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Kitana Voice Actress Karen Strassman Returning for Sequel?
Voice Actress Lists Supporting Role for Mortal Kombat 2 - sequel or remake?

In February; the first concrete news of a new Mortal Kombat game project came - surprisingly - via major voice cast addition: Kiefer Sutherland [full story]. With Warner Brothers keeping news on a tight leash, it seems our clearest indication of the game being a sequel has again come from the acting talent involved.

Karen Strassman -- the voice actress behind Kitana & Mileena in the 2011 reboot -- has added "Mortal Kombat 2" to her list of video game voice acting credits [pictured below]. Even more interesting, her involvement seems to have switched from Leading to Supporting role(s). Could this be an indication of the future for two of the series' most iconic ladies?

Source: Karen Strassman Voice Acting Resume


- She's Mileena (46.8%)
- She's Kitana (5.7%)
- She's Both (32.9%)
- She's Neither (14.4%)
It is at present unknown when the listing was added, or how applicable the "Mortal Kombat 2" title is, or will be. The news should, however, alleviate concerns raised by the rumoured announcement of an Injustice sequel at Wondercon [full story].

As noted, most speculation is directed toward a logical sequel to the 2011 Mortal Kombat reboot/remake. However, MK Creative Director Ed Boon introduced the idea of a Mortal Kombat II HD revamp during his appearance on the Giant Bomb Livestream from this year's Game Developer's Conference.

Update (May 21, 2014): Now you see it, now you don't! As pointed out by @patton92, the credit has since been removed from Strassman's resume. We'll let you draw your own conclusions on the forum.

Update (Nov. 20, 2014): Six months out from the 2015 release of Mortal Kombat X, Strassman has responded to a question about reprising her role as Mileena. The answer - deliberately inconclusive: "Maybe......" Watch this space.

Register to join the new game speculation on the forums. Fans already steered our hand when we listed the Top 10 Kommunity Kiefer Sutherland Kasting Kalls based on an expected sequel. Special thanks to MKOmmunity User Zmoke for tipping us off to this story. You can also support the site by liking & sharing stories via Facebook or @MK_Online.

Rumor Mill: Injustice Sequel in Development?
Will Another Injustice Take Place Sometime Sooner Than Expected?

If you're wondering what that crunching sound is, it's just the copious helpings of salt we're taking this story with. Coming out of last weeks Wondercon; it seems Furious Fanboys has inferred a possible announcement of an Injustice sequel.

The supposed reveal came during a DC All Access panel showing of Batman: Arkham Knight and allegedly led to confusion about its release:

While people were applauding and cheering, they specifically say that Batman: Arkham Knight would be released later this year. After that statement is what most people didn’t hear, and they said to prepare for the return of Injustice. The “not a 2014 title” statement applied to the new Injustice, not the Batman sequel. No other details about the new Injustice, such as who is developing it, was revealed but it is apparently on the way…just not this year.

While we cannot vouch for the accuracy of this account, we can certainly accept that the Injustice franchise will return again soon enough. The Injustice: Gods Among Us comic book tie-in is already continuing in its second year; while the card battle game has also launched a new era in Injustice Mobile 2.0 -- boasting an all new multi-player function.

Honestly, we don't think the presumption of an intended franchise needs any proof, but for the sake of completion, we couldn't leave out the sage-like admission of NetherRealm Studios Creative Director Ed Boon:

Of course, feeding reasonable expectations for NetherRealm Studios' next project: Pompeii star Kiefer Sutherland revealed his involvement in a mystery "Mortal Kombat" project back in February. [Editors Note: Special Forces HD was just our April Fools prank.]

Just like Batman: Arkham Origins was farmed out to a studio other than Arkham originators Rocksteady Games -- so too might Injustice 2 be given to a studio other than NetherRealm (who are much more inseparable from the Mortal Kombat series.)

We also have reason to believe the next Mortal Kombat has been in production for quite some time. If that's true, time and resources may allow the developer to juggle more than their traditional workload. Not enough resources? They have been looking for more: 2014 NRS job listings include:

At this point, the speculation game starts to run itself ragged. We'll leave the rest of the musings to you on the forums.

While you're there, why not check out our Top 10 Kommunity Kasting Kalls for Kiefer Sutherland [in Mortal Kombat]. If you're wondering who might join Injustice 2, you could also revisit our Top 10 Villains & Top 10 Heroes wishlists!

