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Feature: Before MKX - The Other Outcome of Mortal Kombat 4
What if the bad endings from MK4 told the tale of a parallel reality?

Before the announcement of Mortal Kombat X, minds were understandably narrowed on the events of Mortal Kombat 4. The plot of the first three games was retold by Mortal Kombat (2011) -- heavily implying the next in sequence with a story mode cliff-hanger schemed by MK4 antagonists: Quan Chi and Shinnok.

Much remains a mystery about the plot of the 2015 sequel, or how the new history of MK2011 will play-out across MKX's 25 year timeline. The grim predicament left by a slaughter of heroic mainstays could force some surprising twists, but this isn't exactly unchartered territory. The worst outcome has always been a presented option for MK - as forewarned by a tradition of hypothetical arcade endings.

From sequel to sequel, it's typically been the heroes whose possible outcome is made canon. Over the course of Deadly Alliance and the sequels that followed, we learned it was mostly the MK4 heroes' endings that had a role to play in shaping the on-going saga. Liu Kang was victorious for a fourth consecutive event - defeating fallen Elder God Shinnok; Raiden was briefly appointed Elder God; Lt. Sonya Blade survived Jarek's aggressions, and Scorpion discovered the truth behind his spectre's curse - plunging Quan Chi into a dogged pursuit through the Netherrealm.

As Mortal Kombat Online continues to shift some of its extensive video archive to YouTube, we revisit the past of MK4 to ponder what would've happened if it all went horribly wrong. At a glance, MK4 proposes two realities -- the one we've experienced, and a darker alternative where heroes perished and evil won. Could this alternate ending influence the course of MKX? We'll find out April 14, 2015.

MK4 Primer
The purpose of this feature is obviously to look at the flipside of Mortal Kombat 4, but a few basic introductory elements are worth noting. The plot is easily summarized as a fight between Shinnok's forces of darkness, and Raiden's forces of light.

Shinnok was once an Elder God, but his turn towards evil led Raiden to banish him to the Netherrealm. There he took the throne from Lucifer, but was unable to escape until aided by Quan Chi and the naïve daughter of an Edenian ambassador to other realms - Tanya. This allowed Shinnok to conquer the newly restored Edenia, and wage war on the Heavens themselves. Raiden and Fujin were among the few surviving gods. They rallied Mortal Kombat champion Liu Kang and the other heroes of Earthrealm to take the fight to the Netherrealm army.

Lacklustre mechanics left the playable boss widely regarded as a poor choice, but long before games like Tekken 5 gave defeat an equal outcome - MK4 allowed players to choose victory for the big bad! The result of this overlooked virtue: pretty much the king of the "bad" endings!

In Shinnok's arcade victory, he's got Raiden by the lightning balls, and is having a jolly good time savouring his long sought revenge. The end result is the end of Raiden. With the Elder Gods already destroyed, that pretty much means it's Shinnok's world and we're just living in it. As they say in the MK Klassics - "Have a nice day!"

In the years that followed MK4, we've come to regard death as a pretty temporary state. Raiden himself pulled what might've been the quickest life & death turn around in the intro to Deception - sacrificing himself against Onaga, only to stand right back up moments later. Even the devs at NetherRealm have tempered us to expect the resurrection of fan favourites who died in MK2011. That said, here's a juicy morsel to consider...

Back in July, IGN reported Raiden will be "a key figure, but not nearly as central to the overall plot as he was in [MK2011]" looking an awful lot like a revamped version of his MK4 version. Dying would certainly provide a key role for Raiden, without making him central to the plot. Could Shinnok be the one to do the deed if the deed is indeed done? After MK2011, some fans might now see this as a good ending!

The prospect of an MK4 do-over had us rethinking Tanya in a big way, prior to MKX. With very little subsequent air time [see; Deception], it has been Tanya's MK4 ending that stands to inform the most vivid impression of her character. It all plays out just a little too dim witted in her ending to be fondly remembered, but it's a vital piece of the MK4 parallel universe puzzle.

