & Phony Ninjas.

Register to dive into nostalgia for Mortal Kombat's past in the 2D Kombat Klassics, 3D Kombat Klassics & Mortal Kombat (2011) forums! Share your NetherKast Ep. 4 feedback in the dedicated thread.

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MK Rivals Compete in OPM PlayStation Icon Fan Vote
Are Scorpion & Sub-Zero PlayStation Icons? OPM UK Wants You To Decide!

Shocking as it may seem: December 2014 marks the 20th anniversary of the first Sony PlayStation video games console!

Just in time for the milestone: Official PlayStation Magazine UK is looking to fans to decide The Greatest PlayStation Icon of All-Time!

Fans can vote for three options on the nominations list, which includes an assortment of pre-selected iconic characters from four generations of PlayStation consoles! Voting ends November 24th, with results to be published in January's Official PlayStation Magazine #106 (UK) as part of a special feature.

Representing the evergreen Mortal Kombat franchise are two of its most time tested mascot rivals: Scorpion & Sub-Zero!

Incarnations of both characters have appeared in seven PlayStation console titles, including; Mortal Kombat (2011) and Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero! The pair renewed their rivalry most recently in the reveal trailer for Mortal Kombat X -- coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 in 2015!

FIGHT! PlayStation Icon Kratos challenges Scorpion & Sub-Zero in 2010 trailer!

Scorpion & Sub-Zero are up against some stiff competition! Third options include: Crash Bandicoot, Lara Croft (Tomb Raider), Kratos (God of War), Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal), Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid), Heihachi Mishima (Tekken), Chris Redfield (Resident Evil), Cole McGrath (inFamous), PaRappa the Rapper, Abe (Oddworld) and many more!

Which PlayStation characters are you voting for? Register to share your answers on the forum! Join and create your own fantasy fight vote-offs in the Fan Koliseum!

Kommunity: The NetherKast - Episode 3
The NetherKast focuses on the Top 10 characters they want to see in MKX!

The NetherKast is an exciting new kommunity initiative giving a voice to discussion within the fanbase! The audio series is a fan roundtable discussing multiple facets of Mortal Kombat X and the series as a whole! The kast is completely free and can be listened to via YouTube:

Subscribe to The NetherKast on YouTube for live updates!

00:05:32 - Number 10
00:13:40 - Number 9
00:23:46 - Number 8
00:30:55 - Number 7
00:42:56 - Number 6
00:58:52 - Number 5
01:17:53 - Number 4
01:27:19 - Number 3
01:38:19 - Number 2
01:51:00 - Number 1
02:13:57 - Klassic Kombatant
Retrospective: Kabal
See Also: NetherKast Ep. 2

The NetherKast is hosted by MKO User blackcyborg with regular co-hosts: TemperaryUserName, RazorsEdge701 & Shadaloo.

In the third episode, the conversation turns to pure speculation as the Kasters pool opinions to determine their Top 10 characters they want to see in Mortal Kombat X! No spoilers in the show notes, so you'll have to dive in to the marathon 2 hours 42 minutes pure MKX Kombat konversation! Their klassic kombatant of the week is Kabal - a retrospective look back at MK's masked nomad, so don't count him out of the Top 10 just yet!

See Also: Mortal Kombat Online's pre-announcement hopes in the Top 10 Comeback Characters for MKX and Top 10 MK2011 Character Kontinues for MKX! Register to share your wish list in the relevant forum topics!

Support the NetherKast by listening to the show, subscribing on YouTube, and by joining the conversation on the forum! Find more audio-visual Kombat Kontent by visiting the Mortal Kombat Online YouTube Archive!

Kommunity: The NetherKast - Episode 2
The NetherKast puts new characters under the spotlight & pits them against klassics!

The NetherKast is an exciting new kommunity initiative giving a voice to discussion within the fanbase! The audio series is a fan roundtable discussing multiple facets of Mortal Kombat X and the series as a whole! The kast is completely free and can be listened to via YouTube:

Subscribe to The NetherKast on YouTube for live updates!

