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Johnny Dresses to Impress in MK11 Renders
It ain't from JC Penny!

Johnny Cage returned with a special midnight screening of his latest trailer, but if the hardware store look was getting you down - don't worry! He's rocking a slick retro design in new Mortal Kombat 11 render art!

The glasses may be overpriced at $500, but Johnny will certainly avoid the Worst Dressed list with customizable gear inspired by his earliest appearances. Sporty jacket and white highlights on simple black pants recall the Cage of Mortal Kombat II, with reboot era flourishes of the self-promoting belt buckle and regrettable chest tattoo. Update: There's also official art for the utility vest design below:

Customization options in Mortal Kombat 11 will mean players can craft a Johnny Cage that suits their tastes best. Flashy or tactical, the choice will be yours: "you're next!" Time bending plotlines may see the Special Forces consultant meet his earlier moviestar self when MK11 is released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC starting April 23rd! Who will you be wearing? Join the discussion on the Mortal Kombat 11 forum!

IGN Reveals Mortal Kombat 11 Johnny Cage
Midnight premier for Cage's latest outing!

It's a midnight premier for movie star turned MK champion Johnny Cage! The klassic kombatant makes his official debut in Mortal Kombat 11 thanks to an exclusive reveal by IGN! Watch:

The reveal trailer debuted right on time at, with a showreel of moves you cannot fake! Johnny fights fast and furious, moving freely with versions of his klassic shadow kick and projectile that look deadly!

It's some of the little details that really impress! Johnny may've fired his stylist to go for the tactical look, but his stunt double is available for a full nelson double team. His acting chops are still on point with a little mid-fight mime work recalling his infamous Ninja Mime movie, but he's also branched out to use flash photography to stun his opponents! That teaser shared by Ed Boon comes into focus as well, as Cage uses multiple takes to deliver a jaw dropping triple uppercut fatality that ends with that finger in the perfect action movie slo-mo!

Johnny Cage is back and better than ever before! Which scene was the most memorable from this action packed trailer? Be back to tune-in later today for a Kombat Kast breakdown of Cage, and share your reviews on the Mortal Kombat 11 forum!

Next MK11 Kombat Kast Will Showcase Johnny Cage
Mid-afternoon spotlight on midnight fighter.

After dedicating a week to MK Mobile; the next Kombat Kast will go deeper into Mortal Kombat 11 with a fighter soon to be revealed in the wee hours of the morning! Update: That fighter is from Venice, California - the one and only Johnny Cage!

The developer stream will reconvene at 3:00 PM CST on Wednesday. That's thirteen hours after IGN will have hosted the midnight reveal (PST) for the playable character they'll be showing off!

As always, you can watch the stream right here when the Kombat Kast goes live in the embedded player above! React to the overnight reveal and fourth dev stream by joining the discussion on the Mortal Kombat 11 forum! Boost the signal by sharing this story and others via Twitter and Facebook!

Mortal Kombat 11 Announced for Evo 2019
9 game lineup announced!

Every summer eyes turn to the blistering desert of Las Vegas to watch as the world's greatest fighting game contenders converge for the Evo World Championship. It is the pinnacle of eSports competition and NetherRealm Studios' streak of participation has been confirmed with the 2019 tournament lineup announcement!

Evo head Joey "MrWiz" Cuellar led the livestream announcement of this year's Evo World Championship line-up, announcing expected usual suspects: Tekken 7, Street Fighter V, BlazBlu Cross Tag Battle, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, DragonBall FighterZ, Soulcalibur VI. and Mortal Kombat 11!

MK11 replaces Injustice 2 as the latest offering from the developer, continuing a NetherRealm streak of representation begun with Mortal Kombat (2011). It was the seventh game announced, followed only by Samurai Showdown and Under Night Inbirth.

This year's Evo event takes place August 2nd-4th, giving players a few months to familiarize themselves with the latest in the Mortal Kombat series. MK11 will be released fpr PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch starting April 23rd! Will you contest the 2019 crown? Tell us all about your quest for gold on the Mortal Kombat 11 forum!

IGN Midnight Reveal for Next MK11 Character
Who's next?

The next Mortal Kombat 11 character reveal is mere hours away! IGN have announced an exclusive reveal of the next kombatant at the unusual hour of midnight!