With Raiden already out of the way - Shinnok & Quan Chi wait patiently as Earthrealm's defending champion is led into their death trap by a delighted Edenian traitor: Tanya. The result is the grim, uncompromising demise of MK's then big hero.

Taken as part of a cohesive MK4 alternate outcome, it's a devastating companion to Shinnok's defeat of Raiden. Interestingly, it also casts Tanya in the light of Liu Kang's mirror counterpart - the mortal advocate who delivers a victory. The only snag in an MKX context -- killing Liu Kang has become a common pastime. No longer the chosen hero, he was burnt within an inch of his life by a clumsily insistent Raiden at the end of MK2011. We were led to believe he'd died.

Promised a reunion out of time with the rest of his extinct species - Reptile appears in MK4 in what would be the first of a string of menial roles.

If he thought serving an evil fallen Elder God was going to deliver him guaranteed results - he chose unwisely. In the dark version of MK4, villains are as susceptible to destruction as heroes! For his request, Shinnok exercises his godly powers to blow Reptile's mind!

Given its isolated nature, it's an outcome that's fairly inconsequential to the bigger picture. If this alternate MK4 were the basis of MKX, however, it would mean eliminating one of the most talked about fan requests of them all. Of course, with a Khameleon running around, and some soft speculation about emblems, who knows what the next generation could bring.

Jarek appeared in MK4 depicted as a possible sole survivor of the Black Dragon Clan. We already know Kano is back for MKX, but we also know he was actually still kicking puppies in spite of his rumored death, after MK4. So the net result is moot. None of that has any effect on Jarek's role - an unlikely ally to OIA Special Forces agent Sonya Blade in the war against a common enemy.

Like all good crooks, Jarek turns on his ally. Sonya is sent plummeting to her doom off the edge of a cliff. At the time, this infamous sequence had many fans wondering if it would actually be revealed as the true demise of MK's first lady of fighting. Just as with MK4, Sonya survived MK2011 -- but with daughter Cassie Cage kicking around -- Mama Blade is officially expendable.

Lending itself quite nicely to the idea of a cohesive alternate MK4 outcome - Jax' ending acts as a direct sequel to Jarek's! As you might imagine - Major Briggs doesn't take too kindly to the callous murder of his partner. Not one to let the grass grow beneath his standard issue boots, Jax drops Jarek off the same cliff.

2002's Deadly Alliance put any rumor of Sonya's death to bed with her triumphant return, but interestingly enough, aspects of the Jax ending actually made their way into canon! In an Armageddon character bio released after-the-fact, Jarek's story is revealed: "Jax dropped me into a ravine, assuming that would be the end of me. It would have been if I hadn't thrust my weapon into the cliff wall to slow my descent. I was badly injured, so I went into hiding. My rumored death would be the ultimate camouflage as I regained my strength."

Jax was one of the heroes killed off in MK2011 and sent to the Netherrealm, but there are always those resurrections we're expecting. If he did find his way back to life -- especially after being controlled by Quan Chi and/or Shinnok -- it could be interesting to see how Jax grapples with a grim future, and the death of his partner. Jax as mentor to Cassie has its charms, but so does a Jax who is facing a world without laws and the challenge to his own morality.

Quan Chi
The plot surrounding Shinnok's amulet of power has twisted around on itself over time, but the general gist of it is: Sub-Zero (Bi-Han) steals the amulet, Quan Chi delivers a duplicate to Shinnok, Onaga comes to claim it sometime later. It all played into the cross-promotional backstory told in Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero.

When Shinnok disregards his arch-sorcerer's worth, Quan Chi arrogantly reveals himself to be the true possessor of ultimate power. Quan Chi uses the genuine amulet to destroy his master.

