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Know Your Enemy: The Fighting Variations of Ferra/Torr
Take a closer look at the Character Variations of the 2-in-1: Ferra/Torr!

They made a massive impact on debut during the Sony E3 Press Conference Launch - immediately inspiring comparisons to another certain pop culture character. Now the brutal fighting tandem known as Ferra/Torr are taking the Character Variation spotlight - revealing the strengths and weaknesses of their Mortal Kombat X playstyles according to the developer themselves!

So far we've seen infographics for D'Vorah, Sub-Zero, Raiden, Kano & Quan Chi. Each spotlight explains the unique strengths and weaknesses of the Character Variation system - an innovation that reinvents each fighter to create specialist match-ups between individual player styles. Visual differences make variation identification a snap as evidenced when all three are compared!

Ruthless: Ruthless Ferra/Torr trades pain for power. By stabbing her blades into Torr's back, Ferra spurs the brute on, increasing his damage output. This variation is all about balancing risk against reward and is excellent for rush downs.

Vicious: The Vicious Variation sees Ferra turned into a living weapon with her increased damage. Torr uses the Boss Toss to hurl Ferra across the arena, while Ferra gains the Little Kutter interactive grab. The combination turns Ferra/Torr into a hybrid of brawler and zoner, with options of attacking from any range.

Lackey: In the Lackey Variation, an enhanced Torr does the heavy lifting by himself. With Ferra cheering safely from the sidelines, the brute is free to hurl himself recklessly into battle, becoming an in-your-face rush down brawler with deadly close range attacks.

Mortal Kombat X doesn't arrive until Q2 2015 -- but Ferra/Torr have already begun to inspire a cult following with their vivid concept and brutal presentation! Check out the Top 10 Mortal Kombat Horror Icons for more on what's already disturbing us about MK's newest power couple! Stay tuned in the coming days for the remaining Character Variations.

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Kountdown: Top 10 Mortal Kombat Horror Icons
Mortal Kombat Online examines 10 kombatants steeped in horror!

By and large, there's something at least a little bit scary about most of the fighters in Mortal Kombat. Be they ancient elemental gods, or eight foot mountains of muscle - most have a pretty liberal attitude towards life and death, and the means to cut short at least one of those.

With Halloween right around the corner - members of the Mortal Kombat Online staff have put their spooky suits on to scare up the would-be Top 10 Mortal Kombat Horror Icons! To formulate this list, we went to the darkest recesses of human fears and phobia. We turned klassic kombatants inside and out to examine the terrifying and uncomfortable implications of their fullest powers - and our list may just shock you! So be warned: This Kountdown is not for the faint of heart!

With only ten characters accounted for, it's inevitable we left out one or two heart stopping Halloween horror stories! Registered users should be encouraged to share their own campfire tales on the forums! Until then - on with the horror show!

Implied Horror: You may not look at some fighters the same after this!

#1 Baraka
At the root of everyday terror lies our fundamental instinct for survival. It's a genetic memory programmed at the infancy of the human race. Many characters would trigger this flight reflex in us all, but only Baraka could inspire such visceral dread that we'd disembowel ourselves -- if only to avoid watching him do it slowly!

Disproportionate fangs overwhelm his face into a twisted, slobbering grin. Baraka truly has all the qualities of the most ferocious wild animal - married to the gleeful intent of a manic sadist! It's fitting that Baraka began digitized life as an actor wearing a modified fright mask. The simplistic impossibility of that original home made design has evolved into a sometimes overlooked vision of pure horror.

There's more to the scare factor than simple physical intimidation, however. Like many archetypal monsters of classic horror folklore - Baraka is ultimately a grotesque personification of social taboo and anxiety.

Recognizably human - with demonic embellishments - Baraka and the Tarkatans tap into ancient fears of savagery, bloodlust and animal urges. 12 inch retractable blades burst from Baraka's forearms as if biologically manifesting this innate design for barbarism and murder - often depicted in the modern games as violent protrusions of pure body horror.

#2 Shang Tsung
On the surface, Shang Tsung may seem an unlikely candidate for horror icon, but away from the context of a martial arts video game, the true terror of his methods begins to emerge.

Truth be told, there are multiple facets of psychological horror intrinsic to Shang Tsung's character. The young and young at heart may have overlooked it for its cartoon depiction, but those who've been with the series throughout its 20 year history may be appreciating the simple threat of growing old!

This inevitable march of time has inspired centuries of myth and legend, with Tsung's Faustian pact with Shao Kahn and constant struggle to remain young reminiscent of Oscar Wilde's gothic horror: The Picture of Dorian Gray (1890). For more modern depictions of the price of vanity and the horror of aging, flash forward a century to the final act of Stephen Spielberg's Nazi slapping romp: Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade (1989).

Of course, Shang Tsung's objective to acquire your soul may be scary - but its his mystic methodology that we find most chilling. The sorcerer remains famous for his ability to transform himself into other people -- including your loved ones!

The idea was exploited briefly for the 1995 Mortal Kombat feature film, but when applied to you or I in mundane circumstances -- rather than a device of super-power stealing, or momentary trickery -- it becomes a Freudian horror of uncanny betrayal! It's a real world, psychological terror akin to The Shining (1977), with roots in social phenomena like alcoholism or post-natal depression. Heavy themes, but never more relevant as Mortal Kombat X takes the series toward a second generation!

In recent games, Shang Tsung has also taken on aspects of mad science. His perversion of nature through experiments of black magic and black science created the Flesh Pits. This dank arena is where another of our top 10 horror icons was born - rendering Shang Tsung a more literal parental betrayer. While entirely valid as a horror concept, it's third fiddle to the psychological chills of his other qualities.

The Grudge: Hell hath no fury like Scorpion!

#3 Scorpion
Familiarity may have lessened the impact of Scorpion as an image of horror, but we don't think that would apply if the ninja spectre were to pay an unexpected visit to reality. In fact, we'd be willing to bet your skinny jeans there'd be a noticeable wet patch if the shouty hellspawn set his sights on you.

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Scorpion's horror credentials are significantly less complicated than our #2 pick, and a bit more fun as a result. Because while we may like to think of Scorpion as a nice guy just trying to come to terms with having a really bad day -- when you get down to it... He's kind of a rampaging maniac with a flaming skull for a head, and a terminal case of "outside-voice".

Uncompromising, unstoppable, and undead: Scorpion is basically the fighting game equivalent of the quintessential 1980s slasher! With the determined focus of The Terminator, the supernatural invincibility of Jason Voorhees, and the vocal register of Wayne Static [Wait, what?] - Scorpion is the kind of vengeful spirit who just needs to be pointed in a direction to start the killing.

Given that the pointers in question are just as likely to be Quan Chi and Shinnok as they are the bad guys - we'll be taking our vitamins, and saying our prayers, just in case. (Heck, we might even be grateful to have Freddy Kreuger as a guest character, if only to distract Scorpion with another Versus brawl.) "Get over here!", quoth the Scorpion.

#4 Reptile
The best Reptile is the one who wears his scales on the outside -- but the scariest Reptile is the one wearing a disguise of human skin!

It's all about the anonymous man on the street at night. The one a little bit overdressed, who passes you by, but has completely vanished when you turn to wonder if something isn't quite right!

Reptile's species has the ability to turn essentially invisible - yet while acting as bodyguard to Shang Tsung during the original Mortal Kombat, he supposedly opted to walk among us disguised as a man. What the hell?!

Where Baraka's animal qualities tap an intellectual aspect of human anxiety; Reptile is the creepy menace of an overtly alien creature whose intentions are no clearer than his immediate location. With his ability to vomit acid, you could make comparisons to Ridley Scott's Alien (1979), but for his ability to hide in plain sight behind the face of a man, we look to Guillermo Del Toro's Mimic (1997) for comparable sci-fi horror.

#5 Ferra/Torr
The action movie comparisons to Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome are easy to make, but crank the dial up a few notches, and you've got the makings of a horror movie massacre!

Sure. It's a big call to make this far ahead of Mortal Kombat X, but the horrors of Ferra/Torr are arguably inherent to the character concept itself.

Torr's hessian sack headwear and lumbering co-dependency recalls the original visual of Jason's demonic emancipation in Friday The 13th: Part II (1981). Add the fact he's still beholden to the guidance of Ferra, and it starts to give the distinct whiff of a tribal mutant apocalypse, ala; The Hills Have Eyes (1977). Fortunately, the visuals aren't quite so grotesque. [Hmm... I wonder if Torr's ever been a school teacher...]

The twist in the knot that makes it all the more messed up is that the one calling the shots is... Well, we'll say childlike, (to the convenience of ESRB ratings). If you've ever spent time with a bratty little kid (or some of our message board posters), you'd understand just how frightening a concept it could be for an unstoppable brute to be at the whims of a child! Think Bill Mumy in It's a Good Life (The Twilight Zone; 1961), by way of a Cowboys & Indians costume and a whole lot of broken bones!

Child's Play: Getting a bite to eat with Mileena is all kinds of wrong.

#6 Mileena
While the horror premise of a deadly seductress could also be adequately reflected by Nitara - even the subtlety of a scantily clad vampiress pales in comparison to the increasingly demented persona that has come to define Mileena!

In a culture increasingly concerned with the depictions of women in popular culture; Mileena bucks against the trend by leaning into overt sexualisation to completely turn it on its head! It's the perfect brand of ironic horror to send a chill through socially awkward male demographics who typically dominate the fighting game space.

In her earliest incarnations; Mileena dwelled on themes of homicidal jealousy, self-esteem and sibling rivalries -- Single White Female (1992) meets The Princess Diaries -- but contemporary versions have bent this idea into more disturbing kinks. The childlike demeanour of a genetic clone recently created in Shang Tsung's Flesh Pits -- as opposed to a hybrid being raised from infancy -- raises all manner of ethical questions about her sexual flirtations. This once again highlights the power of social taboos in horror, as the metaphor for moral precepts of age of consent and psychological exploitation manifest in the form of a mutant maw beneath the veil of presumed adult beauty.

#7 Drahmin
The concept of Hell as a dominion for punishment and eternal damnation is a powerful staple of religious doctrine and folklore. In many depictions, it is the duty (and pleasure) of demons to administer perpetual tortures of a sadistic and vile nature. Mortal Kombat's Netherrealm has never gone so far as to dwell on this matter, but there are certainly those figures who imply as much, dwelling in a landscape of an obviously Judeo-Christian inferno occupied by corrupt souls of the dead (once ruled by Lucifer, before Shinnok).