ScrewAttack Death Battle Preview: Fulgore vs Sektor!
Killer Instinct & Mortal Kombat Collide in ScrewAttacks Next DEATH BATTLE!

Those fight mongers at ScrewAttack DEATH BATTLE are gearing up for the next franchise fantasy superfight - and they've just announced a doozy!

Building upon the recent resurgence of Killer Instinct on Xbox One - they've chosen to feature fan-favourite UltraTech machine o' death: Fulgore! The natural opponent to challenge his cyborg supremacy is of course Mortal Kombat's Lin Kuei turned Tekunin overlord: Sektor!

This promises to be another tough fight for the Mortal Kombat chosen warriors, who haven't always fared so well in the DEATH BATTLE arena. The Killer Instinct fighter may have Sektor outdone when it comes to cult appeal, but Fulgore is the only one of the two to have received three in-fiction rebuilds. Could it be time for number four?

Who do you think will win - and how's it going to happen? Register to share your Fulgore vs Sektor speculation on the forums!

Prepare yourself for the coming battle with previous Mortal Kombat DEATH BATTLE features on Mortal Kombat Online! You can revisit and comment on: Akuma vs Shang Tsung; Bison vs Shao Kahn and the hugely contentious: Thor vs Raiden! Special thanks to MKOmmunity User hydraslash for tipping us off to the latest announcement!

Mod Koms: Back to Block - Mortal Kombat Minecraft
Mortal Kombat meets Minecraft in more blocky fan-made mods!

Yesterday, we turned the spotlight on Sean Cantrell and his magnificent Mortal Kombat Lego. His blocky, toy inspired renders showed what might be if the world of Mortal Kombat were mere bricks and blocks. It was a wonderful proof of concept -- but what if you want to actually play with your toys?

Del Cottonwood is another industrious fan who has adapted the brutal world of Mortal Kombat into a simpler, blockier realm. Like Cantrell, he's adapted vast swaths of the Kombat cast, but in this case, they're downloadable skins for free-to-play sandbox sensation: Minecraft!

You would've had to have been lost in a pixelated underground cavern for the past few years to not know what Minecraft is. Launched in 2011; the stylized pixelated sandbox gives you a world of sky, water and earth to do with as you please. Its success has taken it to home consoles and driven an empire of paid alternatives, but the principle remains the same. Check out some of our favourites Minecraft Kombatants below:

Shinnok Quan Chi
Shang Tsung Reptile
Kitana Mileena
Jax Stryker
Reiko Noob Saibot
Ermac Kenshi
Sub-Zero Sektor
Liu Kang Kung Lao
Sonya Blade Johnny Cage
Armageddon Blaze Chameleon
Masked Guard Shadow Priest

That's right. Those are just some of our favourites. The Planet Minecraft mod maker has created & shared many more characters, including (but not limited to): Kano, Scorpion, Nightwolf, Shao Kahn. There are also multiple versions of characters -- including a couple inspired by Mortal Kombat: Legacy.

Del Cottonwood has also ventured into less official territory with characters taken from Defenders of the Realm, Malibu Comics & popular modding fan-fiction. While most are probably best left where they began, we couldn't pass up a couple of the ol' favourites:

Tremor Aquilluxborg Hydroxybot

You can find more download information by clicking on any of the characters pictured above, or by visiting Del Cottonwood's profile page. There's a massive library of character skins based on many other series, as well. Why not share your favourites on the forums?

Got your own Mortal Kombat mod koms? Register to submit your artwork, or post on the Fan Submission forum!

Kommunity: Back to Block - Mortal Kombat Lego Edition
Mortal Kombat Lego Wins with Fan-Made Block Heavy Strategy!

With the global theatrical success of The Lego Movie -- Denmark's #1 export has reached considerable new heights! The popular building bricks have already conquered the video game domain, assembling classic franchises like Batman, Harry Potter and Star Wars in digital, interactive Lego forms.

With Marvel Comics making the Lego leap opposite their DC Superhero rivals in a 2013 Warner Brothers published game -- the thought occurs just about anything is possible for this franchise powerhouse! Could the WB owned, adult rated Mortal Kombat be next? If it was -- Sean Cantrell shows us how it might look!