On the surface, this ending may seem like a harsh right angle turn for any cohesive vision of an MK4-based backstory for MKX. Under scrutiny, it actually suits speculative purposes rather well. Back at E3, Ed Boon revealed the boss will be "a fun surprise returning character" who "[not] a lot of people will see it coming". Shinnok would be an obvious pick, but Quan Chi a little less so. Shinnok's rise - and the destruction of the gods - would also suit the rise of a character like Kotal Kahn. Speaking of which...

It was the ending that sparked a thousand debates and theories! Reiko never quite overcame the impact of his flippant ending, which sees him saunter through a portal to claim the helmet and throne of the thought-deceased Shao Kahn!

This infamous sequence has drifted somewhere between joke and parody. We now know Kotal Kahn will become ruler of Outworld and that the story mode will tell the story of his rise and fall. Some clues suggest he won't be the only one to claim the throne. What if circumstances see to it that the throne of Outworld is contested intensely over the 25 years, with Reiko being one of the early warriors to attempt to claim the mantle?

Rounding out our vision for a parallel version of MK4's events is Sub-Zero's ending. It sits opposite the more significant Scorpion ending, which established [Kuai Liang]'s innocence and Quan Chi's role in the spectre's curse of Shirai Ryu ninja.

In Sub-Zero's ending, no such revelation is revealed. Quan Chi is still exposed as a devious manipulator, and Scorpion sees about executing a fatality on the sorcerer -- a handy outcome, if the post-Shinnok focus were to be on the contested throne of Outworld. What's even more intriguing about this, however, is that it invites resumed tensions between Scorpion and anyone answering to the Sub-Zero name.

The exact identity of the Sub-Zero of Mortal Kombat X has been kept a seemingly deliberate mystery. We know his identity will be revealed during story mode. We also know he's "tired of maintaining our innocence". Interesting.

MK4 sub-boss Goro is confirmed DLC for MKX.

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Kommunity: Mortal Kombat Sub-Zero Elevator Prank
Man in Sub-Zero Mask Disturbs Peace, receives 15.8 million hits in 1 week.

There are the classic pranks: crank calls about peeing freely, the fly in the icecube, and so on. Then there's Mortal Kombat Elevator Prank -- a video topping 15.8 million hits on YouTube in just one week! If that has your viral kuriosity piqued - hit play on the embedded video below.

For those looking for a little info before they spend the currency of those precious 2mins 37secs, the premise is very simple. A man - the eponymous fouseyTUBE - dresses up in a Sub-Zero rubber mask and costume and lurks around in an elevator.

There's some creepy staring, punches & kicks, and a bit of shouting too, but that's generally the crux of it. The prank is dressing up like Sub-Zero and harassing elevator goers.

We're not entirely sure who this prank is on. It might be the guy who was convinced to do this on film, or us - the viewers who contributed to the viewing bonanza in droves. In either case - Mortal Kombat Online does not advise you try this at home. If only because millions of people will see you annoying people like a complete twonk. Be cool, Sub-Zero.

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Warner Bros. Steam Sale - 75% off Mortal Kombat & Injustice
WB Steam Sale Offers Big Savings on NetherRealm Studios Fighters!

This weekend is the time to save on games with the Warner Bros. Publisher Weekend Sale!

Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition and Injustice: Gods Among Us can be yours at a staggering 75% saving -- just $4.99 & $7.99 respectively!

Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition packs in all the extras released for the 2011 reboot fighting, including downloadable characters: Kenshi, Skarlet, Rain & Freddy Krueger! For full system requirements refer to the original release update.

You've got until Monday, September 22nd to grab a digital bargain on the Steam store! Fans looking for Mortal Kombat: Arcade Kollection won't have any luck. It was pulled from Steam at the beginning of the month [full story].

Editorial: Before MKX - PDP Versus Controller Review
A fighting game controller on a budget...

During last week's GameStop Expo, Performance Design Products previewed their custom Mortal Kombat X Fight Pad. The fight pad itself is based on their PDP Versus controller for the previous generation of consoles. I happened to pick up a PDP Versus controller about a year ago; the following is my review of the gamepad.

