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New Mortal Kombat X Details Coming at Gamescom
Creative Director Teases New Info Coming August from Gamescom

With Mortal Kombat X absent from this year's San Diego Comic Con, many fans have queried us about which event would bring the next big reveal. You asked - Creaitve Director Ed Boon has answered:

If you don't speak Boon, those conveniently capitalized letters spell out: Gamescom -- the annual gaming trade fair held in Germany! This year's Gamescom takes place a little over two weeks from now: August 14-17.

Update (Aug. 10): Over the weekend, Dark Overlord Ed Boon confirmed a video update to go with the German show. With the presence of klassic kombatant Kano in the latest issue of GamePro Germany [full story] - a Kano trailer may be next.

The trip to Cologne has become a calendar standard for NetherRealm Studios. Mortal Kombat Online was with you in 2010, when Kitana and Cyrax were character reveals for Mortal Kombat (2011)! In 2012, Catwoman was unveiled for Injustice: Gods Among Us. [Related Article: Gamescom: Ed Boon Talks Injustice & Fighting Game Community]

Raiden was the first solo character revealed since the launch at E3, filling the July order for new info! Will Gamescom deliver us our next Mortal Kombat X fighter unveiling? Register to share your speculation on the forum!

Know Your Enemy: The Fighting Variations of Sub-Zero
NetherRealm Studios Offer a Closer Look at the Variations of Sub-Zero!

Mortal Kombat X is set to revolutionize the basic mechanics of kombat with the introduction of Character Variations. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of different modes will be key to tipping the strategic balance in your favour in competitive match-ups. The Official Facebook recently highlighted the Variations of D'Vorah -- now it's time to learn more about Sub-Zero!

These helpful infographics summarize the basic properties of each Variation style with MKX's new and tasteful aesthetic -- but there's more to pay attention to than just gameplay. Each Variation possesses a visual tell that instantly identifies them for on-sight strategizing. Be with us as the developers reveal all three phases of Sub-Zero in the coming days.

Cryomancer: This Variation gives Sub-Zero the ability to create ice weapons. Armed with hammers, swords and daggers, Cryomancer is ideal for a fast paced rushdown style of play.

Unbreakable: This Variation is focused on defense. To counter rushdowns, Sub-Zero possesses the ability to create ice shields that freeze opponents in their tracks. He can also create ice armor which helps to reduce chip damage.

Grandmaster: In his Grandmaster Variation, Sub-Zero can generate ice clones that improve his trapping abilities. These clones freeze opponents on contact and can also be used as projectiles.

You can get even better acquainted with Sub-Zero in previous features: E3 Full Match Preview Videos, E3 Official Screenshots & Loading Screen Render.

Which Variation are you most looking forward to? Register to talk tactics and share your impressions on the Mortal Komabt X forum! Sub-Zero is a finalist in this year's Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion fan tournament -- but is he the same character? Be sure to vote, discuss and share via @MK_Online & Facebook!

Reintroducing Sub-Zero - Mortal Kombat X Loading Render
Sub-Zero Under the Microscope in Official Mortal Kombat X Render!

We first saw the image during Mortal Kombat X demo coverage from E3, but it's been a curious omission from subsequent media releases. Now by popular demand - take a closer look at the latest iteration of the ice cold warrior: Sub-Zero!

The identity of this version of Sub-Zero has drawn considerable speculation since E3. The source of uncertainty stems from the twists and turns of the previous game, and the announced 25 year continuing timespan of Mortal Kombat X. The "introduction" loading screen image offers no further clues than what you can see.

Creative Director Ed Boon touched upon the subject of identity during E3, describing the availability of options: "The thing about Sub-Zero is that there have been many Sub-Zeroes over the years. So the Sub-Zero that you see can be anybody because the Lin Kuei has a sea of Sub-Zeroes." He told Gamespot Sub-Zero will be revealed during the games' story mode.

Mortal Kombat's ice wielding mascot has undergone many changes throughout his 20+ year history. The identity of the blue garbed fighter was a milestone bombshell for Mortal Kombat II, where in-game endings revealed the mantle had passed to the original's younger brother after his death in the first game. That warrior was christened Kuai Liang in the last game -- putting a given name to the most iconic incarnation of the character. The same game twisted the original story to transform him into a Lin Kuei cyborg, before he was killed and placed under the control of nemesis necromancer: Quan Chi.

Got your own Sub-Zero theories? Register to join the conversation in the Mortal Kombat X forum!

SDCC 2014: Konvention Kosplayers Forge Mariachi Alliance
San Diego Comic-Con Kosplay Unleashed Mariachi Kombat Friendship!

The team at NetherRealm Studios may have been absent from this year's San Diego Comic-Con -- but it turns out Mortal Kombat was still pretty well represented on the convention floor!

There was, of course, the booth announcement of Mortal Kombat X action figures coming from Mezco Toyz in 2015! We were just as excited to see fans representing MK unofficially in the expo's legendary kosplay stakes. Two fans took the dress-up game to a whole new realm - instigating what we at Mortal Kombat Online are calling the Mariachi Alliance! Are they good or evil? We don't know. We just know they can't be stopped:

Musikality: Is Mariachi Sub-Zero throwing Lin Kuei gang signs? [via Game Informer]

Hey Mortals!: They're gonna fight for their right to mariachi. [via @noobde]

Charred 'n' Charro: More toasty pics by: @funnyordie, @Karen_Rought & @Desoluz!