Very few people fancy the notion of eternal torture, so you can imagine the ill feelings Drahmin elicits when prospective employers note the title of "Oni Tormentor" on his curriculum vitae. (Note: One such employer was Quan Chi -- a Netherrealm sorcerer of considerable note, who still felt the need to recruit Drahmin and Moloch to deal with a certain Scorpion problem.)

Western eyes may balk at the sight of Drahmin's colourful mask, but the tainted warlord who emerged from the 5th plane of the Netherrealm wearing it does not particularly care about your opinions of aesthetics. His body of rotting, skinless flesh should persuade an element of revulsion, probably helped along by a pungent stench if the gathering swarm of flies is any indication! Drahmin's primary weapon of torture is a spiked iron club fixed to his hand, but we're sure the flies will have a use as this torturer of demons by trade makes light work of your puny mortal soul. (Heaven help you for laughing at the mask.)

#8 Quan Chi
'When there's no more room in Hell - the dead shall roam the Earth!' A catchy line, but not entirely reliable when a guy like Quan Chi is around. Biblical raptures and the walking dead are all in a day's work for the Netherrealm necromancer, whose ability to control zombie hordes is still downright creepy to anyone who isn't counting the hours until they can excusably bludgeon their neighbours.

If the zombie killing vogue is in your milieu, you might just regret your enthusiasm for carnage. If the wanton bloodshed has tainted your soul, you're in Quan Chi's province now, and your killer shovel arm might just be what he's looking for. While you're looking for dry wood, ammunition, or untainted meat - Quan Chi is taking the opportunity to murder your family. Then it's just a short wait until the head games start, or he encourages you to ingest your lethal weapon, and turns you into an undead revenant.

Quan Chi doesn't just make the list because he wears the latest fashions from Clive Barker's Hellraiser collection. He's the more free roaming, active counterpart to devil surrogate Shinnok - and depending on the outcome of coming events -- possibly the more deadly of the two!

Kanogard: Good thing Aussies are used to dealing with giant bugs!

#9 D'Vorah
Way back at the beginning we prefaced our #1 horror icon with the importance of the human (fight or) flight instinct. Mortal Kombat X newcomer D'Vorah opens up the doors to a special domain of instinctive fear that no doubt applies to you or someone you know: phobias!

D'Vorah isn't just herself an overgrown creepy crawly with a humanoid body and venomous secretions. She commands a small army of creepy crawlies of different shapes and sizes, all hivemind inclined to do her bidding on the battlefield... or perhaps while you sleep!

There are giant squidging subservient grubs, tiny little wasps to get tangled in your hair, and who knows what else! It's a generally terrifying swarm for anyone with a special dislike for things that crawl, scuttle and buzz -- fatally so if you happen to have an allergy! I'm not saying My Girl is a horror movie benchmark, but at least some of you will have deep seeded childhood terrors at the mere thought. That's good enough, for us! Throw in vague reports of allegiance to the heart sacrificing Aztec God Kotal Kahn, or possible aspirations to sting him in the back -- and she's sounding even more like the deadliest of her species!

#10 Kobra
Our #10 horror icon may be the most unlikely, but we like to think that supports his candidacy for exactly that status. Kobra is perhaps most associated with being the less-than-beloved karate fighter in the mould of Street Fighter golden boy: Ken.

The thought of a Street Fighter character is sometimes enough to inspire stomach churning dread in Mortal Kombat fans, but it's the wolf in sheeps clothing quality of the Black Dragon fighter that tickles our fancy.

As Deception made known - Kobra is one of the few Mortal Kombat characters whose martial artistry can be explicitly linked with the vice of sadism. Yes, many characters engage in violent acts - but the average kombatant is (traditionally) filtered through some sense of kode of kombat, broad motivation, or mitigating circumstance. Kobra is simply depicted as a homicidal martial artist. Think American Psycho if you traded suits by Valentino for karate gis by Kobra Kai.

Where American Psycho's Patrick Bateman reflected the worst qualities of a horror movie obsessed audience, Kobra arguably captures the most troubling qualities of violent video games, as well. While studies have frequently supported the common sense that video games cannot control a person's actions -- that cannot account for the personalized filter of every personality type. Through the veil of a fictional figure, Kobra embodies the thing society at large fears: someone who genuinely loves brutality, and has the martial artistry to live out his violent fantasies.

Dishonorable Mention: The Living Forest chews up the Brothers Grimm and... that's all!

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Who's Next? Cassie Cage - A Work In Progress
Changing Faces - Cassie Cage Continues to be a Work in Progress

Mortal Kombat X developer NetherRealm Studios has released a new character interaction image that has everybody talking about second generation debutante: Cassie Cage!

The daughter of klassic kombatants Johnny Cage & Sonya Blade was first introduced to us way back during June's E3 debut! An official render image soon followed - and it was there that the apparent work in progress first became evident. The latest picture's quippy dialogue is standard fare for "going viral", but like gossip coverage of Hollywood starlets - it's Cassie's changing face that is perhaps unintentionally drawing all the attention.

So's your face!
Changing Faces: Cassie Cage is growing up so fast!

Comparing and contrasting the different iterations of Cassie Cage has been simple, thus far. Both incarnations of the official render have favoured an obscured face -- the E3 build, in particular, featuring a Cassie with choppy short hair that covered even more of her distinguishing features.

The E3 look implied a slightly more mature, austere character than the bubblegum chewing, trash talking fighter that has since emerged -- a likely indication of the work in progress, more so than characterization. In the latest image, Character Variations come into play, but the rendering of Cassie's face is noticeably different.

Despite a five month timeframe following, we've still seen comparative little of Cassie when measured against other E3 introductions. D'Vorah, Ferra/Torr & Kotal Kahn took the lions share of demo coverage and screenshots, with only D'Vorah receiving the Character Variation spotlight, in the mean time! Tumblr animated GIFs - another attempt to virally spread, but only with thumbnail detail.

While the few glimpses we have seen have fed easily into assumptions based on the character's lineage -- it's fair to say we still know very little about the character's motivation, attitude, or circumstances.

Talking to Comic Vine at New York Comic Con; upcoming Mortal Kombat X comics writer Shawn Kittelsen toyed with the idea of Cassie Cage's parental issues as daughter to two of Earthrealm's greatest heroes -- a movie star and military woman, respectively.

It goes without saying that all characters in the demo are subject to change. The development process inherently lends itself to ongoing and organic improvements. Almost every modern version of Mortal Kombat has previewed elements that were altered, or improved, come the final retail version. It seems clear that Cassie Cage is nearing her definitive form, and while likely unintentional, the different images have provided an interesting look inside the creative process.

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BGS 2014: Mortal Kombat X Demo Hands-On Impressions
ETC McFly Offers Hands-On Impressions from Brasil Games Show 2014!

Mortal Kombat X was in the glamorous city of Sao Paolo for October's Brasil Game Show 2014. Series Lead Ed Boon accompanied the new game: talking up MK's connection to Brazil, making the odd television appearance, and just generally showing off the next evolution in the series to dedicated South American fans!

Die hard fan and MKOmmunity User etcmcfly was there to soak up the atmosphere and explore the minutiae of Mortal Kombat X! He shared his full hands-on report with Mortal Kombat Online, offering enthusiasm and insights for gameplay fundamentals and more!

Finish Him!...
Since being teased back at E3, the presence of a new and/or returning "-Ality" has been a major talking point for fans of finishers. Based on the demo, etcmcfly concludes there will be around "... five or six ways to finish your opponent in the game." What are those ways? McFly speculates: "This is seen in the move list: Fatality 1, Fatality 2, Fatality 3, Babality, [Animality?], [Bruitality or Friendship?]"

ETC McFly hopes to sees lots of speculation on the forums, and we do too! With much talk of a returning finisher possibly being something not seen in arcades, we're throwing a return for ritual suicides via Hara-Kiri, as well!

Hitting the Bars
Bar management looks to be comparable to the systems introduced in 2011's Mortal Kombat reboot, with some key differences. "[Bars] fill up quickly - more than in MK2011 & injustice. They can be used without problem, and they can be refilled later. They are used in the same way: break, special moves, X- Ray moves, etc."

"The EX version of some movements are made with the 2 buttons simultaneously. Others moves are done like in Injustice." McFly breaks it down with a simple example: "Raiden can cancel the superman move Injustice-style: execute the movement, and while it is progressing, you can press the button to activate the EX." McFly expects more special moves to behave like this.

X-Rays have changed very little, still executed by spending all your bars to be "combinable and very fast." Some are triggered as overhead attacks, while others are low hits. "Bruno wasn't able to block sometimes and this gave me the logic of a possible 50/50."

Flip Stance, Block & Inputs
Nothing surprising has come from basic stance flipping, or blocking -- which remains a button trigger in Mortal Kombat X, rather than the back-to-block utilized in other popular fighters (introduced to the NetherRealm repertoire in Injustice: Gods Among Us).

McFly notes: "Cross-ups are all blocked with no problem." "I clearly found [inputs] better than MK2011 and Injustice, and that is much appreciated. It is smoother and there will surely be less button mashing."

The quality of input may have improved, but it might be too soon to determine how the impact of the moves registers. "By now, Mr. Bruno and I have felt that the damage is not proportional to the combos. I think that is because it is a test version." This will be something to watch as the game draws nearer its April, 2015 release!

You Can Run...
The returning run mechanic looks to offer a range of options to fighters who know how to use it. "After understanding it, I think the gameplay improved considerably."

To initiate running, players need to input "Forward, forward + hold block" While running, players can trigger: Block, Jump & Hit, Chain Combo or Grab. "All works well and smooth, but blocking is not simple. It works, but I wasn't able to get the timing right."

Jumping to Konclusions
The "classic, neutral [MK2011] combo by jumping" [NJP] is back in Mortal Kombat X, and according to ETC McFly - "all characters have it" in a reduced form. "Remember: in MK2011 you could do a maximum of three. You can't connect more than twice [in MKX], and you can't connect in combos, either. At least, I couldn't. I didn't use it as much as I do in MK2011, and it's clearly not the same. We will have to see how to use them and what to do with them."

He whips through a string of other miscellaneous attack notes:
Mid-Air Grab Button: Raiden can do it. Sub-Zero can do that, too. Apparently all the characters have this ability.
Jump Kick: You can't connect anything after this move. The characters fall too fast.
Jump Combos: Same as MK2011 - you can continue the combo after it.
New Wake Up Moves: Wake up backdash and wake up grab.

Choose Your Destiny: Sub-Zero
McFly played the Grandmaster variation of Sub-Zero and he's not messing around, offering detailed specifics: "I want to say that I really liked this mode and the character. I couldn't try to the other modes, but I was able to fight three matches."

