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Guide: Komplete Mortal Kombat X Brutality List
FINISH HIM! Komplete list of final round Brutality finishers!

In Mortal Kombat X, finishing moves were brought into the final round with a brilliant reinventing of the Brutality! No longer just a furious flurry of fast flung fists - the moves are the ultimate coup de grace, transitioning directly from fight to fatality with devastating efficiency.

Brutalities challenge players to meet a variety of stipulations, ranging from the trivial - to the teeth grindingly specific. Some brutalities are arena based, character based, and some are completely hidden from players. Know how to finish your matches in style with a guide to all known brutalities.

FP (Front Punch)
BP (Back Punch)
FK (Front Kick)
BK (Back Kick)
Stage Interaction
Stance Change
L2 + R2

Jump To: Cassie Cage, D'Vorah, Ermac, Erron Black, Ferra/Torr, Jacqui Briggs, Jax, Johnny Cage, Kano, Kenshi, Kitana, Kotal Kahn, Kung Jin, Kung Lao, Liu Kang, Mileena, Quan Chi, Raiden, Reptile, Scorpion, Shinnok, Sonya Blade, Sub-Zero, Takahashi Takeda, [DLC]: Goro, Tanya, Tremor, Jason Voorhees, Predator.

Note: All "death blows" must be executed by the player in the final winning round. You will need to judge the opponent's health accurately to ensure this. On average, opponents should have 10% or less health.

Outworld Marketplace
Blanche Brutality 1
- Strike opponent with brazer and barrel. [Stage Interaction]
* Death blow: Blanche (old woman) from mid-range. [Stage Interaction]

Blanche Brutality 2
- Strike opponent with brazer and barrel. [Stage Interaction]
* Death blow: Blanche from mid-range + Down. [Stage Interaction]

Dead Woods
Branch Brutality
- Strike opponent with left branch and central swinging branch. [Stage Interaction]
* Death blow: Throw small log (stage right) from mid-to-far range. [Stage Interaction]

The Kove
Uppercut Brutality
* Death blow: Uppercut + hold Stance Change.

Kuatan Jungle
Branch Brutality
- Use branch (mid arena) & hold Down. [Stage Interaction]
* Death blow: Mid-arena Shrine. [Stage Interaction]

Lin Kuei Temple
* Death blow: Fire torch + hold Forward. [Stage Interaction]

Quan Chi's Fortress
* Death blow: Shao Kahn's Hammer. [Stage Interaction]

Cassie Cage
Pop Goes... (Hollywood Variation)
- Deliver 4 "nut krackers" during match. [Back, Down, FK]
* Death blow: Nut Kracker. [Back, Down, FK]

Eye Popper (Hollywood Variation)
- Deliver 6 Nut Krackers during match. [Back, Down, FK]
* Death blow: Nut Buster. [Back, Down, FK + Block]

Beatdown (Brawler Variation)
* Death blow: 3 hit kombo ending with Take Down. [Back, Forward, FK]

Half Day? (Spec Ops Variation)
- Perform American Ways. [Down, back, FP]
* Death blow: Target Paint. [Down, Down, FP + Block]

Hidden Brutality (Spec Ops Variation)
- Deliver first hit.
- Deliver 1 American Way during match. [Down, Back, FP]
* Death blow: American Way. [Down, Back, FP]

Hats Off (All Variations)
- Must not lose a round.
* Death blow: Kick Abuse [Down/Forward, FP (Hold Up before third hit)]

Between The Eyes (All Variations)
* Death blow: Single Shot. [Back, Forward, FP]

Incubate (Brood Mother Variation)
- Deliver 3 successful Krawler attacks. [Down, Forward, FK]
* Death blow: Throw. [Throw]

Bug Zapper (Swarm Queen Variation)
- Stun opponent with Bug Bomb. [Down, Forward, FP + Block]
- Maximum distance from opponent.
* Death blow: Infestation. [Down, Back, FP + Block]

Acid Burn (Venomous Variation)
- Deliver 6 hits of Bug Spray. [Down, Forward, FP + Block]
* Death blow: Bug Spray. [Down, Forward, FP + Block]

Fly Swatter (All Variations)
- Deliver 4 hit combo ending with Backward Air Throw [(Aerial) Down + Throw, Back]
* Death blow: Backward Air Throw. [(Aerial) Down + Throw, Back]

Migraine (All Variations)
- Player must have more than 50% health.
* Death blow: Ovipositor Charge + Forward. [Down, Back, BK.]

Gluttony (Mystic Variation)
- Ermac must have less than 40% health.
* Death blow: Tele-Hold. [Down, Back, FP + Block]

Soul Eater (Master of Souls Variation)
- Deliver 10 hit combo.
- Must have 3 souls active and deliver Soul Ball. [Back, Forward, BP]
* Death blow: Soul Release. [Back, Forward, FP]

Controlled Chaos (Spectral Variation)
- Must be in Soul Accession during death blow. [Down, Down, Up].
* Death blow: Soul Charge. [Back, Forward, BP]

We Win (All Variations)
- Deliver a 5 hit kombo ending in Force Lift. [Down, Back, FP]
* Death blow: Force Lift. [Down, Back, FP]

Nether Force (All Variations)
- Deliver 10 special attacks.
* Death blow: Air Force Port. [(Aerial) Down, Back, BK + Block]

Erron Black
Quick Draw (Gunslinger Variation)
- Perform 10 back dashes.
- Must be sweep distance from opponent.
- Must be in Stand Off Stance during death blow. [Down, Back, FP]

Sword in the Stone (Outlaw Variation)
* Death blow: Tarkatan Infection + Up, Down, Up. [Down, Forward, BP]

Swing Low (Marksman Variation)
- Must have 2 bars of super meter.
* Death blow: Swing Shot. [Down, Back, BP]

Serenity (All Variations)
* Death blow: Sand Trap + FP 15 times. [Down, Back, Forward, BP]
* Alt. Death blow: Quick Sand + BP 15 times. [Down, Back, Forward, BP + Bloack]

Tunnel Vision (All Variations)
* Death blow: Throw + Forward.

Hidden Brutality (All Variations)
- Deliver Sand Trap 4 times. [Down, Back, Forward, BP]
* Death blow: Trick Shot. [X-Ray]

Stabby Stab (Ruthless Variation)
- Must be buffed by Pain and Gain. [Down, Down, FP]
* Death blow: Grab 'n' Stab. [Down, Back, Forward, FP + Block]

Twisted (Vicious Variation)
- Deliver 3 stage interactions.
* Death blow: Deep Stab + any attack 5 times. [Down, Back, Forward, FP + Block]

Steam Roller (Lackey Variation)
- Deliver 3 Boulder Rolls. [Back, Forward, BP]
* Death blow: Double Boulder Roll. [Back, Forward, BP + Block]

Step On Down (Lackey Variation)
- Torr must have less than 35% health.
* Death blow: Step Aside Kombo. [Back, FP, BP + BK]

Play Thing (All Variations)
- Deliver 2 hit kombo with Kaber Toss. [Forward, BP]
* Death blow: Kaber Toss. [Forward, BP]

Trampler (All Variations)
- Run 3 times.
* Tuck 'n' Charge + Hold Forward. [Back, Forward, FP]

Jacqui Briggs
Shrapnel (Shotgun Variation)
- Deliver 1 stage interaction.
- Must be sweep distance from opponent.
* Death blow: Low Blow. [Down, Back, BP]
* Alt Death blow: Low Blast. [Down, Back, BP + Block]

Heavy Artillery (Full Auto Variation)
- Deliver 3 Up Rockets. [Down, Back, BP]
* Death blow: Hand Cannon. [Down, Forward, BP, Block]

Aftershock (High Tech Variation)
- Must be in Gauntlet Spark or Gauntlet Ignite before death blow. [Down, Back, BP/+ Block]
* Death blow: Air Ground Smash. [(Aerial) Down, Down, BK]
* Alt. Death blow: Air Ground Tremor. [(Aerial) Down, Down, BK + Block]

Gun Show (All Variations)
* Death blow: Gauntlet Flurry + BK. [Back, Forward, BK + Block]

Mind Blown (All Variations)
* Death blow: Bionic Blast + Forward, Forward, Forward. [Back, Forward, BP + Block]

Hidden Brutality (All Variations)
* Death blow: Chest Kavity + Down. [Throw]

Rocket Roll (Heavy Weapons Variation)
- Opponent must be launched.
* Death blow: LAW Blast. [Down, Back, BP + Block + Up]

Ground Breaking (Pumped Up Variation)
- Deliver 3 Ground Pounds.
* Death blow: Ground Shake + BK. [Down, Down, BK + Block]

Ragdoll (Wrestler Variation)
* Death blow: Quad Grapple Chain (complete). [Down, Back, Forward, FP + Block, BP, FK, BK, FP + BP + FK + BK]

Gotcha Down (All Variations)
* Death blow: Gotcha Grap + hold Forward. [Down, Back, FP]

Sledge Hammer (All Variations)
- Opponent must duck during death blow.
* Death blow: Downward Dash Punch. [Back, Forward, BP + Down]
* Alt. Death blow: Downward Dash Fist. [Back, Forward, BP + Block + Down]

