A few interviews have surfaced which shed some light on some commonly asked questions regarding the upcoming installment of MK, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. Each interview is conducted with project lead Ed Boon.

In an interview with Crispy Gamer, Boon reveals details as to how the environments from the DC Universe and the MK Universe will be intertwined to create stages for which to fight. These stages will feature classic environments, assuredly from both worlds, beginning to "merge" together in some fashion.

Boon: The way we took it with the story is at the same time two cataclysmic events -- we reveal it all in the game -- occur at the same moment in time in the two different dimensions and it causes a rift between them. So all of a sudden Batman is in Gotham City and he comes across Scorpion. How did that happen? Who is this character? Scorpion is like, "Where am I?" There is this slow mergence of the characters -- they start swapping places and whatnot -- and all of a sudden the realms start. You'll see an island that's half of Shang Tsung's island and half of something like this.

Furthermore, he reveals a few facts regarding the game's story mode. Rather than each character having a story mode, each 'side' has a story feature where you will play as different characters from that faction as you progress through it.

Boon: No, you play multiple characters in this one. So you spend Chapter One as Superman -- it's not literal -- Chapter Two might be Batman. Chapter One in Mortal Kombat is Scorpion -- you play as Scorpion and you learn his moves -- and in his story he meets up with Sub-Zero, and you continue the path as Sub-Zero. You follow a character for a certain amount of time.

To read the interview in full, click here.

In another interview with GameTap, Boon mentions exactly what Batman we will be seeing in the game as well as (humorously) discussing Aquaman. To read this interview, click here.

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