Standard Moves:
Down + 1: Normal, not so fast.
Uppercut (Down 2): Good and fast.
Sweep (Back + 4): I liked it very much. It's faster and better than MK2011.
Down + 4: Excellent! Perhaps better than in MK2011 to hit confirm. This move left the character stunned, like when you connect an EX fireballe with Liu Kang in MK2011. The opponent does the same animation. )It can be cancelled wit hthe ice clone, like in MK2011.)"

Special Moves:
Ice Clone: Very good and has a fast animation like in MK2011. I think the inputs were down, back + 2. It remains in place and you can grab and throw it with down, forward +1. (It's possible I got the wrong button). The throw is fast, but it can be blocked.
Icy Ground Smash: (That's how I named it). Very good. It's an anti-air move, and I think it could be an overhead too if you are close. (I'm not sure about this last thing though). You can continue with the combo after the EX version.
Slide: Very good and probably faster than in MK2011. (It could be possible that the overall game gives me the feeling that everything is faster). The EX version is the same as in MK2011.
Ice Ball: A little slow and the inputs are the same as in MK2011. You can block the EX and the standard versions. As usual, you can keep hitting your opponent after freezing him.

McFly couldn't remember chain combos from the demo, but describes Sub-Zero as a very strong character he enjoyed playing. "I don't think there are any more special moves, but I did see two different victory poses."

Choose Your Destiny: Raiden
Raiden was the character McFly spent the most time with, describing his Displacer variation as "like choosing MK2011's Raiden."

What's new: "An anti-air move done by raising his hands. A very similar move to the onslaught of Flash in Injustice - it's an anti-air move. You can grab in air while doing combos by just pressing the grab button -- plus you can cancel it with the bar to keep up pressure. Amazing! The chain combos are all new and better than in MK2011. [He] has the superman [torpedo dive] as fast as in MK2011, and it seems it's less punishable on block. Teleport was as fat as MK2011, but it felt it was punishable at the early frames. With the bar it becomes 100% invisible - very cool! The Electrocution special move is done in the same way as MK2011, as well, but is only combinable with bar."

Choose Your Destiny: Kano
Kano receives a big stamp of approval from ETC McFly, described as three times better than MK2011! "I'm quite sure he will be mid-tier or above."

Despite the high praise, the spectacle got the better of McFly's memory. He can't recall which version he chose, but he does have valuable info about Kano's klassic trademark: "His cannonballs (Black Dragon ball, Kanon Ball, etc) are faster and less punishable. EX versions hit you EVERYWHERE!"

Choose Your Destiny: Ferra/Torr
"I used the mode in which Ferra manages Torr. This character comes with everything, guys! Very entertaining to play with and very fast. He looks big, but his gameplay is very smooth and has a lunge move like Bane [in Injustice] which is very safe."

"When Torr throws the other character [Ferra], she takes time to come back. You are left without the possibility of using it again, similar to the EX hat of Kung Lao [in MK2011]." Fortunately, "his combos are good - and fast!"

Choose Your Destiny: Kotal Kahn
McFly didn't spend a lot of hands- on time with the soon-to-be Emperor of Outworld, but he did get a chance to analyse him, any way. "Blood God [Kotal Kahn] was my opponent's character." "My opponent hit me with an uppercut and took about 20% of my HP. I think it was after activating a special move. He has a special move in which he stabs his own sword into himself, and takes about 5-10% damage. I do not know what this is used for. [He]'s a little slow, but not a bad character."

"I was sharing [the experience] with Poto222, XillerXinok, his brother, Mr. Bruno, Flavio & Mr. Felipe. All Top players from Brazil. Happy to share with them and very grateful for the affection of the people of Brazil. I got to meet Ed Boon and would have liked to talk a lot more. I hope that people of NRS can count on my support in South America. Tournaments and many projects are being [made] with @ETCChile."

Mortal Kombat Online would like to send special thanks to ETCMcFly for his special report, and to all the ETC players who attended BGS. You can follow the main man himself @ETCMcflyChile! Like & spread stories like this via @MK_Online & Facebook. Got an experience to share? Send it in via the News Lead Submission forum!

Mortal Kombat X Wins KeyArt Awards Silver Statue
Mortal Kombat X Takes Silver at the KeyArt Awards; Call of Duty Wins Double

The announcement trailer for Mortal Kombat X has taken runners-up honors at the 2014 Hollywood Reporter KeyArt Awards receiving Silver!

The awards were announced during a live Hollywood ceremony hosted by actor Nick Offerman, this past Thursday night. Receiving the Grand Key Art Award for Games Trailer was Ant Farm's Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare reveal trailer. Call of Duty: Ghosts received Bronze.

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The Mortal Kombat X trailer has amassed well in excess of 13.5 million hits across multiple hosts since being revealed June 2nd! The all CG announce trailer is the work of Digital Dimension, with soundtrack by Warner Bros. recording artist Wiz Khalifa. The 1 minute 57 seconds trailer showcases the latest iterations of famed rival mascots Scorpion and Sub-Zero - but is also noteworthy for forecasting many in-game features in the 2015 sequel.

Mortal Kombat X is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 & PC April, 2015. Register to join us in congratulating all responsible on the forums! Revisit the winning trailer and many more videos on the Mortal Kombat Online YouTube Archive!

Pop Culture Shock 1:3 Scale Mixed Media Klassic Scorpion Statue
Pop Culture Shock Super-Size Klassic Statues with 1:3 Scale Scorpion!

Since acquiring the license in 2011; Pop Culture Shock Collectibles have shown no shortage of ambition when it comes to representing the icons of Mortal Kombat! Their high standard merchandise reached an apex in 2012 with the announcement of life-size statue busts: full scale recreations of Sub-Zero and Scorpion that topped Mortal Kombat Online's 2012 must-have holiday gift list!

In 2014; the ultimate pre-order gift for fans will be the all-new 1:3 Scale Scorpion Statue!

Available for pre-order starting November 3rd -- the 1:3 scale statue is a titanic addition to the Mortal Kombat Klassics series to be offered exclusively through the manufacturer!

Inspired by designs from the original game; Scorpion stands an approximate 28" of polystone (71cm), with an estimated weight of 22lbs (10kg)! That's nearly 10 inches taller and 10 pounds heavier than the standard 1:4 UMK3 Klassic Scorpion announced two years ago!

Pop Culture Shock President & Art Director Jerry Macaluso reveals, "Pound for pound, the most popular MK items we do are of Scorpion." There are plenty of pounds behind this one, too! Adding to the heavyweight appeal of the 1:3 scale creation are a slew of character based mixed media elements: Tailored cloth costume, Real kunai metal chain, Light-up LED Netherrealm base & Alternate skull head with LED eyes!

Put simply -- this statue is big enough, heavy enough, and packed with enough features to be a deadly weapon! It has a lethal price to match: $699.99US with incentives of up to 15% discount based on timing and payment method.

Pop Culture Shock have mastered the world of official, high quality Mortal Kombat merchandise! The Klassics line kontinues to expand to include: Liu Kang, Mileena & Jade, Sub-Zero, Human Smoke & Reptile! Also available from the 1:4 scale statue series: "Ice Blast" Sub-Zero, Kitana, Baraka & Shao Kahn!

Register to discuss these products and others in the Media & Merchandise forum! Registered users still have time to enter the Mortal Kombat: Legacy II Kontest while there!

New Warner Bros. Digital Division Announces Mortal Kombat Webseries
Warner Bros. Announced Mortal Kombat Webseries for New Digital Division!

Warner Brothers has announced a new digital production division today called Blue Ribbon Content.

According to The Hollywood Reporter; WB Animation veteran Sam Register will head the division, set to launch with a full slate of live-action content based on existing and original WB properties. Among the list is the already announced webseries Justice League: Gods And Montsers, a live-action version of Milestone Comics favourite Static Shock, and a new Mortal Kombat webseries to tie-in with the 2015 release of Mortal Kombat X!

Variety reports the new Mortal Kombat webseries is currently untitled -- making its relationship with established series Mortal Kombat: Legacy unclear. Like Mortal Kombat X - the 2015 shorts will split their focus between klassic and new characters.

The next generation in the Mortal Kombat franchise to be released in association with the upcoming “Mortal Kombat X” videogame, slated to bow April 14, 2015. Blue Ribbon Content and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment are teaming on the series, which will showcase some of the franchise’s popular characters and introduce a new generation of fighters.

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Mortal Kombat: Legacy launched in 2011 as a promotional tie-in to Mortal Kombat for home consoles. Kevin Tancharoen's balance between quality and speed of production earned him the job after his Rebirth short went viral. The 2012 follow-up series received mixed reviews.

Legacy II actor Casper Van Dien first shared a photo of his preparation for a third series, back in June. The Johnny Cage actor added fuel to the fire last month, expanding his training with cast mate Mark Dacascos [full story].

Mortal Kombat will have a full slate in 2015! Also announced to tie into the game - a new series from DC Comics and all new high quality action figures! Follow all the major licensing stories in the Media & Merchandise forum!

Marcus Fenix Was Considered for Mortal Kombat Guest Spot
Gears of War Hero Marcus Fenix Was Considered for MK2011 Guest.

The phenomenon of guest characters in fighting games won't be dissipating any time soon. 2015's Mortal Kombat X is already slated for a fresh batch of franchise intruders -- big business, based on the monetary success of Freddy Kreuger (Mortal Kombat) and Scorpion (Injustice: Gods Among Us) downloadable content.

In spite of fan controversies; the intrinsic intrigue of popular characters in places they wouldn't ordinarily belong has proved a powerful draw. While speculation runs rife for the next wave of Kombat challengers -- revelations of past possibilities remain a hot topic of fresh relevance! Cult support has built around 2011 near-miss Sweet Tooth, while the willingness of Spawn creator Todd McFarlane has inspired its own following.

Imaginative fans can now add Marcus Fenix of the Gears of War series to the list - revealed today as another crossover considered for 2011's Mortal Kombat reboot!

Marcus Fenix in promotional art for Gears of War 2.

Marcus Fenix is [one of the potential] Microsoft exclusive characters that never was.

Introduced in 2006's Gears of War; Fenix has been a mascot for the massively popular Xbox shooter series -- emerging as a poster child for the generation's fascination with the genre, and its propensity for burly, burdened archetypes.

Fans of Mortal Kombat (2011) will know Sony ultimately secured an exclusive deal to include God of War's Kratos as a PlayStation 3 bonus.

Speaking at Gamescom 2014; Creative Director Ed Boon confirmed the likelihood of one or more console exclusives for Mortal Kombat X [full story]. It remains to be seen if the continued relationship with Sony limits any exclusivity to PlayStation 4 editions.

