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Mod Koms: Concept Artist Designs Fortnite Kombatants
Injustice Artist Reimagines Kombatants as Fortnite Skins

Fortnite is the free-to-play survivor action game taking the world by storm, but there's always room for improvement. Right? That's what Injustice 2 concept artist Eric "Decay" Tran thought when he used his talents to bring a little Mortal Kombat to Fortnite character skins!

The NetherRealm Studios concept artist shared the unofficial designs based on Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Jax, and Mileena via his portfolio website. He elaborated on the impetus for the artwork via Twitter, remarking: "Everyone asks for a .@Ninja skin, but first, you gotta pay respects to the OG NINJAS!".

Scorpion returns to his quilted roots with a gritty ninja design similar to looks seen in MK vs DC Universe and MK2011. Sub-Zero rocks a simple, masked Lin Kuei blue ensemble reminiscent of MK2011. Jax is carrying heavy artillery with a tastefully updated version of the MK3 design we've seen in several games. Mileena goes shabby chic with long pants and tattered attire similar in spirit to her Mortal Kombat X update.

Each design superbly captures the iconic look of the klassic kombatants, applying instantly recognizable elements to Fortnite's stylized cartoon aesthetic. The hallmarks of typical Mortal Kombat design are all there, but it's a sensibility we don't get to see often. A pleasure to behold, even if you don't play the game!

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Fortnite recently featured Thanos in an official tie-in event for Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War, but the chances for any similar Mortal Kombat events becoming a reality may be shrinking. The BBC reports Fortnite developer, Epic Games, faces pending legal action in South Korea for similarities to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

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Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion Tournament 2018!
The annual voting tournament speculates about MK future!

It's been four years since Mortal Kombat X was first announced and unveiled at E3 2014!

Along with a couple of series favourites; initial previews thrust a mysterious new generation of fighters into the spotlight. Their stories were told in MKX, a mobile game, comic book tie-ins, and the expanded edition of Mortal Kombat XL. A couple of franchise legends even made the leap into Injustice 2 in time for last year's 25th Anniversary celebration!

At every step of the way, MK Online has invited fans all over the world to take stock of characters new and old. This year our annual tradition is turning our attention towards the future of the series! We're thinking about what happened last, and what will happen next, while asking the eternal question: Who is the Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion?

You'll decide the answer as the ultimate fan voting tournament returns to Mortal Kombat Online for another year! We're inviting every fan to make their voice heard in the Fan Koliseum as we speculate about the future of the series! Read on to learn more about the ins and outs of this year's unique tournament! Keep scrolling for regularly updated results and links to each battle!

Like previous years, the tournament will assemble sixty-four kombatants in a single elimination bracket. The top sixteen characters based on previous results will be seeded at the ends of each rung. Each result will be determined one fight at a time by regularly unlocked updates to the MK Online User Poll [located top left]. This means it's up to you to determine which character will defeat their opponents to become Supreme Champion!

Top ranked past winners Sub-Zero (2012, 2017) and Noob Saibot (2016) have been seeded at the top and bottom positions of the bracket. Because we're speculating about the future, this year's bracket will feature some unexpected inclusions -- and shocking omissions! All bets are off as we draw inspiration from the conclusion of Mortal Kombat X, and re-discover forgotten warriors from previous tournaments!

Criteria for voting is up to you, but we recommend taking into consideration the most recent iterations of characters. Consider where we last saw them, and how they might impact the future! As always, we encourage voting for characters -- not against!

Voting is key to the process, but we want to know your opinions as well! Get creative and show your support of a favourite character by adopting forum avatars and custom signatures! User Settings will allow you to select from hundreds of character avatars in the User Icon Library, or upload your own. You can show your support by posting in the Fan Koliseum - the home of fantasy fights and kommuntiy forum games! Above all else - get involved and have fun speculating about what might be next!

