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Step Into Mortal Kombat Mythologies with VR Shaolin Temple
Klassic asset lets you see from a new angle.

Have you ever wanted to step into the world of Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero and take a look around? Now you can thanks to a promotional 360 image revived by Midway Games developer and documentary maker Josh Tsui. Take a closer look with or without VR:

The unique view shows off the Shaolin Temple stage that appears at the beginning of MK Mythologies: Sub-Zero and as an arena in Mortal Kombat 4. This particular 360 preview originally appeared on the Mythologies promotional website, and was unearthed and posted to the Insert Coin YouTube channel with 4K virtual reality compatibility.

Using the embedded video above you can also pan around the temple by dragging the image in any direction without the use of VR. This allows you to observe details from the floor to the dragon logo on the ceiling!

Released in 1997 for the PlayStation and Nintendo 64 home consoles; Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero was the first attempted spin-off from the main fighting game franchise. It featured the elder Sub-Zero (Bi-Han) as playable protagonist, revealing his backstory as Scorpion's killer, and a pawn in the acquisition of Shinnok's amulet.

Met with mixed reactions, the game is best remembered for its live-action full motion video sequences, and overlap with characters and plotlines featured in the contemporaneous MK4. It continues to be a curiosity in the MK canon.

Which MK arenas would you like to poke around in? Share your thoughts in the comments below and find & discuss more from MK Mythologies in the 2D Kombat Klassics forum. Or crossover into the third dimension in the 3D Kombat Klassics for MK4 and beyond.

Lost Arenas Extracted from Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
The Gods and the Garden that almost was.

It's been twenty years since Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance undertook an ambitious reinvention of the series for a new era of console hardware. It introduced many exciting things to the series, but some ideas didn't make it into the final cut -- such as two arenas recently extracted from game files by intrepid fans. Read on for details:

Deadly Alliance took the series forward with a new generation of individualized fighters whose battles were staged in elaborate 3D rendered arenas still remembered fondly by fans. For all the unique and iconic stages, there were those that didn't make the cut, such as the Senate of Elder Gods and Forest Retreat stages.

Fan modder ermaccer recently discovered the vestiges of these arenas, which lack the complete resources of his Deception Katakombs discovery, leaving them an untextured shell of what might have been.

Vertex colouring offers shape and definition to the arenas' elements, similar to what was seen in unlockable concept art and video in the game's Krypt mode. Coloured entities surround a central fighting ring in The Senate stage, surrounded by glowing orbs perched on posts. A large dragon logo overlooks events, with a starry planet-filled sky texture revealing a cosmic view beyond.

The unfinished Forest Retreat reveals another circular design, marked with greenery and what might've been sand and ponds breaking up a tranquil garden setting. It shares some stylistic similarity with the Wu Shi Academy and Lung Hai Temple, albeit with a simpler geometry.

According to Ermaccer the stage archive data was only able to be extracted from US copies of Deadly Alliance, removed completely from international releases of the game.

Subsequent installments have returned to similar concepts, such as Mortal Kombat 11's Shirai Ryu Fire Garden, Wu Shi Dragon Grotto, and Kronika's Keep. Would you have liked to have seen these originals in Deadly Alliance? Share your thoughts in the comments below and find more in the 3D Kombat Klassics forum!

Ed Boon Talks Game Announcement, DLC & Characters in Q&A
Addressing MK's future and past.

The metaphorical door to NetherRealm Studios swung open to fans over the weekend as Chief Creative Officer Ed Boon welcomed fresh questions from die hards via Twitter. He technically revealed their next title in his last Q&A -- and had plenty of interesting things to say about character's futures and when we'll see the new game revealed! Read on:

The countdown is officially on with Boon describing an announcement within the next six months as 'likely'. He ruled out any news before or on New Year's Day, broadly hinting at 2023 with several less than cryptic responses: "I really shouldn't 23-answer that.".

A terse "yes" seems to have confirmed that the next Mortal Kombat sequel will find a way to continue on from where the reality-altering Mortal Kombat 11 left off. Whether that means some kind of in-fiction reset like the Mortal Kombat (2011) opener that set up a new timeline -- or a direct continuation of "Fire God" Liu Kang's visitation to the ancient Kung Lao -- remains to be seen.

Challenged to name the first initial of a character returning in the next MK, Ed offered up the tantalizing answer of "L". This seemingly narrows it down to Liu Kang and Li Mei. The latter was last seen during the Mortal Kombat X story mode, and isn't a complete outlier for one very good reason.

Following up on previous remarks, Ed confirmed that there will be "3D era" characters in the next Mortal Kombat sequel. This clarified past comments, eliminating a contextual technicality that might relegate rarely seen Deadly Alliance, Deception, and Armageddon fighters to an exclusive return in the upcoming Mortal Kombat: Onslaught mobile game.