IGN announced the midnight reveal via Twitter, inviting fans to join the site for their exclusive playable fighter preview. There are no clues as to who's getting the late night treatment -- just an invitation to speculate with the Mortal Kombat X tagline "Who's Next?" Update: Host Tyler Lansdown has noted NetherRealm will showcase the same fighter in greater detail later in the day during Kombat Kast #4.

With roughly 7 hours to go until the clock strikes 12:00am PT, we'll be counting the minutes! Could time have some significance to the mystery fighter? Will it be a midnight screening for a certain MK action star? Join the speculation on the Mortal Kombat 11 forum and be with us to discuss the latest addition!

Ed Boon Posts MK11 Johnny Cage Teaser?
Have you heard about the bird?

It's been a while since grand pubah Ed Boon has gotten down and dirty in teaser territory, but the drought seems to be over with his most recent tweet. A partial Mortal Kombat 11 screenshot shows a mystery fighter giving the finger, with what appears to be a crack creeping across the fourth wall of the screen. It's not a lot to go on, but all signs seem to point toward the highly anticipated return of Johnny Cage. Read on:

The irreverent hand gesture has all the hallmarks of the ballbusting action star who debuted in the first Mortal kombat. This could be a glimpse into one of his cinematic Krushing Blow moves, or simpla win pose. Boon's tweet comes with the added quote, "Who hired this guy....WTF?"

There's been no specific indication of Johnny Cage joining the MK11 playable cast just yet, but we think we've already spotted him in two official trailers. He was loitering in the background of a Special Forces interior arena in the first gameplay reveal trailer. He can also be spotted tying up with Sub-Zero on a monitor shown twice during the MK11 Evolution featurette. Both examples depict Cage in a subdued vest and long sleeve shirt similar to that seen in Boon's screenshot [see below].

With the likes of Sonya Blade and Kano already announced - can Johnny Cage be far behind? Join the speculation and tell us what you hope to see on the Mortal Kombat 11 forum!

Jade is Third MK11 Fighter Coming to Mobile
Dead and loving it!

With its rebranding Mortal Kombat Mobile announced three characters crossing over from the main Mortal Kombat 11 playable lineup. Episode three of the developer Kombat Kast was the magic number, revealing the third mystery fighter to be Jade!

Jade was previously a mobile exclusive character unlocked in an MKX Mobile Challenge. She's since returned during the second Kombat Kast stream, unveiled for Mortal Kombat 11 with a gameplay trailer and new revenant design art.

Update: A follow-up update offers a clearer picture of the stats you'll be able to utilize with Gold tier MK11 Jade in your team. Take a closer look at her levels below:

Jade joins Scorpion and Raiden as the three MK11 fighters launching with next week's MK Mobile update. Who do you hope to see in the future? Join the discussion on the Mortal Kombat 11 forum!

Third Kombat Kast Stream Dives Into MK Mobile
Developer stream returns Thursday!

NetherRealm Studios' hugely successful mobile app has rebranded in anticipation of a new wave of Mortal Kombat 11 inclusions. The free-to-play Mortal Kombat Mobile has already announced two MK11 characters and will take center stage during this week's Kombat Kast developer stream! As always, you can watch it live and react right here! Read on:

The Kombat Kast logo has taken on a familiar shade of blue in anticipation of the next live stream, scheduled for broadcast Thursday, February 21st at 3:00PM CST! With MK11 versions of Scorpion and Raiden already announced -- could Sub-Zero be far away? The iconic Lin Kuei skull crusher has a new look, gameplay and Fatality in MK11. The latter finisher featured in a real world recreation for the first episode of The Science of MK -- but is he the third MK11 fighter coming to MK Mobile?

Catch-up on a recap of the most recent Kombat Kast, including screenshots of surprise reveal Jade. Then be on the Mortal Kombat 11 forum to join the speculation and reactions to whatever the stream has to show! Could there be something new to go with something borrowed & blue? Find out Thursday!

The Science of MK Ep 1: Sub-Zero's Head Shatter
Webseries debuts first episode.

What would really happen if Sub-Zero froze your head and punched the hell out of it? That's the question the first episode of The Science of Mortal Kombat sets out to ask. Watch:

Fans of science-entertainment may remember a similar test by TV's Mythbusters, but the team from Nerdist's Because Science have enlisted the aid of reigning UFC Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier to ensure the perfect punch fo their cross-promotional experiment. Remember, kids. Don't try this at home!