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MKX Motion Capture Photo Teases Kenshi Return?
Does this motion capture fatality signal the return of Kenshi?

If appearances are to be believed: the latest Mortal Kombat X Twitter tease from Creative Director Ed Boon may suggest the return of fan-favourite sword saint: Kenshi!

"???? Wins .... Fatality! #MKX #MotionCapture" - @noobde

The behind-the-scenes photograph [pictured above] is (apparently) a fatality in-progress - capturing the motion capture men behind the wireframes that power in-game models.

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With the aggressor's fingers to his temple and opponent reacting violently at a significant distance - the move has all the hallmarks of a telekinetic attack by Kenshi! Other prime suspects include Kenshi's fictional mentor: Ermac, the soul stealing sorcerer Shang Tsung, or even recently revealed mystic Quan Chi. Only Kenshi is so specifically linked to this stance and circumstance, as in Mortal Kombat.(2011).

Kenshi promotional art for Mortal Kombat DLC.

Kenshi was first introduced in 2002's franchise reboot: Deadly Alliance. He remained a consistent presence throughout the generation, emerging as one of the most popular new additions to the klassic roster.

His plot created unique ties with fan-favourites Ermac and Sub-Zero; established a personal rivalry with series arch-villain Shang Tsung; and culminated in his enrolment with the MK Special Forces (or Outerworld Investigation Agency) - teaming the blind swordsman with Jax, Sonya & Cyrax. Kenshi was reintroduced as the second downloadable extra character in 2011's Mortal Kombat, playing an indirect role in the franchise's new timeline.

Earlier this year, Ermac & Kenshi were runners-up in the second fan-voted Supreme Tag Team Champion Tournament.

Could Kenshi be the next Mystery Boot Teaser to be revealed? Is the motion capture clue pointing to another character? Register to share your predictions on the forum!

DC Comics Beyond The New 52 January Solicitations
DC Comics Beyond The New 52 Group Solicitations for January, 2015

Fans eager to get their hands on physical copies of Mortal Kombat comics won't have to wait out the digital cycle long! DC Comics announced their Beyond The New 52 Group Solicitations for January, 2015 headlined by the first issue of Mortal Kombat X!

The 40 page debut issue -- announced as a digital-first title at New York Comic Con -- will ship with interlocking Scorpion and Sub-Zero covers by Ivan Reis (Green Lantern, Blackest Night). The $3.99 debut will also come with a collectible limited 1:10 variant with artwork from NetherRealm Studios!

Also part of the Beyond The New 52 group - the latest issues from instant digital hit Injustice: Gods Among Us. The NetherRealm inspired series, now in its third volume, paved the way for Mortal Kombat's long awaited return to comics.

Scorpion variant cover by IVAN REIS
Sub-Zero variant cover by IVAN REIS
1:10 Video game art cover
On sale JANUARY 7 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US • DIGITAL FIRST
Get over here…for an all-new digital-first series set before the events of 2015’s highly anticipated game Mortal Kombat X! Prepare yourself for the brutal adventures of all your favorite Mortal Kombat characters and witness the rise of the next generation of Kombatants!
This premiere issue features two interlocking covers by superstar artist Ivan Reis!

Written by TOM TAYLOR
On sale JANUARY 7 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T • DIGITAL FIRST
It all began when Superman learned that his wife, Lois Lane, was pregnant. But then came The Joker’s terrible machinations, and the horrible tragedy that took her life and destroyed Metropolis. From that moment, Superman – and the world – were changed forever. But suppose none of that had ever happened?

Written by TOM TAYLOR
On sale JANUARY 21 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T • DIGITAL FIRST
Wonder Woman is back – and she’s not happy with what’s happened since she left. She’s kicking butt and taking names, and Sinestro is the first on her list! Plus, it’s payback time for Superman’s enemies, and neither Batman’s Gotham City-based resistance nor Constantine and his mystical allies are safe from the coming storm. But Constantine still has a trump card to play.

Mortal Kombat X promises to contextualize and expand upon the world of the 2015 fighting game - utilizing the extensive catalogue of characters and world accumulated over twenty years worth of games! Rookie writer Shawn Kittelsen spoke highly of MK during New York Comic Con, expecting to utilize around 40 characters for the comic!

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ScrewAttack Death Battle Preview: Ryu vs Scorpion!
Franchise mascots will fight to the finish when Ryu meets Scorpion in DEATH BATTLE!

Those facilitators of fantasy fights are at it again! ScrewAttack DEATH BATTLE has returned to the realm of Mortal Kombat to draw battlelines for a another blockbuster krossover klash!

The ScrewAttack matchmakers have gone back to the well to draw upon MK's oldest franchise rivalry! Representing the arcade martial arts pedigree of Street Fighter is their wandering world warrior: Ryu! Taking the fight right back to them with hellfire and fury is the lost soul bent on revenge: Scorpion!

ScrewAttack DEATH BATTLE Previews: Ryu versus Scorpion!

The second DEATH BATTLE face-off for 2014 promises to be yet another incredible challenge for team Mortal Kombat! The white gi babyface of Street Fighter has defeated every enemy he's ever faced, but it was in defeat that Scorpion became one of the deadliest kombatants in the series!

Which masterful mascot will win this All-Japan affair of the fist - and how will they secure supreme victory? Registered users can share their Ryu v Scorpion speculation on the forum!

The two series are currently all locked up with 1 win a piece! This one will finally break the DEATH BATTLE tie incurred by results from: Akuma vs Shang Tsung & Bison vs Shao Kahn! Find more fantasy fights like these (and start your own) in the Fan Koliseum! Special thanks to MKOmmunity User for posting the first preview!

Klassic Liu Kang Pop Culture Shock Statue Pre-Order
Liu Kang Joins 1:4 Scale Klassics Statue Line-Up from Pop Culture Shock!

For a decade he loomed large as the undisputed champion of Mortal Kombat - now original series hero Liu Kang will be immortalized in 1:4 scale thanks to Pop Culture Shock Collectibles!

The fighting Shaolin Monk appears in his Mortal Kombat 3 design as part of the expanded Mortal Kombat Klassics series! Pre-order phase begins October 20 (Monday), with standard and exclusive variants available.through the manufacturer.

Both editions of the Liu Kang statue stand an approximate 19" (48cm), weighing in at an estimated 12lbs (5.4kg). Decked out in klassic black and red cloth costume - the sculpt recalls all the details of the original MK3 sprites, with a healthy hint of martial arts homage in its battle ready stance.

Speaking to the arcade legend; Pop Culture Shock President & Art Director Jerry Macaluso recounts his own history with the character, "Liu Kang was the character I picked the first time I slid a quarter into the MK machine."

Limited to 200 pieces: the Pop Culture Shock Exclusive comes with interchangeable arm featuring a detailed fire-orange resin dragon flame [enlarge thumbnails below]. The variant will set you back $355.00 (plus postage) with incentive discounts of up to 10% off! Standard editions begin at $345.00 before discounts. Orders are expected to ship Q4 2015.

Pop Culture Shock have offered an extensive range of high-end Mortal Kombat collectibles since 2011. Other fighters in the Klassics line include: Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Reptile, Human Smoke, Mileena & Jade. There are more 1:4 scale statues to compliment Liu Kang, including: Prince Goro, Shao Kahn, Kitana & Baraka!

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NYCC: More Mortal Kombat Comics Talk with Shawn Kittelsen
Mortal Kombat Comics Writer on the NYCC Hype Train!

The NYCC announcement of DC Comics' 2015 Mortal Kombat X weekly continues to dominate the news as writer Shawn Kittelsen talks up his first major series. Kittelsen has already shared a great deal of pre-release info, and continues to speak with major outlets, including Comic Book Resources and Comic Vine [video below].

Does little Cassie Cage have issues? We shall see!

CBR examined the writer's brief history, which, as previously reported, included consultation with NetherRealm Studios on previous projects as a DC Entertainment Creative Executive. Probing the origins of his transition to Mortal Kombat comics, Kittelsen revealed the breadth of his initial pitch [to DC Comics].

I love comic books. It's in my blood. I'm a huge Superman fan, my son's name is Clark. But for me, coming back to comics was like coming home. I've got a couple of other projects that I can't talk about yet for next year. It feels like this is the me that I always wanted to be. I'm trying really hard to pursue a dream, and I feel really fortunate to have the opportunities that I have.

I think I may have overwhelmed everyone with too much material when I pitched, because I felt like the only way to do it would be to describe an entire year of stories. So I broke a huge arc from the get-go. But in terms of how it's all organized, the way I've always looked at "MK" is, you have all these different characters that sort of inhabit their own worlds, and then worlds collide. It's all about how those worlds collide. Because the new game is very much about the multi-generational aspect -- it's about what ties them together and draws them into that collision.

The writer notes that the characters revealed so far for the game can be expected to rank among the feature players in the comics. That includes newcomers: Kotal Kahn, D'Vorah & Ferra/Torr - as well as returning icons: Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Raiden and Kano.

On top of previous references to around 40 characters appearing in the series; Kittelsen expands his referential chops with acknowledgment of the entire mythology he has to play with. If preview images of what appears to be an updated Red Dragon Clansman weren't convincing enough -- NPC fodder seen in Shaolin Monks and Armageddon -- he drops a couple of titles to CBR that should get hardcore fans excited.

I grew up with it, and it became, for me, so much more, because I would draw these pictures and kind of live out adventures in the world. I'm able to draw from so much -- there's this vast mythology. Everything from the cartoon, to the TV shows, and so many games. We're over 10 games in now, if you include "Special Forces" and "Mythologies."

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Know Your Enemy: The Fighting Variations of Quan Chi
Get the strategic edge by knowing Quan Chi's Character Variations!

Revealed in a must-see trailer at the beginning of the month - Quan Chi returns to cast a dark spell over Mortal Kombat X in 2015!

The necromancer will command an army of fallen warriors in the story of MKX, but its his sinister sorcery that's delighting across three unique Character Variations. Learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of each gameplay mode as they're illuminated by the developers:

So far we've seen infographics for D'Vorah, Sub-Zero, Raiden & Kano. Each spotlight explains the unique strengths and weaknesses of the Character Variation system - an innovation that reinvents each fighter to create specialist match-ups between individual player styles. Visual tells make variation identification a snap as evidenced when all three are compared!

Sorcerer: The Sorcerer Variation allows Quan Chi to create spell circles within the arenas. Offensive spell circles buff Quan Chi's attacks, increasing his damage output and enhancing special moves, while defensive spell circles weaken opponents. This variation allows for extra chip damage, allowing Quan Chi to quickly end rounds against defensive opponents.