00:01:00 - Cassie Cage
00:18:54 - D'Vorah
00:42:57 - Ferra/Torr
01:29:38 - Kotal Kahn
01:47:43 - Discussion: New
vs Returning Fighters
02:13:57 - Klassic Kombatant
Retrospective: Baraka
See Also: NetherKast Ep. 1

The NetherKast is hosted by BlackCyborg with returning guests for Episode 2: TemperaryUserName, RazorsEdge701 & Shadaloo.

The conversation continues onward from the last episode, moving on to feature discussions about Mortal Kombat X newcomers: Cassie Cage, D'Vorah, Ferra/Torr & Kotal Kahn. The massive 2 hour 37 minute cast also includes debate about the merits of returning characters and new additions, and a classic spotlight on Baraka.

Support the NetherKast by listening to the show, subscribing on YouTube, and by joining the conversation on the forum! Find more audio-visual Kombat Kontent by visiting the Mortal Kombat Online YouTube Archive!

FIGHT! ScrewAttack Death Battle - Ryu versus Scorpion!
Fighting Game Franchise Mascots Enter the Death Battle! Triumph or Die!

You watched the fight announcement preview -- now the ScrewAttack DEATH BATTLE is finally here! It's an all-Japan main event as the wandering world warrior Ryu (Street Fighter) takes on the lost soul bent on revenge Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)! Spoilers ahead:

The classic rivalry between arcade fighting kings Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat is so storied - it's already produced two previous Death Battles!

One NetherRealm Studios producer once descried a crossover between the two series as "inevitable". Perhaps that's because cross-pollination between companies kept the idea alive on the Capcom side, as well. A similar notion was shared by Christian Svensson right around the same time.

While this history of comparison has kept each series in the others' purview; the Japanese fighter's earlier arcade release and definitive mechanical complexities has meant the battle for minds, hearts and video game supremacy hasn't always been an even fight.

Could a clash between franchise mascots, therefore, be subject to the same history of pretensions and cult preference? Some fans certainly expected so, suspicious of past acknowledgements. By their own terms: Death Battle professes to look at the games and characters' abilities to determine their outcomes. If you haven't watched their verdict [embedded above] - this is your last chance to teleport away before we plunge into the pit of spoiler Hell!

Toasty: Scorpion unleashes Hell in his MKvsDC fatality.


- Scorpion Wins! (82.7%)
- Double KO! (6.6%)
- Ryu Wins! (10.6%)
Chemistry between fighters has been a big talking point for us in previous MK Death Battles.

Where some fans have seen an unfair bias in the Screw Attack analysis - we tend to think the disadvantage lies in match-up selections. Thor vs Raiden illustrated how one character can have a perceivable inherent advantage over another - in that case; a lightning manipulating god against a god who turns into lightning.

The potential for Scorpion to bear the burden of being an invincible berserker seemed a distinct possibility. The trope of the powerful punching bag is a standard one - particularly for a franchise predicated on lethal violence. Within Mortal Kombat, Scorpion is arguably best known for his defeats and frustrations. Conversely, Ryu is the quintessential golden boy - noted for his struggles with darkness, but remembered for his victories over boss tier characters; Sagat, Bison, Akuma...

The home crowd may have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a Scorpion victory [results top], but understanding and respecting Ryu makes it easy to conceive of his victory. As an opponent, they don't come much tougher. He is the hero of martial arts epic - defined by his mastery over fist and spirit. His rejection of the killing aspects of his Ansatsuken fighting style is not a weakness for Mortal Kombat's more freely fatal fighters to capitalize on - but a strength of Ryu's true artistry.

Because of this - we were a little surprised by Scorpion's victory!

In our recent Halloween Top 10, we equated Scorpion's ninja spectre skills and thirst for vengeance with the unstoppable determination of horror icons The Terminator, or Jason Voorhees. It was those qualities that Death Battles picked up on, delivering the win through the much lauded advantage of being an unstoppable deadman.