Johnny Cage
Wow Out (Fisticuffs Variation)
- Opponent must block during death blow.
* Death blow: Speed Bag kombo. [Back, FP, BP, FP]

Fall Guy (Stunt Double Variation)
- Must have Mimic active during death blow.
* Death blow: SHadow Kick + hold Forward. [Back, Forward, BK]

Bring It On (A-List Variation)
- Johnny Cage must have less than 5% health.
- Must have Red Shadow active.
- Must have Rising Kick charged.
* Death blow: Rising Kick. [Down, Back, BK]

Blood Spurt (All Variations)
- Both players must be facing camera.
* Death blow: Take Two kombo. [BP, FP, BK]

Eye Popping (All Variations)
- Deliver 4 Nut Punches. [Back, Down, FK]
* Death blow: Nut Punch. [Back, Forward, FK]
* Alt. Death blow: Nutcracker. [Back, Down, FK + Block]

Heads Will Roll (All Variations)
- Deliver 5 Nut Punches. [Back, Forward, FK]
* Death blow: Nutcracker. [Back, Down, FK + Block]

Just The Tip (Cutthroat Variation)
* Death blow: Bloody Slice. [Down, Back, FP + Block]

Glaring Light (Cybernetic Variation)
- Deliver 5 hit combo ending in Enhanced Upward Laser. [Down, Back, FK, Block]
* Death blow: Enhanced Upward Laser. [Down, Back, FK, Block]

Wham Bam (Commando Variation)
* Death blow: Power Slam + Down, Down, Down. [Down, Forward, Back, BK]
* Alt. Death blow: Power Bomb + Down, Down, Down. [Down, Forward, Back, BK + Block]

Pop Off (Commando Variation)
* Death blow: Choke + FP 15 times. [Down, Forward, FP]

Terminate (All Variations)
- Deliver 3 throws.
* Death blow: Throw + hold Up.

Ballin' (All Variations)
- Opponent must be blocking.
* Death blow: Air Ball. [(Aerial) Back, Forward, FK, Block]

Leg Up (Balanced Variation)
- Deliver first hit.
* Death blow: Tele-Flurry. [Back, Forward, FK]

Hidden Brutality (Balanced Variation)
- Opponent must be Cassie Cage, Kotal Kahn, Kung Jin, Reptile, Predator or Tremor.
* Death blow: Blade Reflect brutality projectile.

Demon Slice (Possessed Variation)
* Death blow: Sickle Lift + hold Up. [Down, Back, FP]
* Alt. Death blow: Sickle Strike + hold Up. [Down, Back, FP + Block]

Instant Karma (Kenjutsu Variation)
- Deliver 5 Tele-Pushes. [Back, Forward, BP]
- Opponent must be jump distance.
* Death blow: Tele-Push. [Back, Forward, BP]
* Alt. Death blow: Tele-Blast. [Back, Forward, BP + Block]

Brutal Kick (All Variations)
- Evade damage for 5 seconds in final round.
* Death blow: Concentration Kombo. [BP, BP, BK]

Used Up (All Variations)
- Win Round 1 with a throw.
* Death blow: Throw.

Back That Up (Royal Storm Variation)
- Deliver Bounce Back. [Down, Back, BK]
* Death blow: Air Square Boost. [(Aerial) Down, Back, FK]
* Alt. Death blow: Air Square Wave. [(Aerial) Down, Back, FK + Block]

Hidden Brutality (Royal Storm Variation)
- Opponent must be Cassie Cage, Kotal Kahn, Kung Jin, Reptile, Predator or Tremor.
* Death blow: Bounce Back a brutality projectile.

Lost Girl (Assassin Variation)
- Activate Sharpen or Razor Blade for death blow. [Down, Forward, BK/+ Block]
* Death blow: Assassin Strike. [Down, Back, FK]
* Alt. Death blow: Assassin Impale. [Down, Back, FK + Block]

All Is On (Mournful Variation)
- Guide Glaive to opponent's head. [Hold Up after Glaive Throw]
* Death blow: Glaive Throw. [Down, Forward, FP]

Biggest Fan (All Variations)
- Deliver 3 Rising Fans. [Down, Back, BP]
* Death blow: Rising Blades. [Down, Back, BP + Block]

Off The Top (All Variations)
* Death blow: Throat Slice + hold Forward. [Back, Forward, FK]
* Alt. Death blow: Throat Slash + hold Forward. [Back, Forward, FK + Block]

Kotal Kahn
Totem Tennis (Blood God Variation)
- Summon each Totem once.
- Crystal Totem must be active for death blow. [Down, Back, FP]
- Must be 30 or more seconds remaining.
* Death blow: 2 Fist Uppercut. [Down + BP]

Sawed Off (War God Variation)
* Death blow: 3 hit combo ending in Saw Blade. [Down, Forward, BP]

Dry Rub (Sun God Variation)
- Must have level 3 Sun God Choke or Moon God Choke.
* Death blow: Sun God Choke. [Down, Back, BP]
* Alt. Death blow: Moon God Choke. [Down, Back, BP + Block]

Stick Around (All Variations)
- Deliver 5 Sunstones. [Down, Forward, FP]
- Must be Jump distance from opponent.
* Death blow: Sunstone. [Down, Forward, FK]

Kotally Awesome (All Variations)
- Must be Sweep distance from opponent.
* Death blow: God Ray. [Down, Forward, BK]
* Alt. Death blow: Sunlight. [Down, Forward, BK + Block]

Offering (All Variations)
- Opponent must have more than 50% remaining.
* Death blow: Sacrifice Kotal Kahn with Blood Offering. [Forward, Down, Back, BK]

Kung Jin
Bullseye (Ancestral Variation)
- Use every Quiver.
- Must be Sweep Distance from opponent.
* Death blow: Air Down Arrow to head. [(Aerial) Down, Back, BP]

Burnt Out (Bojutsu Variation)
- Opponent must be airborne.
* Death blow: Bo Flame. [Down, Back, FP]

Decapitator (Shaolin Variation)
- Guide Chakram to opponent's head. [Hold Up after Chakram Throw]
- Guide Chakram to opponent's shin. [Hold Down after Chakram Throw]
* Death blow: Chakram. [Back, Forward, FP]

Round About (All Variations)
- Deliver 3 Cartwheel Drops. [Down, Back, BK]
* Death blow: Cartwheel Smash. [Down, Back, BK + Block]

A Little Heart (All Variations)
- Evade damage for 7 seconds in final round.
- Must be Sweep distance from opponent.
* Death blow: Straight Arrow. [Down, Forward, BP]

Where'd You Go (All Variations)
- Use 3 stage interactions.
* Death blow: Throw.

Kung Lao
Spin Cycle (Tempest Variation)
- Kung Lao must have more than 50% health.
* Death blow: Cyclone. [Down, Forward, FP + Block]

Grind Away (Buzz Saw Variation)
- Must be Jump distance from opponent.
* Death blow: Upward Buzz Saw. [Down, Forward, BP + Block]

Z Hat (Hat Trick Variation)
- Set Hat Trap or Away Hat Trap. [Down, Forward/Back, BP]
* Death blow: Hat Call Back. [Down, Down, BP]
* Alt. Death blow: Heavy Call Back. [Down, Down, BP + Block]

Klassic Toss (All Variations)
- Must be Jump distance from opponent.
- Guide hat to opponent's waist. [Hold Down after Hat Toss]
* Death blow: Hat Toss. [Back, Forward, BP]
* Buzz Saw Death blow: Hat Toss + hold BP. [Back, Forward, BP]

Open Wide (All Variations)
* Death blow: Throw + FP 15 times.

Liu Kang
Tread Lightly (Dragon's Fire Variation)
* Death blow: Enhanced Bicycle Kick. [Forward, Back, Forward, BK, Block]
* Alt. Death blow: Enhanced Bicycle Flurry. [Forward, Back, Forward, BK + Block, Block]

Hot Mess (Dualist Variation)
- Deliver 10 Solar Flares. [Back, Forward, FP]
* Death blow: Solar Blast. [Back, Forward, FP + Block]

Kounter Top (Flame Fist Variation)
* Death blow: Enhanced Dragon Parry + hold Down. [Down, Back, FK, Block]

Dragon's Den (All Variations)
- Deliver 3 Dragon's Roars. [Down, Back, BP]
* Death blow: Dragon's Warmth. [Down, Back, BP + Block]

Hot Head (All Variations)
* Death blow: Air Projectile to head. [Back, Forward, FP]

Impaler (Piercing Variation)
* Death blow: Sadistic Ways + FP 5 times. [Back, BP, FP, BP + BK]

Fun Ride (Ethereal Variation)
- Deliver 10 Fade Aways. [Back, Forward, BP]
* Death blow: Rider Kombo. [Back, BP, BP, FP + FK]

Early Lunch (Ravenous Variation)
* Death blow: Quick Taste Kombo + hold BP. [Back, FP, BP, FP + FK, Up, Up, BP]

Hidden Brutality (Ravenous Variation)
* Death blow: Low Pounce Kombo. [Down, Back, BK, Back, Back, FP, Down, Down, Down, hold BP]

Tele-Splat (All Variations)
* Death blow: Tele-Kick + hold Up. [Down, Down, FK]
* Alt. Death blow: Tele-Drop + hold Up. [Down, Down, FK + Block]

High Roller (All Variations)
- Deliver 5 Ball Rolls. [Back, Down, BK]
* Death blow: Ball Roll + hold Down. [Back, Down, BK]
* Alt. Death blow: Flip 'n' Roll second hit + hold Down. [Back, Down, BK + Block]

Quan Chi
Touch of Death (Sorcerer Variation)
- Opponent must be in Final Hex spell circle. [Down, Down, BP]
- Opponent must be blocking.
* Death blow: Ground Burst. [Down, Back, FP]

Blood Shower (Warlock Variation)
- Win Round 1 with a throw.
* Death blow: Throw.