Warlock: Warlock Quan Chi uses his dark portals to create unpredictable attacks and reach, making this Variation excellent for counter zoning and zoning mix ups. When properly timed, Quan Chi can also combine his portals with attacks to create special kombo strings that send his opponent to the Netherrealm and back.

Summoner: In his Summoner Variation, Quan Chi can summon a demonic beast from the Netherrealm to fight by his side. When deployed, Quan Chi's minion brings an additional set of ranged attacks to his already diverse arsenal. [W]hen summoned at the end of kombos, the demonic beast gives Quan Chi additional options for post-kombo setups.

All three Character Variations feature heavily in the Quan Chi reveal trailer, as narrated by Executive Producer Shaun Himmerick. Get the drop on the competition by watching the trailer and be back daily as each variation graphic is revealed!

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NYCC: Shawn Kittelsen Talks New Mortal Kombat Comics
Comics Newcomer Shawn Kittelsen Promises Big Things From MK Comics!

Mortal Kombat is coming back to comic books! DC Entertainment announced the video game tie-in at New York Comic Con - introducing comics newcomer Shawn Kittelsen as writer of the digital-first series.

Kittelsen transitions from his video game role as DC Entertainment Creative Executive -- which included liaison work on Injustice: Gods Among Us -- to assume the writer's chair in his first major work. DC All Access talked to Kittelsen on the floor, revealing unseen artwork from the 2015 series.

Franchise icon Scorpion will take a feature role as the series explores his journey from Mortal Kombat (2011) to the new game: Mortal Kombat X.

Series artist Dexter Soy will be studying his internal anatomy books closely -- Kittelsen promising "hardcore" violence from the notoriously brutal fighting franchise. "There's a fatality in almost every issue." he told DC All Access. "We don't go too many pages without some blood, some fighting. We want to give the fans what they want."

Fortunately, violence isn't the only focus of the year-long story. Speaking with IGN, Kittelsen acknowledged the dedication to plot he experienced when working with NetherRealm Studios: "I love the first movie a ton, but I think what the team at NetherRealm did in the 2011 game was absolutely awesome. I ended up working with them on Injustice when I was at DC, and they take their story so seriously that they brought so much more to the characters."

Scorpion Character Vignette From Mortal Kombat (2011).

The focus on Scorpion suits the writer, who cites the ninja spectre as a favourite character, and the 1995 feature film as a cultural touchstone. Unlike the movie, he expects a big payoff from the exploration of Scorpion as a character.

Scorpion is kind of the measure of all things in Mortal Kombat and in a lot of ways, this book pays that off because he is this really huge character. He takes a turn that we haven't seen before and we get to spend a little bit more time with him. I can't say too much, but ...

It's an opportunity to flesh his character out in new ways but keep him really true to himself. And then from there, there are so many classic characters, but I'm really excited to introduce a lot of new characters to readers, too.

Scorpion won't be the only character featured. Kittelsen praised NetherRealm for giving freedom to the writer to tell the best story possible, but they did have one mandate according to his interview with IGN: "Are you going to make room for the new characters?"

Second generation debutante Cassie Cage will be one of the new characters explored in the comic series, along with Kotal Kahn. Kittelsen promises an estimated 40 characters appearing throughout the comic -- including Liu Kang -- with guarantees klassic fighters who won't make it into MKX may have a moment. This taps into the release of Red Dragon minion artwork, and may be good news for those wondering how Moloch lost his head. Even Mokap and Meat got a reference in the interview, so watch out for that.

I would say I fell in love with Kotal Khan pretty early. I loved his design, I loved his presence in the game story, and I really wanted to use him big time, so you're going to get to meet Kotal Khan early in the book and get to know him really, really well. He has a history that's hinted at in the game that I'm now able to flesh out so you get to know him. If you haven't played the games, you can still approach it anew. Again, new characters, new takes on the old characters. And with guys like Kotal Khan, he's so cool. He's like Khal Drogo but with, like, sun god powers. Can you imagine if Jason Momoa throwing sunbeams around and incinerating people?

As updated in our original story - Mortal Kombat X arrives January, 2015 with a yet to be revealed feature sub-title.

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Kontest: Mortal Kombat: Legacy II Blu-Ray Launch Giveaway!
Celebrate the launch of Mortal Kombat: Legacy II by winning!

October 14: Mortal Kombat: Legacy II officially arrives on Blu-Ray & DVD today! The hugely successful live-action series comes to the home format in optional presentations that tell the tale of the tournament in two ways. You can watch Legacy II as 10 episodes of kombat brutality - or as a single seamless feature escalating to the final bone crushing fatality!

Thanks to Warner Bros. Digital Distribution, we're celebrating the home release by giving Mortal Kombat Online users the chance to win their very own copy!

Two lucky winners will expand their Mortal Kombat media libraries with a copy of Mortal Kombat: Legacy II on Blu-Ray! The major prize winner will also receive a copy of the newly available DVD edition of Mortal Kombat: Legacy (Series One)!

For a chance to win: Make sure you're a registered member of Mortal Kombat Online! Then simply visit the kontest forum thread and tell us in your own words: Which two Mortal Kombat characters would you most like to see do battle in a movie or new series?

Pick a never before seen combination, or put a new spin on a klassic rivalry! Be as simple or as elaborate as you like! Winners will be drawn and announced on October 28th!

Please Note: Entrants must have a United States address. PO Boxes are not eligible. Individuals may only enter once. Users found entering multiple times will be disqualified. Winners will be notified by forum private message, prizes must be claimed within thirty days.

Update: Kongratulations to & ! Winners have been notified and prizes will arrive as soon as mortal mailing systems allow. Thanks to everyone who entered. Be sure to stay tuned for future MKOntests!

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BGS 2014: Ed Boon Talks Fatalities & More in Brazil
Mortal Kombat X Creative Lead Talks Fatalities & More in Sao Paolo, Brasil!

True to the old saying: Mortal Kombat X is serving up something borrowed, something new, and a fan-favourite something blue. Music to the ears of fans at Brasil Games Show 2014 where Ed Boon and NetherRealm Studios are continuing to take the MKX message to the globe!

Speaking with Baixak Games; the series Co-Creator/Creative Director offered the tiniest of tantalizing new teasers about what's in store. Watch the full video below:

Finishing moves have been the talk since a new "-Ality" was first alluded to back at E3. While there's still no concrete information, an image emerges with each new discussion. Boon discussed the addition of an enhanced version of a classic fatality type, designed to take advantage of major progress in hardware and graphics engines. There will also be some form of tributes to classic finishers, as well.

Anecdotal accounts from live demos have players choosing from between 6-7 finishers, with Stage Fatalities given favourable odds back in June. Just as key special moves will be shared amongst Character Variations - Ed confirms each style will be able to access all fatalities.

Confronted with the ever contentious issue of Online Modes- Ed offered one of his most emphatic responses: "... Much more robust netcode in Mortal Kombat X!"

It isn't the first time improving online function has been talked up. The team will be taking lessons learned from Mortal Kombat (2011) & Injustice: Gods Among Us to make further improvements. This will be the first Mortal Kombat developed without GameSpy or GFWL, since their closures.

On the fond tradition of secret characters in Mortal Kombat - a drawn out, less than convincing "yes". While Mortal Kombat (2011) included unlockable fighters and skins, the secret aspect was not well served, utilizing a more forthcoming, perfunctory chase and unlock system.

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While hidden secrets may have pleased die hard fans everywhere, the BGS host nation was given a little something else to look forward to. In acknowledging Brazil's rampant fandom -- (something Mortal Kombat Online can attest to) -- Ed discussed the possibility of incorporating a fighter or element that gives back to South American fans. Even more amazing - Ed gave local fan-favourite Sub-Zero a rare win in an either/or scenario against Scorpion!

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NYCC: DC Comics Announce 2015 Mortal Kombat X Series
Mortal Kombat Komics Koming January 2015!

Mortal Kombat Online has espoused the importance of comics to Mortal Kombat for quite some time - all the while knowing there may just be something in the pipeline. The long wait finally ends with DC Comics announcing a brand new Mortal Kombat X series at this weekend's New York Comic Con!

Launching as a digital first series in January, 2015: Mortal Kombat X will follow the path established by previous NetherRealm Studios fighting game tie-in: Injustice: Gods Among Us.

DC Entertainment Creative Executive Shawn Kittelsen will take his experience working with DC games to the page as he scripts Mortal Kombat X. Artist Dexter Soy (DC Universe vs Masters of the Universe, Batman Beyond Universe) will have plenty of inspiration as the series tackles the entire catalogue of Mortal Kombat fighters!

Similar to Injustice; Mortal Kombat X will tell the story before the video game. Tied directly to the reboot plot of Mortal Kombat (2011), the series will integrate with MKX, establishing a foundation whilst featuring now klassic characters who may not find their way directly into the game. Superstar artist Ivan Reis (Green Lantern, Justice League) contributes covers.

Preview images already offer the first tantalizing tease at returning character elements from the past - the Red Dragon Clan represented by a warrior or minion(s)! [via Comic Book Resources] The Red Dragon were introduced in 2002's Deadly Alliance as counterpart precursor to the Black Dragon Clan. Members include: Mavado, Hsu Hao & demi-god founder Daegon. Also pictured in artwork: MKX versions of Scorpion, Raiden & Sub-Zero.

Update Oct. 13: NetherRealm Studios Creative Director Ed Boon notes the series won't simply be "Mortal Kombat X", but will publish with a special sub-title. With a cast expansive enough to include the Red Dragon, DC's "Universe" moniker may be in contention.

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NYCC: Mezco Toyz Unveil Mortal Kombat X Action Figures
Mezco Toyz Unveil High Quality Scorpion, Sub-Zero & Raiden Action Figures!

We first learned of a change in action figure licensing back at July's San Diego Comic Con, where Mezco Toyz teased their pending 2015 merchandise [full story]. Three months later - the toy makers are showing off their initial designs at New York Comic Con!

Toy News International has a full gallery of images from the Mezco Toyz booth, where they offered the first look at their 6" Mortal Kombat X figures. Scorpion, Sub-Zero & Raiden all appear with the latest designs from the game in stunning detail.

From the layers of buckles and straps in Scorpion's new suit, to the intricate Japanese patterns of Raiden's new blue sash -- each character is recreated with unprecedented accuracy. As previously reported, figures are expected to feature 17-20 points of articulation. With this level of quality, these are shaping up to be some of the best Mortal Kombat action figures of all time!