The obviously talented digital artist has done a terrific job rendering Mortal Kombat's famous characters in Lego form. His work has spread virally, most recently shared by series co-creator and Creative Director Ed Boon.

Not content with merely building individual models to then recreate the classic character select screens from Mortal Kombat & Mortal Kombat II [pictured above] -- Cantrell also created the ultimate Lego MK playset: The Pit!

While Mortal Kombat's inherently violent nature may challenge the child-friendly aesthetic of Lego and Lego video games -- we've seen in games and film that the pacifying qualities of Lego can make for some fun, tongue-in-cheek appropriation. Note Cantrell's Pit set, which includes a deliciously harmless Lego Skeleton with its four fighters [Raiden, Liu Kang, Sub-Zero & Scorpion].

In fact, the routine decapitations and dismemberments that come with playing with Lego make Mortal Kombat seem like a perfectly natural fit. Or, the beginning of a very disturbing campaign of childhood desensitization. Either way -- we love your work, Sean Cantrell!

You can find even more unofficial Lego renders at Sean Cantrell: 3D Generalist, or via his DeviantART profile. Get your own unique MK kreations? Register to submit your work to Mortal Kombat Online's world famous Fan Submission archive!

Updated: Injustice Mobile Game Adding Multiplayer Function
Injustice Mobile Update adds Multi-Player, New Cards & Upgrades!

Recorded at Wondercon: DC All Access has the first look at Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile all new multi-player. The trailer is first cab off the rank, so you can jump straight in below:

The card fighting mobile game continues to keep things fresh, opening up a whole new door with the ability to play against your friends, or together against foes. Multi-player will introduce a new interface with multi-player ladder rankings.

It looks like fans can look forward to a slew of new variations on characters and cards, as well. Batman Returns Catwoman, Classic Harley Quinn, Arrow Green Arrow, New 52 Nightwing & Green Lantern Sinestro rank among the new additions.

Update Apr. 23: "Injustice Mobile 2.0" (as it's now being called) arrives tomorrow! To celebrate the launch of Injustice Mobile's newest phase - DC Entertainment is giving you a chance to win a massive Injustice Prize Pack! Prizes include: Action figures, clothing, DC Entertainment animated movies, phone accessories and the all-important comic book! For competition entry details visit the Injustice Multiplayer Sweepstakes. Good luck!

Update Apr. 25: WB Support have taken to the official Injustice Facebook page to address concerns regarding hacking cheats ahead of the Multiplayer expansion. Injustice Mobile 2.0 promises new safeguards to curtail known exploits:

In an effort to curb online cheating, the Injustice Mobile 2.0 Update contained several anti-hacking safeguards. We understand that these safeguards have blocked some players from the game who should not have been. We are working to fix the issue. In the meantime, please contact our Customer Service department with any questions you might have. We will update when the situation is resolved.

Customer Service

Register to share your thoughts about the continuing exploits of Injustice Mobile in the DC Universe Injustice forum! Share your teams, tips, unlocks and anything else DC Entertainment!

Kommunity: Sakura Con 2014 Mortal Kosplay
Photos via - Hard Hitting Journalism All Mortal Kombat Online

In the words of original source "Sakura-Con is an annual anime convention held in Seattle, WA. The convention runs from April 18th-20th and hosts over 50,000 people over the three day convention."

Coming out of Day 2 of the convention event -- thanks to the submission of MKOmmunity User -- we observe and illuminate enthusiastic fans who've cosplayed it up as Mortal Kombat's original trio of palette swapped ninja: Sub-Zero, Scorpion & Reptile!

One of these things is not like the others. Isolating this difference is a simple assessment of anatomy. Did you get a nice mental image going? Biology. Anatomy. I'll let you build on it before we acknowledge, of course, that one of these characters is the disguised, cold-blooded bodyguard beast Reptile -- a non-human being from a dead realm. Also, only one of them is male.