I think it’s pretty obvious to anyone who knows me that I enjoy playing fighting games, especially ones from the Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter series of games.

The problem, however, is that I have an Xbox 360. As much as I enjoy my 360, the standard gamepad has one glaring flaw: the d-pad is nowhere near precise enough for fighting games. I remember when Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 came out for Xbox Live Arcade, and I was struggling to get moves off using the d-pad on my wireless gamepad. It finally got to the point where I ended up buying a HORI EX2 gamepad once Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe was released, simply because I had read that it had one of the best d-pads of any Xbox 360 gamepad and I wanted something that didn’t frustrate me when trying to play. What I read turned out to be accurate: the d-pad was indeed flawless, though over time the controller did develop an issue of the left analog stick not recognizing when it was “centered”.

However, that still left me with the standard wireless gamepad if I wanted to have someone locally play against me as player 2. I rarely if ever have friends over who are fighting game fans, but I wanted to get a second controller just in case it ever happened. Being as I’m not a tournament level player, I couldn’t justify the cost of a $100-150 arcade joystick just for a few games. While the HORI EX2 pad was inexpensive, I wanted something a little cheaper, as this would only be used for fighting games. I ended up stumbling across the answer in the form of PDP’s Versus Controller for Xbox 360.

What made me interested in the Versus was the direction controller setup. Most dedicated fighting game controllers use either a decent d-pad or an arcade-quality analog joystick for the direction controller. The Versus controller goes for an interesting blend of both approaches, in that it uses a thumb joystick. It’s the same size as a d-pad, but the internal workings are those of an arcade joystick. In essence, it’s a joystick that is controlled by your thumb. It feels weird to use, at first, but it didn’t take me long to get used to it. In fact, after a bit, I was finding it to be more efficient to use than the HORI EX2’s gamepad when playing Street Fighter games. Mortal Kombat games are taking a little longer to get used to, but I’m finding that some moves I had no problem with on the arcade versions (Shang Tsung’s soul steal fatality on Mortal Kombat II, for example) but had issues with on a d-pad are easier on the Versus.

What took longer to get used to was the button configuration. While the Versus has the same face button layout at the HORI EX2, the buttons on the Versus are far larger. This had led to a number of times where I’ve found myself pressing the wrong button, as my thumb was hitting where I was used to it being on a regular gamepad. In addition, the LT and RT buttons are not triggers, but bumper buttons like the LB and RB buttons on a standard gamepad. This also takes a little getting used to, especially as the Block button on Mortal Kombat games is mapped to the RT button. The Back and Start buttons are on the very top of the controller, and are small to boot. I’ve fumbled looking for them on more than one occasion. Still, despite the issues I had getting used to the different layout, the buttons themselves were responsive and I had no problems once I adapted to them.

All in all, if you want a decent dedicated fighting game controller but can’t justify the cost of an arcade joystick, you can’t go wrong with a PDP Versus.

MK Arcade Kollection Pulled From Steam Store [updated]
PC Mortal Kombat: Arcade Kollection Removed From Online Store, Linked to Errors

Fans of the original Mortal Kombat trilogy may be disappointed to learn Mortal Kombat: Arcade Kollection has been removed from the Steam digital store.

Mortal Kombat Online has learned the three-in-one game was removed Friday, September 5th. At the time of this reporting, no additional information was available.

Update Sep. 25: Arcade Kollection (mislabelled as "Mortal Kombat Kollection") is now back online! Check it out now for $9.99.

Anecdotal evidence points toward problems relating to the closure of Games for Windows Live [full story] and resulting corruption errors from profile retrievals. Some players have reportedly experienced virtual disk space crashes.

Arcade Kollection is still presently available for home console downloads via Xbox Live and PlayStation Store. The PC version was originally staggered from console releases, available from February, 2012 - some nine months after console release.

