Game Trailers has released a third Fatality Friday cinematic from the upcoming Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. This week the kombatants highlighted in the video are Wonder Woman, Shang Tsung, and Superman.

Shang Tsung begins his fatality with a variation on his classic soul steal, something we would expect of him. After the defeated Lex Luthor is flat on the arena floor Shang Tsung delivers a spine snapping stomp to the middle of Luthor's back. Wonder Woman opts to use her golden lasso to string up Sub-Zero. She vaults into the sky dragging him behind her. After a few whirls of her lasso, she slams him head first back into the ground. Superman's heroic brutality we have seen numerous times before. In a rage he pulverizes a defeated Jax by striking him multiple times over the head, pushing Jax further and further into the ground.

To view the video at Game Trailers click here. Our thanks to forum user for the lead on this story.