Professional martial artists are making Mortal Kombat more real day by day! UFC Champion turned WWE Superstar Ronda Rousey is not only the new voice of Sonya Blade, but also competed in Sonya inspired ring gear in her title defense at WWE: Elimination Chamber!

At the risk of spoiling in any way what happens to a frozen skull once its dipped in liquid nitrogen and clobbered, you can see Sub-Zero performing the original move in the MK11 Fatality Trailer! Discuss the real deal finishers from the game in the Mortal Kombat 11 forum!

McFarlane Preview Upcoming MK11 Figures

As if the teasers left anything to doubt, McFarlane Toys have previewed their upcoming Mortal Kombat 11 action figures at the New York Toy Fair.

Unfortunately, there was nothing plastic to be seen in the modest McFarlane Mortal Kombat display. Pre-rendered images of Scorpion and Sub-Zero promote the future toyline, confirming suspicions that the series will lead with frequently featured franchise mascots. Toyark have extensive photos from the event, icluding mock packaging for Scorpion.

Presumptions shouldn't be made about the complete character roster, or future of the action figure series, but some information can be gleaned from the event. These toys will be 7 inches, with Toyark reporting the line will have similar articulation to Fortnite toys. That means roughly 22 points of articulation.

Hong Kong manufacturer Storm Collectibles was also in New York, showcasing their offerings from the klassic Mortal Kombat roster. McFarlane Toys will retail much more affordably than the exotic imports. Fortnite 7" toys sell for $24.99.

Which MK11 characters do you hope to see join the McFarlane lineup? Share your action figures wishlist and join the discussion on the Media & Merchandise forum. Find out who's eligible by collecting info in the Mortal Kombat 11 forum!

Storm Collectibles Display MK Klassics at Toy Fair
Injustice figures also present.

New York's Toy Fair is the place to be for the latest in collectible merchandse and Storm Collectibles have shown they've still got some klassic Mortal Kombat offerings up their sleeve!

Toyark was in NYC to take extensive photos from the Storm display, where 1:12 scale figures of Baraka, Cyrax and a netted Smoke are joined by classic fighting game characters from Street Fighter and King of Fighters. Behind the MK offerings can also be seen Injustice versions of Darkseid, Bane and Lobo.

The MKII and MK3 characters are faithfully rendered, with Cyrax demonstrating his cyber assassin net and open chest cavity in Smoke's general direction. Baraka strikes an impressive pose, brandishing his deadly blades with a sculpt that captures the original design -- right down to the deeply shadowed eyes created by the digitized mask!

Some fans may remember earlier versions of these characters. Prototype sculpts, including the Lin Kuei cyborg model and Baraka, were displayed during the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con alongside Shao Kahn & klassic palette swaps.

Do these toys live-up to the klassic reputation of their source? Share your thoughts & feedback in the Media & Merchandise forum, or jump back to Mortal Kombat's arcade past in the 2D Kombat Klassics forum!

Ronda Rousey Brings Sonya to WWE Elimination Chamber
Life imitates art at WWE live event!

In World Wrestling Entertainment the only air support comes from the top rope, but that didn't stop Ronda Rousey bringing a touch of Mortal Kombat 11 to tonight's Elimination Chamber event! The Raw Women's Champion defended the title dressed as the character she voices in the upcoming game: Sonya Blade!

WWE released the above image via Twitter as the action unfolded live in Houston. It shows Rousey making her entrance on the stage, wearing a cap and two-tone fighting gear fans will recognize as inspired by Sonya's MK11 customizable attire [pictured below], and her 2011 vested design.

Rousey was a much anticipated guest at last month's live The Reveal event, where the former UFC and Olympic champion took to the stage as the new voice of Sonya Blade. She also discussed her history as a fan in the Sonya Blade Reveal Trailer.

The promotional partnership was mentioned during Elimination Commentary commentary -- not the first time the two brands have crossed over! Johnny Cage crashed NetherRealm Studios' mobile game WWE Immortals in 2015. Ten years earlier, WWE was promoting Shaolin Monks!

Nintendo Direct Spotlights MK11 Switch Release
Nintendo of America puts out April date for Switch.