Mortal Kombat Online will continue to follow the story as more details become available. Special thanks to MKOmmunity User ShoeUnited for providing information. Register to share your MKAK experience with us on the forums.

GameStop Expo Previews PDP Mortal Kombat X Fight Pad
Official Mortal Kombat X Fight Pads - Pending Approval at GameSpot Expo

Last week's GameStop Expo garnered the first glimpse of official Mortal Kombat X Fight Pads that could be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2015!

Kustom MKX Kontrols at GameSpot Expo via Iron Galaxy Studios (Killer Instinct: Season 2) Community Manager: ceojebailey.

The custom pads reconfigure conventional Sony & Microsoft controls, shifting L1 & R1 shoulder buttons onto the face for a 6-button layout. The large, equally sized buttons are reminiscent of the fondly remembered second generation Sega Genesis joypad - a favourite amongst fighting fans of the time.

A thumbstick replaces the usual directional input interface. The thumbstick side (player left) features an asymmetrical, elongated design. This seems to compliment a combination of arcade stick and joypad philosophies, allowing players to comfortably play overhanded (like arcades), full thumbs, or a combination of both grips.

The pad is based on Performance Designed Products's previous Versus Controller. Series mascot Scorpion appears on the pad design, with the new dragon logo and trademarked Mortal Kombat X title. [Related Article: Mortal Kombat X Scorpion Box Art].

PDP created official fight sticks for Mortal Kombat (2011), part of the Tournament Edition deal. They were later sold individually to positive review. PDP were instrumental in Mortal Kombat Online's sponsorship of this year's unofficial Mortal Kombat Evo Tournament.

The previewed controls are still pending approval [from Warner Brothers]. There is presently no information regarding availability for other platforms. Mortal Kombat X arrives April 14, 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 & PC. Register to follow and join all the top discussions on the Mortal Kombat X forum.

GameStar Feature Plethora of Mortal Kombat X Screenshots
German Gaming Site Release Masses of New Screenshots!

Classification looms large over the 2015 DE release of Mortal Kombat X, but that hasn't stopped Germany delivering major European coverage. Gamescom 2014 delivered interesting new details, after Kano made his first confirmed sighting in den Seiten der deutschen GamePro. Last week GameStar kept the good times coming with a rash of new screenshots featuring: Raiden, Sub-Zero, Ferra/Torr, D'Vorah & more!

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Mortal Kombat: Legacy II Wins Choreography Streamy Award
Live-Action Webseries Wins Best Choreography at 4th Annual Streamy Awards

Mortal Kombat: Legacy II has walked away from the 4th Annual Streamy Awards with the prize for Best Choreography!

The online content win goes to Garrett Warren & Larnell Stovall, who beat out a stiff field that included competition from fantasy fight makers Super Power Beat Down.

Legacy didn't fair so well in the six other categories they received nominations for. Best Drama went to The Lizzie Bennet Diaries; Video Game High School took Best Director and Action & Sci-Fi; Brian Tee (Liu Kang) missed out on Best Actor (Drama) to Joey Graceffa (Storytellers); Special & Visual Effects honors went to Action Movie Kid.

A third series is currently in pre-production. Stars Casper Van Dien & Mark Dacascos recently shared photos from their Muay Thai training sessions for the third instalment. Van Dien first leaked word of Legacy III in June, after the director expressed interest in March full story].

Mortal Kombat Online congratulates the winners for their achievement. Mortal Kombat: Legacy II can be watched online right now, or when it hits Blu-Ray & DVD on October 14th. Find more info and discussion on the Media & Merchandise forum.

Mortal Kombat X Release Date & Pre-Order Announcement!
Koming April 2015 With Pre-Order Bonus: Goro!