To be eligible to vote, you must be a registered member of Mortal Kombat Online. Users must adhere to forum and account rules and a basic code of conduct. Users found registering multiple accounts, or attempting to ballot stuff, will be disqualified and banned indefinitely. New accounts may face voting restrictions, but should be encouraged to share their thoughts on the forums to unlock voting privileges.

  • Round 1: Sub-Zero (67.7%) d. Goro (32.2%)
  • Round 1: Reptile (82.3%) d. Blaze (17.6%)
  • Round 1: Rain (67.7%) d. Tremor (32.2%)
  • Round 1: Mileena (65.7%) d. Skarlet (34.2%)
  • Round 1: Erron Black (56.2%) d. Takahashi Takeda (43.7%)
  • Round 1: Jarek (62.9%) d. Kobra (37.0%)
  • Round 1: Kotal Kahn (62.8%) d. D'Vorah (37.1%)
  • Round 1: Johnny Cage (53.8%) d. Sheeva (46.1%)
  • Round 1: Kenshi (78.0%) d. Ferra/Torr (21.9%)
  • Round 1: Kano (55.2%) d. Li Mei (44.7%)
  • Round 1: Frost (70.0%) d. Wu Lae (30.0%)
  • Round 1: Scorpion (66.6%) d. Chameleon (33.3%)
  • Round 1: Shang Tsung (84.2%) d. Triborg (15.7%)
  • Round 1: Cassie Cage (75.6%) d. Kira (24.3%)
  • Round 1: Tanya (83.3%) d. Tasia (16.6%)
  • Round 1: Ermac (66.6%) d. Khameleon (33.3%)
  • Round 1: Raiden (86.3%) d. Darrius (13.6%)
  • Round 1: Bo' Rai Cho (73.9%) d. Delia (26.0%)
  • Round 1: Nitara (51.5%) d. Jax (48.4%)
  • Round 1: Cyrax (51.2%) d. Ashrah (48.7%)
  • Round 1: Kung Lao (75.0%) d. Stryker (25.0%)
  • Round 1: Kung Jin (60.0%) d. Shujinko (40.0%)
  • Round 1: Liu Kang (66.6%) d. Jacqui Briggs (33.3%)
  • Round 1: Kabal (54.3%) d. Fujin (45.6%)
  • Round 1: Kitana (63.4%) d. Jade (36.5%)
  • Round 1: Sareena (76.4%) d. Jataaka (23.5%)
  • Round 1: The Dragon King (69.6%) d. Daegon (30.3%)
  • Round 1: Sindel (51.2%) d. Shao Kahn (48.7%)
  • Round 1: Smoke (68.5%) d. Kai (31.4%)
  • Round 1: Sonya Blade (83.7%) d. Kia (16.2%)
  • Round 1: Nightwolf (85.1%) d. Ruutuu (14.8%)
  • Round 1: Noob Saibot (56.4%) d. Taven (43.5%)

  • Round 2: Sub-Zero (54.7%) d. Reptile (45.2%)
  • Round 2: Rain (51.2%) d. Mileena (48.7%)
  • Round 2: Erron Black (68.4%) d. Jarek (31.5%)
  • Round 2: Kotal Kahn (55.8%) d. Johnny Cage (44.1%)
  • Round 2: Kenshi (63.8%) d. Kano (36.1%)
  • Round 2: Scorpion (60.9%) d. Frost (39.0%)
  • Round 2: Shang Tsung (78.3%) d. Cassie Cage (21.6%)
  • Round 2: Tanya (51.2%) d. Ermac (48.7%)
  • Round 2: Raiden (78.3%) d. Bo' Rai Cho (21.6%)
  • Round 2: Cyrax (52.3%) d. Nitara (47.6%)
  • Round 2: Kung Lao (67.5%) d. Kung Jin (32.4%)
  • Round 2: Liu Kang (60.4%) d. Kabal (39.5%)
  • Round 2: Kitana (63.8%) d. Sareena (36.1%)
  • Round 2: Sindel (55.0%) d. The Dragon King (45.0%)
  • Round 2: Sonya Blade (51.2%) d. Smoke (48.7%)
  • Round 2: Nightwolf (51.4%) d. Noob Saibot (48.5%)