Asked if One Being or MK11's Kronika were older, Ed didn't know. Fans have grappled with this oblique corner of the Mortal Kombat canon since its introduction in Mortal Kombat: Deception. The One Being's status as the totality of all things in existence challenges the Elder Gods and the more recently introduced Titan of time. A far more lofty cosmic concept than the giant Shinnok depicted in Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms.

Tremor as he appears in Mortal Kombat Legends: Snow Blind

Fans eager for confirmation of their favourite characters brought forth a volley of measures. Tremor once again emerged as "very very likely" to return. Kabal elicited a "perhaps?", with "stay tuned" questions hanging over Stryker, Cassie Cage, and Tanya. The developer couldn't answer regarding Skarlet, shouldn't answer regarding Mileena, but deemed lopsided demon Drahmin unlikely to return. He "can't imagine we've seen the last" of Sareena, and thinks we'll "prolly" see Shinnok playable again some day. Issued an either/or, Boon also said he was more hyped for Reiko than stalwart Shao Kahn -- not necessarily in an MK12 context.

Twitter user @dannyboi_9 asked about the interruption of NetherRealm Studios' usually regular release schedule, prompting one of the more indirect responses from the development lead, who acknowledged complications related to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic "and the world around us". Ed described factos as "[m]ost of which I'm not at liberty to talk about", possibly alluding to, among other things, the impact of WarnerMedia's corporate merger with Discovery.

He did note that there was "kind of" more planned for MK11, but rather than dwell on the somewhat abrupt end, Boon noted that expectations for the next game "should" see post-release content support extended even further than MK11's record! Mortal Kombat 11 enjoyed eleven downloadable characters and the developers' first DLC story mode - Aftermath.

Asked if the developer could remaster klassic compilation title Mortal Kombat Trilogy; Boon acknowledged that it is within their means, but he would personally rather revisit the first three installments "applying everything decades of experience and learning to those 3 (+ultimate) titles".

Prospects for a full Mortal Kombat (2011) restoration also seem unlikely. The game would require a remaster, with the addition of GGPO to online play adding to "no small task". He also expressed a desire to do something different to 3D era remasters, posing the idea of 2D versions. Surprisingly, the MK4 remake is "definitely on my bucket list".

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On the subject of MK's 30th Anniversary, Boon had little more to add, but when next April's tenth anniversary for Injustice: Gods Among Us was raised, Boon offered an emphatic: "We SHOULD do something". Boon himself was responsible for the most noteworthy MK30 anniversary material, sharing behind the scenes footage of the first game, with a retrospective from the developer. The absence of significant celebratory products, perhaps the legacy of WarnerDiscovery's upheaval.

A developer's desk photograph sparked a lot speculation early this year, but on the possibility of another Mortal Kombat/DC Comics throwdown, Ed responded "I doubt it" to the prospect of ever seeing a follow-up to the ill fated 2008 crossover. Even so, he apparently liked The Joker in MK11, and "can die" if Marvel ever gives the thumbs up to a MK/DC crossover.

Guest characters in their contemporary releases proved a hot topic, with Boon even entertaining the question of whether they should revisit characters from past titles. Horror rivals Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees were bafflingly included in separate games, with Ed presenting the alternate example of eighties sci-fi icons: "Imagine a DLC pack featuring Alien, Predator, Robocop and Terminator."

The Q&A revisited near misses for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Michael Myers, Alien's Ellen Ripley, and Terminator's Sarah Connor. Ed also noted he "should really try to to get the OK to explain the Ash situation" regarding a seemingly aborted Evil Dead crossover for MK11. Future prospects deemed suitable good ideas included dream guest Ryu from Street Fighter, Overwatch's Doomfist, and The Boys' comic book fascist Homelander. Berserk's Guts was too deep a cut.

Injustice fans also got to find out that Beast Boy is a strong contender if Injustice 3 were made, and Clayface and Killer Croc have allegedly never been considered for the playable roster, but are "not a bad idea". The latter has featured as an MK11 Baraka skin, and arena transition character in both Injustice: Gods Among Us and Injustice 2.

When do you think we'll see an official announcement and what do you think it will be? Share your thoughts about all these details and revelations in the comments below and keep speculating in the Future MK Games forum!

Mortal Kombat Movie Props to Go Under Auction Hammer
Get those koins ready!

Christmas is coming and now's your chance to give the gift of a rare piece of Mortal Kombat history! Several props from the 1995 feature film, and its sequel, will go under the auctioneers hammer, and if they've forgot theirs -- they can always borrow Shao Kahn's if they're willing to pay! Read on for details:

The original items will be auctioned off by online dealer Premiere Props, with a selection of 150 pop culture movie items from Aquaman, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, GI Joe: Rise of Cobra, and more!

The live broadcast will begin 11:00AM PST on Saturday, December 10th, with appearances by Threshold Entertainment produer Larry Kasanoff, and Scorpion actor Chris Casamassa (Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat: Conquest).