Puggles' Wrath (Summoner)
- Must be Jump distance from opponent.
- Opponent must have 10% health remaining.
* Death blow: Demon Grab + FK 5+ times. [Down, Forward, FK]

Skull Transplant (All Variations)
- Must be Jump distance from opponent.
* Death blow: Skull + hold BP. [Down, Forward, BP]

Kurb Stomp (All Variations)
* Death blow: Sky Cruch + Down, Down, Down before final slam. [Down, Back, BK + Block]

Overload (Thunder God Variation)
- Deliver a combo more than 30% damage.
* Death blow: Lightning Strike Kombo. [Back, FP, FP, BP, BP]

Inside You (Displacer Variation)
- Perform 5 teleports. [Down, Up]
* Death blow: Electric Fly. [Back, Forward, FK, Block]
* Alt. Death blow: Thunder Fly. [Back, Forward, FK + Block, Block]

Power Outage (Master of Storms Variation)
- Deliver 10-hit combo.
* Death blow: Statuc Trap. [Down, Forward, BK]
* Alt. Death blow: Full Trap. [Down, Forward, BK + Block]

Dark Force (All Variations)
* Death blow: Power Discharge Kombo + Forward, Back, Forward w/ electricity. [Back, FP, FP, FP + BK]

Super Shocker (All Variations)
* Death blow: Electrocute. [Down, Forward, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle]

Puke (Deceptive Variation)
- Deliver 2 Acid Puddles. [Down, Forward, FP + Block]
* Death blow: Slithering Slam Kombo. [Forward, BP, FP + BK]
* Alt. Death blow: Swamp Slam Kombo. [Forward, BP, FP, FP + BK]

Knee Kapper (Nimble Variation)
- Activate Basilisk or Basilisk Runner for death blow. [Down, Down, FK/+ Block]
* Death blow: Slipper Slide. [Back, Forward, BK + Block]

Bo Dash (Noxious Variation)
- Activate Poison Gas for death blow. [Down, Down, FK]
* Death blow: Reptilian Smash. [Back, Forward, BP + Block]

Heart Attack (All Variations)
- Deliver 3 Tongue Slaps. [Back, FP]
* Death blow: Tongue Slap. [Back, FP]

Acid Wash (All Variations)
- Deliver more than 25% damage with Acid Spit. [Down, Forward, FP]
* Death blow: Acid Spit. [Down, Forward, FP]

Bubble Head (All Variations)
- Deliver more than 30% damage with Acid Spit. [Down, Forward, FP]
- Hold Up during Bubble Head sequence.
* Death blow: Acid Spit. [Down, Forward, FP]

Just A Scratch (Ninjutsu Variation)
- Deliver 3 Downfalls. [Back, BK]
* Death blow: Doom Blade. [Forward, BP]

Nether Hole (Hellfire Variation)
- Activate Flame Aura for death blow. [Down, Back, BK]
- Must be max distance from opponent.
* Death blow: Fire Ball. [Down, Back, FP]
* Alt. Death blow: Hell Ball. [Down, Back, FP + Block]

Little Devil (Inferno Variation)
- Deliver Minion Charge. [Down, Back, FP]
- Deliver Minion Drop. [Down, Back, BP]
- Deliver Minion Grab. [Down, Back, BK]
* Death blow: Minion Grab. [Down, Back, BK]
* Alt. Death blow: Minion Hold. [Down, Back, Circle + Block]

Shirai Ryu Fire (All Variations)
* Death blow: Air Flameport. [(Aerial) Down, Back, FK + Block]

Get Over Here (All Variations)
- Scorpion must have over 50% health.
* Death blow: Double Spear. [Back, Forward, FP + Block, Block]

Face Off (Impostor Variation)
- Must be Jump distance from opponent.
- Lose 1 round.
* Death blow: Mimicry. [Down, Back, FP]

Hidden Brutality (Impostor Variation)
- Opponent must be D'Vorah, Ermac, Jax Kung Jin, Mileena, Sonya Blade, Sub-Zero.
* Death blow: Mimicry. [Down, Back, FP]

Have A Nice Day (Bone Shaper Variation)
- Must have 1 bar of Super meter.
* Death blow: Deity kombo. [Forward, BP, BP, FP + FK]

Hands Down (Necromancer Variation)
- Must be Sweep distance from opponent.
* Death blow: Judgment Fist + hold Down. [Down, Back, FP]
* Alt. Death blow: Judgment Smash + hold Down. [Down, Back, FP + Block]

Skull Bash (All Variations)
- Win Round 1 with a throw.
* Death blow: Throw.

Glory Hole (All Variations)
* Death blow: Amulet Strike. [Back, Forward, hold FP]

Sonya Blade
Garro-That (Covert Ops Variation)
- Deliver 10-hit combo.
* Death blow: Garrote Punish. [Down, Back, FP + Block, FP]

Time Bomb (Demolition Variation)
- Lose a round.
* Death blow: Boomer Kombo. [FP, FP, BP]

Kamikaze (Special Forces Variation)
- Opponent must be blocking.
* Death blow: Drone Kamikaze. [Down, Down, FP, FK + Block]

> Boot To Head (All Variations)
- Sonya Blade must have more than 50% health.
* Death blow: Wrap Around. [Forward, FK]

Thigh Master (All Variations)
- Sonya Blade must have less than 50% health.
- Deliver 5-hit kombo ending in Leg Grab or Leg Slam. [Back, Forward, BK/+ Block]
* Death blow: Leg Grab. [Back, Forward, BK]
* Alt. Death blow: Leg Slam. [Back, Forward, BK + Block]

Pain And Agony (All Variations)
- Win Round 1 with an X-Ray.
* Death blow: Special Forces. [Throw]

Hidden Brutality (All Variation)
* Death blow: Special Forces + hold Forward. [Throw]

Pick Your Brain (Cryomancer Variaton)
- Deliver 6-hit combo ending with Cold Blooded. [Forward, BK, BP, FP + FK]
* Death blow: Cold Blooded. [Forward, BK, BP, FP + FK]

Ice Cubed (Unbreakable Variation)
- Activate Frozen Aura for death blow. [Down, Back, FP]
* Death blow: Icy Slide. [Back, Forward, BK + Block]

Spitting Image (Grandmaster Variation)
- Create Ice Klone or Ice Statue. [Down, Back, BP/+ Block]
* Death blow: Explode Klone/Statue with Ice Burst + Hold Back. [Down, Back, FP]
* Alt. Death blow: Explode Klone/Statue with Frost Bomb + Hold Back. [Down, Back, FP + Block]

Frozen Dinner (All Variations)
- Deliver Ice Ball to freeze opponent for death blow. [Down, Forward, BP]
* Death blow: Rising Fist. [Down, BP]
* Alt. Death blow: Upward Sword. [Down, BP]

Snow Ball (All Variations)
- Must be 40 seconds or more remaining.
- Must be max distance from opponent.
- Deliver Ice Ball to freeze opponent for death blow. [Down, Forward, BP]
* Death blow: Ice Blast. [Down, Forward, BP + Block]

Takahashi Takeda
Whip It Out (Shirai Ryu Variation)
- Takeda must have more than 50% health.
* Death blow: Shirai Ryu Phase. [Down, Back, FP + Block]

Two-Sided (Lasher Variation)
* Death blow: Whip Flurry + Down, Down, Down. [Back, Forward, BP + Block]

Force Slice (Ronin Variation)
- Deliver Blade Drop and keep Blade on ground until death blow. [Down, Back, FP]
* Death blow: Blade Kall. [Down, Back, FP]
* Alt. Death blow: Blade Summon. [Down, Back, FP + Block]

Kool Whip (All Variations)
* Death blow: Quick Learner Kombo. [BP, FP, BP]

Armless (All Variations)
Death blow: Throw + FP 15 times.