For taking Mortal Kombat back to absurd new places we can only offer these mysterious masked men [and Zorro!] our Friendship! Got your own kosplay pics to share? We love to see fans get kreative! Register to post your pics in the Fan Submission forum!

Fun not your style? Catch up on major stories and join the conversation in the Mortal Kombat X forum! Raiden is the most recent addition to the 2015 sequel line-up! You can also learn more about D'Vorah's Fighting Variations in design spotlight.

SDCC 2014: Mezco Toyz Mortal Kombat X Action Figures Coming 2015
Mezco Toyz announce new line of Mortal Kombat X action figures for 2015!

After a big character reveal at Evo 2014; NetherRealm Studios may be giving San Diego Comic Con a miss this year -- but that doesn't mean Mortal Kombat X hasn't had an impact!

Mezco Toyz used the pop culture mecca to announce their acquisition of rights to a an all-new line of Mortal Kombat X 6" action figures! Coming 2015 -- no moulds were on display, but the Dragon Logo was clear to see in the Mezco booth.

Kome Out To Play: Mezco SDCC Booth Announces 2015 Line! [via Toy News International]

The announcement speaks to a shift in targets for the Warner Brothers directed action figure line -- previously made accessible to a wide range of age groups under Jazwares.

Mezco describe themselves as "Toys for Kids of All Ages" -- the maturing end of the scale reflected in many of the licenses displayed in booth at Comic-Con.

Taking pride of place in the Mezco area are high quality, photo likenesses inspired by popular adult cable programmes: Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy. Also featured -- The Dark Knight Returns in a bulky, super-articulated incarnation that pays faithful homage to the Batman mini-series by artist Frank Miller!

Pictured right [via the appropriately named Kastor's Korner]: the Batman figures don't just tip the hat to our DC Injustice cousins -- they show the range of imagination and scale offered in Mezco's work. Anyone hoping for a hefty hunk of plastic in the shape of Ferra/Torr should feel excited!

It's fair to say the delicate realism of their TV based figures will have a big role to play in a line inspired by hyper-realistic, hi-def gaming. In fact, it addresses one of the most common complaints of Jazwares' generation of sculpts -- the human face. If some of our favourite aging heroes manage to factor in, this attention to detail could come in especially handy!

Toy News International report the Mortal Kombat X series is expected to be 6", with an estimated 17-20 points of articulation. Price point pending. More news is expected at next year's Toy Fair.

Looking forward to a new era in MK collectible toys? Register to share your thoughts on the Media & Merchandise forum! Then be sure to switch over to the Mortal Kombat X forum, where you'll find all the latest stories on what to expect!

Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition Steam Patch
Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition Receives New Steam Updates

Fans playing Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition on PC over the past few days may have noticed a Steam update rolling out from the boffins at NetherRealm.

The patch addresses several niggling issues revolving around visual display and basic functionality. According to Steam: the fix includes updates to peripheral support, online mode fixes, and general performance improvement.

    Steam Update (July 23, 2014):
  • Updated the game launcher
    • Added video card selection option
      • Fixes auto-detection problems on laptops with Optimus technology
      • Solves performance issues for many laptops with dual GPUs
      • Added support for letterbox display toggle
      • Fixes problems with 4:3 and 5:4 aspect ratios
  • Several performance optimizations
    • Changed video settings options
      • Added ability to toggle memory restriction
      • Removed region lock for multiplayer matchmaking
    • Allows for a larger pool of online players
      • However, very long distance matches may experience slower network performance
  • Improvements to online multiplayer
    • Fixed issues with Private Matches
    • Updated KOTH
    • Fixed multiplayer crashes
  • Fixes and updates for several peripherals
  • Removed microphone support from voice chat
    • Players may use Steam Chat

The improvements certainly won't be for naught! The announcement of Mortal Kombat X generated a massive rush of renewed interest in the 2012 Edition! With sales still persisting for PC and other platforms, the previous instalment is very much alive, even reaching Top 5 benchmarks for digital sales!

You can buy Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition right now for a standard download cost of $19.99 [via Steam]! For recommended specifications refer to this story. Find more stories from the previous generation in the Mortal Kombat (2011) forum!

Know Your Enemy: The Fighting Variations of D'Vorah
Spotlight Offers Closer Look at D'Vorah's Mortal Kombat X Variations.

Mortal Kombat X will not be at this year's San Diego Comic-Con -- but that doesn't mean the fine folks at NetherRealm Studios don't have more to show us! Over on the Official Facebook - the team is giving us a closer look at the different variations of newcomer D'Vorah! Check it out:

Each character Variation will offer different visual tells to inform the player who they're up against. With D'Vorah's first two Variations revealed -- you can see some of the obvious visual differences. Better still, get the developer's own take on the all important play style differences that are being touted as a major innovation of the new game.