  • Round 3: Sub-Zero (53.3%) d. Rain (46.6%)
  • Round 3: Kotal Kahn (57.7%) d. Erron Black (42.2%)
  • Round 3: Scorpion (51.0%) d. Kenshi (48.9%)
  • Round 3: Shang Tsung (69.7%) d. Tanya (30.2%)
  • Round 3: Raiden (62.7%) d. Cyrax (37.2%)
  • Round 3: Kung Lao (54.7%) d. Liu Kang (45.2%)
  • Round 3: Kitana (62.8%) d. Sindel (37.1%)
  • Round 3: Sonya Blade (68.2%) d. Nightwolf (31.7%)

  • Quarter Final: Sub-Zero (55.5%) d. Kotal Kahn (44.4%)
  • Quarter Final: Shang Tsung (63.6%) d. Scorpion (36.3%)
  • Quarter Final: Raiden (60.5%) d. Kung Lao (39.4%)
  • Quarter Final: Kitana (64.5%) d. Sonya Blade (35.4%)

  • Semi Final: Shang Tsung (59.5%) d. Sub-Zero (40.4%)
  • Semi Final: Kitana (53.3%) d. Raiden (46.6%)

  • Championship: Shang Tsung (56.6%) d. Kitana (43.3%)

To be eligible to vote, make sure you've registered to Mortal Kombat Online and visit regularly to stay up-to-date with the latest poll battle. You can discuss all the tournament match-ups and voting in the Fan Koliseum. We want this to be a massive event, with every self-respecting MK fan having their say in the overall tally! Follow us @MK_Online and like us on Facebook to help spread the word to the entire fanbase! There can only be one Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion - only the strongest will survive!

First MK Online Livestream & Prize Giveaway Announcement
Inaugural Prizes and Stream Time Announced

The Mortal Kombat Online stream team are gearing up to go live with their first Twitch broadcast! Mark your calendars for the middle of the week: Round 1 begins streaming Wednesday, May 30th starting 8PM EDT/7PM CDT!

Watch the stream live right here on Mortal Kombat Online!

As outlined in a recent preview, the stream will feature discussion about a variety of Mortal Kombat topics, as well as kommunity guests and special prize giveaways!

During each stream members of the MKO Kommunity can answer Mortal Kombat trivia questions to advance to the Jackpot Round! Inspired by the Kombat Kode system first introduced in Mortal Kombat 3; winners will hope fortune smiles on them as they try to crack the kombat kode to win prizes and join the leaderboard!

Initial prizes will include a Raiden style bamboo hat signed by official Raiden voice actor Richard Epcar! For added authenticity - the hat, pictured below, has been sourced from the very Chicago costume shop that outfitted the digitized actors in the original Mortal Kombat!

A t-shirt used to promote the unofficial Book of Souls Kombatpedia project will also be on offer! The shirt bloodspatter and chain spear logo can be seen inset above.

Be here Wednesday to experience the action live on MK Online and via Twitch! Make sure you register to post your feedback on the forums and tell us what you enjoyed! Help spread the word by liking & sharing this story via Twitter and Facebook and save the date!

Announcing Mortal Kombat Online Livestreams via Twitch!
Previewing MK Online's Upcoming Twitch Stream!

Mortal Kombat Online has established a name for itself as the most trusted name in the MK Community by providing news coverage, exclusive pictures and video, interviews with the developers, and offering a platform for ongoing discussion. It is now time to take the next step and serve the community with livestreams via Twitch! Check out the reveal trailer below:

MK Online will use Twitch -- the popular streaming service designed specifically for gamers -- as the platform for connecting further with you: the Mortal Kombat community!