Chest Bump (Kuatan Warrior Variation)
- Perform 5 forward dashes.
- Goro must have over 50% health.
* Death blow: Chest Lunge. [Back, Forward, BP]
* Alt. Death blow: Chest Charge. [Back, Forward, BP + Block]

Tail Spin (Dragon Fangs Variation)
- Miss first two hits of death blow.
* Death blow: Dragon Spin. [Down, Back, BP + Block]

Shokan Flame (Tigrar Fury Variation)
* Death blow: Dragon Torch + hold BP. [Back, Forward, BP + Block]

Speed Bag (All Variations)
- Win first 2 rounds.
* Death blow: Shokan Grab + hold Forward. [Down, Back, Forward, FK]
* Alt. Death blow: Shokan Slam + hold Forward. [Down, Back, Forward, FK + Block]

Krush (All Variations)
- Opponent must be blocking.
* Death blow: Krush. [Down, Up + Block]

Backstabbed (Kobu Jutsu Variation)
- Must be Jump distance from opponent.
* Death blow: Tonfa Throw. [Down, Forward, FP + Block]

Watch This (Dragon Naginata Variation)
- Activate Staff Stance for death blow. [(Aerial) Down + BP]
* Death blow: Swing Kick + hold Forward. [BK]

Pop Pop (Pyromancer Variation)
- Opponent must be in Dark Shroud. [Down, Forward, BP]
* Death blow: Surging Blast. [Down, Forward, FP + Block]

Romp Stomp (All Variations)
* Death blow: Split Flip Kick + hold Down. [Down, Back, BK + Block]

Top Off (All Variations)
* Death blow: Throw + hold Up.

Rock Head (Aftershock Variation)
- Must be Jump distance from opponent.
* Death blow: Rock Toss [Back, Forward, BP]
* Alt. Death blow: Boulder Throw [Back, Forward, BP + Block]

It's Me Tremor (Metallic Variation)
- Must be Jump distance from opponent.
- Activate Gold Skin for death blow. [Down, Down, FP]
* Death blow: Gold Punch. [Down, Back, FP]
* Alt. Death blow: Gold Launch. [Down, Back, FP + Block]

Hidden Brutality (Metallic Variation)
- Activate Lava Skin for death blow.
* Death blow: Lava Drop. [Down, Back, FK]

Krystal Khaos (Crystalline Variation)
- Perform Summon Krystal in final round. [Down, Forward, FK]
* Death blow: Throw Krystal. [Forward + Stage Interaction]

Rumble Trouble (All Variations)
- Deliver 3 Ground Quakes, [Down, Down, BK + Block]
* Death blow: Ground Quake. [Down, Down, Circle + Block]

Blood Rock (All Variations)
* Death blow: Rock Bottom + hold Down. [X-Ray]

Hidden Brutality (All Variations)
- Deliver 3 Rolling Stones. [Back, Forward, BK]
* Death blow: Rolling Stone. [Back, Forward, BK]

Hidden Brutality (All Variations)
* Death blow: Throw + hold Down.

Hidden Brutality (All Variations)
- Deliver Rock Slam 4 times.
* Death blow: Rock Slam.

Hidden Brutality (All Variations)
* Death blow: Shock Wave + hold FP. [Back, FK, BP + BP]

Jason Voorhees
Blood Bath (Slasher Variation)
* Death blow: Bloodlust + hold Up. [Down, Forward, FP + Block]

Head Spin (Relentless Variation)
- Activate Pursuit for death blow. [Down, Down, FK]
* Death blow: Crippler. [Down, Back, Forward, BP + Block]

Spinal Tap (Unstoppable Variation)
- Be resurrected in final round.
* Death blow: Back Breaker. [Down, Back, Forward, FP]

Go To Hell (All Variations)
- Walk toward opponent before death blow.
* Death blow: The Horror. [Throw]

Blunt Trauma (All Variations)
- Win first 2 rounds.
* Death blow: Shoulder Charge. [Back, Forward, FK]
* Alt. Death blow: Temple Slam. [Back, Forward, FK + Block]

Final Kountdown (Warrior Variation)
* Death blow: Self-Detonate. [Down, Back, BK]
* Alt. Death blow: Self-Destruct. [Down, Back, BK + Block]

Skinned Alive (Hunter Variation)
* Death blow: Snag. [Down, Back, BK]
* Alt. Death blow: Trap. [Down, Back, BK + Block]

If It Bleeds (Hish-Qu-Ten Variation)
* Death blow: Plasma Shot. [Back, Forward, FK]

Time To Bleed (All Variations)
* Death blow: Throw + hold Up.

Anytime (All Variations)
* Death blow: What The Hell + hold Down. [X-Ray]

Hidden Brutality (All Variations)
* Death blow: Ugly Mother... [FK, BP, FP + FK, hold BP]

Special thanks to Mortal Kombat Online Affiliate for material used. Found more hidden finishers? Want to discuss brutalities? Register to finish them on the forums! Go deeper into the game in the Mortal Kombat X and Gameplay & Matchmaking discussion arenas! Support the kommunity by liking & sharing links via @MK_Online, Facebook & YouTube!

Insert Coin: Midway Games Documentary Seeks Crowd Funding
Former Midway Developer Seeks Funding for Documentary on Developer

In 2009, Midway Games filed for bankruptcy. "11" was to be the final chapter for a developer whose reign in the American video games market lasted twenty-one years. Throughout this time, there were many spectacular successes, and that's what former Midway Developer Joshua Tsui hopes to revisit with his film: Insert Coin!

Speaking to Mortal Kombat Online, Tsui explained the origins of the project, "I got to thinking about how game development used to be for arcades and realized that nobody has ever put something together about that era. My hope is that I can weave together all the various stories of the games together and give people an overview of one of the most incredible eras and companies in video games."

The documentary project intends to revisit arcade gaming's wild west of the early nineties: in particular - the revolution sparked by Midway Games and the chain of breakout titles they produced!

Which titles will the documentary feature? Separating one success from another is difficult, as Tsui explained; "NARC influenced Terminator 2, influencing NBA Jam, then [Mortal Kombat], and so on."

The dominant franchises are all there as part of the grand story of Midway! They'll be laid as bare as possible by behind-the-scenes footage, and first-hand accounts from the developers who were there, Joshua Tsui included. Don't expect just the same old stories, though. The film will also dig deeper into titles that were never released, and expose never-before-seen footage. "My goal is to find the stories about production and the little things that the team did to make the games so much better than others of its kind back then."

The working title of Insert Coin is a fitting one for a documentary both about arcade gaming -- and currently seeking crowd sourced funding for completion.

Fans who hope to own this piece of gaming history should be encouraged to contribute to the Insert Coin Kickstarter campaign, with backer rewards beginning at $15. They include: Blu-Ray copies of the finished product signed by Mortal Kombat's John Tobias (Co-Creator) and Kerri Hoskins (MK3 Sonya); Thank You Credits in the film, a t-shirt, and other bonuses.

Update: With the final days of backing creeping, more major rewards await backers! An arcade machine, dinner with Kerri Hoskins-Branson and Daniel Pesina, and original John Tobias art are among the incentives! Get the full story!

The Kickstarter effort has 19 days remaining on a target of $75,000. Funds will cover costs associated with travel, filming and production. At the time of this writing, Insert Coin has reached $40,000.

Mortal Kombat Online will feature a full interview with Joshua Tsui discussing the project, and his past with Midway, soon. You can follow the documentary @insertcoindoc. Show your support by liking and sharing this story via @MK_Online, Facebook and sharing your thoughts on the forums! Find more in the Interview Archive!

Evo 2015: Top 100 Mortal Kombat X Championship Players
Acknowledging the Top 100 Mortal Kombat X Evo Championship competitors!

Even as the dust settles once more in the Nevada desert, we reflect upon the players of Mortal Kombat X and its first year at the Evo World Championships. A return from exile for a series briefly ousted by its own developer-made rival.

2015 saw a massive influx of thousands of players - all eager to bare witness to the first contest for the new World title, and the immortality that comes with it! Tournament favourite Dominique "Sonic Fox" McLean may have emerged victorious, but he did so out of the second-chance "losers bracket" -- an example that success comes in many shapes and forms!

For the world's Mortal Kombat players, Evo 2015 will be remembered for setting a new standard! US dominance ended as the United Kingdom earned its first runner-up through Denom "A F0xy Grampa" Jones. Sharing in podium honors was Canada courtesy of a breakout performance by Tim "Honeybee" Commandeur. Also making their global presence known were also players representing: Dominican Republic, Germany, Russia. Japan, Chile & even more!

It was also the most watched Evo Championship, and a formative experience early in Mortal Kombat X's lifespan with only three months separating tournament from launch! Contemplating what may come in 2016, we feature the Top 128 competitors to finish at Evo 2015. Could the next rising star be among them? Who's next?