Some of you may feel this gender-bending reimagining of characters challenges the accuracy of their costumes. Perhaps you would deduct 2-3 points for these inaccuracies, jeopardizing the likelihood of the collective winning third prize in the cosplay parade -- a petty act, given the almost certainly acceptable prize attached. I challenge this assessment and the adequacy of its scope. Mortal Kombat is owned by Warner Brothers, now. If a childhood of Bugs Bunny cartoons has taught me nothing, it's that you better damn well believe Scorpion will use the powers afforded to him as a ninja spectre from hell to disguise himself as a foxy lady. After all, it can surely be no coincidence the only male in the group appears as an authentic, frost breathing Sub-Zero. Clearly extensive thought has gone into the means by which this classic rivalry -- kiboshed by familial legacy and an exchange of the mantle -- can be rekindled. Successful film producer Larry Kassanoff believed in injecting drama into the Mortal Kombat tournament through romance. Who are you to disagree? How does any of this account for a female Reptile? How droll. How cynical. Allow me to direct you to a little thing called Parthenogenesis and to scoff at your primitive, simple-minded definitions of "gender". You make me sick.

Congratulations to the cosplayers who attended Sakura-Con. You can find more cosplay images in the gallery! Register to find and share your own Mortal Kosplay in the Fan Submission forum! Got a story you think we might be interested in? Submit a lead!

UFC Frankie Edgar - Mortal Kombat Better Than Street Fighter
Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion dubs Mortal Kombat better than rival!

For over twenty years arcade fighting fans have pondered the greatest question to challenge the world as we know it: Which game is better - Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter?

In an on-the-street interview with UFC Ultimate Fighter Frankie "The Answer" Edgar, celebrity gossip site TMZ quizzed the former Light Heavyweight Champion on his expert opinion about the greatest digital combatants. Watch the interview embedded below, with details following:

On the all time best fighting game stakes: Edgar favours the pugilistic purity of Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! and its pugnacious protagonist Little Mac for the title round. In the grudge match between arcade fighting's two biggest franchises, his rapid answer leaves no doubt: Mortal Kombat is king!

The Ultimate Fighter Season 19 coach picks Sub-Zero as his ultimate combatant, reminiscing about the famous spine rip fatality known by gamers of all persuasions! A choice that leaves rival alternative Street Fighter an undiscussed second best!

With blood mode activated by TMZ's roving reporter -- the one fighter even Frankie Edgar doesn't want to face is the "Prince of Pain" himself: Goro! As the coach points out, "... The dude with the arms out here and here... He might be tough to deal with. He [can hit you] high and low!"

Sound points from the man coaching his MMA team against UFC legend BJ Penn. A reversal of Mortal Kombat: Legacy star Darren Shahlavi's feelings, though! When MKO asked the man who played Kano which character he'd most like to fight, he took the Shokan by the horns, breaking his strategy down thusly, "I want Kano to kick the sh*t out of Goro, up and down and all around. Big, fast, powerful, well placed kicks, like Hwang Jang Lee against Andre the Giant!"

Find more celebrity interviews about Mortal Kombat in our Interview Archive! There, you'll find multiple transcripts from our chats with the man who shared this TMZ exclusive for everyone's benefit: Ed Boon! Register to share your opinions of the greatest fighter on the forums!

Pop Culture Shock 1:4 Scale Baraka Statue Preview
Baraka Unsheathes in 2 clawed statues from Pop Culture Shock - Pre-Order April

Fans looking for the cutting edge in Mortal Kombat merchandise may have finally had their prayers answered! Pop Culture Shock Collectibles continue to diversify their official 1:4 scale statue line-up with the much requested addition of Baraka!

The mutant menace springs to life in a truly impressive sculpt based on current designs from Mortal Kombat (2011). Two versions of the 17.5" (42.6cm) statue come mounted on a rocky "Netherrealm" terrain base: a Pop Culture Shock exclusive version re-poses Baraka's Tarkatan arm blades with second interchangeable arms!

Pre-order goes live Monday, April 21st with standard versions limited to 350 pieces, and the exclusive a highly collectible 200. Recommended retail pricing starts at $360, with pre-order incentives of a 12% discount!

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles was founded in 2008 by Jerry Macaluso, the former owner of SOTA Toys, SOTA Sculpture and Design and Plastic Fantasy to manufacture high-end resin collectives. For more on Pop Culture Shock Collectibles go to and Facebook.

Baraka joins a growing statue series that includes: Klassic Mileena, Kitana, Sub-Zero, Goro, Shao Kahn & many more. Find info and discussion about more on the Media & Merchandise forum! You can also like & follow Mortal Kombat Online on Facebook and @MK_Online.