We've got to give full credit to the environmental advantage. More than any other MK Death Battle - it was Scorpion's ability to take the fight into the Netherrealm itself that tipped the scales. Ryu arguably struck a victory blow - but while in the confines of Hell itself, Scorpion wasn't about to stay down. Would it have gone differently in a strict, neutral plane? That will be one the Street Fighter fans will be debating for quite some time, we're sure!

History of Violence: Scorpion was handed lemons and made hellacious lemonade.

Did ScrewAttack Death Battles get it right? Or do you harbor a forbidden respect for Ryu that wonders the great what if? Register to share your thoughts on the forums!

Catch-up on Mortal Kombat's previous Death Battles: Akuma vs Shang Tsung, Thor vs Raiden, Bison vs Shao Kahn & Fulgore vs Sektor! With today's result, do you still see a bias? Discuss each match and post your own in the Fan Koliseum! Check out more video content via the Mortal Kombat Online: YouTube Archive!

Play Mortal Kombat Klassics Online at Internet Archive
Internet Archive adds klassic Mortal Kombat ports to 900+ in-browser library!

It is a slightly confused question Mortal Kombat Online has been asked since time immemorial: 'How do I play Mortal Kombat online?'

Thanks to a massive 900+ classic games added to the Internet Archive - we finally have a carefree answer!

The Console Living Room & Internet Arcade boast a staggering array of in-browser playable versions of classic games from the Arcade, Atari 2600, ColecoVision, Sega Master System, Sega Genesis and many more! We aren't just talking public domain cheapies, either! There's everything from bona fide arcade classics - to long lost, licensed console titles, not available through traditional virtual console means!

In-browser versions of Sega Genesis ports of: Mortal Kombat (1992), Mortal Kombat II (1994), Mortal Kombat 3 (1995) & Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (1996) should interest many cheap MK fans! For those looking to expand their MK education, influential arcade titles like Karate Champ and Kung-Fu Master are ready and waiting!

Through use of the JSMESS emulator system, which allows direct access to these programs in your browser with no additional plugins or settings, these games can be enjoyed again. Simply click on the screenshot or "Emulate This" button for each individual cartridge, and on modern browsers the games will just start to run. As nostalgia, a teaching tool, or just plain fun, you'll find hundreds of the games that started a billion-dollar industry.

Which classic games are you playing? Register to recommend and discuss the 900+ game archive on the forum! For a more authentic arcade experience, Mortal Kombat: Arcade Kollection is available now for PC and modern consoles. Connect with other retro gamers by hitting the 2D Kombat Klassics forum!

Ed Boon Names Top 5 Favorite Fatalities for IGN
IGN Quiz Mortal Kombat Co-Creator On Favourite Finishing Moves!

Have you ever wondered where they come up with all those crazy finishing moves? Boy, I know I sure have! IGN tackled the subject from another perspective when they spoke to series co-creator Ed Boon, asking him what his Top 5 Favourite Fatalities are! Check it out:

Fatality Demonstration: Relive each klasslic fatality chosen via the playlist.

- Quan Chi (Mortal Kombat 4)
- Scorpion (Mortal Kombat X)
- Sub-Zero (Mortal Kombat)
- Kung Lao (Mortal Kombat II)
- Babality (Mortal Kombat II)
Boon's on-the-spot selections are an interesting blend of the undisputed klassics - Sub-Zero's Spine Rip, and less expected cult favorites - Quan Chi's Leg Beat!

Anticipation surrounding Scorpion and his multi-faceted chest flame/face slice fatality in Mortal Kombat X appears to be restoring the forbidden taboo of the increasingly gore based death-moves. [The move was discussed at length during The NetherKast #1].

Though part and parcel for the R rated martial arts cinema that helped to inspire the games -- Mortal Kombat's fatalities have ultimately been a influence on pioneering ratings and classifications for video games. Early arcade controversy helped establish the standards of the ESRB, while Australia finally secured Adult classification in 2013, ending a saga accelerated by the shock 2011 ban on Mortal Kombat.

