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Mortal Kombat Knowledge & Violence Featurette
Behind the violence of the new film.

With just over a week until Mortal Kombat is released theatrically around the world -- a new featurette is offering another glimpse behind-the-scenes of the violence of the new movie. Watch:

Brutal fighting and "sickeningly violent" fatalities are a focus of the new featurette, which highlights the abilities of the actors who were hired to infuse the film with authentic martial arts through a prism of acting. Director Simon McQuoid maintains a desire to "make it real".

Special acknowledgement is given to Joe Taslim, whose fast-paced martial arts are compared to Bruce Lee in the need to slow them down for the camera. Actor Mehcad Brooks (Jax) describes the realization of what he was in for after watching The Raid: the 2011 movie that made Taslim a star.

The featurette anchors the film's origins in the first arcade Mortal Kombat video game, but the game isn't necessarily it's main jumping off point. Footage from the game amusingly shows one of the main characters who won't be in the film.

The director misidentifies early installments as 8-bit, but uses the early technology of the first games to frame his desire to elevate the characters to a level they haven't seen before. This expression might provoke fans who've played recent installments, but speaks to efforts to combine gaming iconography with historical reference. Hiroyuki Sanada, playing a Scorpion transposed for the film's plot to feudal Japan, speaks of infusing his fighting performance with Japanese reference, while also creating distinctions from screen rival Sub-Zero.

Fans of the games will almost certainly be excited by new footage that shows the fight between Liu Kang (Ludi Lin) and Kabal (Daniel Nelson). The preview shows a clear close-up of the film's adaptation of Kabal's iconic mask, and also shows the fighter using purple-highlighted speed to streak around his opponent. The effect is very reminiscent of his recent appearance in Mortal Kombat 11.

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Mortal Kombat has enjoyed a strong overseas opening weekend and will officially be released theatrical and streaming to HBO Max (for 31 days in the US) on April 23rd! Watch the official red band trailer and join the conversation in the Media & Merchandise forum!

Mortal Kombat Movie Release
04/23/2021 03:00 AM EDT
Mortal Kombat Earns Strong International Box Office
First week of release positive overseas.

The domestic release of Mortal Kombat may have been pushed back an extra week, but internationally the movie has already begun screening in seventeen foreign markets. Figures from the first week show positive returns from the franchise blockbuster. Read on for details:

Deadline reports that Mortal Kombat has taken a robust $10.7 million in its first week on 4,596 overseas screens. This reportedly makes it the biggest Hollywood blockbuster to open in the last year, demonstrating recovery from a widely experienced COVID-19 pandemic depression.

According to Deadline: Russia led the charge with $6.1 million taken in the opening week. Middle East and Asian nations rounded out the biggest earning sectors since the April 9th open: Saudi Arabia ($691,000), United Arab Emirates ($689,000), Thailand ($574K), and Taiwan ($554K).

The super-sized screen of IMAX is also proving to be a successful draw for Mortal Kombat, taking $1.1 million on 125 screens. Deadline notes 37 IMAX screenings will soon be added across Asia, South America, , Kenya and Spain. A special poster was created to promote the screenings.

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It's too soon to call the movie a hit, but it seems on trend to be one of the biggest movies of the last 16 months, continuing a strong return to theatres for Warners started with Godzilla vs Kong. Like the giant monster movie, Mortal Kombat maximizes screentime with a total length under two hours.

Watch the Meet the Kast featurette and revisit the official red band trailer to prepare yourself. Then dive in to the Media & Merchandise forum to join the countdown to the April 23rd release!

Mortal Kombat Movie Release
04/23/2021 03:00 AM EDT
Techno Syndrome 2021 Hypes Mortal Kombat Movie
Listen to the latest version!

