Along with the Jax render, Midway has released the fifth in the series on MKast's, hosted by Hans Lo and Hector Sanchez, on the official site! The special guest was lead graphics designer and storyboard contributor, Jon Greenberg. As usual, a summary of the podcast will be provided below:
  • The Joker's fatality may be ready in time for the event in Leipzig, Germany, next week.
  • A playthrough of the story mode is estimated to take two and a half to three hours, for each side
  • A large number of NPCs will appear in cameo roles in the story mode on both sides.
  • Every character will have their own ending in Arcade mode, represented by "paintings" that sound similar to MKDA and MKD's style of endings. It was said that many easter eggs will be given for both the MK and DC sides.
  • Every character will have their own unique fighting "style" and "stance".

As always, MKO provides a download here of the MKast. Be sure to check it out for more.

Thanks to forum member for the lead on this story!