#1 Sonicfox5000 (D. McLean)
#2 A f0xy grampa (D. Jones)
#3 Honeybee (T. Commandeur)
#4 MIT (M. Terry)
#5 DJT (D. Terry)
#5 Ketchup (R. Neal)
#7 Saltface (W. Butler)
#7 Milky Situation (D. Castro)
#9 Big D (R. Dedomenico)
#9 Zyphox (K. Jimenez)
#9 WoundCowboy (R. Gonzalez)
#9 Digit (C. Arrieta)
#13 DetroitBalln (A. Rayis)
#13 Gross (D. Daniel)
#13 Hitbox Tyrant (EJ Williamson)
#13 Slayer 909 (F. Perales)

#33 Krayzie (G. Galdamez)
#33 Riyo (R. Jimenez)
#33 LD Kay (R. Carvajal)
#33 Flawedzilla (J. Hawkins)
#33 Satsuiyeshadou (C. Watkins)
#33 Misteranthropy (F. Valderaz)
#33 Mov (J. Egami)
#33 Mr.K (M. Kawada)
#33 NormaJr911 (N. Forrest Jr)
#33 Decay (E. Tran)
#33 Emperor Warchild (L. Tang Yuk)
#33 LI Joe (J. Ciaramelli)
#33 Bye
#33 HitBox Godspeed (D. Kane)
#33 Painkiller (C. Naranjo)
#33 Kitana Prime (B. Benzing)

#65 TKP (T. Imaizumi)
#65 Darkfire (J. Velez)
#65 Jinty (A. Blake)
#65 Jonnitti (J. Nitti)
#65 Nubcakes (G. Silva)
#65 Blind Ducky (T. Smith)
#65 EE_Too (E. Dimalanta)
#65 MrSololobo (M. Banuelos)
#65 Epic Gol Boi Toi (T. Bridges)
#65 Bad Larry (A. Winn)
#65 Gummy (F. Camacho Gomez)
#65 Firebomber (M. Lopez)
#65 JohnnyBRamos (J. Ramos)
#65 Toblipa (P. Muoz)
#65 KH Cat (A. Torres)
#65 rev0lver (T. Bendicksen)

#97 ImStillDaDaddy (S. Dench)
#97 BlackRanger (B. Adams)
#97 (H. Shihab)
#97 (A. Dab)
#97 Zen Anthrax (J. Cach)
#97 Aris (A. Bakhtanians)
#97 FGC Bizzle (C. Belman)
#97 TA Moons (A. Gonzalez)
#97 Cuongster (C. Cao)
#97 Odoyle (J. Roberts)
#97 (J. Alcaraz)
#97 Link (S. Evers)
#97 XpwwXKillstreak (A. Munoz)
#97 Viking305 (K. Fernandez)
#97 ForeverKing (C. Quiles)
#97 MikeMetroid (M. Riazy)
#17 MyGod (L. Castillo)
#17 REO (G. Grosso)
#17 NYChris G (C. Gonzalez)
#17 Madzin (M. Niedziela)
#17 Forever King Jr (F. Difilippo)
#17 Shujinkydink (E. McDougall)
#17 Michelangelo (M. Lerma)
#17 CheapEddie (N. Suvorov)
#25 KH Showtime (F. Occhione)
#25 Nivek (M. Bitsikokos)
#25 CR_Whiteboi (N. Andersen)
#25 Bigboy (J. Villarruel)
#25 Xen0m0rph (A. Padilla)
#25 MortySeinfeld (M. Camps)
#25 F3.Alucard (A. Ortiz)
#25 M. Betty (J. Tavizon)

#49 Vangence (F. Mojadiddi)
#49 Kevin 7 (K. Seven)
#49 Guamo (G. Lacio Jr)
#49 Coosco (M. Henderson)
#49 Black Redg1e (R. McDuffy)
#49 ThatRueNinja (B. Ward)
#49 Iluusions (R. Luu)
#49 EIN (N. Um)
#49 Jody tha Great (J. Woods)
#49 TimCruz (TR Dan Cruz)
#49 Perfect Legend (C. White)
#49 Cali Han (E. Rashid)
#49 Ibreakmoffi (D. Pinaire)
#49 ShinPaulo (P. Duarte)
#49 Nagai (L. Nguyen)
#49 KingRaj20 (J. Hampton)

#65 Youngmess88 (M. Vazquez)
#65 Star Charger (R. Conley)
#65 KH Royale (R. Chinn)
#65 Atai (M. Rivera)
#65 Mattix (M. Steverson II)
#65 West Coast Jeff (J. Obamogie)
#65 Subreal (S. Morales)
#65 (Mr. Mileena (J. Silva)
#65 (J. Scherry)
#65 Ultra Veteran (D. Ruben)
#65 Whitebl4ck (M. Vautor)
#65 Redsoul (T. Cummings)
#65 AOK Ryan (R. Magnani)
#65 Smarrgasm (K. Smarr)
#65 WonderChef (E. Hashimoto)
#65 X WhitestWade (W. Ball)

#97 Ofidyan (P. Morris)
#97 JTB123 (J. Button)
#97 Filipinoman (G.A. Herrera)
#97 Perezgomez (A. Perez)
#97 Eb3n3zer (B. Cerza)
#97 RM Cloud (D. Richards)
#97 F3.ATG (B. James)
#97 Demonhead (D. Alwaw)
#97 Solidsanchez (F. Sanchez)
#97 Pig of the Hut (B. McCaskill)
#97 Alex Valle (A. Valle)
#97 Khaotic_Harmony (B. Smolinski)
#97 JagoBlake (B. Whitworth)
#97 Tsd Bs Rtuc Loros (I. Martinez)
#97 RM Biohazard (M. Commandeur)
#97 (S. Appiah)

Mortal Kombat Online congratulates and commends everyone who made the Top 100 - and who competed live in Las Vegas! Got a story from the event? Register to share your kombat tales on the Gameplay & Matchmaking forum! Special thanks to source Bavo Bruylandt for cataloguing 2015 Evo Statistics!

Support Mounts for Mortal Kombat Encyclopaedia
Fan petition for Mortal Kombat Encyclopaedia garners on-going support!

Fan campaigns and petitions have become a staple of social media fandom throughout the promotional life of Mortal Kombat X. For every omitted character and potential crossover - there is likely one or more attempts to support it to reality.

Not all petitions are created equal, but occasionally a sound idea and swell of interest breaks out from the ever growing pack. Nearing 4,000 e-signatures at the time of this writing - the message behind We Want An MK Lore Encyclopedia has been heard loud and clear!

The petition has been tirelessly circulated by fan Myke Snow. Among the most prominent supporters of an MK Encyclopaedia is Shawn Kittelsen. As writer of DC Comics' Mortal Kombat X series, he's helped usher Mortal Kombat in its return to print, and spent much time digging into character history, whilst navigating the pitfalls of unreliable online sources. Many NetherRealm Studios staff have also shown enthusiasm and support, including MKX Producer Andrew Stein, and Cinematic Director Dominic Cianciolo!

DK Publishing are no strangers to cataloguing elaborate fiction.

The ultimate target of this particular petition is Dorling Kindersley - DK Publishing: a multi-national publisher owned by merged book giant Penguin Random House. Penguin also own Primas Games, who were unable to print a Mortal Kombat strategy guide for this year's release [full story].

Specializing in easy to read reference books; DK Publishing have become well known for their visual encyclopaedia based on major pop cultural brands, including: Star Wars, Lego, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Capcom, and more. This pedigree makes them well qualified to created a printed tome based on over twenty years of Mortal Kombat saga, that's both informative, and visually striking.

While sites like Mortal Kombat Online and apocryphal Wikipedia may provide easy reference for series lore - the advantages of a printed book are clear. A hardcover edition becomes a tactile collectible item for die hard fans. It immortalizes characters in visual artwork, and with proper research and care, can become a valued source of rich in-fiction information. If you've played the games, but wondered about the ins and outs of character history - this is what you want! Given Mortal Kombat's uniquely fostered story and universe, this is the fighting game franchise to write about!

Sources close to the subject suggest DK Publishing is both aware of the petition, and interested in exploring the potential for a Mortal Kombat Encyclopaedia. The journey to print may still be a long one, though.

Fans should continue to show their support by signing the petition, and go further by sharing their interest on the forums! Help spread the word and support the cause by liking & sharing this story via @MK_Online & Facebook!

Mod Koms: Fan Recreates Pit 3 Arena for Oculus Rift
Fan creates Pit 3 environment for Oculus Rift virtual reality! Fatality!

With rumors of The Pit making a comeback soon via Mortal Kombat X DLC [full story]; there's been been a better time to see a klassic arena in a whole new way! That's exactly what Mick Cielesz has achieved with his reinvention of a Mortal Kombat 3 arena as virtual environment. Designed for the Oculus Rift -- the simple reinvention of The Pit 3 gives players a foreboding first-person view of the famed bridge of death!

The Oculus Rift represents virtual reality technology in the present day. Utilizing twin OLED screens with 1080x1200 pixel resolution, the device uses high quality, globally refreshing 90hz images to stream a virtual environment before the wearer's eyes. The result is an immersive glimpse into interactive worlds.

Cielesz achieved his simple reinvention using Maya, Unity and Oculus Development Kit 1. You can get an impression of what first-person kombat might be like by watching the video embedded above. Could this be the future of Mortal Kombat's famed finishers?

[Related Topic: Kountdown: 10 Klassic Arenas For Mortal Kombat X DLC]

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John Vogel Spins Tangled Tales in Webcomic Skitter
Mortal Kombat designer writes and draws new webcomic

Chances are you know John Vogel best as one of the stalwarts of the Mortal Kombat design team. As a developer, he's helped steer the course of Kombat through multiple generations, including his well remembered role as writer for 2002's Deadly Alliance and sequel Deception.

As of April; your pal and mine has turned his impeccable skills as writer and artist to the world of webcomics with Skitter!

If you're expecting demonic warlords and deadly fists of kung-fu -- stow those expectations in the nearest pigeon hole! Skitter is "what bugs do when humans are near" and tells the madcap tales of spider Jack and his insect pals. Expect punch lines, not punches.