Brood Mother: This Variation gives D'Vorah the ability to launch a crawling minion that locks down her opponent. D'Vorah can then manoeuvre into close range and attack with relative ease.

Swarm Queen: In this Variation D'Vorah has the ability to summon a wasp tornado, lifting opponents into the air. She can also throw explosive bug bombs. These moves are excellent zoning tactics. Special moves in the Swarm Queen Variation can also be used as combo openers.

Venomous: In this Variation, all of D'Vorah's ovipositor attacks poison the opponent and are highly effective for rushdowns. This Variation also allows for better chip damage and tactically matches up well against strong defensive opponents.

You can get even better acquainted with D'Vorah in previous features: E3 Full Match Preview Videos, E3 Official Screenshots & Introduction Loading Screen.

Still not satisfied? Check out the Evo 2014 Character Reveal Trailer for Raiden. Register to find and comment on more stories on the Mortal Kombat X forum!

Evo 2014: Mortal Kombat X Guest Character Confirmed (Again)
Ed Boon Confirms MKX Guest Character, Nixes DC Superheroes

The Dark Knight in MK vs DCA Polygon Evo interview with NetherRealm Studios' Ed Boon is again drawing attention toward the likelihood of guest character(s) in 2015's Mortal Kombat X.

The profitable return of crossover fighters hasn't been much of a secret. As well as various references on Twitter -- Boon made guest character considerations known to various outlets during last month's E3 launch [Related Article: E3 2014: Gamespot Full Match Videos & Demo Stream].

Answering questions about a possible return crossover between NetherRealm's two established fighting franchises - Boon leaned toward the negative, "I'd be hard-pressed to have a DC character as a downloadable character in Mortal Kombat X."

This, of course, goes against the grain of Scorpion making the leap to Injustice: Gods Among Us, but there's an explanation for that rooted in the differences between the two franchises. "The main reason is, I have no desire to cut Batman's head off. I have no desire to kill Superman."

No Rematch: Batman won't be evening the score with Scorpion in 2015.

2008's Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe infamously bumped up against the non-lethal traditions of DC superheroes. The solution: introducing "Heroic Brutality" as a survivable alternative to Fatality finishers, The compromise remains a contentious subject for the more bloodthirsty Mortal Kombat purists.

No such censorship was afforded to Kratos or Freddy Krueger -- 2011 guest characters who both faced the full force of Mortal Kombat's deadly violence. This compliance won't score either character a return visit, though. Boon scratched off the PS3-exclusive God of War on Twitter, where he's also discussed looking for something new [Related Article: Who's Next? Ed Boon's Mortal Kombat X Character Deadpool!].

Popular speculation ranges everywhere from near-misses like Sweet Tooth and Spawn -- to horror movie icons like Jason Voorhees and The Predator! While documenting references picked up by fans, Mortal Kombat Online threw an upcoming 2015 Warner film reboot that also poses interesting possibilities.

What's clear is that guest characters are here to stay. Ed Boon has frequently cited Freddy Krueger and Scorpion as the highest selling/most downloaded DLC of their respective games.

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Evo 2014: Raiden Stands Watch for Eternity in Mortal Kombat X
Raiden Stands Watch for Eternity - MKX Reveal Trailer at Evo 2014!

It was pushed to the back of the Injustice: Gods Among Us finals stream - and it was worth the wait! The reveal of the next Mortal Kombat X character signalled the electrifying return of Raiden! The teaser image quote pointed most toward the immortal protector god - a lightning laced Facebook update all but confirming it.

Raiden's fighting variations emphasize different recognizable abilities from his electric arsenal: Thunder God (Electrocution Kombos), Displacer (Teleportation) & Storm Lord (Lightning Traps). He demonstrates these abilities in battle with Kotal Kahn. Watch the trailer below:

Speaking to IGN, Ed Boon elaborated on the variations and story mode significance of the stalwart thunder god. They report a smaller outing for Raiden when compared to his central role of Mortal Kombat (2011).

On the story side of things, Raiden will still be a key figure, but not nearly as central to the overall plot as he was in Mortal Kombat 9. Events will actually pick up as earlier as five years after the events of the last game, going through several time periods until it reaches the 25-year-later era mentioned in earlier previews.

Register to discuss the reveal on the Mortal Kombat X forum!

Mortal Kombat Online is sponsoring the Mortal Kombat (2011) side tournament at this year's Evo World Championship! Watch the stream from 5pm [PDT] and share your thoughts for a chance to win some Mortal Kombat merch!

Evo 2014: 2013 MK World Champion DJT Ready To Defend Title
DJT Humble Ahead of Unofficial Defense of Mortal Kombat Evo World Title!

Mortal Kombat returns to Las Vegas later today in a side tournament already eclipsing some of the official Evo World Championship events!

The unofficial event is the product of the hard work by players turned organizers: Pig of the Hut & Claude Von Stroke! Together they've assembled some of the world's best Mortal Kombat (2011) players for a fourth year of double elimination kombat! With prizes from Mortal Kombat Online [full story], NetherRealm Studios, and a crowd sourced pot in excess of $2000.00 -- the players will have plenty of reasons to take the competition seriously!