It's official: Mortal Kombat X is coming to home systems April 14, 2015! The Tuesday launch will see the worldwide release reach PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 & PC. [Related Article: MOREtal Monday: Mortal Kombat X Box Art]

The long awaited release date was announced today with an even bigger bombshell attached - pre-orders will receive bonus playable DLC character: Goro! Take a closer look at the grizzled four-armed Shokan by clicking the image below:

Introduced in the original Mortal Kombat as a mascot sub-boss -- Goro is a 2000 year old half-man, half-dragon powerhouse from the realm of Outworld. For nine consecutive tournaments he reigned as Mortal Kombat Champion, before being dethroned by the fighting monk Liu Kang.

Goro is still well remembered within gaming circles for his intimidating rule over the original arcade cabinet. The hulking digitized character was achieved through stop-motion animation and articulated models. John Tobias explained in an interview with Mortal Kombat Online, "We wanted to have a brutish character as our boss and I remember thinking of the old Ray Harryhausen films like Jason and The Argonauts and their use of stop-motion animation as being the perfect remedy."

The original model was exhumed from series co-creator Ed Boon's basement in 2013 [full story], when the Chicago area succumbed to storm flooding. The same maquette appeared in a series of Goro Twitter teasers leading up to the recent announcement:

The download bonus will be Goro's first player controlled appearance since 2006's Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. He's been a rare inclusion in the main roster without cheat or hack options -- a Nintendo exclusive for Deception (2005), and part of the all-in gimmick of Mortal Kombat Trilogy (1996).

MK4 memorably brought Goro back to prominence as the sub-boss of that game. It is not presently known if Goro exists only as downloadable content, or will have another in-game role of a different kind.

Story implications remain wide open. Mortal Kombat X will boast a 25 year timeline, which we know will include the rise and fall of new Outworld Emperor: Kotal Kahn. Could the Shokan Prince Goro be one of several competing powers in the wake of Shao Kahn's death? It is unknown how pivotal the Outworld Throne is to the overarching story, or who the new arch-villain or boss will be.

Goro joins other klassic characters confirmed for an MKX return: Kano, Raiden & Scorpion. Cassie Cage leads the next generation of familiar fighters, with father Johnny Cage confirmed to be in the game, in some capacity.

[Related Article: Who's Next? 6 Character Boot Teaser Sparks Footprint Analysis]

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Mark Dacascos & Casper Van Dien Training for Legacy 3
Legacy Stars Train Hard for Series 3 with Muay Thai Academy Regiment!

The intrigue of Mortal Kombat X looms largest over MK fandom in 2014, but just as it did during the build to the previous game: Mortal Kombat: Legacy is gearing up to support promotion with a live-action branch that appeals to the broad pop significance of the long running franchise.

News regarding a follow-up to Legacy II has been limited. Star Casper Van Dien gave us the first concrete indication of a third series when he documented the start of his training. Now the Johnny Cage actor has revealed the return of one of his co-stars -- Mark Dacascos getting into the act with more photos from their Legacy training!

The pair have evidently been sharpening up their combat skills with the science of eight limbs. The photos were taken in the West Hollywood ring of Muay Thai Academy of America. Founded by Surapuk Jamjuntr aka “Kru Puk” -- MTA boasts a philosophy of authenticity that includes recruiting top Thai fighters as instructors. Dacascos is a student of Kru Puk.

Van Dien and Dacascos were two of the star recruits of a dramatically recast Legacy II, appearing as Johnny Cage and Kung Lao respectively. They represent two of Earthrealm's surviving fighters in the live-action webseries, which tells a very different version of the classic story of the Mortal Kombat tournament.

The entirety of Mortal Kombat: Legacy II can be watched online right now. Fans looking to take their interest further can look forward to a Blu-Ray & DVD release October 14.

Catch up on all the major Legacy stories with Mortal Kombat Online's archive coverage of Series 1 & Series 2. Register to discuss this and other adaptations on the Media & Merchandise forum.