Jack is confronted by a new racket in town in April 21st strip.

Though different, fans who've enjoyed Mortal Kombat's lighter moments & in-jokes, or just conversing with Vogel on Twitter, should find something to enjoy in the free series!

Skitter is updated regularly Tuesdays and Thursdays on You can follow and support the project @SkitterComic & Facebook! Tell 'em @MK_Online sent you!

Electronic Sports League to Introduce Player Drug Testing
ESL will introduce testing to combat performance enhancing drugs.

With modern origins rooted in independent regional events run by gamers, for gamers; it's perhaps unsurprising inter-personal drama - and corruption - has had an ugly background presence throughout the development of professionalized organized gaming.

Turtle Entertainment's Electronic Sports League (ESL) have been a leader in developing organized "eSports", and will take the next major step toward professional competitive parity with the introduction of player drug testing.

Motherboard reports the move comes in the wake of an admission of doping from Counter Strike competitor Cory “Semphis” Friesen. He reportedly acknowledged abusing ADHD drug Adderall to enhance performance and response. All Cloud 9 teammates were said to have participated in the allegedly widespread practice during an ESL tournament in Poland.

ESL introduced Mortal Kombat X to its league infrastructure with April's Fatal 8 Exhibition Tournament, before launching Season One of the league in May. Inaugural winner Dominique "Sonic Fox" McLean (17) walked away with $60,000 in winnings. He is among the youngest players achieving success, having gained first notice in 2012.

The injection of corporate wealth has already been a catalyst for eliminating lingering conflicts of interest. This year's Evo World Championship forced the omission of Mortal Kombat X players close to development and testing, including scene stalwart: Osu16bit. Warner Brothers and NetherRealm Studios have prioritized tournament support in promotion of the game, offering several large cash prizes to events.

ESL are yet to confirm the specifics of their drug policy, which will not include retroactive policing. It is unknown if all games will be targeted for testing. Mortal Kombat Online has reached out to ESL for more information.

Drug testing will be but one of the struggles eSports faces as it pursues legitimacy beyond the niche. This year's Evo Finals saw viewership increases for most events [full story], but the costs associated with testing and independent regulation may be a bridge too far for most organizers. A cocktail of young demographics, escapist entertainment, competitive culture and unregulated events poses inherent challenges for a world already rocked by ontroversies of match fixing, hacking and exploitation. ESL Head of Communications Anna Rozwandowicz told Motehrboard they will combat this with, "... drugs policing, education, and prevention among participants of [its] competitions."

Rumor Mill: Is a Klassic Arena Returning Soon in Mortal Kombat X?
PC update adds Pit to background code - a sign of things to come?

The most recent update to PC versions of Mortal Kombat X has provided the first clue to suggest a klassic arena coming to downloadable content! Mortal Kombat Online affiliate Murdoink uncovered the reference diving into settings updates, which add "Pit" to the list of "background" arenas in the code:

Before & After: PC update adds "Pit" to Mortal Kombat X background code.

In May; Mortal Kombat X Creative Director Ed Boon revealed NetherRealm developers had already discussed klassic arenas [full story]. Fan scuttlebutt may have mythologized Boon's sense of humor as "trolling", but about these things, he's often remarkably forthcoming. He first alluded to Brazil DLC and Klassic Fatalities as early as October, last year [full story]. Both hit downloads in recent months.

The idea addresses one of Mortal Kombat X's most glaring deficiencies. The sequel shipped with only thirteen arenas -- a dramatic 48% fewer than precursor: Mortal Kombat (2011). The 2011 reboot almost exclusively featured reinvented versions of klassic stages.

MK is The Pits: Incarnations of the iconic stage from past (below) to present (2011, above).

The Pit debuted as an arena concept back in the very first Mortal Kombat! Originally a precarious bridge fight staged on Shang Tsung's Island; the concept has been repurposed to appear as a recurring trademark of the series throughout its early instalments.

The Pit II introduced a dark, atmospheric Outworld version remembered by fandom for introducing Blaze, and another mysterious fighter as background sprites. This version returned in 2011, succumbing to a meteor shower and even more background kombatants - characters not used in the Trilogy remake. The Pit 3 (MK3) features elaborate spinning blades beneath its cavernous dome - a sadistic chamber of Shao Kahn's citadel. The original Pit allowed players to fight amongst its blood stained, spikey bottom, where Stage Fatalities were born and Reptile was waiting!

Mortal Kombat Online named The Pit fourth in a list of the Top 10 Klassic Arenas We'd Like To See in Mortal Kombat X DLC. Is it coming soon? Register to share your thoughts and speculation on the Mortal Kombat X forum. Support the site by liking and sharing stories via @MK_Online & Facebook! Immerse yourself in kombat

MKX DLC: Tremor Kombat Kast Developer Stream - Today!
NetherRealm Studios to feature new Tremor DLC stream today!

Just two weeks after the release of guest character Predator; the fourth and final Kombat Pack kombatant has been fasttracked to downloadable content. Brace yourself for the coming of Tremor with a live developer demonstration later today, 3:00 CDT!

Tremor debuted in a trailer featured live during the finals of the Evo World Championship. The stream featured record viewers, peaking at over 180,000 watchers in the early timeslot [full story].

Kombat Pack holders are scheduled to receive Tremor and Klassic Skins Pack 2 starting today, July 21st. As standard, both will be available for individual purchase through online stores one week later - Tuesday, July 28th.

The sudden push to conclude Kombat Pack DLC obligations will further fuel speculation that there is more Mortal Kombat X downloadable content on the horizon. Unplayable character models and surprise omissions seeded early belief the 2015 fighter launched with extensive plans in place. NetherRealm Studios' post-launch extras were expanded to six characters for 2013's Injustice: Gods Among Us, including; Zatanna and controversially absent 2013 Evo reveal: Martian Manhunter. Mortal Kombat X introduced further micro-transaction unlocks in 2015 [full story].

[Related Topic: Kountdown: 10 Klassic Arenas For Mortal Kombat X DLC]

Be watching the Kombat Kast stream live [above] on Mortal Kombat Online! Register to immortalize your thoughts on the Mortal Kombat X forum. Spread the word by liking this story via @MK_Online & Facebook.

Evo 2015: MKX Demands Attention at World Championship
Mortal Kombat X Scores Big Viewer Number for Evo Finals

More than 188,000 viewers tuned in to watch Mortal Kombat X live at the Evo World Championships on Sunday.

This peak ranked MKX third among Evo broadcast finals, beating Marvel vs Capcom 3 by roughly 20,000 viewers, and trailing only Super Smash Bros. Melee and Evo darling Ultimate Street Fighter IV. Both top finals crossed the 200,000 viewer mark, with USFIV peaking at over 228k on the official stream. This year was pegged to be the celebratory swansong for SFIV as Capcom's primary fighter, with Street Fighter V coming in 2016. Guilty Gear Xrd trailed at around 121,000 viewers.

This year's performance clearly confirmed what many fans already knew: Mortal Kombat is at home on the competitive world stage!

In truth, Mortal Kombat had already established its credentials as a tournament brand over the course of three years on the Evo bill.

It began in 2011 -- rewriting the script on the competitive viability of the series with the release of Mortal Kombat. The franchise reboot combined iconic identity of the original three games with a rethink of their basic gameplay mechanics. The year that came next was arguably the biggest in the games' competitive lifecycle, helped by an Evo seeding series that incorporated top North American tournaments into a yearlong tour. The 2012 Evo Championship was the culmination of a 6 month narrative that gave rise to top players -- runner-up REO, CD Jr, Ketchup and Mustard -- whose status warranted a documentary featurette series released in 2013.

The establishment of these player identities was important in helping sites like Mortal Kombat Online convey the intrigue of the scene in an accessible manner -- a factor all too often overlooked by the insular culture.

Growth came naturally and the series sustained as all good fighters should -- making it all the more shocking when Mortal Kombat was omitted from the Evo Championship line-up in 2014 [full story].

The rise of another NetherRealm Studios fighter - Injustice: Gods Among Us - was perhaps over estimated as a replacement, while Mortal Kombat was simultaneously under estimated as a continued force. Mortal Kombat Online pitched in prizes to support an unofficial 2014 side tournament. The event attracted the tournament faithful and marked a coming out for dominant 2015 player & winner Sonic Fox. The side event went on to be the most watched MK2011 Evo final on YouTube with a flood of 260,000 views [reported by EventHubs]. At the time of this writing, the unofficial 2014 final has over 570,.000 views.

The series returned to its rightful place with the April release of Mortal Kombat X and the announcement of the 2015 Evo line-up. It was a no brainer. And while top players were pragmatic about MK's omission in 2014, the continued support of fans and the audience shows this is a series that demands attention, and deserves a place at the biggest event on the eSports calendar as much as perennial favourites.

Speaking to Mortal Kombat Online after the Evo announcement, Brant "Pig of the Hut" McCaskill said, "I also felt the EVO side tournament - that went off extremely successfully - was a big wake up that when MKX drops it'll be bigger than we all anticipated."

With hundreds of participants and many tens of thousands watching live - it was very big.

Evo 2015: Klassic Kombatants Rocked in MKX Tremor Trailer
Obscure Klassic Reborn in Mortal Kombat X Trailer - Feel the Tremor!

