Gaming gossip and news site Kotaku posted a snip from their interview with Mortal Kombat lead and co-creator, Ed Boon, which confirms the project originally intended to be Mortal Kombat 8 was not completely scrapped. Though Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe has taken the forefront, the game originally thought to be in development before that announcement will follow after the release of MKvsDCU this fall.

While that grittier, darker version of MK didn't make it far beyond the technology development stages — Boon told us there was little in the way of concept art for the grimier spin on the series — the next next Mortal Kombat may strive for more blood, more violence, more of everything that warrants an M-rating.

Click here to read the remainder of the short article. While nothing new is revealed, it does confirm at least that the development team has not totally forgotten about what was to be Mortal Kombat 8.

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