Mortal Kombat 11 will be the first installment in the series since 2007's Armageddon to feature on a Nintendo home console, but details of the Switch release have been scarce, with some outlets indicating delays. The latest Nintendo Direct update appears to address domestic concerns, promoting a standard release via Nintendo of America. Watch:

Mortal Kombat 11 features at the 30 mins 1 sec mark, promoted with a small, bloodless clip advertising the game's release for April 23rd. That's consistent with official dates provided by Warner Bros, and widely advertised for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Across the pond the story isn't so positive, with online retailers Amazon UK and GAME still listing the Switch version for a delayed release of May 10th. MK Online user SlickRick82 first called attention to the impending delay, posting to the forums late last year: "I work for GAME in the uk and can confirm the Switch version will launch 2 weeks later on May 10th."

Around the world, release dates remain inconsistent. Amazon Spain mirrors the British May 10th date, while Amazon Germany is listing availability for all versions starting April 19th. Australian retailers, including Amazon and JB Hifi, offer no release date at this time.

MK Online will continue to follow this story as it develops. International fans are encouraged to seek further information from local retailers when purchasing or pre-ordering the game. If you've got new information, enlighten the kommunity by posting to the Mortal Kombat 11 forum! Special thanks to User UltimateRyu for posting about this story!

Official Mortal Kombat 11 Jade Trailer
Jade lives!... Sort of...

After disappearing almost entirely into obscurity in the last game: Jade makes a deadly return in Mortal Kombat 11, stepping back into the spotlight in the latest character reveal gameplay trailer! Watch:

She may be a revenant, but death hasn't dulled her deadly set of moves! Jade plays with a klassic sensibility, bringing back an array of her best known moves from her earliest playable appearance. Her extendable bo staff features heavily in her style, but you'll also be able to run through projectiles, deliver her version of a shadow kick, and reclaim the glaive for a variety of deadly projectiles and stabbing moves! It all comes together for another visceral fatality!

Were you surprised to see Jade back dominating the living? Is she everything you hoped for? Share your review of her gameplay comeback and join the discussion on the Mortal Kombat 11 forum!

Mortal Kombat 11 Render Reveals Revenant Jade
Mourned but not forgotten!

She was nowhere to be seen during NetherRealm's incursion of Earthrealm, but the revenant Jade is finally accounted for in the newest character reveal render from Mortal Kombat 11!

Jade fell victim to Sindel during the Mortal Kombat reboot story mode, but when Quan Chi's undead revenant army attacked in Mortal Kombat X, Jade was curiously absent! Her glaive weapon passed to a mournful Kitana, but still the question of her fate remained.

At last Jade gets the full revenant treatment, revealing cracked, ashen skin beneath a newly designed assassin's garb in her trademark green. This newly featured design answers some questions, while raising many others -- but it won't be her only look in MK11! Time bending plot and a rich customization system means Jade will live again when Mortal Kombat 11 hits the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on April 23rd!

What do you think of Jade's new design and what does it mean for her mysterious journey? Share your feedback and join the discussion on the Mortal Kombat 11 forum!

MK11 Valentine's Kombat Kast to Reveal Female Fighter
Developer stream promises character reveal!

The next big Kombat Kast developer stream is almost upon us, and it's the perfect counter-programming for even the most love-filled St Valentine's Day! An unnamed female Mortal Kombat 11 fighter will be revealed -- and you can watch & react right here as it happens! Read on:

Update: By now you've seen the reveal render, watched the trailer, and know full well Jade is back in Mortal Kombat 11!

We still don't know where the green-clad assassin was while she was Mourned during Mortal Kombat X, but as a returning revenant she either never ceased to exist, or has since been restored by Kitana, who was last seen taking control of the Netherrealm. Her old friend & bodyguard would certainly be a logical chocie if the Empress needs an enforcer!

Customization means Jade won't remain dead forever. Even if the time bending story doesn't revisit her living past, players will be able to kit her out in masked and unmasked designs that show her alive and well. An interesting green & brown design debuted during hte stream in hooded and unhooded versions [screenshots below].

Efforts have been made to infuse her moveset with some personality, combining "sass" with elements of the dancer's grace she showed in Mortal Kombat (2011). The presentation of some moves includes teleportation that otherwise serves no function. Why she teleports freely is conceptually unclear, but it will be expedient in animations, and visually interesting.