Along with big ticket items like Shang Tsung's jacket, the Reptile statue, and Outworld door, there'll also be concept art, signed collectibles, VHS, and retro games. Check out some of the more notable pieces and their descriptions below:

  • The Iconic Round Doors to Outworld - The one-of-a-kind actual round doors opened to reveal The Prince of the Shokan, Goro to ‘welcome’ the Earth Warriors to Outworld in a classic shot used in MORTAL KOMBAT.
  • Shang Tsung’s Leather Jacket - worn by the Demon Sorcerer in MORTAL KOMBAT. This is a handmade garment and features an embroidered Dragon on the back. *This piece is mounted.
  • Reptile Statue (full size) - this piece is from the race of creatures Reptile hails from, in Shang Tsung’s War Room in MORTAL KOMBAT. Hand carved in hard coated foam.
  • Outworld Guardian in MORTAL KOMBAT (full size) - this piece is a hard coated foam statue, hand carved, and was featured in a great shot with bolt of lightning in the Garden of Guardian creatures in Outworld.
  • Protector Guardian on road to Outworld – this fiberglass statue was rigged for fire, and Liu, Sonya and Johnny walk under it on the road to Outworld.
  • Johnny Cage Shields – Three shields, that will be sold separately, were used by Johnny Cage in his epic fight with Scorpion in MORTAL KOMBAT. One has the actual fire marks.
  • War Mallet of The Emperor of Outworld – this weapon was used by Shao Kahn in MORTAL KOMBAT ANNIHILATION. This piece is mounted.
  • Shao Kahn’s Whip – this hand-woven piece was used by the evil Emperor of Outworld, Shao Kahn in MORTAL KOMBAT ANNIHILATION.
  • Head of Spear – this mounted piece is from Shang Tsung’s lair at the end of MORTAL KOMBAT. It is a weapon which incorporates the Mortal Kombat logo.
  • Concept Art Drawings – this unique set of 16 drawings were for the sets in MORTAL KOMBAT ANNIHILATION and were the actual blueprints used to build the sets. Designed by Production Designer Charles Wood, who went on to do Avengers: Endgame and Dr. Strange

What strikes your fancy? Tell us what you'd most like to own and what you might be bidding on in the comments. Or find and discuss more stories from the movies in the Media & Merchandise forum!

Mortal Kombat Movie Prop Auction
12/10/2022 02:00 PM EST
Ed Boon Technically Confirms Upcoming Game & More in Q&A
A sequel is on the way!

Twitter may be in a state of flux since the close of Elon Musk's majority acqusition, but Ed Boon remains steadfast in his use of the service, hosting a fan Q&A with some surprisingly frank responses for NetherRealm Studios' upcoming project(s). The Chief Creative Officer technically confirmed their next game, as well as some interesting details. Read on:

Asked for a hint for the developer's next game, Boon shot right down the barrel to put all the odds on the two red hot sequel favourites: "I3 or MK12". Sequels to Mortal Kombat 11 or Injustice 2 have been widely speculated about, but this finally confirms one of them is on the way!

Boon's frankness was reflected in multiple answers, seemingly ruling out an immediate appearance for Kabal and return for Mileena's Deception design. The tone was a little lighter for other characters, claiming Jade slept through MKX and his thoughts are "her kostume is primarily green", and Takeda might make a good orange ninja.

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On the subject of mini-games like Deception's Chess Kombat and Puzzle Kombat, Boon ruled out the likelihood of a return in the next game, but left the door open: "Not likely. But some time in the future, perhaps." He also thinks they could make "a great "Streets of Rage" style MK game".

A modern console release for Mortal Kombat 4 was deemed "unlikely", but Boon likes the idea of a "Directors Kut" that "has everything we wanted to have in it". A new version of Konquest mode is also more likely than re-releasing Deception.

If that doesn't have "3D era" fans frothing with excitement, a more concrete response to the relegation of those characters almost certainly will. Asked why they've been so scarce in recent games, Boon delivered another direct hit: "That is something we will soon fix." Though encouraging, fans will want to remember a story-driven mobile game already packed with classic characters is coming very soon.

He also had encouraging words for fans of Mortal Kombat in the cinema. Asked why the video game developer didn't have a strong presence in the promotion of the controversial 2021 theatrical franchise reboot, he looked to the future: "Good question. I can tell you that I/we are excited about the next movie. Each iteration of the script is better than the previous!!"

A request for mystical Teen Titan Raven was met with overwhelming enthusiasm: "If I have anything to say about it. YES." He also noted that The Flash is faster than MK's dashing Black Dragon mercenary Kabal.

Could these more concrete details point to a reveal on the horizon? Asked about The Game Awards on December 8th, Boon confirmed "I will be attending the show. But not presenting."

Which NetherRealm franchise do you think will get the next game? What do you think about some of the details hinted at? Share your thoughts in the comments below and go deeper into speculation in the Future Kombat and DC Universe Injustice forums!

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