Online Service Closures to Hit Mortal Kombat - GameSpy, GFWL [Updated]
Online Service Shut Down to Affect Mortal Kombat, Arcade Kollection

2014 may pose challenges to online gaming across multiple Mortal Kombat platforms as disparate services formally cease operation. GameSpy announced their impending closure last week; while Games for Windows Live was put on the chopping block by Microsoft in the middle of last year.

As reported by Polygon; the GameSpy online multiplayer and matchmaking platform used for Mortal Kombat (2011) will cease function May 31st.

GameSpy Technologies has remained autonomous since being acquired by Glu Mobile in August 2012, operating independently to the GameSpy website bought and shut down by Ziff Davis in 2013. Unrelated; GameSpy Technologies ceased software licensing in January 2013, having shut down multiple online servers -- a sign of the direction to come.

Joystiq reported speculation [January] that Games for Windows Live function will cease July 1st. Marked for death last year; Windows Live Marketplace lead the coming closure, ceasing operation last August. The GFWL shut down will affect online function for Mortal Kombat: Arcade Kollection.

Update (May 12): Mortal Kombat (2011) for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 & PC has begun migration to new online servers. A statement was released via the Official Facebook:

We are currently in the process of migrating Mortal Kombat 9 (for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC) from Gamespy’s servers and expect things to go smoothly. During the transition, players may experience an interruption of online play and matchmaking and we ask for your patience during this time. Players will not experience interruptions to offline play throughout this process.

After May 31, Mortal Kombat 9 for PS Vita will only support ad-hoc multiplayer.

Mortal Kombat Online has contacted NetherRealm Studios for comment. Rumors strongly suggest developers are working on a solution, but to date we cannot report any official updates. Share your connection status and make plans for last chance online matchmaking in either game on the forums.

Mortal Kurio: Wrestlemania King of Kings - or Emperor of Outworld?
WWEs Triple H Enters Wrestlemania XXX Looking More Shao Kahn than COO!

Getting an exact live-action version of the iconic Mortal Kombat arch-villain Shao Kahn has been a game of hit and miss. Surprising, given his original design was built to be worn and realized through live-action digitization.

At this year's Wrestlemania XXX event in New Orleans; WWE's "King of Kings" Triple H returned to action with the most spectacular version of his throne and mask entrance to date. As you'll see from the pictures attached below, his grim skull-faced visage and throne gird by women screams all the trappings of Outworld's Emperor! A live-action spectacle that shames the film versions with its unashamed abandon!

Obviously we've honed in on the element that highlights a Mortal Kombat interest, but for more images from the awe inspiring entrance ceremony, check out the official gallery on!

This is far from the first connection between the colourful worlds of World Wrestling Entertainment and Mortal Kombat. In 2013; Rob Van Dam revealed his close call with a Mortal Kombat inspired gimmick that was ultimately retained exclusively by Sub-Zero inspired WCW wrestler: Glacier [full story]. In years past, WWE partnered with Midway to promote Mortal Kombat: Deception [2004] & Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks [2005].

King of Kings: Triple H's King of Kings Armour from Wrestlemania XXX!

To date, Shao Kahn has made three substantial live-action film appearances -- each distinct from the other, but struggling to match the digitized original! [Related Article: Mortal Kombat 3-Disc Blu Ray Set Coming May]

Infamous 1997 theatrical sequel Mortal Kombat: Annihilation emphasized the strength and physical presence of Kahn by casting 6'4" actor Brian Thompson. The television spin-off Mortal Kombat: Conquest utilized actor Jeffrey Meek's spitting dialogue and paranoid menace to present an after-hours version of the obsessed ruler. Least of them all, Mortal Kombat: Legacy shied away from The Emperor almost all together, reducing him to a more pedestrian, medieval ruler [see more].

Click for alternate Annihilation design. Click for alternate Conquest design.
Kahn or Kahn't: Brian Thompson, Jeffrey Meek & Aleks Paunovic as Shao Kahn.

Did WWE & Triple H outdo the film versions of Mortal Kombat's top boss? Play the game and share your thoughts about the armor on the forums! You can also like and share these photos via our Facebook-Gallery.

Art of Kombat: Now and Then Theres a Fool Such as We
Restoring Normalcy After April Fools Day with the Greatest Hoax: Ermac!

Bizarre headlines in the news? Unlikely changes in routine? Uncharacteristic announcements from trusted sources?... Why, it can only mean yesterday was April Fool's Day!