The bo staff and specials will offer Jade command over her space, with simple attacks dominating mid and mid-high range zones. Her version fo the shadow kick is fast and dangerous, combining well with aerial glaive projectiles, and simple combo chains. Combos won't play to Jade's strengths, which is one of the ways opponents will be able to seize opportunities. Breaking through Jade's control of zones will put the war of attrition in favour of better comboing characters. Get in low and fast and the potential to punish Jade will open.

The similarities to Jade's klassic UMK3 era attacks won't end at presentation of special attacks, with frustrating AI set to make a comeback as seen in the gameplay trailer. Fans who miss MK3's run feature will also want to explore Jade's ability to rush opponents.

Jade doesn't have to get her hands dirty to be an effective assassin. The stream noted she once sprayed Tanya with a jar of Tarkatan essence, leading a Tarkatan horde to tear her apart. This is likely a reference to her Deception ending, where the hypothetical outcome was displayed. It remains to be seen if this is just an isolated example of Jade's skill, or if Kronika's time bending plot will reintroduce past possibilities through the altered timeline. MK Online tends to suspect the former.

This stream also literally and figuratively showed off more of Baraka! New customizable designs expose the berzerker more than ever, but don't think his moves have been pared down! His spark projectile has been cranked up to be faster and more deadly, and his rapid stabs can be enhanced for maximum effect! He also fights with a new war banner, which, once planted, offers a damage buff, and alternate weapon he can use to sweep, stab, and strike. The banner has a short window, but if used to stab, he'll replant the flag to start over. The flag can also be grabbed for an armor boost and charging assault! Get in the way - it's your own fault!

Original: Last week's delayed stream saw the unveiling of Kabal, while on the Inside Xbox stream fans were treated to a taste of surprise returning MKX fighter: D'Vorah! Don't think she's the mysterious woman soon to be revealed, though! Kombat Kast host Tyler Lansdown shot that theory down on Twitter, shortly after the first episode.

Popular speculation has many fans expecting Kitana to enter play, but the only way to know for sure is to tune in to the Twitch stream at 3:00 PM CST (1PM PST)! Watch in the embedded stream above and join the pre-game speculation & live discussion on the Mortal Kombat 11 forum!

McFarlane Toys Tease Mortal Kombat License
Who's Next?

They've set a standard for high-quality action figure merchandise -- and now McFarlane Toys are teasing their next big license: Mortal Kombat! A blood spattered social media post only has two words to note, but they tell us everything we need to know:

The teaser was posted to the McFarlane Toys Gaming page, where the toymaker already caters to fans of Fortnite, Borderlands, Cuphead, and more. It follows recent news of a partnership with fellow Warner Brothers brand, DC Comics, which will see a line of 6-12 inch action figures coming in 2020. Another, more oblique teaser image was posted to McFarlane Toys Gaming late last week, possibly alluding to the spear weapon used by Scorpion.

It isn't the first time prolific founder Todd McFarlane has discussed business with a NetherRealm Studios property. In 2015 he revealed a licensing agreement with Warner Bros that allowed his comic book creation Spawn to be used in Mortal Kombat X for a limited time. He has since expressed the belief that Spawn will soon feature as a guest fighter in Mortal Kombat 11. This is as yet unverified.

Which characters and features do you hope to see from McFarlane Mortal Kombt action figures? Tell us all about on the Media & Merchandise forum! Join the discussion for the latest game by flip jumping into the Mortal Kombat 11 forum!

The Science of Mortal Kombat Preview Trailer
First-look at Nerdist webseries.

Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment and Nerdist have partnered to promote Mortal Kombat 11 with a new six-part webseries testing the science behind the game's deadliest fatalites. Get a taste of things to come in the series trailer:

The Science of Mortal Kombat is a special six-part series that will debut February 18th on the Becauce Science YouTube channel. The show will simulate and dissect some of the game's deadliest attacks with special guests CM Punk and Daniel Cormier lending their skills as UFC fighters to deliver the blows.

Which character's fatalities do you most hope to see analyzed in gory detail? Join the discussion and share your thoughts on the Media & Merchandise and Mortal Kombat 11 forums! Get more UFC/MK crossover by checking out Ronda Rousey in the MK11 Sonya Blade Reveal Trailer!