2-time Evo World Champion PerfectLegend talked to us about his goals for 2014. Chief among them: his search for redemption against 2013 World Champion - DJT. We went to the defending champion, who confirmed his return, and responded to Perfect Legend's challenge.

I think it will be tight to play [PerfectLegend] again. He beat me Evo 2011, I beat him Evo 2013. It will be interesting. I feel confident that I will win. We run into each other like any top player would think. I think me and Perfect Legend would make a good Grand Final for MK.

A lot of our community doesn't play MK seriously anymore, but I will try and play my best. I still got to defend my title! I definitely want to get at least Top 8 so I can one of those MKX shirts. So GDLK!

I definitely have a good chance at winnin,g because all I need is the net and the dream!! Also: I can't wait till MKX, bro!

As you can see - DJT is all business, no dramas! Both World Champs noted their concerns about kombat rust and the respect they have for the skills of their counterpart opponent. It's sure to be an incredible klash should the two former Evo Champions manage to face-off during the ballooned bracket!

It all goes down 5pm PDT, streamed live via Stream of the Hut from the Evo Ballroom BYOC arena! Mortal Kombat Online is excited to be sponsoring the event with Limited Edition PDP Klassic Sticks awarded to the Champion & Runner-Up!

We want fans to have a good time, too! Check out the Mortal Kombat Side Tournament article for event details. Register to share your experience with us on the forum, too! If we have a good turn out, we may give away some prizes to forum posters, as well!

Also: Stay tuned to the Injustice: Gods Among Us Finals Stream at 12pm PDT for the next official Mortal Kombat X Character Reveal! Support the site and spread the word by liking & sharing stories via @MK_Online and Facebook!

Evo 2014: Mortal Kombat X Character Reveal on Saturday Stream
New Mortal Kombat X Character to be Revealed During Injustice Evo Finals!

In recent weeks, Ed Boon has been back on the countdown campaign trail steering eyes ahead to the 2014 Evo World Championships.If you've been watching @noobde, you'll have seen the numbers ticking down to Saturday Now the cat is all the way out of the bag with the announcement of a Mortal Kombat X character reveal on the official Evo stream!

The reveal will air during the Injustice: Gods Among Us finals - 12PM [PDT] on Saturday, July 12! By the look of the latest clue - we can look forward to a character who "stand[s] watch for eternity". Could this mark the return of Earthrealm's protector god Raiden? The banished Elder God Shinnok? Someone else? Join the speculation on the forums!

Injustice -- NetherRealm Studios' 2013 DC Comics fighting game -- made its Evo debut just three months after being released! KDZ proved his Superman was the greatest hero of them all -- toppling 2013 Mortal Kombat World Champion DJT (Green Lantern/Doomsday) to become the inaugural Gods Among Us World Champion! You can relive the big finish in our extensive 2013 Injustice Evo final feature.

Despite missing out on a fourth consecutive year as an official Evo World Championship tournament -- Mortal Kombat (2011) will be back! Mortal Kombat Online will provide prizes for the finalists in what is shaping up to be a compelling fourth year of Evo Kombat! [full details]

Evo 2014: Mortal Kombat Online Sponsoring Evo Tournament
Mortal Kombat Online Providing Tournament Prizes

Thanks to a grassroots effort by Pig of the Hut (PigHut) & Claude Von Stroke -- Mortal Kombat (2011) is returning to the Evo World Championships for an unofficial fourth year of tournament action -- this Saturday! [full story]

Mortal Kombat Online is so excited by the event, we're proud to announce our involvement as a sponsor by providing Limited Edition Mortal Kombat Klassic Fight Sticks as prizes for both tournament Winner - and the Runner-Up!

These come with special thanks to Performance Designed Products (PDP) -- who provided the prizes in partnership with Mortal Kombat Online! PDP have been official Mortal Kombat fight stick makers since 2011 -- designing the original Tournament Edition Stick especially for the game!

The Limited Edition Klassic fight sticks come with artwork and ergonomic layouts inspired by klassic arcade cabinets! Authentic Suzo-Happ components are housed in a high quality box complete with memory foam underside for home gaming comfort! Each stick -- for the console of the winners' choice -- also includes a download code for Mortal Kombat: Arcade Kollection!

Players will also be competing for their share of a crowd sourced pot currently at $1500.00! Series co-creator & MK2011 Creative Director Ed Boon will also be at Evo to present signed limited edition t-shirts to the Top 8 players [@noobde]!

Tournament registration officially ends Friday, 12am. The action kicks off 6pm [PST] streaming live online via Stream of the Hut on Saturday, July 12! For full info refer to Mortal Kombat Evo Side-Tournament Details!

Register to share the hype with us on the forum as we gear up for a fourth year of Mortal Kombat @ Evo! Check out the main article for players attending - and what 2-time Evo World Champion PerfectLegend is saying about his return to Vegas!

Mortal Kombat: Legacy 1 & 2 Coming to Blu-Ray & DVD
Warner Brothers Releasing Legacy on DVD, Legacy II on Blu-Ray & DVD!

Last September; Machinima's live-action web series returned for a 10 episode second season in Mortal Kombat: Legacy II!