Visit Toy News International for a full gallery of images. Register to share your thoughts and hopes on the Media & Merchandise forum! Special thanks to MKOmmunity User Dreadykrueger for sharing links.

Surprising MK Anniversary Reference on The Tonight Show
Jimmy Fallon Drops Surprise MK Reference On Milestone 10th Anniversary!

After 20 years in the pop culture landscape - Mortal Kombat isn't exactly an unusual touchstone. Broad references to ninjas, special moves, and fatalities are so commonplace - we couldn't possibly report on them all. An unusually specific reference during a sketch on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon has stood out from the pack. See if you can catch it:

Spoiler Alert: The Intense Staredown between absurdist mountain masters Fallon and Robert Downey Jr hits the sweet reference right around the 1:42 mark. Did you catch it? You may have missed it. It's not often you hear a shout out to "The Dragon King" Onaga!

It just so happens 2014 marks the 10th anniversary of Mortal Kombat: Deception! Released October 6, 2004: The game was the first full appearance of The Dragon King - a once immortal ruler of Outworld who was slain by Shao Kahn, and resurrected through the plot of the game's "Konquest" adventure mode.

[Related Video: Mortal Kombat: Deception Opening Sequence (Will Load Above)]

Onaga served as final boss in Deception and was an outsider pick in Mortal Kombat Online's Kountdown: Top 10 Bosses for Mortal Kombat X. Register to share your Onaga slaying memories on the forum. Find more klassic video by following Mortal Kombat Online on YouTube. Special thanks to MKO User LordSkarlet for calling attention to the fun skit!

Award Winning Choreographer Talks Mortal Kombat Movie
Streamy Award Winning Legacy Choreographer Discusses MK Movie

In an interview with Film Combat Syndicate; Streamy Award winning choreographer Larnell Stovall has discussed his hopes for the ill fated Mortal Kombat feature film.

I am not sure what the chances are for an MK feature film. BUT, the version K.T. was going to move ahead with would have been insane!!! Crazy fatalities and surprise characters with a hard R-rating for sure! Too bad things did not move forward on it, though I am hearing there will be a third season Mortal Kombat Legacy. I truly hope Warner Bros and New Line make it happen, whether I am involved or not. I simply just want to see these characters on the big screen. They deserve it!!

Stovall partnered with director Kevin Tancharoen for his 2010 viral video: Mortal Kombat: Rebirth. The reel won both men jobs on subsequent official live-action webseries: Mortal Kombat: Legacy.

Tancharoen was consistently linked to a major movie release off the back of the hugely successful webseries, teasing the script himself in 2012. Rumored plot details and casting presumptions failed to deliver progress on a feature film. The director officially announced his departure from the movie late in 2013.

The theatrical future of Mortal Kombat remains uncertain, but a third series of Legacy appears to be in the pipeline. Legacy II debuts on Blu-Ray & DVD later this month [full story]. Find and discuss more stories on the Media & Merchandise forum.

Mortal Kombat X KeyArt Awards Game Trailer Finalist
Mortal Kombat X Announce Trailer Receives Honors in KeyArt Awards

Mortal Kombat X doesn't arrive for home consoles until April, 2015 - but the powerhouse franchise has already begun racking up awards with its pre-release promotion! The June Announce Trailer is the latest receiving accolades -- a finalist in the Hollywood Reporter KeyArt Awards!

Choose Your Destiny: Select other finalists below to load them in the player.

- Mortal Kombat X
- Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
- Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
- Call of Duty: Ghosts
- Watch_Dogs
Mortal Kombat X is a finalist in the Audio/Visual category for Best Game Trailer. The live 2014 KeyArt Awards event takes place Thursday, October 23rd in Hollywood. Awards results announcement to be advised.

Warner Bros. face stiff competition from fellow category nominees: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Call of Duty: Ghosts & Watch_Dogs.

The announce trailer is the work of Emmy Award winning effects house Digital Dimension. Although comprised completely of CG animation, initial speculation about the gameplay it implied has turned out to be mostly accurate! The trailer features a soundtrack by Warner Bros. recording artist Wiz Kkalifa.

In July, Variety reported two of the nominated trailers topped YouTube's 2014 Q2 viewership: MK finished #3 with 11 million hits, behind #1 trailer Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Live-action webseries Mortal Kombat: Legacy II enjoyed digital success with a win in last month's Streamy Awards [full story].

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Mortal Kombat X Around The World - Expo News, Cameos, Story
New Details From Around The World! NRS in Russia, Australia, Mexico!

As we saw with the release of the Mortal Kombat X Announce Trailer in June - the 10th instalment of MK is a global phenomenon! This was highlighted by a packed weekend campaign that saw NetherRealm Studios scattered across the globe for live events in: Russia, Australia & Mexico!

The major story across all events was the trailer reveal of Quan Chi! The returning fighter has been displayed in demo builds in each country, bringing fresh mysteries with him! These are a few of the top stories coming out of Igromir 2014, EB Expo 2014 & Electronic Game Show Mexico!

[Image Courtesy of InsideMK]

The Demon's Head? [Updated]
Is this the first confirmed cameo by a post-MK4 character?... Fandom has leapt at the sight of Quan Chi holding the severed head of a blue Netherrealm oni [pictured above] - widely presuming it to be former sub-boss: Moloch!

The snapshot comes from Quan Chi's match intro with Cassie Cage - but the exact context and uniqueness of the sequence is not yet clear. We know to expect characters from previous eras, but we also know the Netherrealm is filled with blue skinned oni. If it is Moloch: it suggests a radical departure from the previous timeline, where ties between the two were more mutually beneficial.

"The Oni Destroyer" was introduced in 2002's Deadly Alliance as a serving bodyguard to Quan Chi. This was the legacy of the famous MK4 plot-twist that established Quan Chi as the source of Scorpion's misery, and started a dogged pursuit through the Netherrealm that forced the necromancer to recruit protection! [Moloch] teamed with Drahmin in the role - another MKDA demon already struck off the MKX list [see; MKX Deadpool]. One possible reason for the change: Scorpion didn't learn the truth behind his spectre's curse in Mortal Kombat (2011). If that's still the case in MKX, Quan Chi would never need the demon bruisers for protection.

Update Sep. 6: Mortal Kombat Online reached out to NetherRealm Studios for more information. A representative confirmed Moloch, playfully noting, "Stubby horns, three eyes and a bluish/greenish complexion? Hmm..."

O' Brother Where Art Thou?
Since the Mortal Kombat X Reveal Trailer, the mystery of Sub-Zero's identity has been of leading interest. The brothers who'd previously held the mantle were both radically transformed by the end of Mortal Kombat (2011). Bi-Han fulfilled his destiny, becoming the resurrected black wraith: Noob Saibot. Younger brother Kuai Liang was captured and surrendered to the Lin Kuei, who transformed him into a cyborg assassin - later killed by Sindel, and enslaved by Quan Chi.

Capsule Computers have reported dialogue from the Quan Chi/Sub-Zero match intro, offering the first clear suggestion to Sub-Zero's identity: "I have your brother’s soul!"

This seems to suggest one of the two Sub-Zero's we know from previous games, but as Quan Chi had a hand in controlling both - we can't definitively eliminate one or the other. The possibility of another unaccounted for brother would play well to MK Trilogy era "Classic Sub-Zero" theorists, but now that we know Quan Chi has an army of defeated warriors - it seems Noob Saibot may just be back in blue for Mortal Kombat X.

Kotal Kahn: Conqueror or Savior?
While we know the Mortal Kombat X story mode will tell of Kotal Kahn's rise and fall as Outworld Emperor - his origins, motives and alliances remain untold. Newcomer D'Vorah will work with Kotal Kahn, but he may be attempting to recruit others, as well.

More intro dialogue reported by Capsule Computers has Kahn reaching out to Ferra/Torr: KK: "Join me!" FT: "You want enslave our people!" KK: ”I wish to restore you!"

The exchange also lends credence to translations of Ferra's headdress, which alludes to a role of royalty or leadership.

Dead Man's Chest
The unveiling of Quan Chi and his new character design introduced an unexpected mystery that is the subject of our current MKO User Poll!

A skull appears deliberately encased in Quan Chi's leathery outfit, leading us to wonder if there's more to it than mere aesthetics! It appears to take on an active power during his Warlock variation, and the fact the eyes are specifically obscured is an interesting detail. Could it suggest a direct relation to a character - such as the Edenian prophet of Armageddon: Delia? With severed oni heads being discussed, we wonder if Drahmin might be an option.

Mortal Kombat Online shared a handful of theories in the design render feature. Register to vote in the poll, and post your own!

Update Oct. 19: An overwhelming 44.5% either lack imagination or just think it's all about the look - voting the skull is Nobody Special1 Not to be ignored: 19.4% think it's Shinnok, 13.7% for Shao Kahn & 5.6% for The Dragon King. MK Online conceptual favourite Delia tied with Drahmin & Kochal with 2.4% of the vote each. We'll be waiting eagerly to find out all the answers come 2015! Thanks for voting!

Army of Darkness
The status of heroes killed by the end of Mortal Kombat (2011) [pictured above] has been a leading point of speculation ahead of Mortal Kombat X. The narrated reveal trailer for Quan Chi revealed he will be in control of an army of Earthrealm revenants!

At the close of MK2011, he had already marshalled the likes of: Kung Lao, Nightwolf, Jax, Stryker, Kabal & Sub-Zero. What Quan Chi intends to do with them, and for how long, is what we wait to find out!

Who's The Boss?
Before the trailer announcement - Quan Chi topped MK Online's Top 10 Boss Kountdown. Our reasons were based on clues from the Creative Director, and deductions from existing plot lines. We now know "master manipulator" Quan Chi will play a major role in Mortal Kombat X, where the playable fighter's "schemes are fully realized". So - is he the boss?

Opinions remain divided, with his power and status still befitting of a boss, even if it means playable and unplayable variants. 8.8% of the kommunity voted for Quan Chi in our User Poll - making him the 4th favourite amongst fans. Liu Kang (29%), Shinnok (25.1%) & Other topped the list.

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Reintroducing Quan Chi - Official Mortal Kombat X Render
Quan Chi Gets Grim New Design in Mortal Kombat X!

Mortal Kombat X is in far Moscow for Igromir 2014! The "gaming world" expo is where PlayStation unveiled the latest returning character in a live press conference trailer [full story]. Quan Chi is back and he's got a bad ass new look you can examine in detail in the official character render:

Click Image to Enlarge in New Window

It's the first major revamp for Quan Chi since 2002's Deadly Alliance stripped the armored sorcerer down to his pasty, tattooed skin. Those markings signified key story developments for the character - and this new look in Mortal Kombat X already has us speculating along similar lines!

