The release of the new Mortal Kombat movie has given everyone a case of MK fever, but The Late Late Show has gone back to the nineties to catch Techno Syndrome in a sketch revealing the original recording of the famous Mortal Kombat shout. Watch:

Remember the nineties? That's the sketch as James Corden struts into the recording booth in double denim to record the vocal for MK's anthemic tie-in track. You might not be with his producer's choice of shirt, but favour turns as he struggles to get the right performance out of the increasingly confused vocalist.

Fans know Techno Syndrome was originally recorded for Mortal Kombat: The Album -- a concept soundtrack released in 1994 under The Immortals moniker. It samples the iconic shout of the Mortal Monday television commercial which featured recently identified and rediscovered actor Kyle Wyatt.

Techno Syndrome became the unofficial theme for Mortal Kombat after it gained further exposure through its inclusion in the 1995 feature film and its soundtrack compilation. A new version called Techno Syndrome 2021 was recorded by Benjamin Wallfisch and released to tie-in with the new feature film.

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