Now the online phenomenon is coming to home video with Blu-Ray & DVD releases from Warner Brothers!

Fans & collectors will be able to get their hands on the home release starting in November October! Better still - those who weren't able to enjoy the original Blu-Ray Exclusive release of Legacy Season 1 can now look forward to a long awaited DVD, as well!

The live-action online anthology tells the story of the Mortal Kombat tournament from the wholly unique prism of director Kevin Tancharoen. He completely reinvents the world of the games to tell the converging tales of: Special Forces officers Jax & Sonya Blade, nemesis Scorpion & Sub-Zero, struggling actor Johnny Cage, the conflicted Liu Kang & Kung Lao, and the evil sorcerer Shang Tsung!

Watch Mortal Kombat: Legacy II now! [Debut Trailer Above]

This is the first home release for Mortal Kombat: Legacy II with DVD prices beginning at $12.97 (Blu-Ray: $19.98). There are currently no available details concerning extra features. The Legacy Blu-Ray featured various behind-the-scenes featurettes. The original Legacy was packaged with the two theatrical releases in a 3-Disc Blu-Ray Set released in May.

Update Jul. 15: Mortal Kombat: Legacy II's release date has been updated to a more concrete (and earlier) October 14th! Still no word on extra features. "Fan-favourite characters" may appear different to well known incarnations.

After announcing his departure from pre-production on a long rumored feature film - Kevin Tancharoen expressed ill timed interest in Legacy Season III at the end of March. Legacy II cast member Casper Van Dien (Johnny Cage) recently revealed he is now in preparations for a third series.

Watch and learn more about Mortal Kombat: Legacy and Season 2 via Mortal Kombat Online's extensive coverage hubs. Register to find and discuss more like this in the Media & Merchandise forum!

Evo 2014: Mortal Kombat Evo Side-Tournament Details
Kommunity Initiative Brings Mortal Kombat (2011) Back to Evo This Weekend!

It was with noted disappointment that we learned in February Mortal Kombat (2011) would miss out on a fourth consecutive year at the Evo World Championships. Fortunately, the June reveal of sequel Mortal Kombat X has provided a shot of adrenaline into the flagging scene: inspiring a grass roots campaign that will gather some of the world's top players for a special side tournament at the Las Vegas major!

Top players Pig of the Hut (Pighut) & Claude Von Stroke are organizing a special event - tentatively scheduled for 6PM 5PM on Saturday, July 12th! Pre-registration requires a $10 PayPal fee submitted to the InjustCast account: Walk-in registration for the event will incur a full $20 fee at the door. Special Note: When pre-registering via PayPal ensure your GamerTag is included in the PayPal notes!

This kommunity funded tournament has already inspired some of Evo's World Championship calibre All-Stars to pre-register! 2-time Evo World Champion PerfectLegend is scheduled for a return to Vegas, where he has unfinished business after coming up short in the 2013 title chase! Last year's World Champion DJT and PL's arch-rival REO are not yet registered. The 2011/2012 champion spoke to Mortal Kombat Online, telling us:

I would like to win it. It would be me reclaiming my throne. Denzel won last year and I feel like this is a chance for redemption. Not sure if he is going to enter or not, but I don't see a reason why he wouldn't. Despite not putting a lot of practice into it, I will definitely be taking it seriously. It won't be easy, cause I know there are people who have never stopped playing (such as PBoard, Whatshername and WestCoastJeff.) Honestly MK9 should've still been in the EVO line up. I'm sure it would have got the same numbers as last year. I'm hoping for a good turnout. I'm bringing my patented Kung Lao with me.

I would love to win because then it would be my 3rd MK9 World Title. All of the best players will be there from around the country, and since the USA has shown multiple times it was the best region in the world [at MK] I think it still holds the same prestige. The only sad part is there isn't a trophy for it, or main stream attention. Mortal Kombat 9 not being a premier tournament game anymore breaks my heart.

Although the tournament will not appear on official Evo live feeds, it is scheduled to be streamed live via Stream of the Hut! In the event of unforseen technical issues, there will be a delayed recording available late in the day. Likewise, if plans for access to the ballroom venue are interrupted, there is also a back-up venue.

While there is no trophy or title as yet - the winner will not go home empty handed! Fans of the competitive scene are encouraged to make a small donation to the purse, which at the time of this writing is noted at $324US. Speaking to the occasion, Pig of the Hut says:

We are also taking donations for a pot bonus. This realistically is probably the last time this collection of players will all be assembled to play MK9. [We] want to have an amazing MK tournament. If you are interested in contributing to the pot and trying to get as many players as possible to enter, then please go to:

STB Rose Goddess
Red Reaper
Evan Born
CC Trust
Son Of Timett
Relaxed State
Blind Ducky
Lance monsoon
Baraka flaka flame
Dream sword
Kitana prime
Iceman 9798
King hippo
What's Her Name
Runway Mafia
Pre-Registered Attendees:
Claude VonStroke
Pig Of The Hut
Perfect Legend
Mike Metroid
CD Jr.
Forever King
Wound Cowboy
NYC Chris G
Sonic Fox
Lil loco
Ultimate Ziti
West coast Jeff

Update Jul. 09: With the pre-registration window coming to a close, a rush of donations has seen the crowd sourced pot explode to $1,100.00! Also confirming their entry are 2013 Evo World Champion DJT & Osu16bit!