Kommunity: The Mortal Kombat ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
The Mortal Kombat Kommunity does its part for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Dumping buckets of ice water over ones head may seem like an unlikely cultural phenomenon -- but when it's in the service of raising awareness for a paralysing neurodegenerative disease - it makes a whole lot of sense.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been much more than a mere viral phenomenon. In August; The New York Times reported a $13.3 million ALS Association donation total, coming from 260,000 contributors between July 29 and August 17. The figure was a staggering rise from $1.7 million donated the same time, one year earlier.

Prominent members of the Mortal Kombat kommunity - including series co-creator and Mortal Kombat X Creative Director Ed Boon, as well as the team at NetherRealm Studios - have rallied behind the cause to put the ice of Sub-Zero to good use. Check them out below:

- Ed Boon ALS Challenge
- NetherRealm ALS Challenge
- MK Forums ALS Challenge
- Super Zeros ALS Challenge
- Terry Jun ALS Challenge
- Pat D'Angelo ALS Challenge
- Flashgitz ALS Challenge
- John Parrish ALS Challenge
- M.T. Payne ALS Challenge

ALS is Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis -- also commonly known as Motor Neuron Disease and Lou Gherig's Disease (for the 1939 diagnosis of the famed New York Yankee hitter).

It is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. The resulting loss of muscle control can progress to total paralysis. Donations to ALSA contribute to the research of treatment and understanding of the debilitating disease.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been immensely successful in raising awareness, but the true value of the fad is in encouraging everyone who can, to donate what they're able. This is a philosophy Mortal Kombat Online can support for all good causes, at all times.

Enjoy some of the creative kommunity twists on the challenge by selecting options in our ALS Ice Bucket Playlist [above]. Videos will load embedded, or in a pop-up window if applicable. Support the campaign by posting your own, or favourites you've found, on the forums. If and when you've donated, be sure to share that, too!

PAX Prime 2014: Gamespot MKX Demo with Adam Urbano
Senior Producer Adam Urbano Talks to Gamespot at PAX Prime 2014!

After unveiling Kano for Germany's Gamescom 2014 mid-August - it was to be a more modest appearance for MKX at PAX Prime. While Ed Boon dropped a 6 character podiatric tease that drew speculative attention -- it was Senior Producer Adam Urbano who put in the hard yards in Seattle. He talked Gamespot through an elementary demo. Notes follow:

Demo footage of Raiden & Kano offers further impressions of their fighting variations. Master of Storms Raiden and Commando Kano show off key strengths, but retain klassic moves like Raiden's Teleport and Kano's Eye laser. This will be true of all fighters, who keep iconically klassic special moves across all Variation modes in spite of any thematic emphasis [eg; Scorpion's spear and teleport].

Gore hounds may want to skip straight to the 4min 20sec mark to witness Kano concluding with his newest eye laser Fatality. The move leaves a burning hole in the opponents head very much in keeping with other gaping wound fatalities already revealed.

The 25 year story span of Mortal Kombat X promises to usher in a new generation of fighters for a new generation of console kombat. Gen X has thus far been personified by Cassie Cage -- daughter of series klassics Johnny Cage & Sonya Blade.

Her E3 unveiling showed first signs of a fighting style and attitude that combines the military discipline and flashy arrogance of her two parents [see more], whose MKX status has been much discussed since June, but mostly unspecified. Gamespot's silver-tongued Danny O'Dwyer asked directly: "Can you fight [Cassie] as Johnny Cage?" The NetherRealm Senior Producer responded just as directly: "Yeah. You can."

Does this mean Cage is part of the main playable roster? We're as in the dark as ever! Mortal Kombat X will reveal many twists through its robust new Story Mode, which follows the format and plot of Mortal Kombat (2011). During E3, Creative Director Ed Boon noted the mode includes "some really fun" story specific appearances that could very well accommodate a battle between parent and offspring [full story].

Will Baraka have bladed offspring running around 25 years later? Mum's the word. Reptile, after much deliberation from the interviewer. All fun and games until Mileena hears about it. Interestingly, Baraka is one of the top characters being discussed after in the 6 Boot Teaser image.

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