Midway's storyboard crew has posted the 12th bio from Mortal Kombat: Armageddon! The featured character is none other than the original boss of Mortal Kombat, the soul stealing sorcerer Shang Tsung. The bio covers the time period from the beginning of MK: Deception to the present day and explains the method in which Shang Tsung was able to return from the dead after Raiden's sacrificial blast destroyed his body during MKD's intro. Shang Tsung's soul seems to be "bound" to Shao Kahn by a vow he had made long ago. The emperor forged Shang Tsung a new body and reinstated his role as one of his highest minions. Along with Goro, the two recaptured Kahn's throne, which reveals how Shao Kahn was able to return to his position as emperor of Outworld during MK: Armageddon's Konquest mode. As always however, Tsung has his own agenda and wishes to sever his soul's ties to Shao Kahn and claim the world for himself.

In an instant, Raiden's blast destroyed us all! Our souls intertwined, we did battle in the ether. But I was drawn away by a magic more powerful than death. My essence returned to Outworld, where I found myself face to face with Shao Kahn!

He was alive! Quan Chi and I had slain him in his fortress -- or so we thought. Yet here he stood. At his side was the Shokan prince, Goro! My ghostly visage startled them at first, but Shao Kahn knew what had transpired.

Long ago I had pledged my soul to the emperor. That pledge was binding even beyond death. But if he were to die, so too would those who served him. At the time I believed it to be merely another empty vow, yet here I am. My soul has returned from beyond to rejoin Shao Kahn.

He had need of me. But I required a host body in which my soul could reside. At the flesh pits, he forged for me a new body. It was weak and grotesque to behold, but it functioned well enough. I craved mortal souls to heal and fortify my new flesh. I found more than enough at a place all too familiar to me: the village where Li Mei was born. I consumed each peasant's life force as Shao Kahn and Goro slew them one by one. I was renewed!

Shao Kahn then commanded me to aid him in an assault on occupying Edenian forces, in an effort to retake his stronghold. United once more, Shao Kahn, Goro and I laid waste to all who stood in our way! In a flurry of brute strength and magic, we forced our way up to the throne room. The door was reinforced by some magical spell, but it was no match for our combined might. With a final swing of Shao Kahn's hammer, the door was breached, and Shao Kahn was Emperor of Outworld once more.

Though I am bound to him eternally, an opportunity has arisen that might give me the means to free myself. It seems Quan Chi has also survived death, and he has brought word from Shinnok of a plan to take a mighty power for the Forces of Darkness. If I claim that prize for myself, I could sever my bond with Shao Kahn! Until that time, I will continue to play my role as his servant and redirect any suspicions he may have of betrayal to others within our new dark alliance. Once I have the power and I am free of Shao Kahn, I will finish him and finally take the throne of Outworld for myself!

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