Plans include live interviews with those who have been involved with the Mortal Kombat franchise (developers, actors, and others), showing off our skills in the game (or lack thereof), live coverage at events, integrating the chat from IRC/Discord, highlighting users’ discussion board posts, and—perhaps best of all—a giveaway system that integrates knowledge of MK trivia as well as a Kombat Kode system!

Follow MK Online’s Official Twitch Channel now!

What are you most excited about? What would you like to see? Be sure to register an MKO account so you can continue the discussion on the forums!

MKX Mobile Summer 2018 Character & Gear Update

NetherRealm Studios continues to support Mortal Kombat X Mobile who fans who want to play on the go! In their latest Twitch Stream, viewers may notice immediately that it opens up (and later, closes) with the message “Tip Eht Fo Mottob”:

Of course, longtime fans of the Mortal Kombat franchise will recognize this as one of the clues sporadically given by Reptile in the first installment! This has already lead some to speculate: Could the next update include an appearance by Klassic Reptile?

While that can neither be confirmed nor denied at this time, there is some concrete information that was revealed on the stream. Two of the returning characters for this update will be Klassic Jax Briggs (based on his Mortal Kombat 3 incarnation) and Shaolin Fist Kung Lao (based on his appearance in the Mortal Kombat 2011 reboot).

Klassic Kung Lao is a Gold level card, and will generate power for himself and other Martial Artist characters both when he is tagged in and when an opponent is KO’d. He brings with him his Teleport and Dive Kick moves Klassic Jax is a Diamond level card, and he returns with his Ground Pound and Backbreaker special moves! He plays defensively, as blocking a special attack may result in zero damage, and blocking a normal attack has a chance to cause a negative buff to the opponent. There are also some new equipment cards: wearing Sindel’s Signet Ring will result in critical chance for your opponent, and will also slow you to gain any buffs that your opponent gains. Donning Shao Kahn’s Helmet allows gives you an additional bar of energy. (ProTip: Combining this helmet with his Wrath Hammer will actually afford the player four bars of energy total!) Finally, there are two new diamond packs—a diamond character pack and a diamond equipment pack.

Some other optimizations include reduced filesize, faster sorting, and an overall smoother UI. Users running older devices will experience the most benefits as the latest version of the game will consume fewer system resources. This update rolls out tomorrow–May 24–so be on the lookout for it!

If you haven’t gotten ahold of MKX Mobile, be sure to check it out—it’s a free download for Apple iOS and Android devices!

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Book of Souls Kombat Encyclopaedia Now Free eBook
Unofficial MK Encyclopedia Available Online

What began as the "Mortal Kombat Encyclopaedia" has become The Book of Souls. This passion project from MK Online forum user has evolved from a simple fan petition, to a proof of concept pitch for interested bookmakers, DK Publishing.

It hasn't reached final publication, but Mortal Kombat Online has followed the book's journey, including a limited printed sample viewed at the inaugural Kombat Kon. Now everyone can see the final version as an electronic eBook viewable at the new Uppercut Editions website! Check out some preview pages below:

Available to view at no charge, The Book of Souls is loaded with photographs of actors from the classic games, 3D renders from the newer releases, and artists’ sketches from every iteration of the franchise. There's also in-fiction biographical information on all the characters, backgrounds, and relics that have appearance in the games, and multimedia adaptations.

Not content with merely restating in-game text and story modes, the team behind the fan-produced book have also acquired clarifications from key development staff, including: John Tobias (series co-creator), John Vogel (artist & writer), and Mortal Kombat X tie-in comic book writer Shawn Kittelsen.

At the present time, ordering a print copy is still an impossibility -- it strictly remains a passion project available online. Fans of the eBook are still able to show support for an officially published tome by signing the petition. To date, Warner Brothers and NetherRealm Studios have opted not to pursue the item.

Register to share your impressions and interest in The Book of Souls on the Media & Merchandise forum! Help spread the word by liking & sharing this story on Twitter and Facebook!

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