Originally released in 1994: Techno Syndrome has gone on to live up to its name -- infecting generations who've come to regard it the theme of Mortal Kombat. Many first heard it during the 1995 feature film and now the latest theatrical reboot meets expectant demand with a new 2021 cover version. Listen to the new strain:

Techno Syndrome was originally released as part of Mortal Kombat: The Album: a 1994 concept recording by Oliver Adams and Maurice Engelen as "The Immortals". The Belgian duo created themes for each of the main characters in the original Mortal Kombat, with two tracks dedicated to the general sensation of the video game.

Known as the "Theme to Mortal Kombat" once included in the major motion picture adaptation, the infectious dance track became part of a phenomenon that intertwined with home ports of the video game, and the memetic cry heard in the Mortal Monday advertising campaign. Fan sleuthing recently uncovered the identity of the voice behind the iconic shout.

The rallying bellow returns in the newest version of the song, an embellished modern EDM cover by Benjamin Wallfisch. Listen to the full track embeded above, and hear an orchestral version in the official red band trailer.

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Mortal Kombat is now showing in some territories, with a wide release in theatres, IMAX, and streaming to HBO Max in the United States for 31 days after premiering April 23rd. Share your thoughts about the movie soundtrack in the comments below and find more sights and sounds in the Media & Merchandise forum.

Mortal Kombat Movie Release
04/23/2021 03:00 AM EDT
Official Mortal Kombat IMAX Movie Poster
Kombatants strike a pose!

Mortal Kombat is making its return to the big screen and it's going to include showings on the biggest screen of IMAX! To promote the occasion fan-favourite digital artist BossLogic has been enlisted to create a dynamic new poster that shows off the soon-to-be larger than life fighters! Take a look:

Australian artist BossLogic created artwork visualizing the cast before the release of the film, and arranges the fighters in front of the dramatic watch of series mascots Scorpion (Hiroyuki Sanada) and Sub-Zero (Joe Taslim). Outworld's fighters are predominantly positioned over Earthrealm's defenders, including Kano (Josh Lawson), whose loyalties seem destined to shift once the action begins.

Mortal Kombat is already screening in some regions, but officially opens in wide release April 23rd. IMAX showtimes begin in Australia starting April 21st. Visit the IMAX website for additional information on showtimes.

Mortal Kombat Movie Release
04/23/2021 03:00 AM EDT
Shouting Mortal Kombat Kid IDed & Interviewed
The voice of Mortal Monday found!

It's a battlecry that continues to echo through the annals of gaming history. The bellowing shout of "Mortal Kombat" was originally meant to gather fans around home console ports released on the first Mortal Monday, but its subsequent use in music and promotion has taken on a life of its own. Now after almost thirty years the man behind the shout has allegedly been discovered!

We jokingly dubbed the commercial's shouting boy "Morty Monday" when a popular YouTuber speculated about his enigmatic yelling. Thanks to the sleuthing efforts of another YouTube channel, RKVC (via Slate), we can now know him as actor Kyle Wyatt!

Watch: Mortal Monday Commercial | RKVC found the voice of MORTAL KOMBAT | Unedited RKVC Interview with Kyle Wyatt

The key to finding the lost star of Mortal Monday proved to be an obscure Screen Actors Guild credit indexed within a PDF. According to Wyatt, it was just one of his first acting gigs, and it came without any pomp and circumstance. He wasn't even aware of its cultural impact.

The Texas native embarked on a journey to New York with his friend, Donald Wesley, to pursue a mutual passion for a career in acting. Fresh out of college and in his early twenties, he found himself in the financial district near Wall Street, pulled from a mob of extras by the director to be face that stepped out of the crowd.

Instructed simply to part from the group and shout to an overhead camera crane, Wyatt's audio was directly recorded in the street from multiple takes. As he describes the filming, it was largely the product of improvisational flourish. The final audio mix is the same shout he uttered in the early nineties, which Wyatt says was also modulated and used in the song Techno Syndrome, and to open the 1995 Mortal Kombat movie.

So it seems another longstanding Mortal Kombat mystery has been solved. When did you first hear the MK shout? Share your thoughts on Mortal Monday in the comments below and dive deeper into retro in the 2D Kombat Klassics forum!

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