The Richter scale was off the charts in Las Vegas as NetherRealm Studios unveiled their latest downloadable character: Tremor! The obscure klassic was reborn in front of the world as they waited for the finals of the 2015 Evo World Championship in the arena, and live on stream!

Debuting as a ninja heavy for the Black Dragon clan in 2000 shooter spin-off: Mortal Kombat: Special Forces; Tremor has shed his bulky palette swap origins to encase himself in rock and minerals in Mortal Kombat X!

True to his gaming backstory; Tremor battles arch-rival Jax in the gameplay trailer, along with klassic skinned Kung Lao, Quan Chi & Scorpion! The former three will download bundled with Tremor as part of the Kombat Pack on July 21st, going live for individual purpose one week alter on the 28th. Klassic Skins Pack 2 were previewed with the most recent Compatibility Patch.

[Related Topic: Feature: The PSVita Cameo That Shook the Earth- Tremor!]

Tremor arrives after a lengthy fan campaign courted more than 5000 signatures petitioning for his long awaited inclusion [full story]. Speaking to Mortal Kombat Online, series co-creator John Tobias explained, "I do remember having big plans for Tremor..." Mortal Kombat X will mark Tremor's first time as a playable character.

Are you trembling with excitement? Register to discuss the reborn rockman on the Mortal Kombat X forum. Support the kommunity further by liking & sharing stories via @MK_Online & Facebook!

Evo 2015: Tremor Trailer to Debut During Mortal Kombat X Finals
Tremor Trailer to Debut During MKX Evo World Championships

As the 2015 Evo World Championships reach their climax, Mortal Kombat X fans will have even more to look forward to than a new World Champion! Developers NetherRealm Studios will unveil the fourth and final character in their downloadable content Kombat Pack - Tremor! It comes just one year after the Evo reveal of Raiden!

The Evo exclusive trailer will stream to the web during the Mortal Kombat X finals programming block, which begins at 11AM PDT. You can watch it live right here and discuss all the action on the Mortal Kombat X forum!

Tremor returns to the series as a first-time playable character in Mortal Kombat X who debuted in 2000 third-person shooter spin-off: Mortal Kombat: Special Forces. Tremor reprised his role as a rival for MKSF star Jax when he made a surprise cameo in Mortal Kombat Vita in 2012. Tremor is reborn in MKX, expanding his burly groundshaking power to a more literal, rock-skinned and earth manipulating end. This version appears inspired by popular fan-fiction, including a new design reminiscent of the work of Kold War Scorpion designer - fear-sas [full story].

Learn more about the history of Tremor in Mortal Kombat Online's 2012 feature article, and in Part 2 of our anniversary interview with series co-creator John Tobias.

[Related Topic: Kountdown: 10 Klassic Arenas For Mortal Kombat X DLC]

Tremor may be the end of the advertised Kombat Pack, but not necessarily the end of DLC. Compatibility Patches continue to deliver free bonus content, with expectations and rumors already pointing toward subsequent releases. Series Creative Director Ed Boon shared some of his bonus content wishlist - including klassic arenas.

Future DLC will have to contend with new plans from Capcom, who announced free in-game unlock currency for their next generation sequel Street Fighter V and post-launchcontent. Warner Brothers has already faced criticism for Mortal Kombat X's online services, pre-order allocation, and downloadable content, including controversial "easy fatality" and unlock micro-transactions. The change in each company's policy may reverse player impressions, as Capcom promise more transparent and generous offerings, and Warner Bros become more aggressive with monetization.

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Evo 2015: Mortal Kombat X is Back at Evo World Championships
Watch the Mortal Kombat Evo World Championship Finals LIVE!

As announced in January, finally Mortal Kombat has returned to Las Vegas for the Evo World Championships! After a years hiatus from the official July line-up, the most brutal US fighter has made its comeback - challenging the world's greatest kombatants in the multi-variation system of Mortal Kombat X! More than 1.000 players are registered to contest this year's World Championship - with unofficial 2014 winner Sonic Fox charging the tournament as the overwhelming favourite! Looming over him will be the official defending Mortal Kombat World Champion DJT - whose victory at the 2013 World Championship ended the streak of Evo powerhouse Perfect Legend!

Take in all the sights and sounds of the tournament on the main Evo stream [embedded below], including the Mortal Kombat X Championship Sunday, 11:00AM! Saturday Semi Finals feature at 8:00PM, with more Mortal Kombat X streaming on the 7th Evo Stream.

This year's Mortal Kombat X Evo World Championship is contested on the PlayStation 4 console with standard best of 3 games at 99 second rounds. Recent DLC addition Predator has been ruled illegal, with versions patched up to July 8th. This includes recent patch tweaks to modify Tanya and other characters. Winners must retain the same character and variation.

SonicFox5000 will be looking to convert his dominance over ESL Season One, East Coast Throwdown and The Common Wealth 2015 to follow his monumental cash win with more dollars and his first official Evo Championship. Royal Storm Kitana has been his instrument of destruction of late, evolving from his much talked about Erron Black that left many victims in his wake!

Defending 2013 World Champion DJT got into form at the right time, capturing CEO 2015 in the final major on the road to Evo. DJT was absent from the ESL finals - setting up an exciting possible meeting with the unofficial 2014 champ - SonicFox. DJT told Mortal Kombat Online, "I will definitely be competing in MKX to try and be the first one to win the biggest tournament. Then I will have bragging rights for an entire year and be called EVO champ every other day. I'm going for nothing but top 8 minimum. I want to be on that big stage. I love the feeling and excitement even though my face is so calm all the time when I am playing."

2-time Evo World Champion Perfect Legend may be limping slightly after finishing 4th in the ESL Season One Final. His online focus leaves question marks about his readiness to challenge the field he swept in 2011 and 2012. His Kung Lao struggled with new school rival Sonic Fox and classic arch-rival REO!

REO took runners-up honors in the final of ESL Season One, stumbling in two encounters with SonicFox. A switch from Kobu Jutsu Tanya to Bone Shaper Shinnok helped REO prove the SonicFox could bleed, but will he be able to convert a single game win to a World Championship under the intense lights of Las Vegas? He's been there before, losing out to World Champions in 2011 and 2013. Some say he's overdue, with a pedigree of titles in the last Mortal Kombat that proves he has what it takes to hold the gold!

Another man who put Sonic Fox under pressure is Mortal Kombat Online favourite Pig of the Hut. In 2014, he was responsible for organizing the unofficial Evo Championship. This year he brings his mastery of the blind sword saint Kenshi in the hopes of again forcing the scene's most dominant new force to make a desperation decision. When the game was announced for Evo, Pig of the Hut told Mortal Kombat Online, "I will be extremely focused on MKX and only MKX for EVO. I have a list of immediate "TO-DOs" and training regime already written out for it when it drops... " He will bring with him the humility and knowledge of past experiences, "Lessons learned and the journey i went through from rock bottom to damn near almost winning EVO (placing 2nd) in Injustice are lessons i will take into MKX." Don't think that means he'll be playing it safe, though: "Sooner or later Im going to be a massive problem for anyone in my bracket."

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SDCC: Xbox Lounge Kosplay Kontest Presented by Machinima
Machinima hosts Xbox Lounge Mortal Kombat X Predator Kontest

Fans in attendance at this year's San Diego Comic-Con have had the chance to take in the sights and sounds of guest DLC fighter Predator and Mortal Kombat X thanks to the Xbox Lounge. Today, the action will kick into a higher gear as Machinima presents a dual Mortal Kombat Kosplay Kontest and Play the Pro Challenge special event!

The event is scheduled to run 6PM - 7PM at the Xbox Lounge in the Manchester Grand Hyatt. Fans in attendance will also have the opportunity to win a Mortal Kombat X Predator Xbox One Console! Simply take a photo of one of the custom consoles on display at San Diego Comic-Con; follow @Xbox and tweet (or Instagram) your photo with the hashtags #XboxSweepstakes & #SDCC!

Fans not in attendance can also enter to win prizes in the Xbox Sweepstakes! Simply follow @Xbox and retweet the sweepstakes tweet to enter the draw! Alternatively; log onto Xbox Live and follow Live Dashboard links to find instructions!

[Related Article: SDCC 2014: Konvention Kosplayers Forge Mariachi Alliance]

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Beyond Kombat Trailer Teases Mystery Project
Who's next? Three experts will go Beyond Kombat - but what is it?

Three experts - zero nonsense. Start your speculation engines! NetherRealm Studio has released a cryptic live-action trailer to their YouTube channel, asking the question: "Three new reasons to Fight?" Other powers may be at work - but who they are is yet to be revealed in the 37 second video:

It's all about going "Beyond Kombat" - past the fighters and fatalities, and onto...? A safe bet could be behind the scenes of the hit 2015 fighter: Mortal Kombat X.

During the course of pre-release coverage we were given inside glimpses of sound and character development, motion capture, full motion video, downloadable content, international localization & promotional merchandise. With the introduction of the Kombat Kast and "community specialist[s]" the cult of personality has certainly become a large component in the extended promotional lifespan of the game.