Update Jul. 10: Tournament organizer Pig of the Hut informs us that while crowd sourced donations are currently at $1,235.00 -- the total prize pool has reached $1500.00! Mortal Kombat Online has also been excited to announce we will be providing Limited Edition Fight Sticks as prizes for both the winner & runner-up [full details]! Pig also noted location for the tournament site will be finalized tomorrow (Evo BYOC Area or other).

Update Jul. 11: IGN picked up the story amidst ever growing support for the MK tournament. The total prize pool passed $1825.00 at the last count, with that number still growing. Due to the overwhelming support, the on-site registration fee has been lowered to $10.

Update Jul. 12: This is it! Game day! We talked to defending 2013 World Champion DJT to get his response to PerfectLegend & more - don't miss the story. Note: Confirmation the event will stream live from the Evo Ballroom BYOC Area with a scheduled start of 5pm PDT.

The tournament will be run with a standard double-elimination bracket to be determined live on the stream in front of a scrutinizing audience! No character bans are expected to be in effect. Mortal Kombat will be run on Xbox 360.

Update: NetherRealm Director Ed Boon just dropped a prize bombshell on us! "Someone" [read: NetherRealm] will be kicking in some signed merch to help the cause!

Mortal Kombat Online is very excited about the event, which will also be attended by NetherRealm Studios! They're expected to have a new reveal from Mortal Kombat X, as well as taking in the sights of the second Injustice: Gods Among Us World Championship! Register to discuss all the Evo action on the forums! Relive the 2013 Evo World Championship via last year's feature coverage, or flashback to Perfect Legend's last win at Evo 2012!

We Are Many! The Other Bernard Beneteau Ermac Concept Art
You saw his tattered Ermac, now witness the OTHER concept art by Beneteau!

Bernard Beneteau wasn't necessarily a name on most fans' lips -- but he made waves recently when his Ermac "fan-art" was mistaken for a Mortal Kombat X leak (re)tweeted by Ed Boon [full story].

As reported; the work was something the professional artist knocked together in his "spare time". A testament to the talents of his vocation - but not surprising with all things considered. He has, after all, served as NetherRealm Studios' Senior Character Artist on: Mortal Kombat, Injustice: Gods Among Us and the 2008 crossover of the two: Mortal Kombat Versus DC Universe.

With that in mind: it won't shock you to know you've seen his work before! In case you haven't - we're featuring his other Ermac Concept Art!

The designs come from development on Mortal Kombat (2011) and show an evolution of logic from Ermac's popular revamp in Mortal Kombat: Deception, to a revised hooded jacket motif. The latter appears to inform the basis of the notorious "fan-art", which takes the design further into the realms of tattered, rendered fabrics.

This prior association with the character may provide explanation for the existence of the "fan-art" -- which was easily found online at both the artist's portfolio website and the ZBrushCentral forum. Availability that supports its independent nature.

How this impacts theories about Ermac's inclusion in Mortal Kombat X is a subject we leave to the fans. This may put the kibosh on assumptions, or merely add new twisting turns in a story of expectations and production!

Like Ermac? Can't get enough art? Why not flash back to Art of Kombat #3, where we featured some of the finest Ermac fan-art on the web! Register to join us in supporting artists by leaving a comment! You can also help by liking & sharing stories via @MK_Online & Facebook!

Art of Kombat #6: My Way/America The Beautiful
Mortal Kombat Online Celebrate the Fourth of July with Fan Tributes to Jax!

More than just a popular 1996 action blockbuster: Independence Day is the commemoration of the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. A surprising number of global nations celebrate equivalent days in the month of July, but since Mortal Kombat is an American institution: we're firing up the barbecue, lighting some roman candles, and saluting the US Special Forces' All-American hero: Major. Jackson Briggs!

Jax has been a steadfast presence since his introduction in Mortal Kombat II -- fighting twenty years (as of last month) for truth, justice & the American way! John Parrish was the man with the massive muscles who first brought the character to life. He was one of the guests of honor attending a reunion of digitized sprites at Galloping Ghost Arcade (last weekend) [full story].

Jax has inspired some outstanding artwork housed in the Mortal Kombat Online Fan Submission Archive! Join us as we cast a spotlight on just some of the standouts this Fourth of July! Be a part of future Art of Kombat instalments by registering to submit your work for future consideration!

We found ourselves with more Jax than we could fit into a single feature! Site favourite gave us several memorable pieces to consider! To start us off, we've chosen an action-charged image called "BringIt". The vibrant tribute is simple in nature, but expert in execution. It combines multiple disciplines of pens, markers & paint to draw the eye to the point of impact. This is Jax in his raw, definitive form. The arms strike a balance between casting the illusion of function, and popping with the right comic book sensibility. The face may seem a little glum, but we prefer a stern Jax. A wonderful, comic-styled drawing!