His skull laden boots check off one of six mystery characters - but the deathly motif continues onto his torso in a way that seems more than mere aesthetics! There's clearly a real skull strapped into his gear! This poses questions about whose skull it is and why he's keeping it so close to the chest!

Could this be an occult ritual designed to enhance Quan Chi's powers with those of another? Is it something to do with the deceased Shao Kahn or the Emperor's skull-faced helmet? Is it the remains of Quan Chi's infernal master Shinnok, signifying his ultimate betrayal? Could those covered eyes suggest Delia - the seer wife of Argus who once foresaw Armageddon? With The Dragon King's amulet nowhere in sight - could this be the remains of Onaga himself? It glows in the Warlock variation - and is joined by two skeletal hands, bound to Quan Chi's back.

What ever the reason for Quan Chi's choice of attire - Mortal Kombat Online is brimming with enthusiasm for the new look! The bladed collar and its subtle references to his original design are a welcome change. We like the through line of the visible tattoos and weedy villain beneath, toning down the bulkiness of his original armor.

Straps and buckles are emerging as the fashion fad of MKX, but they look appropriate on Quan Chi - particularly when lit to contrast against his alabaster skin! He looks particularly fantastic on the character select screen (seen in the new trailer), where the blacks and whites are really sharp! Character Variation colors and special move effects round it all out very well!

Quan Chi as he appears in Mortal Kombat 4.

For more Quan Chi details and info be sure to watch the full trailer! Follow related stories links for more news, resources and features! Register to share your thoughts on the Mortal Kombat X forum!

Quan Chi Trailer Revealed At PlayStation Igromir Event
Quan Chi Returns to Manipulate Events in Mortal Kombat X! New trailer!

Ed Boon started a countdown to October 2nd - delivering us to the moment he appeared on screen at a live Russian PlayStation Press Conference to introduce the newest returning kombatant: Quan Chi!:

This time Executive Producer Shaun Himmerick returns to our screens to narrate the Mortal Komabt X character trailer! Following the format of previous Raiden and Kano reveals - the trailer showcases Quan Chi's Character Variations: Sorcerer, Warlock & Summoner.

We also get another drip from the story fountain, learning Quan Chi will play a major role in the plot as it continues on from the events of Mortal Kombat (2011)! As was the predicament at the end of the last game's story, it seems necromancer Quan Chi will be in control of an army of fallen warriors! Will this play into a version of Shinnok's plans for invasion, or could the sorcerer summon his own aspirations?

"Quan Chi is a master manipulator, and in MKX his schemes are fully realized. Using his necromancer powers, Quan Chi has built an army of revenants from the fallen Earthrealm warriors - twisting their minds to fight on his behalf!"

In the trailer, Quan Chi is pitted against fellow villain Kano - but it seems their own goals may create a conflict over the course of the story mode. In kombat, Quan Chi wields an updated arsenal of attacks that take advantage of his unique sorcerer's skills. Portals allow the necromancer to reposition his opponent, attack at range, and even summon a Netherrealm demon to join him on the battlefield! His zombie possession 'shuffle over here' is back, plus a huge array of exciting new moves - including an X-Ray that introduces new bones for the purposes of breaking others! Crunch! Plus a slow burn, sadistic fatality that captures the evil of Quan Chi's intent!

After a decade in the stripped down design he received in 2002's Deadly Alliance - the sorcerer has new clothes, too! A strapped tunic with spikey collar brings back references to the armor he wore in his original appearances (MK Mythologies: Sub-Zero, Mortal Kombat 4), but gives it a punked up edge that feels fresh and fitting for the dark Mortal Kombat X future!

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Kountdown: Who's Next? 10 Bosses for Mortal Kombat X
Who's next? MK Online Kountdown Tackles the Mystery of MKX's Final Boss!

Mortal Kombat X is less than 7 months away! Even as the April release date and pre-order bonus draw nearer - there remains much to be discovered about the reboot sequel's fundamental elements! The playable cast continues to be a source of new speculation, but one of the overarching mysteries introduced during June's E3 unveiling is the identity of the final boss!

Every fighting game needs a memorable final challenge. Mortal Kombat has enjoyed some of the genre's best bosses - MKII & MK3's Shao Kahn still looming large since his introduction more than 20 years ago!

Series co-creator Ed Boon says MKX's boss is: "a fun surprise returning character" and "[not] a lot of people will see it coming". He's eliminated a few contenders along the way, blatantly ruling out Goro, and supressing suspicions about Kotal Kahn. With this information - Mortal Kombat Online has had its finest minds on staff debating the lead suspects. After a few months of fisticuffs and consideration - the following is our Top 10 Final Bosses for Mortal Kombat X!

Mortal Kombat (2011) concludes with a clandestine meeting teasing MK4.

#1 Quan Chi
Prior to the announcement of Mortal Kombat X - speculation was shepherded toward the next chapter in the reboot timeline: MK4. That being the case, Shinnok was the logical frontrunner for an exciting new turn as final boss.

We're not ruling out Shinnok's return from the Netherrealm entirely, but a 25 year story mode offers plenty of time for events to progress beyond the fallen Elder God's revenge. Enter Quan Chi: a villain whose sinister presence provided a through line of skulduggery throughout Mortal Kombat (2011)! He made his debut in MK4, and as noted in a recent feature - there's an entire alternate version of MK4 that tells of Quan Chi's rise to power! His suitability as a boss hardly ends there, though.

Few villains achieve the distinction of spreading their evil to the material world. Quan Chi was so thoroughly insinuated into the plot of the original MK trilogy (during MK2011), he actually became a genuinely despised character. The turn from cult favourite to devious provocateur arguably makes him the perfect final foe for fans facing Mortal Kombat X!

The whys behind his "bad bag" status are pretty simple. Quan Chi shared boss duties with Shang Tsung in 2002's series reinvention: Deadly Alliance. There, as in other outings, he had all the desire necessary to amass power and rule the worlds. For all we know, the time distorting plot of MK2011 was all just part of another elaborate Quan Chi scheme. Ohhh, he's just so evil.

Quan Chi gets the better of Shinnok in MK4 [read more]

#2 Liu Kang
For the first four instalments of Mortal Kombat, he was the traditional kung fu hero. Shaolin fighting monk Liu Kang may have been the epitome of a champion, but that success bred resentment from a fanbase enthralled by the dark and diverse cast of the ever growing series. Consequently, Kang was unceremoniously killed off in the intro to Deadly Alliance - a bold response, but a short-lived dismissal, as a zombie return reinvigorated enthusiasm for the character.

MK2011 brought back classic Kang with one of the best character revamps in the reboot, but it wasted little time on the pretence of a destined return to victory. The new timeline was a just new opportunity to divorce the series from its stock hero - this time at the lightning charged hands of one of its other lead protagonists: Raiden!

Legacy Series II introduced an outright bad Liu Kang, but we're not convinced a boss version needs to play the villain. In fact, we'd contest that a reigning Mortal Kombat Champion is a most logical final boss - regardless of their moral leanings.

Liu Kang was seemingly killed off in the 2011 story mode, but Deception's "Zombie Liu" showed just how useful a deceased MK champ can be! With the Elder Gods at the centre of MK2011's Shao Kahn resolution - Liu Kang's arcade ending just might be one of the vaguely plausible ones, making him the new Protector God of Earthrealm. Alternatively, he may simply serve as the Champion of the Elder Gods -- a role once occupied by Scorpion in the previous timeline.

Raiden infuses Liu Kang with the power of gods in MKvsDC.

#3 Shao Kahn
If you're shocked to see Shao Kahn on this list -- you understand the argument! Taking Ed Boon's words at face value - few final boss characters could be more surprising than the one who was just destroyed!

There's more here than just wordplay, though. Shao Kahn really does rank amongst the all-time great fighting game bosses. As much as we're advocates of moving on from the most frequently used boss, we also think it would be a tragedy to lose such an iconic, klassic MK bad guy! How do we get him back? Well, if a hero can be resurrected -- why not a villain?

There are a multitude of ways Kahn could be brought back. One way wouldn't be dissimilar from the popular theory about Liu Kang. You just need to flip the script, and keep that alternate version of MK4 in mind. After all, if Shinnok were successful in his war against the gods - even temporarily - he would have the power to bring back anyone he sees fit. Shao Kahn has been a minion before, but that ended with his taking the throne of Outworld (from Onaga) -- something that could be a good thing, under the right circumstances.

We know the Outworld throne is a major piece of the Mortal Kombat X puzzle, but not how significant it is. Story mode will detail the rise and fall of Kotal Kahn, if not other characters. Who better to bring stability to the situation than the dominant ruler from centuries of conquest prior?

#4 Shinnok
We'd never accuse Ed Boon (Creative Director) of falling back on hyperbole or rhetoric - but what if he's over estimated how many people won't "see it coming"?

Shinnok was heavily implied in the 2011 story mode cliff hanger/epilogue: a sequential continuation of that game's do-over timeline. That makes Shinnok a very easy boss to expect - providing you know who Shinnok is. The cameo itself doesn't necessarily explain a great deal to the extra 2 million gamers who bumped MK's sales to record breaking levels. Hardcore fans may be in the know, but there are more "noobs" running around these days than in an MK Trilogy casuals tournament. MK's new generation of fans may not see this one coming by virtue of simply not knowing!

While it's been noted Outworld has a part to play in MKX, we also know there are plenty of Earthrealm fighters with a stake in the next 25 years. Shinnok's conquests pose a threat to all realms and are the perfect over-arching danger to bring a wide variety of post-apocalyptic warriors together in a tournament called Mortal Kombat. As villains go, he's a darn versatile one. Plus - we really would like to see the replacement Devil live up to his infernal potential. He was a grotesque demon briefly in Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero - but we think the best is still yet to come!

#5 The Dragon King
As long as Mortal Kombat dwells in a timeline parallel to its original twenty years of story [MK-Armageddon], there's going to be suspicions based on what's happened before. If the plot of MKX is to go beyond the timeframe of MK4 - The Dragon King is the next logical threat!

Onaga ruled Outworld centuries ago, before he was poisoned and assassinated by his trusted minion: Shao Kahn! His spirit lived on, manipulating a powerful Earthrealm advocate named Shujinko into subverting events toward his resurrection. The once immortal Dragon King is master of an army, former possessor of Shinnok's amulet, and a powerful enough force to dominate any fighter who stands in his way! Such was the plot of Deception, where he served as grand manipulator and ultimate final boss.