If three experts will give fans a reason to fight, however, we may speculate it's more about being in front of the game screen. Fans playing Mortal Kombat X online have already had at least one streamed opportunity to hunt developers - a challenge that spurs players on to obtain a special gamertag kard and achievement for beating NetherRealm staff.

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MKX DLC: Free Klassic Fatalities & Kold War Scorpion Out Now
Klassic Fatalities & Kold War Scorpion Skin Now Free to MKX DLC

As announced on the most recent NetherRealm Kombat Kast - Klassic Fatalities and the Kold War Scorpion skin are now available to everyone for free! If you haven't gained access to the downloadable content yet, you should be able to very soon!

The klassic killing techniques of Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Sonya Blade & Johnny Cage make-up a four fighter assault for Klassic Fatalities Pack 1. A second pack will be on its way at a later date, uncovered in data in April [full story].

Fans can match their fatalities to their character skins with previously released Klassic attire. Retro versions of the characters are available as in-game unlockables, compatibility patch freebies [ie; Sub-Zero], or in the for sale Klassic Skins Pack 1 [Sonya]. A second wave pack of klassic skins is coming to online stores soon [full story].

The Kold War Scorpion alternative skin will also now be available for free download. Released previously as a GameStop pre-order exclusive [watch trailer]: the skin was designed by fan-artist fear-sAs, and sold for an additional expense of $5 above standard Premium Editions [full story]. Its subsequent free release has caused noted controversy amongst pre-order consumers.

[Related Topic: MKX: Perform Easy Fatalities With DLC Micro-Transactions]

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MKX DLC: The Predator Hunts in Official Trailer
The Predator stalks the jungle in Mortal Kombat X DLC trailer

Mortal Kombat X welcomes its second cross-franchise guest character beginning Tuesday with the arrival of The Predator! The alien hunter is Kombat Pack first July 7th, before hitting online stores for individual purchase July 14th!

For Kombat Pack holders, Predator won't come alone! Star of the 1987 film Carl Weathers leaps out of his role as Agent George Dillon, assuming the metal arms of Special Forces kombatant: Jax!

The actor's likeness features in the trailer as one of three skins coming to the DLC pack, along with Commando Johnny Cage and Infrared Scorpion [full story].

The trailer also seems to hunt down and annihilate any theories of a bonus Predator spaceship arena. The hunter's trophies appear to merely be part of a cinematic win sequence. It references the mythology associated with the character, which is also well represented in deadly attacks taken straight from the film!

Will you be hunter or hunted? Register to share your battle plan on the Mortal Kombat X forum. Which kombatant can stop the alien? Enter the Fan Koliseum to debate crossover fantasy fights, and help crown the 2015 Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion in the annual character tournament!

Generations Battle in Mortal Kombat X Chapter 27 Preview
Polygon previews generational in-fighting in Mortal Kombat X comic!

Two generations of kombat collide as Cassie Cage & Jacqui Briggs succumb to the "blood code" in Mortal Kombat X Chapter 27 from DC Comics! Polygon has the latest sneak peek from the digital series, where jilted partners Sonya Blade & Johnny Cage are forced to fight back against their kin!

Written by series regular Shawn Kittelsen, with art by Daniel Sampere & Dexter Soy -- Chapter 27 will also delve deeper into the backstory of Reiko: one of the most popular returned klassic characters featuring in the comic!

Purchase the digital chapter via DC Entertainment and Comixology for 99c! Follow and discuss each chapter on the Media & Merchandise forum! Support your favourite characters as their rivalries play out in the 2015 Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion fan tournament!

MKX DLC: July 4th Special Tower Salutes Special Forces
The Fireworks Fly as MK Special Forces Salute July 4th in MKX!

The fireworks literally flew in Mortal Kombat X this week, celebrating America's Independence Day with a sparkling Light Up The Sky Premier Tower! If you completed the event, the US Special Forces will have saluted your efforts in a special unlockable kombat kard pack of background, border and icons!

Two generations of Special Forces are featured in the special background [pictured above]: Jax, Jacqui Briggs, Sonya Blade & Cassie Cage saluting the fallen.

July will be a big month for Jax as Kombat Pack downloadable content re-skins the metal armed kombatant with Hollywood star Carl Weathers! It's all a nod to incoming guest fighter Predator!

Did you overcome the deadly torrent of 4th of July fireworks? Register to wave the flag of your success on the Mortal Kombat X forum. Soak up the red, white & blue a little longer with MK Online's fan-art tribute to Jax!

MKX DLC: Compatibility Pack Patch v1.07 Notes
Compatibility Patch Update Delivers Free Ermac Skin & Future DLC Previews

July in Mortal Kombat X will be all about the arrival of Predator [read more], but in Compatibility Pack v1.07 the foundations are already being laid for next Kombat Pack addition: Tremor! The full patch notes:

    Character & Skin Online Compatibility:
  • Tremor
  • MK3 Kung Lao, MK3 Jax, MK4 Quan Chi

  • Free Bonus Content:
  • Klassic Ermac skin

  • General Fixes:
  • General Gameplay tweaks
  • Online King of the Hill AFK fixes
  • Online Desync fixes
  • Online 5v5 Team battle fixes
  • Online King of the Hill respect point tally fix
  • Bug fixes

  • Character Specific Fixes:
  • D'Vorah (Swarm Queen) - Added 2 buffer frames on Bug Bomb dash cancel combos if the opponent is in hit stun
  • Ferra/Torr -Grab-N Stab now does full damage when thrown backwards
  • Ferra/Torr (Lackey) - Back Breaker now does full damage when thrown backwards
  • Jacqui - Added 7 damage to Bionic Blast in all variations
  • Kitana (Royal Storm) - Bounce Back has 14 frame startup (down from 23 frames)
  • Kitana (Assassin) - Punishing Poke now correctly gets a damage buff from Sharpen / Razor Blade
  • Kitana (Mournful) - Reduced the block stun on the first Glaive of the Enhanced Glaive Throw by 8 (no longer jails from up close at min range)
  • Kung Lao (Tempest) - Orbiting Hat is +12 on block (down from +27)
  • Liu Kang (Flame Fist) - Fixed a bug where the recovery on Shaolin Flame (24) and Shaolin-ferno (15) using the other’s value
  • Shinnok - Hell Sparks / Hell Blast when enhanced is +14 on block (down from +24)
  • Tanya - Slight damage scaling adjustments
  • Tanya - Removed the invulnerability frames on her Teleports
  • Tanya - Added 10 recovery frames after landing from a Teleport naturally
  • Tanya - Added 10 recovery frames after landing from a Teleport after a missed or blocked normal attack
  • Tanya - You can no longer chain into ground attacks or 2in1 special cancel after landing from a Teleport after a blocked jump attack
  • Tanya (Pyromancer) - Added 5 recovery frames to Air Fire Blasts after a Teleport

The compatibility patch is available to PS4 America, with Xbox and Europe to follow soon. Players will gain access to a free Klassic Ermac skin inspired by Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 [pictured top]. You'll also be able to preview the second Klassic Skins pack, featuring MK3 versions of Kung Lao & Jax, and the recently retro MK4 Quan Chi.

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MKX DLC: Predator Kombat Kast Streaming Next Week
The Predator hunts next week on NetherRealm Studios Kombat Kast

"If it bleeds, we can kill it". The immortal mantra from 1987's Predator is the tagline for next week's Kombat Kast developer stream!

NetherRealm Studios will showcase the first official gameplay demo live to Twitch starting 3:00PMCDT, next Monday, July 6th!

The titular alien will be the third downloadable character to join Mortal Kombat X, following fellow film guest Jason Voorhees and cult Kombat curio Tanya. Fans who have The Kombat Pack will also receive a Predator/Prey skins three-pack featuring film star Carl Weathers as Jax [full story]!

[Related Article: MKX DLC: Developer Teases Predator Spaceship Interior]

Creative Director Ed Boon is calling it "Predator eve". That means Kombat Pack owners should be on the look out for playable Predator starting July 7th! Made visual on the target? Register to share your cords on the Mortal Kombat X forum. Radio HQ on Twitter and Facebook frequencies,

MKX DLC: Carl Weathers is Jax - Koming Soon
Carl Weathers Becomes Jax in Mortal Kombat X July Predator DLC

Film fans will have two reasons to get excited when booting up Mortal Kombat X in July! While The Predator hogs headlines as the game's second downloadable guest fighter - The Kombat Pack will also introduce Hollywood royalty in "The Count of Monte Fisto" himself: Carl Weathers!

Weathers may be best remembered for his iconic turn as boxing champion Apollo Creed in the Rocky series, but will be featured in MKX as a mashed-up reference to his Predator role: former Special Forces Major turned CIA operative - Agent George Dillon.

Weathers will again don the Dillon cap digitally, whilst wearing the cybernetically enhanced arms of another Major of the Special Forces - Jax! Filling in for Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Dutch" will be Johnny Cage - pictured above locking up with Weathers in a callback to the flexing machismo of the original film.

Predator was first released in 1987. Director by John McTiernan, the cult classic spawned a citybound sequel and a franchise of crossover duels with Aliens, DC Superheroes and more. The original looms large over the franchise - an eighties action movie classic with a thinking man's edge.

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