Fatalities were big news in 2010 ahead of the in-development Mortal Kombat (2011). IGN named their Top 10 Fatalities that year, celebrating their return after 2008's pacified outing with Mortal Kombat Versus DC Universe. Kung Lao's Hat Slice was named the community's favorite fatality that same year, by the developers [full story].

Still wondering where they come up with fatalities after all this? Art Director Steve Beran discussed the process in a 2011 blog. Creative Director [Ed Boon] has been talking about new and unrevealed -Alities as recently as last month's Brazil Games Show [full story].

What are your favorite fatalities? Register to share your top 5 and discuss others on the forum! For more list action, check out Mortal Kombat Online's Top 10 MK Horror Icons!

Official Mortal Kombat X Live Stream This Wednesday
NetherRealm Studios to Live Stream Mortal Kombat on Wednesday, November 5th!

Fans eager to see Mortal Kombat X in action will get their next chance this coming Wednesday, when NetherRealm Studios run a live Twitch stream demo: November 5th, 3:00PM CST!

The developer ruled out a new character reveal, but there'll be plenty of sights and sounds to take in as they put the game through its paces in front of a live audience!

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Kommunity: The NetherKast - Episode 1
Listen to the voice of fans in the first episode of The NetherKast!

Mortal Kombat Online is thrilled to support a new kommunity initiative called The NetherKast! The audio discussion series is a fan roundtable covering multiple facets of Mortal Kombat X and the series as a whole! The cast is completely free and can be listened to via YouTube:

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00:01:47 - Sub-Zero
00:18:55 - Scorpion
00:47:03 - Kano
01:10:20 - Raiden
01:33:55 - Quan Chi
02:21:18 - Klassic Kombatant
Retrospective: Johnny Cage

The NetherKast is the work of user blackcyborg, who hosts the inaugural discussion with long time MK Online Users: TemperaryUserName, RazorsEdge701 & Shadaloo. Rounding out the MKOmmunity contribution is DjangoDrag - musician who provides a fantastic intro theme inspired by the original games!

The first episode is all about the klassic kombatants who've been confirmed to return in 2015! This marathon 2 hour 43 minute session features in depth overview and speculation regarding the Mortal Kombat X characters, story lines, and new gameplay mechanics!

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Mortal Kombat Co-Creator Tweets Kenshi Fantasy Casting
Ed Boon Kenshi Casting Call a New Hint for Mortal Kombat X?

Universal Pictures' 2013 martial arts fantasy 47 Ronin may have come and gone with devastatingly little fanfare -- but it seems its samurai star Keanu Reeves has caught the eye of Ed Boon. The Mortal Kombat franchise co-creator tweeted his fantasy kombat kasting, endorsing the actor as a "great" option for Kenshi.

"You know who would be great to play as Kenshi in an 3rd Mortal Kombat movie?..." - @noobde

This hasn't been the only Kenshi reference coming from the Mortal Kombat X Creative Director's feed, of late.

A behind-the-scenes photo from the motion capture studio seemed to point a fairly blatant, telekinetic finger in the direction of Kenshi's return inclusion. We'd comfortably hazard a guess now is as good time as any to read double meaning into Boon's tweets: a November reveal - a reasonable possibility.

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Much as a sword-wielding, samurai-fighting Keanu Reeves might be an MKX clue of convenience -- the casting suggestion isn't without its merit! It was downright impossible to escape Keanu/Kenshi fan casting as early as 2003, thanks largely to the global release of trilogy finale: The Matrix Revolutions.

A bloodied, blindfolded Reeves [pictured right] drew instant comparisons to 2002 Deadly Alliance newcomer: "Blind" Kenshi. He'd even developed a Wi-Fi pseudo telekinesis to support the coincidence!

We won't make too much of Boon's intended endorsement, but with Warner Brothers announcing expansions that include a new live-action Mortal Kombat webseries - the prospects of a feature film are ready for fresh discussion.

Of course, you know what else Warner Brothers owns, don't you? The Matrix trilogy. A guest character as belated celebration for the 15th anniversary of the first film, perhaps?...

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