Medieval tradition has given way to acts of downright skulduggery, making April 1st the day of mischief, pranks & hoaxes. That's a topic Mortal Kombat knows well -- famed for its hidden secrets and in-game gags! As we restore normalcy to Mortal Kombat Online, we're reaching into the Fan Submission Archive to pay tribute to the hoax who made good: Ermac!

Learn more about Ermac's illegitimate origins in our hoaxes & phony characters feature story! Once inspired: Register to submit your kreations for discussion, archive & future feature consideration!

JAX007 & Fatality_Check_123 start us off for our month of Ermac with two unique takes on a traditional theme. "Ermac 2010" takes his state as a legion being of many souls to a visual end -- his garb as patchworked as his tortured soul! For another take; Fatality_Check_123 drew inspiration from the work of former Mortal Kombat designer Vincent Proce. His Ermac clearly borrows from the ragged Proce Scorpion.

For challenging the status quo with a unique take on a classic - we must applaud Aculeus! The basic elements of a red masked warrior are repurposed to give "Ermac in Meditation" [above] a truly individual design. In a sea of ninjas, this fusion of influences gives Ermac a suitably mystic and exotic look. Flavours from Asia and the Middle East fuse to create something new and interesting, if removed from the designs we've come to know.

From around the web: soysaurus1 adds new layers to the most recent designs in his meditating "Ermac Re-Design". MH-arat combines a physical strength and mystic tranquillity in another truly interesting piece from DeviantART.

Giving more aggression to Shao Kahn's enforcer: jaggudada shows Ermac using his power over the soul against Sindel [above]. A dynamic piece that uses perspective and recent story developments to great effect!

Doing the soul man justice in a variety of styles are also Sondog71, sandspider & The-Switcher! Take a closer look at their individual takes by clicking on the thumbnails below!

Art of Kombat is fast becoming a monthly tradition! Support and appreciate the artistic kommunity on Mortal Kombat Online by checking out other holiday themed galleries: St. Valentine's Day & St. Patrick's Day! The month of May is just 28 days away, so if you want to play submit your best Lin Kuei!

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Breaking: Kiefer Sutherland Starring in Special Forces HD
24 Star Reveals Role as Stryker in upcoming Special Forces!

Edit (Apr. 2): If you read it elsewhere, you might have been fooled, but if you were here on Mortal Kombat Online, you clearly knew it was all part of our annual April Fools tradition! We played this for the long game, but even with a genuine tweet from Ed Boon -- you couldn't be fooled! You guys are just too good! This article and the material within it was a complete fabrication. You can spew disdain for our juvenile behaviour on the forum, or come down from the high with a calming art tribute to Mortal Kombat's greatest hoax: Ermac! See you next year!

Well, it looks like the "others" have it! Since revealing his work on an unspecified Mortal Kombat in an interview with IGN [full story}; Kiefer Sutherland (24: Live Another Day, Pompeii) has been the absent subject of much speculation.

With expectations reasonably targeted at an anticipated sequel to 2011's Mortal Kombat -- the prime suspects for his unknown role revolved around new additions to the reboot line-up. Mortal Kombat Online Users voted MK4 big bad Shinnok as the most likely casting, but in response to our Kommunity Kountdown article, the star re-emerged briefly to clarify:

The 12.9% who voted "Other" were clearly headed in the right direction -- even if nobody pegged MK3 super-cop Stryker as the obvious choice. Given Sutherland's extensive role as Jack Bauer in 24 TV, films and video games, this probably shouldn't come as too big a shock. What's surprising, however, is the apparent reveal of a remake or sequel to the notorious 2000 third-person shooter: Mortal Kombat: Special Forces.

Update: NetherRealm Studios Creative Director Ed Boon has confirmed Sutherland's report in a new tweet.

Update: Responding to our earlier inquiries, NetherRealm has sent the following press release:

MORTAL KOMBAT: SPECIAL FORCES HD Coming to PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3, Xbox One and PC


BURBANK, Calif. – Apr. 1, 2014 – Just in time for the holidays, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment present an exciting expansion to the world of the blockbuster fighting game franchise Mortal Kombat. Developed by award-winning NetherRealm Studios, Mortal Kombat: Special Forces HD will mark the debut of the Mortal Kombat series on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system and Windows PC, and also brings this content rich version to the Xbox One games and entertainment system from Microsoft.