MK Mobile Announces MK11 Raiden
Come thunder, come lightning!

The second of three MK11 characters making their way to Mortal Kombat Mobile has officially been revealed! The dark thunder god Raiden will bring a raging storm in the first expansion!

Update: Another follow-up update gives greater insight into what you can expect from the Gold tier powers of MK11 Raiden. Take a closer look at his stat sheet below:

Red lightning forecast Raiden's expected arrival via the new MK Mobile Twitter account. He joins MK11 Scorpion on the impending update list, completing the transfer of announce trailer icons. Who will be the third fighter to bring the rebranded Mortal Kombat Mobile into the present? Join the discussion and share your theories on the Mortal Kombat 11 forum!

New Achievement Data Teases MK11 Roster
Returning characters & more go public.

After an initial taste of things to come; third-party data collector SteamDB has updated with a massive list of new Mortal Kombat 11 achievements that appear to point to several new and returning characters. Beware of potential spoilers ahead:

Trophies for performing two different fatalities with characters have been the most intriguing source of speculative information, exposing three letter source codes for various fighters. The latest SteamDB update appears to account for missing, confirmed inclusions: Scorpion (SCO), Kano (KAN), D'Vorah (DVO), and Kabal (KAB), while also adding several new names alongside the previously reported "ERR".

"LIU" and "KUN" suggest Liu Kang and Kung Lao, already glimpsed in a previous trailer, but could also allude to Shaolin archer Kung Jin, [as only Liu Kang appeared in gameplay]. "CAS" and "JAC" seem to point to Mortal Kombat X's most prominent second-generation fighters: Cassie Cage and Jacqui Briggs. "KOT" also appears to promise Kotal Kahn, who ruled Outworld as Emperor during MKX, and is set up for the perfect playable grudge match via pre-order exclusive Shao Kahn!

"JAD" and "FRO" point speculation in the direction of much requested returning cult favourites Jade and Frost. Less obvious are code names "CET", "TER" and "KOL", possibly indicating new characters. Long time fans will know characters sometimes undergo name changes during the development process, but coding will retain earlier reference. MKX code divers revealed Erron Black's files were labaled NOMAD. With playable newcomer Geras unaccounted for in the list, one of these may reflect an earlier working name for the time wielding powerhouse.

The database update also uncovers other interesting tidbits, such as achievements for collecting 200 pieces of gear, completing 200 towers, speaing 50 hanging bodies in the krypt, and performing Mercy 10 times -- an addition from Mortal Kombat 3. Something referring to D'Vorah's bug(s), or a bug state, is also ripe for speculation. Check out the updated list below:


SteamDB accesses database updates via SteamKit, and given how openly the information can be released, it's surprising to see so much data in the wild. Whether released by accident, or as deliberate misdirection, all information should be taken as inconclusive and speculative, at this time. Fans who remember the Mortal Kombat X Achievement List will also note that this list is likely incomplete, 28 trophies short of Mortal Kombat X.

What twists and turns will official information present? Which fighters will make the cut? Join the discussion and share your feedback on the Mortal Kombat 11 forum!

MK11 Achievements Suggest Returning Character
SteamDB reveals early working achievements.

Third party service SteamDB has begun tabulating API data for Mortal Kombat 11, revealing achievements for standard task-based activities, including actions for Basic Tutorial and The Krypt, as well as the first implied reference to would-be returning character: Erron Black!

The offending achievement only includes coded reference to "ERR", which some fans may speculate could obliquely reference Ermac, whose name derives from "Error Macro". Given the other achievements clearly refer to the first letters in the names of confirmed fighters Sub-Zero, Sonya, Skarlet, Raiden, and Baraka -- the best bet seems to be fan-favourite gunslinger: Erron Black. The full published list is as follows:


Hopes for the fighters who debuted in Mortal Kombat X improved earlier this week with the surprise reveal of D'Vorah! Developers have stressed, despite its time bending premise, Mortal Kombat 11 will pick up immediately after the events of MKX

The rest of the exposed achievements reference the usual types of feats, similar to those leaked a month prior to the release of Mortal Kombat X. Rewards are on offer for: completing the tutorial, spilling blood, performing fatalities, and ducking like a maniac. Running five miles in The Krypt likely references a cumulative tally similar to blood spilled, but may inspire interesting speculation about what will be in store.