From flowing streams of pop ink, to obsessive micro-detail! MIDWOOD is an artist who needs no introduction to long time fans of fan-art! His hyper-stylized, hyper-detailed manga infusions have reinvented most of the cast as bulky, ornately armored human-tanks! Never is this more welcomed than when it comes to "JAX"! MIDWOOD gives stern new meaning - his upright, uptight Jax imbued with the no nonsense stare of a true manga military hardnut!

His implausibly stacked munitions recall American comic book artist Rob Liefeld, but where the 90s Image artist is notorious for his shortcuts - MIDWOOD fills every space with wrinkles, rivets and a Geoff Darrow level of detail! Whether you love or hate the stark contrast to the game's simpler designs - we advise you enlarge the image to the get the full effect. Scaled down, the many lines run the risk of becoming noise. At any size, the thought of seeing these imaginative alternates alive and rumbling in an anthology comic is pretty thrilling! Not for everyone, we must admit.

TOKYO51zombie has a very different take on Jax. His "Second Try" is no less minimalist in its style, but offers a more dramatic and complete impression of the design. Taken from 2010's Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe - it was a more utility oriented approach to the character. His usually shirtless chest received light, protective sci-fi uniforming and a simplified design to the cybernetic arms that was both simple, yet plausible. These details are all boiled down to their basic elements in this image. Jax' human strength is retained, but a certain aesthetic chic shows the character in a cool light. For its graphic pop, we love this different take to the usual pseudo-realism MK delivers!

The re-emergence of John Parrish at a live cast reunion has us feeling all nostalgic! Artists kastohro and belzebbub come to our aid with two MK3 inspired pics that harken back to simpler times! As much as we strive for MK to continue to get better, we look back fondly on those formative years. Under the right hand, the comic book simplicity of chrome arms, brightly colored pants, and impressive super-human anatomy is still enough to get us enthusiastic about the classics. Of course, the lycra-spandex look also had a function to help capture clean pixels for digitization. We're not ready to surrender the complexity of modern designs, but it's nice to know the old favourites are still there.

dismisses the classic and the conventional to try something completely new with his Jax [above]! As a response to urban culture absorbed by the character at the turn of the millennium -- it taps into a Wu-Tang sense of fusion. Rather than go the flat-flooted backwards cap and giant medallion of Deadly Alliance: this work reinvents Jax as a street militant with a kung fu sensibility. His modified arms and pants by Kang feel like a character evolving to fit the martial arts world he lives in. With Mortal Kombat X taking the series 25 years into the future -- we're a bit more inclined to have fun with these kinds of playful departures.

Rounding out our Fourth of July parade are three very interesting, very mixed approaches to Jax. Check out these works by
, & by clicking the thumbnails below!

Art of Kombat is fast becoming a monthly regular feature for Mortal Kombat Online! We take great pride and pleasure in showcasing the talented artists within the community, whose works are found in our Fan Submission Archive! Register to submit your own works for future consideration! Check out the artists featured in these previous installments:

So far we've taken inspiration from monthly holidays and occasions, but we aren't married to seasonal festivities. Looking ahead, we wonder what new works might inspired our next feature. Help steer us by submitting new works. We want all your wild and wonderful pieces, based on classic characters, obscure favourites and the new fighters introducing themselves in MKX!

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Klassic MK Kast Reunite at Galloping Ghost Aracde
Digitized Sprites Spring to Life at Galloping Ghost Arcade for Klassic Actor Reunion!

If it isn't already: Chicago's Galloping Ghost Arcade is on the fast track to becoming a mecca to Mortal Kombat fans!

Its proximity to the traditional base of operations for today's NetherRealm Studios makes it a natural home away from home for the klassic fighting series. GGA boasts a comprehensive working collection of now klassic Mortal Kombat arcade cabinets. Go there on the right day, and you might even come across some of the klassic faces who made them happen!

Last weekend (June 28), the arcade hosted Shang Tsung's Fight Night IV -- a live event that brought together a rogues gallery reunion of actors who appeared in the original digitized games!

The event was open to the public for a marathon 11AM to 2AM session at only the standard admission charge! It was a historic gathering for the cast -- some of whom didn't even appear together in the same game(s)! Continuity wouldn't get in the way of fans taking the opportunity to get autographs, photographs and a rare opportunity to mingle with the fighting game icons!

Mortal Kombat Trilogy: The original kast reunite at GGA! [via Galloping Ghost Productions]

In attendance [pictured above] were: [Back Row]: John Parrish (Jax), Carlos Pesina (Raiden), Kerri Hoskins (MK3 Sonya Blade), Brian Glynn (Shao Kahn), Lia Montelongo (Sindel), Richard Divizio (Kano, Quan Chi, Baraka), Anthony Marquez (Kung Lao, Fujin), Daniel Pesina (OG Johnny Cage, Scorpion, Sub-Zero etc). [Front]: Philip Ahn (MKII Shang Tsung), Sal Divita (Nightwolf, Sektor, Cyrax) & John Vogel (Artist).

The gathering coincides with the 20th anniversary of Mortal Kombat II -- a landmark sequel that continues to loom large as one of the series' greatest successes! The 1993 arcade hit challenged everything the original game had established - ramping up the number of characters, the colors, the moves and the mythology. Much of the modern series owes to this original ground breaking game!