"Mortal Kombat: Special Forces HD" will continue the ground breaking, award-winning work of Mortal Kombat and Injustice: Gods Among Us, revolutionizing story telling in shooting games with an exciting adaptive mode that changes the events of the game based on the choices of the player. This deep, original story will feature iconic characters from the fighting games such as Jax, Sonya, Stryker and Gemini.

Bringing the fan-favourite Special Forces HD characters to life will be an all-star cast of voice acting talent. The cast includes Kiefer Sutherland ("24: Live Another Day") as cop turned soldier "Kurtis Stryker," Michael Jai White ("Arrow") as Special Forces veteran "Jax Briggs," Dana Lyn Baron ("Mortal Kombat") as the haunted "Sonya Blade," Rhasaan Orange ("Mortal Kombat") as the cyborg "Cyrax," Oded Fehr ("The Mummy") as the blind swordsman "Kenshi," David Keith ("Nikita") as field agent "Lance Kobalt," and Tara Strong ("Teen Titans Go") as the intelligence agent who guides you through the action "Gemini".

Players will guide the unprecedented playable roster as they descend into the criminal underworld and beyond. There you will combat iconic villains Kano, The Black Dragon, The Tekunin, The Red Dragon, The Lin Kuei and many more. The game has a suggested retail price of $49.99 for PS4™ system, PS3™ system and Xbox One, $39.99 for Windows PC and $24.99 for PS®Vita.

Fans will enjoy access to the ground breaking, adaptive story mode as well as a host of extra Special Forces Missions, and extensive Co-Op, Suicide Mission and PVP online options. The game will also receive a robust DLC program from NetherRealm Studios.

For more information and the latest updates, visit or find us on Facebook at


About Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, a division of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group, is a premier worldwide publisher, developer, licensor and distributor of entertainment content for the interactive space across all current and future platforms, including console, handheld and PC-based gaming for both internal and third party game titles.

About NetherRealm Studios NetherRealm Studios is a leader in the development of interactive entertainment, and the creator of the billion dollar Mortal Kombat franchise. Mortal Kombat has spawned two theatrical films, multiple television series, and has sold over 35 million games to date. Located in Chicago, Illinois the award-winning NetherRealm team has been working and creating games together since 1992. Additional information about NetherRealm Studios can be found at

Other stars to have played the once infamous cop kombatant include; Ron Perlman (Defenders of the Realm), Matthew Mercer (Mortal Kombat (2011)), Tahmoh Penikett (Legacy) & Eric Jacobus (Legacy II). [Related News: Director Reportedly Probing for Legacy III Return]

The tweet has since been deleted during the writing of this report, but a screenshot has been made available [above]. Mortal Kombat Online has reached out to NetherRealm Studios for clarification and will monitor the story as it develops. Share your thoughts about the new game on the forums.

Director Reportedly Probing for Legacy III Return
Inquistr report Kevin Tancharoen discussing return to Mortal Kombat.

Reported March 30; Kevin Tancharoen has told Inquisitr he hopes to bring Mortal Kombat: Legacy back to the web for a third series.

The web director announced his departure from the franchise back in October, 2013 [full story]: just one month after the block release of Legacy Series II. He cited new creative opportunities, which have since included another web short for Machinima -The Gable 5; starring Eliza Dushku.

Inquisitr report the director has begun talks with Warner Brothers, and Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon: who's been enlisted for ways forward for the series. Acknowledging the sharp drop-off in popularity for the second series, Tancharoen says they "pissed off way too many people" with their cliff hanger ending. He shows optimism for future instalments, even whilst reportedly telling Inquistr the much-discussed movie is likely off the table.

“With Legacy Season 1, it was kind of a big experiment. No one has done it before, and we didn’t know if should be an anthology or connected. We did the first one as an anthology and the second one more serialized. In the future, it will definitely be more connected and more cohesive... We all feel right now that we have such a trajectory to the series. There are so many more stories to tell in that format.”

The first series of Mortal Kombat: Legacy will be bundled with the now classic film(s) in a 3-disc Blu-Ray set coming May [full story].

Is Legacy III the real deal? Are you excited for Kevin Tancharoen's potential return? Share your thoughts about the future of Mortal Kombat on film in the Media & Merchandise forum!

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