Does Erron Black have a bullet for Kronika and Geras? Join the discussion and share your hopes for the ageless gunslinger on the Mortal Kombat 11 forum! Get a taste for things to come by flashing back to the MKX Erron Black trailer! Special thanks to MK Online Users MKMaster and Locke for submitting a news tip for this story.

Mortal Kombat 11 Kabal Trailer
Gameplay reveal!

The long awaited return of the Kombat Kast brought the expected reveal of Kabal for Mortal Kombat 11. The developer stream was delayed by a polar vortex lashing Chicago -- so it only makes sense the Kabal Gameplay Reveal trailer put the hurt on Sub-Zero! Watch:

Kabal is back in the hands of players after sitting out MKX as an NPC revenant, bringing a deep dish dose of dashing klassic kombat! He may look a little different, but he has his opponents all in a whirl with klassic freehit spins and brutal emphasis on those trademarked hookswords! That fatality needs to be seen to be believed! Even the inexplicable Ground Saw is back from MK3, as shiny and sharp as ever!

Kabal was one half of a live double character reveal. D'Vorah was also announced with official art during the return of the Inside Xbox stream. Take a closer look at both in official character render art. Share your feedback on this and more on the Mortal Kombat 11 forum!

D'Vorah & Kabal Return in MK11 Renders
MKX & MK3 fighters revealed!

Two big Mortal Kombat 11 streams bring two big character reveals! D'Vorah and Kabal return with new designs in MK11 thansk to Inside Xbox and the Kombat Kast. Take a closer look at the skin they're in with official character art:

The treacherous Kytinn warrior, D'Vorah, returns from Mortal Kombat X, giving us a clear taste for the present in a game already loaded with fan-favourite klassics! Mortal Kombat 11 takes place after the events of MKX, but time will be bent so the future meets its past, raising questions about the nature of D'Vorah's distinct new apperance. Looking even more insect-like than before, is this a vision of D'Vorah's future -- or past?

When last we saw Kabal he was a revenant NPC fighting on behalf of the Netherrealm. With a sharp new mask design, and his trademark hookswords, it seems MK11 is serving up a throwback to Kabal's days as a Black Dragon enforcer. Considering the youthful look of Kano in last week's reveal, we can probably expect some kind of interesting interactions!

[Related Content: Kano & Kabal in Mortal Kombat: Special Forces Deleted Scene]

What do you think of the new look D'Vorah and Kabal? Join the discussion and share your thoughts on the Mortal Kombat 11 forum!

Russo Konfirms Progress on Movie Script; Kabal
Photo of Script Excites Mortal Kombat Fans

The writer of the upcoming Mortal Kombat film, Greg Russo, has confirmed via his Twitter page that a script is ready:

Additionally, when asked about Kabal (who was confirmed in the previous Tancharoen script), Russo gave the following response:

It's also worth pointing out that the older Sub-Zero (Bi-Han) will be playing a prominent role in the film, while the younger Sub-Zero (Kuai Liang) will be given due consideration in the sequel. He has tapped fans for their suggestions of weapons, armor, etc. that they would like to see Sub-Zero use, with the unanimous picks being forwarded to the director, Simon McQuoid .

While the studio has noted that the movie has seen some delays, fans will doubtless be excited that those seem to have been overcome and the movie is one step closer to becoming a reality.

Head on over to the Media & Merchandise forum to to continue the discussion, or on our various social media platforms such as Discord, Twitter, and Facebook.

Thanks to MKJasper for the tip on this update!

Kano Konfirmed for Mortal Kombat 11
Render of Kano Accompanies Konfirmation

In a livestream from Combo Infinito, one of the official partners of WB Games and NetherRealm in Brazil, at an event called the Konvocação (loose translation: Konvocation) Kano was revealed! As usual, NetherRealm Studios posted the official render to their various social media accounts:

In addition, a Brazilian regional exclusive skin depicting Kano as a pirate was also announced. This render was shown as well:

The confirmed roster for MK11 continues to expand! What do you think of Kano's design? Share your thoughts right here on the MK11 forum, as well as our Facebook, Twitter, and Discord!

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