The significance of Onaga's Amulet throughout MK4, and the conflict surrounding Outworld's throne [in MKX] makes The Dragon King a very logical player in the next chapter. Boon also made it known (during E3) that characters from later episodes will make appearances in 2015! Fans who followed the Creative Director in the break between MK games will remember Deception featuring heavily in fans conversations. This could all point toward Onaga's supreme rise in the 25 years of MKX!

The Dragon King makes a dramatic entrance in Deception!

#6 Blaze
Mortal Kombat (2011) may have told us Shao Kahn was the ultimate victor of Armageddon - but the source of the original threat was Blaze! In this sense, he is the catalyst for Raiden's creation of the deviant reality Mortal Kombat X is presumed to be a continuation of.

Based on an innocuous background element from Mortal Kombat II -- the smouldering elemental became an unlikely through line for the Armageddon trilogy! He was (re)introduced as a reward character in 2002's Deadly Alliance, before rising to final boss status in Armageddon, when his mysterious purpose was revealed to be a god quest to cleanse the realms of its deadliest warriors. He was the brainchild of Edenian gods Argus & Delia, who foresaw the destruction of reality under the strain of powerful influences like The Dragon King.

In theory, MK2011 should have Blaze still enslaved by disciples of The Dragon King - who forced him to guard the last dragon egg from which Onaga could be reborn. The Dragon King's resurrection some time during the 25 year MKX story would free Blaze to resume his mission of Armageddon. The stakes may have been diminished by MK2011's deadpool of classic characters, but as we know, MKX will introduced an unprecedented cast of replacements. Does this prevent Armageddon at the hands of Blaze, or merely delay it?

Could the shattering dragon logo in June's announce trailer forecast Armageddon?

#7 Raiden
Like the storm god of Japanese mythology, Raiden has flirted with darkness many times in Mortal Kombat's history. His soul became corrupted in Deception, leading to an unlikely alliance with Shinnok during the course of Armageddon. He resisted evil in the past, but some would say no villain has been as successful in decimating the warriors of light than Raiden (during MK2011)!

The thunder god has already been confirmed for MKX, participating in a role that Ed Boon describes as "not nearly as central to the overall plot as he was in Mortal Kombat [2011]." Given that he was the main drive of that game's story, it's still perfectly plausible that a boss version of the playable character could appear later in the game!

We know Raiden finds himself living with the consequences of his mistakes "with many of his allies dead, or gone." As it has in previous instalments, this predicament could encourage him to break the sacred rules, fighting new nemesis' like Kotal Kahn to his ultimate corruption.

Boss versions of playable characters have been present in Trilogy, MK4, Deadly Alliance and Armageddon - but NetherRealm Studios really invested in the concept in Injustice: Gods Among Us: creating a second version of Superman as the ultimate final boss! Lessons learned from the DC fighter are self-evident in MKX. With the introduction of 3 Character Variations for each playable fighter - the path to boss versions is as simple as a character who can harness the benefits of all three versions. Raiden already looks pretty deadly in his three styles. He'd make a fantastic boss with all powers at the ready!

#8 Reiko
When MK4 was released for home consoles - one character created more debate and fan conflict than perhaps any in the series' history! Reiko began life as a mysterious General in Shinnok's armies, but was ultimately an under developed character, consumed by the simple image of a throne and his donning Shao Kahn's helmet!

Subsequent games have played off the controversy as a joke, but the cult of Reiko reignites before every new games release. The expected significance of MK4 had MK Online thinking warm thoughts, and we're not quite ready to dismiss them just yet.

Two key factors have always stood in Reiko's way as the MK4 ending came to define him, but both are resolved by the basic premise of MKX. 1) Shao Kahn is dead, which means Reiko is free to pay as little or as much homage as he pleases. It's also finally realistic that a one-time third tier character could actually take the Outworld throne! As long as the rise and fall of Emperors remains a major plot element - we're excited by the potential for Reiko to reach new heights!

The strut heard around the realm: Reiko in MK4!

#9 Argus
Edenian god Argus was responsible for the creation of Blaze [#6 on our list] and the circumstances that threatened Armageddon. His elaborate plot was inspired by visions witnessed by his wife Delia. Visions of grim futures have had a heavy hand to play since Raiden began following vague prophecies based on the previous plot. So, what did Delia see in a timeline where things have gone even more awry?

Argus is the type of "returning" character that would really fit the bill of Ed Boon's "fun surprise returning character" that not many see coming. It would be an outside of the box pick, which could certainly be prompted by any number of plot lines. Shinnok's war on the gods from MK4 would certainly encourage Argus' involvement. The same escalation of powers that prompted Armageddon could still be relevant - perhaps even more so now that Raiden has tipped the scales in favour of any new emerging threats. It's a little bit of a longshot, but we like it. Especially for the mythology he can bring with him.

#10 Ermac
His origins may be steeped in a famous hoax, but the popularity of Ermac is no joke! Fans crowned him the Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion earlier in the year, and he remains one of the most talked about characters requested for Mortal Kombat X!

He was a powerful presence in Mortal Kombat (2011) - acting as enforcer for Shao Kahn and the invading armies of Outworld. MK2011 introduced the idea that Ermac -- a creature comprised from the merged souls of fallen warriors - contains the spirit of deceased Edenian ruler Jerrod [That's Kitana's dad, yo! - M.]. This new twist, if followed through, could be the kind of boost the character needs to reach big boss status!

With creator (and by extension, nemesis) Shao Kahn out of the way, his exact motivations become a little unclear. With an army of souls to draw from, he could have innumerable reasons for seeking to use his powers to dominate the realms. It might be presumed Kahn's defeat freed Edenia from its merged state with Outworld, but maybe King Jerrod's will is what's needed to complete that process. If Shinnok's MK4 plot comes to play - there's certainly new reasons for the ruler of Edenia to flex his soul-powered telekinetic powers. Powers that allow for any number of boss friendly applications! He could be an army of one, splitting into multiple variations of himself in a 3-on-1 attack. He could pummel opponents without ever clenching his fist, or he utilize the techniques of a thousand fallen warriors.

Given Ermac's fan favourite status, it's questionable whether he'll really leave the control of the player. We tend to prefer a resolution to our boss battles and eliminating one of the series' emerging icons would be a bit of a tragedy. It's certainly a plausible possibility, however.

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Art of Kombat #8: (I Just) Died In Your Arms
Goro Returns in 2015 as MKX Pre-Order Bonus DLC! Art of Kombat Celebrates!

Since the beginning of the series - a towering shadow has loomed large over the Mortal Kombat tournament! Boss characters have come and gone, but the image of Prince Goro remains a classic symbol, as emblazoned in player's minds as the silhouetted dragon logo!

The arcade icon is set to make his playable return in Mortal Kombat X - announced as a pre-order DLC bonus at the beginning of September! To celebrate Goro's triumphant return, we look to the artistic talents of the Fan Submission Archive to pay tribute to the Shokan Champion!

Art of Kombat is a monthly Mortal Kombat Online kommunity feature spotlighting the artists who've contributed their talents over the past decade and a half! Registered users can submit their work to the longest curated MK fan art archive for future spotlight consideration!

It takes a powerful image to capture the "Prince of Pain" and GONZZO does a fine job with "GORO - Mortal Kombat 4". His frame of reference is apparently the 1997 polygon debut for the series - a game already on our minds - but this is Goro at his most definitive. MK4 brought the legendary sub-boss back with the same simple design that made him an icon. The flex of muscles and a bellowing roar is every bit the image of the original model - but forced perspective gives extra gravitas befitting Shokan royalty!

At his best - Goro possesses an intimidation factor that chills the bones of any fighter caught flat footed. Close quarters kombat with a four-armed Shokan is never a promising position - demonstrated with devastating brutality by ! He's kept the perspective tilted upward in "Goro 2", but put simple emphasis on the blunt hand-to-hand grappling strength of the powerful sub-boss. Poor Jax is disarmed by the sinister, gloating man-dragon. A simple, but well achieved graphic image!

Artist TimKelly describes Goro as one of his all-time favourite gaming characters. It shows! "Goro-inks" captures the genetic brute, but does so without inflecting any evil intent, or animalistic ferocity. This reads like a contemporary Goro. One who looks every bit the fighter, rather than a mere monster. The splash of inks imbues the image with a fusion of Kevin Eastman by way of ancient Eastern calligraphy. It's a wonderful depiction of the character. Truly unique!

If references to the excesses of modern 20th century comic book art tickles your fancy - kicks it to a whole new level! "Goro - The Monster" leaves mutant teens in the dust - his hulking behemoth far more exaggerated than the photo-realism of MK's digitized sprites would ever have allowed! These veiny, bulging muscles would make even Sam Keith blush - but that's why we like it! For capturing the mountain of muscle to such an absurd degree - we tip our hat! We're not sure if that tipping is out of intimidation, or just the baffling mechanics of how he moves.

Of course, when it comes to mind boggling mechanics and the excess of the comic book image - MIDWOOD surpasses all contenders! This Japanese cult favourite is, as always, a divisive artist, whose manga interpretations take an extremely stylized view of the American regulars. True to form; MIDWOOD favors an unusually armored Goro in this featured image. It was a concept not seen until Goro's 2005 Nintendo exclusive return in Deception - and even then, the armor was very minimal. Like other featured works from the artist [see; MKO AoK #4], the minutely detailed linework defies NetherRealm Studio's design simplicity - wholly impractical for games, and individual in vision. This is why we love his work! Beneath it all, that's clearly Goro in there. Another shade of a character typically understated in his appearance, yet demonstratively diverse in character!

Check out more interpretations by clicking the thumbnails below by: , Khazen, , MeaT-Artworx, & !

Art of Kombat has become a regular feature for Mortal Kombat Online! Register to submit your own works for future consideration! We love spotlighting artists from around the web, but take special notice of those hosted in the Fan Submission Archive! Don't have anything to submit? Don't worry! You can get involved by posting words of critique and encouragement on the forum! Check out more works in previous installments:

We're always on the look out for our next potential theme. Help inspire our direction by submitting new works or making suggestions with the #ArtOfKombat hashtag! We want all your wild and wonderful pieces based on classic characters, obscure favourites, or the new fighters introducing themselves in MKX!

By submitting work to Mortal Kombat Online you become part of an archive of thousands and will be automatically featured in the Fan Submission forum upon administrator approval! Fans can discuss each of the featured MKO submitted Art of Kombat works by clicking the piece to enter the forum. We hope you'll wave the flag for MKO and the individual artists whose work we enjoy! Remember: When sharing with friends, credit the original artist and include a link back to the source where you found it!

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