So enduring is the affection held for the digitized era, that it continues to be reprised in different forms. A three-game Arcade Kollection was released in 2011. The subject of the games was the basis of the last game: Mortal Kombat (2011). Attempts by developers and fans alike to recreate Mortal Kombat HD has seen mixed results. [Related Article: Lost Kontent: Mortal Kombat HD Behind-the-Scenes Photos]

For those who couldn't make it - there has been good documentation!
After making waves through social networks -- Mortal Kombat Online learnt about the event through the likes of series co-creator John Tobias (@therealsaibot) -- the event was streamed live via GGA's Twitch! Galloping Ghost have also shared a massive gallery of photos on the Galloping Ghost Productions Facebook account.

VGEvo were in Chicago to cover the event. They shared their take with videos, including this clip of Daniel Pesina demonstrating the rope dart -- a weapon he helped make famous as the original Scorpion!

Be sure to visit the Galloping Ghost Productions page for more photos and information about Chicago's largest video game arcade! Team GGA will no doubt be one of the teams to keep an eye on at the 2014 Evo World Championships next week - July 11-13. Injustice: Gods Among Us will be there with NetherRealm Studios in the house to watch and maybe more [original story].

Register to share your nostalgia and memories in the 2D Kombat Klassics forum! Klassics battle brand new enemies in this year's Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion tournament. Choose their destiny by voting in the daily User Poll!

Art of Kombat: Baby, Let's Play House!
Johnny Cage is a father! Celebrate the MK Klassic with a belated Father's Day gallery!

Earlier in June; families the United States over celebrated patriarchs everywhere as part of the local Father's Day! The annual event came as we learnt one of Mortal Kombat's favourites had entered the maturing world of fatherhood by siring Mortal Kombat X newcomer: Cassie Cage.

With nary a scale of the snake of June still visible, we sneak one final glance backward into a busy schedule. What better way to salute new papa Johnny Cage than by immortalizing his Hollywood star through the tributes found in Mortal Kombat Online's legendary Fan Submission archive - and beyond? Note: You can pay similar tribute and appear in future Art of Kombat features if you register to submit your work as well!

We start our belated Father's Day gallery with some fine works from around the web. Esau13 lends a sense of pomp and circumstance not always associated with today's subject. His "MK Legacy Johnny Cage" thankfully distances itself from the small scale Cage of the Legacy series - letting the fireworks fly in a digital painting that captures the larger than life persona of the Hollywood action star. With an adoring crowd in silhouette, this has the energy of the last act of any Rocky movie. A great piece!

Looking abroad still - we would be remiss to omit some shots shared by the (presumably) happy couple. The connection between Johnny Cage & Sonya Blade has been there through most of the last 20 years, memorably brought to life on the big screen by Linden Ashby & Bridgette Wilson-Sampras. Above: AnubisGabriele and Bityutsky bring the star-crossed fighters to life in their own artistic ways.

"Untitled" gives a graphic pen edge to the two warriors, sending a slightly mixed message about their affiliation. While it's clear they get together at some point - the pair have often been characterized as an unlikely coupling of opposites. "Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade" has more of an unspoken intimacy. The MKDA era Cage design may boast an over-the-top approach to accessorizing, but the image itself is an understated interpretation of both characters.

Khazen taps contemporary trends to recast the 90s action hero as a 00s ultimate fighter. "Johnny Cage" could be retitled "Cage MMA" - a very plausible alternative route for a character whose cinema niche has faded. So true to life is the idea that it mirrors short-lived aspirations of a mixed martial arts comeback held by Jean-Claude Van Damme. Circa those rumors - MKOmmunity favourite imagined an after hours, casual Cage for 2010. Fitting given the MK originals' absence from the then-current Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe all-star line-up.

We love all the references that come together for Joelchan's perspective-charged shadow kick [above]! This MKII heavy image infuses Cage and The Living Forest with a cartoon energy too often denied. Where 2011 Cage opted to write his name across his chest -- this version of MKII cage puts it on his shoe. The kind of customization you might have expected for a 90s high-top. Fans of Timecop might like to read between the lines for another JCVD reference for the JCVD-inspired fighter.

Finally, three more selections that put an interesting urban twist on the Venice Beach warrior! , , & make us wish for a Streets of Cage scrolling beat 'em up with their three blasts from the past [below]!

Art of Kombat is fast becoming a monthly tradition for Mortal Kombat Online! We love spotlighting the talented artists who've appeared in our Fan Submission Archive over the years! Check out our previous holiday inspired instalments: St. Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, April Fool's Day & Mother's Day!

We aren't married to seasonal occasions - especially now that Mortal Kombat X is upon us! Looking ahead to July, we wonder what new artworks may inspire our next gallery feature. You can help steer us in future directions by registering to submit new works! We want all your wild and wonderful pieces, based on classic characters, obscure favourites and the new fighters introducing themselves in MKX!

By submitting work to Mortal Kombat Online you become part of an archive of thousands and will be automatically featured in the Fan Submission forum upon approval! Fans can discuss each of the featured MKO submitted Art of Kombat works by clicking the piece to enter the forum. We hope you'll show these artists a lot of love!

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